18 Jun 13

Courtesy of futaa.com

Kenyan Premier League side Gor Mahia has acquired a new striker Paul Odhiambo from Kakamega Homeboyz.

In recent weeks, the former player is said to have ‘disappeared’ from the Homeboyz camp but it later emerged he had been training with the reigning Top 8 and FKF Cup Champions.

Personal terms

Though the deal is close to full conclusion, Odhiambo is a Gor player in principle as both parties have agreed on his move.

-Paul Odhiambo has been attending our mini trial which has been for specific selected players earmarked for signing

-We are yet to conclude on his signing but his club has agreed to release him, and we have agreed with him personal terms. He has the qualities of what we want in a player, said Gor CEO George Bwana to futaa.com


Homeboyz bankroller and Chair Cleophas Shimanyula has also confirmed as much

-We are in discussion and about to conclude with Gor on his release. The player wants to move and as a club we can’t deny him the opportunity, said Shimayula.

Though terms and contract details are still under wraps, futaa has since learnt that kogalo will make Homeboyz Kshs200,000 richer for the services of Odhiambo, a former AFC Leopards and Oserian player.

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  • George Ochoro says:

    I hope we have signed paul Odhiambo for the field not for the bench. Wish him all the best!!

  • Ochigah says:

    This is what we call misplaced priority. I wonder if this guy is better than Serenkuma,Rama, Kiongera, Lavatsa, Odhis “Dube”,mutiso aka wiper or as @1 above he is coming to add numbers in the team.

  • oswozo moziek says:

    As other teams are busy recruiting and shaping up for the 2nd leg,can someone kindly tell me what is happening in our camp…!!

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Oswozo in our camp everybody has gone AWOL. I hope they will re-group and strategize by the time the other teams have finished their mid term business of recruiting and gelling together. Out head coach is holidaying on to come back and deal with his open zip versus sluts calling themselves WAGS of GOR MAHIA. Bure KABISA

  • fred odhiambo says:

    @Okoth and Oswozo….i understand your frustrations!i have often asked in previous blogs,which army prepares for war without its commanders?Its only at Gor where the coach can go on holiday as others prepare their teams for the battle ahead!!!

    Which coach the world over goes on holiday mid-season when players are being released and others recruited?Wenger?Mourinho?Ancellotti?Laudrup?…wait,i know the answer….Zdvarko Logarusic!!!

  • jakoyo says:

    omera, am seriously confused, one moment I hear this, the next moment is the opposite !!!!!!! what is the difference between paul odhiambo and abbey natty nkurunmi (the oga guy ) we have just unceremoniously released. i remember this guy, Paul odhiambo scored 4 goals the whole season in 2012 and has scored 3 in 2013 ! this is a guy who score a goal every 4 or 5 matches…is that good enough ? I pray we shall not release him at the end of the season for lack of playing time.

  • dan says:

    Let’s not judge since we also knoe that those wjo used to score for us last season are struggling yhid season

  • Why don’t we want Bageya? Tusker has taken all their prodigal sons back but we seem to have issues with ours.

    Our set-up needs Bageya. Serenkuma and Rama are targeted by defenders and we need this guy to distract defenders. From my records, this guy was with Danny in High School and is likely to work well with him and speak the same language. It can work for us.

    Our other prodigal son is Macheda who now has 10 goals in nine matches in Division 1. Have we made contact? Soon we will be after Macheda and Zico at a high price. Yes! Zico.

    Are we so blind? Are we broke?

  • caleb oluoch says:

    @creative say macheda but not zico ,zicos attitude i tell you he cant coach gor now

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Patrick Oboya is being tried out by Gor Mahia in Wednesday’s friendly at City Stadium with the hope of signing him. Question: is his name in the list that the coach left? Don’t be surprised if the Log comes back and rejects Oboya outright with flimsy excuses.

  • michael odhiambo ogolo says:

    It is very sad to say this, but I think that Loga does not deserve the 500k that he is earning.Why was he allowed to go 4r holyday in the first place.How can u let someone who is expected 2 conduct trials go on holyday only 2 leave a list of players that he wants.Is that how he earns the 500k.I think EC Shud stop treating Loga as a Demy god such that he does as he wishes.I thot Kidero gave him a house, why dont he always invite his wife 2 come visit him as he cont with his work.I am disapointed in Loga.

  • Erico Jarae says:

    Afro cinema continue shortly

  • Benson Disi says:

    Logarusickly is not coming back! His contract has never been signed, that means your officials conned him!. He also wants a return ticket for use when you sack him-that means he has known he cant win anything like KPL-the target you set for him! He also wants to steal a wife from your players…..etc etc

  • peter ongere says:

    i suport da idea.Paul is flexible n a ball fighter.