Gor Mahia sign Godfrey “Baba” Kizito

courtesy of the Nation

Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia have pulled a major transfer coup by landing the signature of highly rated Uganda international midfielder Geoffrey “Baba” Kizito.

Club Secretary General George Bwana told Nation Sport that the combative midfield comes on board as a replacement for Joseph “Pablo” Njuguna who was recently released by the club. Besides Kizito, Gor are reportedly finalizing a deal with creative Bandari winger Shaban Kenga.

Kenga was a star performer last season for the coastal side to emerge as the second best midfielder of the year.

“We have agreed on 95 percent of the deal and Kenga will be our player any time from now,” said Bwana.

K’Ogalo are also set to bring back into the fold former playmaker Rama Salim who left the club in August last year to join Qatari division two side Al-Marhiya. In late October Rama trained with Gor while serving a two-month suspension slapped on him by his Qatari club following a training ground confrontation with a teammate.

The anticipated arrival of Kenga, Rama and Kizito will give the 13-time league champions the much needed muscle to compete at the continental level this year.

Bwana added that they are also trawling the transfer market in search of a “quality shot stopper” to replace Tanzanian international Ivo Mapunda.


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    Deadline for Interclubs Engagement & Players’ Registration
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    Deadline for Interclubs Engagement & Players’ Registration

    The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announces 30th November 2013 deadline for National Associations to confirm club engagements in next year’s continental club championships.

    All affiliated National Associations per the Interclubs Regulations have a deadline of 30th November 2013 to confirm their clubs engagements in the CAF Interclubs competitions (Orange CAF Champions League and Orange CAF Confederation Cup) for the season 2014.

    Any Association who wishes to participate in the competitions shall send to the CAF Secretariat an application accompanied by the admission fee of $300, and the application must reach CAF by mail, fax or e-mail not later than the 30th of November 2013.

    For the players’ registrations, a complete list of maximum 30 players must be registered or submitted to the CAF Secretariat before the 31st December 2013. It can be amended, but after January 15 next year, the list becomes final and no new players can be added nor replaced.

    However, National Association which registered less than 30 players earlier in January may be allowed to complete its list to 30 players after the 1/8th round (between 1st July and 5th August 2013) provided the additional list does not exceed seven new players.


  2. @Ja Gor, by the way this is not the official Gor website and from what i know the club doesn’t have one. Even gormahiafc.co.ke is not the official site. So instead of calling other people’s effort garbage please go ahead and develop a better site and we will appreciate and visit it to make it one of our ‘club’ sites. As far as I know there is no limit to websites informing us of our beloved club.
    As fans let’s learn to appreciate the efforts of our EC, TB, fans, bloggers and everything Gor. Despite the negative news there is some good things from all these groups which we need to appreciate

  3. Aaaah thooo happy new year everybody, I have been to Mars and back and while there my mouth was tied(BfB lingo). Situmbeko, Situmbeko, Situmbeko – who ate what? Who is doing what in this club Is Walusimbi in, is Kenga in, Rama, Blackberry,Shakava, Kariuki, Daniel Onyango, Kevin Oluoch? And still recruiting…now we have Kizito. What about a goal keeper to replace Mapunda? Shall we be able to recognize the trophy winning Gor Mahia of 2013,why are we building a new team?

  4. @jathur gi ji, there is nothing wrong in building a new team. Gor Mahia released about eight players. We have signed eight players or more to replace the departed players.

    @Ja Gor, this is not the official club website. We can only encourage the admin to improve on the contents and structure but not using foul mouth here. Do not ever refer to our people innovative efforts as garbage. Shame on you.

    @ODUOR12, as much as we agree on the way forward for the team, we too as bloggers need to appreciate the efforts the club has made in signing some good players.

    To all Gor Mahia fans, players and officials,

  5. happy new year mayienga fans po;itics aside if BW is leaving let him leav mapema so that we can get a new tactician to mingle and prepare team for a gueling football calender hatuna masaa ya kupoteza.SIGNINGS have been teriffic walusumbi,obwoge prodigal sons of kogalo black berry and RAMA SALIM chavakala now kizito buda its good to go.wethr pepni or ndkni we must defend ur TPL TROPHY

  6. @ jathur gi ji we are not building anew team if you are careful the the last year regular players that we won the league with, most of them are still there and am sure there will be consistency in this team.the new players obviously will be introduced gradually in the team, my friend this is a gradual process ,it is like weaning of a baby introducing him or her slowly by slowly to new foods,we can not introduce all of them at once in the playing ground,just three or two in our last year squad until all adopt in the squad.Am really happy this morning the signings we have done my fellow bloggers if you have been following the kenyan soccer and even the ugandan supper league.i tell you no team can match us right know in kenya if this players can click and fit in the team.we have signed quality if not names.with these players kizito baba,walusimbi,shaban kenga,rama salim,obwoge michu,blackberry odhiambo add them to our last year team of owino calabar,jerry jagoal ,emuge ,sserenkuma,muingai kiongera ,kevin ade omondi,jehova wanyonyi,akumu viera,lavatsa,paul odhiambo,musa mohammed,patrick oboya and others we have depth and quality in this team.let us just pray that these players can all adopt in the team and fit in their position.and what excites me further is that most of our players are still young players and have future.AM sure there is no team which has signed quality players in kenya more than gor mark this space.

  7. Mwakio please just look at what happened to Tusker last season they did that and what were the results?

    Am not sure that Bobby W wants to leave any time soon, lets avoid emotional reaction to issues; sometimes its not about money but the bonds with a team and a people, and I think the bondage is there but EC can come out clear on this.You people who are already “chasing” BW away by your comments, what do you have in replacement? Is this the time for such changes? Lets make sense by our comments.

  8. @ Mwakio u’ve totally missed my point.
    All GM’s signings so far are speculation or the lastest terminology ’95-99 or almost’ complete.
    Then there’s the matter of international transfer certificates for the international players.
    All am saying I will believe we’ve signed so & so when the list to CAF is published. The rest is speculation. The deadline for CAF registration is 15th January 2014.

  9. @jathur gi you are right , you see gor mahia performed dismally during BW time because he inherited a bunch of players he could not transform into his style of play.

    BW likes the 4-4-2 formation and occasionally reverts to 4-3-3 and I strongly believe he MUST have influenced the current recruitment. Have you noticed why we are going for so many wingers ? But my stake is that we still need a creative midfilelder the likes of kahata at gor mahia at whatever costs. Our midfield is too defensive oriented unless we are saying th current crop of players can still be moulded.

    Every coach comes with own players. when tusker won the league with pamzo as a coach, matano came with his philosophy and benched or even released the same players that were stars during pamzo time . As for the coach leaving, that will be very sad, it means a new coach coming in and damaging everything BW has been doing in the last 6 months including benching the new players that we have expensively acquired. We don’t need this disruption at the beginning of the season.

    Lets give BW time to see if this new recruits assuming he has influenced this recruitment, will be moulded into a winning outfit in 2014.

    But th truth still remains to be seen, we need the caf list to ascertain which players have come and which ones have gone. We will treat this stories as rumors until it is official and players have been presented to the fans. Players belong to the fans.

  10. Jakoyo I agree with you. We shall only believe these stories when we see the boys in Gor Mahia colours. Let me point out, however, that asking for the CAF list is more or less like attempting to milk a male German Shepherd. Hiyo list hamuoni ng’ooo!

    I wish Gor Mahia could set aside a special occasion perhaps with a friendly match against Power Dynamos or Nkana Red Devils or Kabwe Warriors or even Kampala City Council to unveil these ‘signed’ players. It would be a good opportunity to regroup and focus on 2014. It would also be an opportunity to raise some cash from the gates, never mind what becomes of that cash at the end of the day. Remember Oduor12 closed 2013 with a rendition of “Goori eeeh wedewo!”.

    Finally I wish to implore Creative Village wherever he is, to very kindly return back “home” to this site. Creative Village I personally would give up my place for you in this blog post. Come back man. Other esteemed bloggers whose constructive contribution is missed immensely include Wuonpap, Arrumtiddi, Governor Awendo, Wuon Paul, Kube ja Thika, omwami Omusala and Vincent Ocampo. Troupe back gentlemen.

    For Gardisevic Vojo, I have read your comment elsewhere in this blog post and it is good to note that the Almighty God has preserved you and that you still remember your ties with Gor Mahia and Kenya. I remember you as a a great tactician. Case in point: when you took our national team to Algeria and played the ugliest football ever witnessed on planet earth, but what mattered is that Kenya made history by beating Algeria and eliminating them. I still salute you for that achievement. Happy 2014 but please don’t come back to Gor Mahia as you have very remotely threatened.

  11. Happy New Year bloggers!

    I have been quietly following what clearly is turning out to be a circus from ‘K’oyugi’ in Kasipul. Barefoot, i’m always in this blog from whichever part of the world i happen to be.

    I was disheartened to read about Situmbeko and the likes but i’m more than consoled because we got Oboya to sign a contract.

    I happen to be aware that BW was enjoying himself in ‘Gem’ over the Christmas break and see no reason why some of us want to create disharmony in our technical bench.

    Looking forward to an exciting season. Let the office also address the issues of free entry at the gates, insurance for players and hooliganism rather than spending all the money, time and energy on player recruitment matters.

    Lastly, i would like to wish all bloggers, Kogalo supporters and our team a Happy and Prosperous 2014.

  12. @ODUOR12, please you need to have some faith as little as mustard seed. Faith is living. Without faith, we cant not achieve much brother.

  13. I think we only nd keeper other dpt r now covered
    jerry,musa,walusimbi,owino,emunge,akumu,kenga,rama,kizito,sere,berry,subs bataro,wanyonyi,lavatsa.oboya,oluoch,onyango. Plz thats my opinion n try it in charity cup.

  14. Even if u just landed from Mars u wl agree tht the players signed by Gor are GOOD.Kizito,Kenya,Obwoge,Kariuki,Walusimbi et al.And please I would like to kindly ask Oduor12 to show any evidence to show we avnt signed these players.

  15. Comrades,every manager has his style of administration.Those of you who were not so young last year could remember that Loga was awol when recruitment was being done only to return and trash the circus that had gone on in his absence.I am not a football coach but I think by skipping his holiday to supervise a the transfer process at Gor BW has shown he is committed to the cause of this club.Kogalo will never have a perfect coach,SG,Chairman or patron.Reason?We are the best in every thing and the greatest purists the world ever saw.I was still in diapers when Len Jullians coached Gor.I was in Kindergarten when Jack Johnson led Gor to Mandela cup finals.Am told that the same criticisms labeled at BW today were there in those days of yore.Have we thought what a club we could have if we ceased to be fans and instead became supporters of the team?I am not saying that we should not criticize the team.Far from it.What I am saying is that we should offer constructive criticisms.The Manager is paid to build and mould a winning outfit.He also needs a conducive environment to achieve his goals.Let’s afford the TB that and if it fails a solution will be sought.I remember we are the people who pushed the TB to hire a foreign coach.Now?He is not good enough.The good enough coaches come at a premium.Do you think it is ethically correct for a medical doctor to represent a client in court as defence counsel if he is not a barrister?Isn’t that what we have perfected at Gor?If David Moyes was a Gor coach,couldn’t we have chased him out of town?But see how patient the OT faithfuls have been with him.Comrades,I know we love Kogalo.Let’s style up next season.My prayer this year is that God may starve the seeds of doubts within me.Instead,as Mwakio puts it,God should multiply my seeds of faith.I pray that He may teach me to engage my brains before I open my mouth to say anything that may not lead to the improvement of affairs at my beloved club.

  16. Mos Mos Simplicity Time will tell, Time will Tell. The list of players eligible for CAF will be known by around 15 January 2014. Some of these things are similar to a pregancy they can’t be hidden although abortion rate (sorry I mean failed/ flopped signings at K’galo especially where GB is involved) is abnormally high.

  17. @Jakoyo i totally agree with you. We need a midfielder who will contribute to the teams offensive play by providing through balls and that needed killer pass to Danny and Kahata fits the bill. Last year we made Danny run many unnecessary runs coming back at times fo pick the ball and this as you can see led to fewer goals attributed to him.

    For sure am an optimist and these are the best signing we have done in a long time. I really sympathise with some of the players in the team if they dont up their game. My ideal best 22 players goes something like this;
    1. Jerry/Bataro (GK)
    2. Owino/Musa (RB)
    3. Walusimbi (LB)
    4. Shakava(CB)
    5. Emuge (CB)
    6. Akumu/Kevin Oluoch (DM)
    7. Shaban Kenga/Lavatsa(Winger)
    8. Goeffrey Kizito/Eric Ochieng(CM)
    9. Sserenkuma/Obwoge (CF)
    10. Kahata/Rama (AM)
    11. Kevin Omondi/Oboya (Winger).
    Thats my opinion and from what i have gathered we still have problems at the left back including center backs.

    For sure this is a pretty awesome team and will not dissappoint the fans. Please can the office sign Kahata at all cost.

  18. My my sincere apologies to people who have made it possible for this website to be online. I thought this was or is GM official website but just to say sorry for my earlier comment, I’ll develop a website and make it one the mighty Kogalo’s websites… Happy new year to GM fraternity may God be with us all!

  19. Situmbeko issue to be resolved. AR has made contact with Dynamo club officials and from my read it seems we might just have the player. I’am all puffed up with pride coz am seeing this player at K’galo in the coming season. I’am saying this for sure our local players better up their game. A good footballer who wants to hit top form must start thinking professionally. Our players are good but their attitude is generally not professional. I think they need to look back at some of the players who have graced the football scene and the kind of lifestyle they lead. To me it is enough reason for someone to work hard and look at football as the ticket out of poverty. They need to note that KPL has approved clubs to sign 6 foreign players and field 5 at a go. Good people uhondo hapa see the following link http://daily-mail.co.zm/blog/2014/01/02/power-ready-to-resolve-julius-transfer-saga/

  20. Please go get Boniface Odhiambo..”Bonny”.. signature the soonest possible. He is no longer engaged wit TUSKER and doesn’t want to work with KIMANZI at all. He has only learnt of GM interest on the media and there is no official communication. This guy should be our number keeper next year as Jerry and Bataro keep vigil.

  21. Let’s give credit where it’s due.The EC hs done a great job in getting us good players. Thanks 2 all bloggers 4 your wonderful contributions.It’s always a joy 2 read your comments.Hv a blessed 2014 & God bless K’ogalo.

  22. Power ready to resolve Julius’ transfer saga
    January 2, 2014
    POWER Dynamos are ready to settle the transfer saga involving midfielder Julius Situmbeko with Kenyan Premier League side Gor Mahia.
    And Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Richier is shocked with the controversy surrounding the signing of the Zambia international.
    Power chairman Ben Simukoko said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that they have engaged Gor Mahia to resolve Situmbeko’s transfer issue amicably.
    Situmbeko signed for Gor Mahia during the Zambia national soccer team outing to Kenya for the 2013 Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CEACFA) Senior Challenge Cup and is believed to have been paid US$6,000 signing on fee.
    He purportedly signed the deal as a free agent claiming that his contract with Power was supposed to expire on December 31, 2013.
    “We finally managed to communicate with their secretary George Bwana on Monday afternoon. We have asked them [Gor Mahia] to put their claims in writing. That is when we will state our position on the matter.
    “You know it was a deal between the player [Situmbeko] and the club Gor Mahia. We have just been hearing this through the media. There has been no official communication from our colleagues so it has been difficult to state our position. It is good that Gor Mahia have promised to get back to us before Friday,” Simukoko said.
    Rachier said the Kenyan champions are shocked at how the transfer has turned into a controversy when they rightly signed Situmbeko.
    Rachier said Gor Mahia followed procedure and paid Situmbeko the signing on fee for his signature.
    “We had tasked our secretary general [George Bwana] to talk to the player and give him a contract to sign. He came back to us with confirmation that he has signed the player and have no reason to doubt his word.
    “It is unfortunate this has turned into unpleasant thing because we thought acted within FIFA rules. I am shocked by this new controversy. We will simply ask the player to refund our money,” Rachier told the Daily Nations.
    According to FIFA rules on player transfers, a club can sign a player on pre-contract if he has less than six months to end his contract.
    Gor Mahia have threatened to file a case with FIFA a move that could see the world soccer governing body imposing sanctions on both the player and club.HIYO NDIO UHONDO BLOGGERS.AM seeing this player coming power dynamo officials ni kama wamevuta hewa baridi.wameogopa so let us wait and see.

  23. Sorry guys I meant Boniface “BONNY” Oluoch of TUSKER. Please go get him right now and seal the goalkeeping loophole. Bonny will automatically offer the required competition that will relegate Jerry to the bench.

    @Barefoot Bandit that is the Villager alias CREATIVE VILLAGE for you.

  24. Have not seen Shakava play but I believe he must be good to be noticed by GM and can cover for us missing out on Asike or Omino as Mosoti’s cover. What I know about GM is that we always go for quality players only that some develop ‘stage fright’ due to our demanding fans. That should be how it is. Even at OT you have to deliver or Moyes will keep you warming the bench or loaned out. We now need to get another striker and goalie (Bonny would be a perfect fit).
    Otherwise I think credit should be accorded to the EC and TB as we criticize as usual.
    For a new year resolution I wish we could resolve not to engage in acts of thuggery which have the potential to negatively affect our team

  25. Ooh Laa la ..! “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 FOR K’OGALO”..!!

    This “Situmbeko” saga will be very painful to this EC come election day. And I repeat for those who doubted my previous decree that come election day it will no longer be business as usual.

    How do you pay a foreign player USD 6000 before you verify his status officially with parent club, and only to turn around and claim that you were duped?

    That is a cheap and silly reason to come from the EC in the likes of AR(A respected lawyer) and GB(A career Journalist). The back stops with you guys and prepare for the backlash. Better keep off the lection venue.

  26. @Okoth Jabilo thank you once again. You are a visionary and enigmatic patriarch in this site. Your intelligence and foresight is beyond measure. I still remember how you handled one lunatic who claimed that he blogs at 1.00 a.m. “when he is resting”….and you challenged him to clarify why he would need to rest at that hour. You will agree with me, jaduong’, that is the last we ever heard of the lunatic in this site. May I join other ‘K’Ogalo workers’ (bloggers) in wishing you a happy 2014.

  27. @ogango Trailer, this is a very small matter and it can’t be an election issue at all. What you are trying to portray here is tantamount to hate speech which I don’t think will either take Gor Mahia or yourself anywhere. We are living in a civilized society not barbaric as your posting depicts.

    There is neither blogger(s) in this site with all monopoly of thuggery(ies) nor idea(s) as we are all bloggers. Ogango, your uncivilized threats must be condemned with the strongest terms possible by all bloggers. If you are not happy with the explanation in Zambia, then try your uncivilized threats elsewhere. Please note that the full force of law will take its due course accordingly and you be be taken to Kamiti. I think a person like you belongs to Kamiti for corrective measures.

    All forms of Hooliganisms must be condemned.

    I will be at the election and I will vote for AR as the chairman.

    We are sick and tired with these crude, uncivilized, hooliganisms, impolite and bad mannered comments which represent the yesteryear or stone age behaviors.

    Style up bean a Ogango as those that kill by the sword will die by the same sword.

  28. @Ogalo trailer surely that language of threatening people is unacceptable. One thing i agree with you is that due diligence may not have been followed by GB based on what i have read from several articles but then again this does not mean they shouldnt present themselves for elections that is what is referred to as democracy good people and it offers opportunity to muggers, liars, conmen, woman batterrs, honest men/women, thieves, rapists, devil worshippers, godly men/women etc. It requires spiritual discernment to unlock such things.
    Indeed AR, Adede, Bwana, Faiz do not fail to offer yourself for leadership position otherwise we all become the losers in terms of getting the opportunity to select what is good for us all.
    Am seeing great things in the year 2014 and my heart is leaping with joy way before the league has started and to this i give honor and glory to the almight God.

  29. Exactly OT, sometimes its good 2 call a spade a spade & not a big spoon.
    Just as its a folly a big one 2 think that Power Dynamo officials r frightened or guilty of any wrong doing rather they r open 2 offers from the “rich club” that does even have medical cover 4 its players. This Situmbekring is going 2 cost GM bigtime just 2 nurse officials’ egos while players’ welfare suffer.
    4 Situmbeko 2 join GM the entire Dynamo EC will have 2 “eat” there no 2 ways about it! Cost of GB’s inxompetence!

  30. I have read with concern some threatening vibes of violence coming from blogger Ogango Trailer. Example of such posting includes any form of threat of physical force such as “If you speak to him/her again, I’ll kill you”, or “If any wife of mine acted like John’s did, I’d give her a right seeing to”.

    Threats are designed to manipulate and control people perceived to be enemies or to keep such people threatened in your place and prevent them from making their own decisions.

    Most people do not threaten their mates, but an abuser will excuse this behaviour by saying “everybody talks like that.”, maintaining he/she is only saying this because the relationship or you are so important to him/her, tell you you’re “over-sensitive” for being upset by such threats, or obviously want to hurt him/her.

    Threats can also be less overt, such as “If you leave me, I will kill myself”, or “You are so wonderful, I will never let you go/couldn’t live without you”.

    In conclusion, let us stop this nonsense of threats.

  31. @ jack omollo am among the people who has been bored with the blogs of this odiwuor guy for along time infact nowadays i dont read them because obviously i know they are complains.i support you omollo, odiwuor the elections are upcoming and if you cannot contest and be aleader in gor mahia, then hii mambo yako ya kubweka bweka every time wachana nayo,enough is enough we are bored with you man,you have to change the way you have been told by other bloggers.i know that this is aplace that we share our ideas as kogalo fans for the betterment of our beloved club and each and everyones opinion has to be respected but your case Mr odiwuor is abnormal,you need to think and think again about your attitude.No one is 100% perfect man and pointing your fingers time and again at others is not good and cannot be allowed in our society.

  32. @barefoot, if you visit previous blogs, you will realise that I announced officially that I had rebranded from Creative Village to The Villager to celebrate the homestretch towards taking the league after the signing of BW.

    Still waiting for u to adopt the name I baptised u ‘Ben Hur’ becaude I felt your name contradicts your spirituality.

    Happy 2014.

  33. Post edited for the sake of peace

    TIME WILL TELL COME 15TH JANUARY WE WILL KNOW WHO GM HAS SIGNED & WHO HASN’T BEEN SIGNED. Could it be this litmus test that has finally forced you 2 show your true colours.
    Foreign players need an ITC 2 feature 4 GM in the CAF cup in addition 2 GB paying $6,000 2 an already contracted player then playing the victim.
    If u allow such obvious lies within ua households then, pole let me not stoop that low

  34. omolo and oluoch ,odwuor is 100% perfect and that is why he can repeatedly blame others ,odiwuor i would really love to meet you in person so that i can imitate Mr clean, a person who is always 100% perfect and can have courage of pointing fingers at others.Bloggers some of this posts you just have to avoid ,everyone has right to post his opinion in this blog even if he or she is posting somethings that are not worth reading at times.so Mr clean ,odiwuor guy continue with your work but i see most bloggers are know taking you as a heckler with useless posts which are not reading, so ignore me at your own peril.

  35. @ odiwuor you are entitled to you own opinion and no one is also forcing you to stoop so low and at the same time you cant expect others also to stoop so low to the extent of accepting your complaints every time and then.The guys have told you the truth,the officials who are signing the players knows very well the role that players are supposed to play in continentals.Mr clean as others have branded you ,you have to know that we can accept your complaints once or twice or thrice but the next thing we get used to them and they become boring and the end result we become immuned to your critism, so it is better you change.onyango,omolo and oluoch are know immuned and you can see the end result.MY friend let the officials and the TB do their work.you are yapping too much.DO YOU THINK THE TECHNICAL BENCH AND THE OFFICIALS WHO ARE SIGNING PLAYERS ARE STUPID..? AND DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MUCH AWARE OF THE FIFA RULES AND REGULATION MORE THAN RACHIER AND BOB WILLIAMSON…?ABIG NOOOOOO ..my friend give us some space you are just too much with blame games.contest and be one of the officials in gor mahia to avoid all these blames.Last week it was about afc has signed good players and gor officals are just domant ,this week gor mahia has signed players know again you have jumped to the list that is not yet been handed to caf, let us wait and see the list since am sure the coach is signing the players he really want to use in caf assignments.

  36. @ onyango jakamolo you/I cn ignore each other bt the sun will raise at dawn & fall at dusk so mambo of at “your own peril” is but a figment of ua fertile imagination/your bloated ego.
    Talk about characters who r full of themselves & branding others 100%. Perfect examples of the pot calling the kettle black. By offering oneself 2 be a GM official means availing r actions 2 public scrutiny hatuna time 4 costly nusery school errors. Finally I intend 2 ignore (check meaning of the word) u frm now.

  37. Why is admin deleting comments from bloggers Do not behave like the dark days of baba na mama.

    This is also a sign of dictatorial regime by the owner of this site. You are raking sides instead of being neutral.

    If this is going to be the case, I will never ever post my comment in this site and you better shut down this site.

  38. Why is admin deleting comments from bloggers? Do not behave like the dark days of baba na mama.

    This is also a sign of dictatorial regime by the owner of this site. You are taking sides instead of being neutral. Why are you also not deleting the offensive comments from Ogango Trailer and Oduor12 that have continued to elicit reactions from all different bloggers?

    If this is going to be the case, I will never ever post my comment in this site and you better shut down this site.

  39. admin u need to stop being biased and dictatorial even if u r the owner of site we as bloggers are trying to shade some truth about odour and to my opinion he is adede’s project in this site.admin the time of baba na mama iliisha during moi’s era and u should change n style up.

  40. Mr Oduor u better offer yourself for election than to follow others.The current office is not all that worse the way u feel with yr untested legends or adedes.AR & GB 2 me are okay they r not dormant.For the player EC&TB should bring Kahata at all cost and one readymade No.9.Once we get Rama and Kahata then our No. 9 won’t have problem of coming back for the ball.I WISH YOU ALL HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014

  41. Hey guys this is the trying moments for the K’ogalo family. There are is an important pending issue in the name of election. Remember the current office is outgoing& transition in a community club like GM ni ndialala. kwa hivyo we should appreciate the current office bearers for a job welldone. On the other hand let’s leave BW alone coz as much as he inherited the squad that won the league with the short time he had, he managed to deliver the trophy &gave us something to smile about so,we should learn to appreciatiate not to complain. Thank you EC& keep signing.


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