Gor Mahia sink in Nakuru

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Nakuru Top Fry upset champions Gor Mahia 2-0 in a Kenyan Premier League played at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru match on Saturday.

The result was unexpected and is bound to inspire a team that until then had remained win less since the season started. It was also the first defeat of the season for K’ogalo, who squandered another opportunity to go top of the log.

John Ndirangu scored the first goal for Top Fry minutes before the break turning home a loose ball that Solomon Nasio had failed to clear. Coming into this match, the hosts were determined to get something well aware that another defeat would have been catastrophic and therefore, kept their opponents under extreme pressure.

From their first attempt at goal, Gor Mahia defender Haron Shakava collided with David Juma and the latter had to be pulled off the pitch to receive treatment paving the way for veteran goalkeeper Jerim Onyango.

Gor’s first chance of the match fell on Teddy Akumu but the Harambee Stars midfielder shot wide after a great combination with Timonah Wanyonyi. The home side was never intimidated by the huge turn-out of Gor Mahia fans and remained calm something which allowed them to create scoring chances.

They took the first corner at the quarter-hour mark when John Ndirangu was denied to score by David Owino. Fifteen minutes later, Gor Mahia’s pressure could have paid off from a corner but Godfrey Kizito was denied by Ronnie Kagunzi from a long range effort.

The restless Kizito should have put his side ahead in the 42nd minute but failed to connect a Kevin Omondi clinical pass. The league’s new comers kept their head preferring to try and hit their opponents on counter-attacks and deserved to go ahead before the break.

When the second half kicked, Gor Mahia went on the offensive determined to pull an equaliser and pushed their men upfront. It was a situation that left their back line exposed and John Ndirangu exploited spaces at the back coming close once again at the hour mark but failed to tap home from a one on one opportunity.

Three minutes later, Ndirangu did not make a mistake as he beat Jerim Onyango from a long range effort to put the game beyond Gor Mahia. Of late Gor Mahia players have been fatigued and though coach Bobby Williamson has always insisted it is not a problem, his top player Dan Sserunkuma was simply not himself and was therefore, no surprise when he gave way to Patrick Oboya.

But it was too little too late and in the end Top Fry will celebrate their first win of the season.

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  1. when i said we struggled against. western stima many were quick to dismiss me.
    against thika i said we were poor and many dint think so…am eager to hear what the sugar coaters have to say now after this defeat to the bottom. team!!

  2. Yajowa magi tang’ooo….is it April fools day? …Kumbe top fry have a bigger budget than gor Mahia, did sserenkuma play? Kumbe gor Mahia will loose when sserenkuma does not score, Kumbe logarusic won the league for us last year !

    More to come………

  3. It’s clear, against Gor, pack the defense and wait for counter attack, you simply succeed. Over confidence, another factor. Anyway, that’s football. It’s a good lesson going foward. Congrats to Topfry.

  4. Nothing liking “shockingly”. I warned that with our style of playing which is very predictable we should not be surprised if the likes of TOP FRY carries the day without struggling and it has just happened. Now the Tom, Dick and Harry of this blog, be reading and digesting my post with a sober mind. NA bado.!! Better prepare ourselves with “SHOCK ABSORBERS”.

    Bloggers like Dinga, Oswozo,Jakoyo,ODUOR12, KASSAM,Paw Akuche and amny other silent voices smelt the coffee in time. Tusahau YALIYO pita TUGANGE yajayo. NEXT.!!!

  5. Please! Please! The two BOBBY’S and the playing unit Pull up in one direction. I have had enough of “Moyes Factor” in EPL and do not want to experience the same locally. PLEASE.

  6. For those who travelled to Nakuru I wish u safe journey back to Nairobii. Am just surprised how AFC, ULINZI and TUSKER are celebrating our defeat to Top Fry. GOR will rise again.

  7. C’mon men, don’t throw words like that. Just one loss and you are finished? And u say the team is bad! Some are calling on changes! I dought the kind of fans we have. Loosing is normal in foot ball and is part of the game. Let us forcus on the next match.

  8. Just like i said the other day,Gor is playing with no sense of urgency.These poor results will come to haunt Kogalo towards the end of the season.

  9. @Ogango, I stand to support Bobby Williamson. I have watched most of our games and when I look at some players, I wonder where the focus and seriousness is. Why would a serious player pull down his shorts for people to see his pants? Do they understand the sacrifice of the fans?

    I agree it was a bad day in office but discipline has been thrown out the window. Without discipline, forget the title.

    Please players, play and live like Champions.

  10. U will jst bliev me dat D.J wen given tym,he will b fit compared 2 jerry,na mbona d.j hakukuwa btn the sticks? yawa yawa,hizi blanda ndogo ndogo ahol…haya tusker pia,

  11. Dear blongers we do not have a 1st eleven.in the games we have played different team for every game.take not also that boys are tired 5matches in 2 weeks is too much for a team.i wish them well in the remaining fixtures

  12. @ The Villager if BW can not instill discipline in the playing unit and eradicate “Stardom” mentality in his playing unit, then who should take responsibility? Is it OGANGO TRAILER, The villager, EC or BW’s Technical bench? Is BW lacking grip and the mental power in the changing room.

    GOD forbid, but the only permanent stakeholder in GOR MAHIA is us fans and on this downward trend “WE” as fans have given 100% support as required ,the same case also applies to our EC which provided all the Pre-requisite requirements as demanded by the TB. Now the villager between the players and TB if you were to deal with this issue where will the back stop? Do you blame your kids when you fail to offer guidance and leadership?
    LET BW make tough decision, read a riot act and cajole his players. It’s all up to him.

  13. Wawawawa just seen the scoring by Top fry and i can say without a doubt Jerry is way way down the hill. Anyway its from the perspective of a sofa set branch (me). Those who watched the game are in a better position to evaluate the game. Our problem is at position 2 right back and midfield. Akumu and Kizitos work rate is way below par, probably fatigue is taking its toll. Yet we take on Tusker on friday. I propose David Onyango be slotted to play that position. He is strong, quick and a ball player.

  14. I still believe that we could be down but not out. As much as we love GM let’s use our heads and not hearts to criticize. Didn’t watch today’s match but from the mid week game the players looked jaded. Instead of pointing fingers as usual we should accept that we have an issue and handle it amicably. As someone pointed out a few days ago we must learnt to avoid the ‘men in black’ behaviour Syndrome. Let us accept that we lost that match and plan for the next match against tusker. All teams are struggling and even tusker are not winning convincingly. Being the optimistic one I still believe we have a team to challenge for the title. We also have CECAFA next month to prepare for

  15. Our mid field isn’t gud enough we hav lost a game but we should focus on our next matches we need to get points from this so called young teams.mr two bobys u have to do something realy quick.

  16. @ombeng as you leave and fond a better team when you come back you will find us haps hapa. I hope you have equally left Arsenal for Chelsea

  17. We have started suspecting jerry na mazinga umbwa zake ,this guy likes black magic,every player giving him competition in goalkeeping or arm band must always be injured,why mr jerry you have to know that you cant play alone in the pitch nkt.

  18. In any game expect 3 things win,loss ,or a draw. to the individuals who are tired and have started talking badly please give us space.

  19. @Blogger, yes CECAFA next month and I would not be surprised after we beat Tusker on Wednesday these same fans will be singing praises of the team like we did after the first three games. Personally i don’t see what is making us pull hairs. We lost to a team which showed more hunger to win so as a team we should have the same attitude always. As fans we should expect some results not to go as per the scripts.

  20. @Blogger, yes CECAFA next month and I would not be surprised after we beat Tusker on Wednesday these same fans will be singing praises of the team like we did after the first three games. Personally i don’t see what is making us pull hairs. We lost to a team which showed more hunger to win so as a team we should have the same attitude always. As fans we should expect some results not to go as per the scripts. At times we will lose the easiest games on paper

  21. Any team in a game of football will always and I repeat will always win, draw or loose. Otherwise, there should be no competition. Gor is not an exception. We seem to have many coaches around but have they ever applied to be given a chance to coach Gor? What about their football history? Did they ever play for any big team? When and Where? STOP putting too much pressure on the team.Do you know happened to Arsenal? what about Man U in the recent past?lets wish them well in their next game. Go KOGALO GO

  22. In games there are winners and losers. This could have been a bad day for the club but it is also a wake up call for technical bench and players. We have a very good squad but team chemistry is still not working for BW. We should stop criticizing the team like what have been posted above.

    I can confirm these noises are truly equivalent to hooliganism being portrayed by the hooligans. These are the same fans that always are causing havoc if the team loses to their opponents. These are signs of thuggery, hooliganism, breaking entry gates, destroying peoples properties, chanting unprintable words and bitterness. Give team support in all circumstances. We should note that we cannot win all games. There are games we will win and others we will either draw or loose.

    Where are the real and true fans? At this moment, the club need real and true fans to be counted? We need real and true fans to stand up before the team despite the set backs. If you are real and true fans, you should show your genuine real support and offer tangible solutions than throwing tantrums every time the team drop points.

  23. @jamigori and all other like minded like Kadala Kaluo, Dan Original, Jack Omollo, etc, I am in total agreement with your postings.

    We should stop this nonsense of exerting unnecessary pressure in the team and our fans. These are some of the root causes of hooliganisms and thuggery that had been witnessed in the past. As much as it is a reality check for players and Technical bench, it is also a reality check for our fans.

    As Jamigori pointed out, it is time to show humility and give 100% support to the team. At times like this, our fans must show leadership and humility in all fronts.

    We may be sad due to points dropped but this is not the end as we can pick up and win all the remaining games. This is the faith we should have and move forward. These negative criticisms will not help at this point in time. The team need your support but not noises as clearly pointed out by Jamigori.

  24. loosing is normal in football but depends which team u loose to and how u loose omera,top fry scored two clasry goals against the defending champions.topfry has never registered a win n is bottom,aibu kubwa

  25. wow, what a bad wkend. anyway i call for the continued support of the team and even the coach. i know i have problems with him but i would still like him to stay even though i still strongly suggest that he looks into the gor pattern of play. the technical bench on my view is not doing a good job especially the guy in charge of player fitness. my other issue is on the mentality of some of the players themselves. otherwise i urge the gor players to pick themselves up and fighton.
    on a lighter note, what is the budget for TopFry?

  26. Maayoo, continued support 2 the BW’s TB 2 do what, I ask?
    What new strategy is he going 2 apply given that he’s been on the job nearly one year.
    Let’s cut to the chase its time the whole TB resigned (like Ulinzi’s Salim). It just ain’t working out.
    FATIGUE is mentioned my friends this is only game no.5. The season ain’t even started yet.
    To those labelling bloggers hooligans 4 holding a different opinion pretending 2 b more GM than others won’t stop the slide.
    EC we need assurance that the……..

  27. players dues are all upto date.
    If this is the case then BW should have left like yesterday. He’s the highest paid TPL coach, has failed 2 deliver hence should take a hike.
    If there r outstanding dues, which is likely, then all I can repeat is that the bloated EC of 11 will never work. We could be in a financial crisis that is affecting the players e.g no sponsor, funding ECs 2 Tunis, unaffordable youth team, Chase medical was it signed. Poor performance cld due 2 more than BW’s failings.

  28. Oduor12 shame on you. I disagree with your call for the coach to go. Please look at yourself in the mirror and recast yourself.

  29. Ndugu MWAKIO that is the bitter truth. @ODUOR12 is posting the TRUTH and we should stop living in denial that BW will survive the storm that is slowly building in K’Ogalo.

    I said and I repeat it again that BW and NANDWA will have to work extra hard or else they have a thin line existing in TPL2014 beyond the first round. The reality check has now dawned to all and sundry that this guy does not have what it takes to be at the helm of k’Ogalo TB.

    Whether you call it thuggery, hooliganism, tyranny of numbers or whatever the “genuine” fans will definitely call the shots. And it is very soon unless BW can turn around the teams performance. AFC “Genuine” fans are already on it. Let wait for TUSKER and BANDARI matches. If he performs the better for all of us , but if not “WE” the “Genuine” fans will send him packing. There are no two ways about it. I REST MY CASE.


    @ogango trailer and other sober minded gor Mahia fans, no mincing words this time round…..we now know the real problems at gor Mahia….inept technical bench and player attitude, some players. Bloggers have raised issues about the team before matches but we still see a repeat of the same ineptness or should I say incompetence.

    Some players , names witheld, don’t deserve to be at gor Mahia and come next transfer window they will exit in masses. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

    As for technical Bench, I am also giving tusker and bandari games to style up…..if we loose bo games or even draw both of them and there are still excuses of patia sserenkuma, lousy line-up and talk of some clubs having bigger budgets than others, then WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!!!


  31. At OT, this is being irresponsible. Do you know that you can’t run your house like that if you are to succeed in life. You bloggers are like those that crucified Jesus Christ that were calling with loud voices to Pilate that crucify him, crucify him.

    With such noises, there in no where to and I repeat that no where, this glamour club will go in future. It should therefore should be relegated and buried never to be remembered again with such calls and noises.

  32. Jakoyo you always have a lot of negative energy please we know you mr impostor….you are the one and only Benson Disi ,Please gor mahia has lost only one game and one draw the rest are wins.what we have to know there are no small teams in the league,what you call small teams are the ones who are always taking points from gor mahia. muhoroni humiliated us at our home ground here at nyayo ,oserian also at nakuru,congo united worked on us until it was relegated so let us support the team.Am jack omollo and i tell you on Wednesday we are beating tusker ,watch this space.But what we should know in a game of soccer be ready for 3 outcomes and we should know that the other teams are also there to play and get points.

  33. i am with ogango .jakoyo and odour and a select few.as investors in the club we demand results….
    we pay to watch the team….sacrifice our time and resources for the team.in return we expect positive results not cheap and lame excuses on why we lost or drew!!
    we shall praise and criticize in equal. measure and where things are not right we shall endeavour to point it out regardless of what the rest of you think!!!

  34. @Sylvester and Ndugu MWAKIO GOR is going to grow and will never cease to exist as long as we “Genuine” fans like me and yourself speak from the same page and take appropriate measure. If we keep quiet and assume that the messiah will come and perform miracles then we are done. We are now in agreement that there is a big problem in our TB, but only differ in our approach . BW case is world part to be compared to JESUS.

  35. Blongers something that I pointed out was the fact that we were a disorganized side and team is not motivated.i am surprised even at what the team had to put on white and green.somethingis wrong

  36. Which heads must roll? Can you go and roll them right now? Gor can’t be run from this site and genuine and true fans look for tangible solutions but not noises.

    Lack of understanding and insightful is lacking from OT response to my postings. I said “like” unless you do not understand.

    Offer solution but not noises.

  37. @ Ogango, Oswozo, jakoyo n Oduor12 kindly tell BW n the players wht to do!! It seems BW’ s tactics r nt working n from the tone of ua postings I suspect u av the antidote. Share it wt the guy

  38. @ Mwakio Y get so hot under, isn’t changing an inept TB a solution?
    What viable solution have YOU offered apart from ranting give BW more time but I humbly ask TIME 2 DO WHAT MORE/HOW MUCH MORE TIME DOES BW NEED.
    Our TB is an extremely experienced one purposely brought in 2 deliver results.
    Comparing BW’s case 2 JC’s is irrelevant & trying 2 assume a high moral comparison/ground that does’nt exist.
    Heads 2 roll 1. BW 2.JBO 3. OUNA/IDDI.
    Its u who’s making noise kindly offer ua solution pliz!

  39. @Voice of unknown don’t be surprised, this guys have just switched off completely. Did you not hear of a GOR player forgetting to carry his official playing card. The Team Manager never bothered to cross check his players documentation prior to the team departing to Machakos. And how about the bust up between Oboya and Mutiso in the training field that ended with them trading blows in the presence of the entire TB and yet they did nothing about it.

    @MWAKIO heads may be rolling as soon as this Wednesday depending on the outcome of the match. We all know what will happen if BW fails to turn around our performance. He has exhausted all his professional excuses beyond our tolerance limit. KAZI KWAKE..,!!!.

  40. JERRY ni mchawi and we wont accept it in gor mahia,why is it that any player giving jerry competition within the stick or armband must always get injury…?kagunzi,Dubbe,mapunda,juma,owino…nooo we wont accept this gor mahia is not for his mother .

  41. BW with all his strengths and weaknesses will win, loose and draw games just like all coaches a broke and small club like Gor can afford.

    We need to take a hard look at our club and accept that all Kenyan clubs are more or less at par. It’s only through pulling together that we outperform our ‘semejis’ year in year out.

    We could have won last season with any coach. We will win this season with BW but only if we don’t copy AFC style of panic and undue pressure on TB and players.

  42. Real hooligans are now ranting and even shouting loudest. Mwakio take care and stop arguing with these thugs and hooligans. These are people who can kill someone from their postings and comments. We have very many busy bodies in this blog calling themselves fans.

    I can smell a rat from one hooligan/thug’s posting and I quote “We all know what will happen if BW fails to turnaround our performance”. This is tantamount to an incitement and the thug should be identified and arrested. These are the characters that deserve to be send to jail and rot in Kamiti.

    At this rate, it is going to be very difficult for the team to attract serious sponsors due to such thuggery and hooliganism undertones and comments.

    After BW and his technical bench team are gone, who will be the choice of hooligans and thugs as the head coach? I do sympathize with the EC team members.

  43. Mwakio, make sure you take care of yourself and your expensive car. Thugs and hooligans are hell bent in causing havoc at all equal measures.

  44. Threats, yelling, shouting loudest and sulking will not solve any problems.

    Jamigori, anyone that will touch my car will be miserable in his life. He will never see peace as my car is protected and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  45. Me thinks differently. The problem is the players we have and it boils down to two things; attitude and the caliber of players. Do they have the hunger to win? Currently a big Noooooo and its based on the.last two games (Thika and Top fry).
    Regarding the caliber it boils down to lack of a good right back and a good midfielder. Surely speaking the Kizito/Akumu axis is dead coz its our archiles. Look at the turnover of the right back (Musa then Oluoch and now Nasio) something is not right people. I propose David Onyango to take over this position for he is skilled, fast and strong. These are areas whether you get whatever coach we must address. Kizito and Akumu play the same kind of game and it will require a totally differeny player to combine with either of thd two. A good scenario is with our noisy neighbours next door Keli/Wanga who play in similar manner (they have to look for an alternative combination). We ask the EC to answer these difficult questions.

  46. Guys, a friend of mine who plays for Top Fry tells me that they watched the Gor vs. Esperance tape (where Gor lost by 5). Their plan was simply to cut Gor’s passing game (especially in the mid field) and beat Gor by 5. Look for other teams to copy this strategy

  47. Cease fire gentlemen. There’s no need of getting heated up.The last time i checked the log,Gor Mahia had not been relegated.Let’s tone down b4 this temperatures reach boiling point. I want 2 request the tb and players to please pull up a bit.Such kind of results are nt good 4 my health. To the extremist,i say take it easy. Such extremes are nt gud in life.

  48. @chris when I said we do not have 1st eleven,we play emunge,nasio,oluoch,sakava,calabar,the defenders have not jelled well,we keep on changing players like under ware it high time BW and the TB work on our starting eleven.we love the team so much.did u know that most of us were in Nakuru as ealy as Thursday in the name of supporting our beloved Kogallo.at the moment I am in bed sick because we lost,no we can not take it lightly the team MUST pull up period.

  49. whether its the 1st match,10th or 29th if the team is not performing it must be said!
    it therefore follows that top fry being our 5th game,we dint play well and in my opinion neither did we against stima (even if we won)and thika.
    the players are paid to perform….in return we as stake holders demand good results !!that is what they wake up to do daily…so please i want a good return!!!!!!!!!!

  50. @Blogger 2014 on post# 25, Your allegation is very serious if you can prove that some players are bewitching their team mates. Guys be aware that our players do visit this site and what we post can be very demoralizing to the team. I think we need some divine intervention at such a time. I did not attend both THIKA and top fry matches and as such I do not who to blame between the TB and the players. But this Wednesday it is a must attend based on the fireworks on this site. My take is for our EC,TB and players to have brainstorm session and deliberate on all this thorny issue’s before Wednesday match.

  51. @ingo in gor we sort our issues once and for all and that is why you see people are talking too much in this blog for us just to get a solution for the team.ingo no one here has said that the coach or anybody within the technical bench must go unlike your afc leopard where there is wrangles everywhere.i assure you gor mahia is beating tusker on wednesday and am waiting for you to come and open your big mouth about esperance tape.we are gor mahia and not abaluhyia football club,we are sorting out our issues right know and sooner than later you will see gor mahia a wake and beating teams.plesae mluhya go to your afc face book wall and continue with your normal post of nandwa must go.

  52. @58 jack Omollo, pls tone down.You are now hitting below the belt which is nt gud. Take it easy it’s jst football.

  53. @Jack, from some of the bloggers the TB should have gone yesterday but they have nobody in mind. They will just tell you that there are many coaches “somewhere’. So to some of us we should be beat all the 16 teams aimlessly.
    Those saying ulinzi did the right thing are forgetting that they lost for the first time after the change.
    Can @OGANGO TRAILER and @ODUOR12 tell us whsy they will do to ensure the new coach wins as they prefer ad well as playing? From these blogs you might think that some of us have UEFA class A qualification.
    Personally I would rather we handle these issues through the laid-down procedure instead of the hooliganism way where even non – members of the club assist us to mess our club.
    By the way we are still courting sponsors and our sometimes destructive pride will pour cold water on this talks. I hope the ringleaders or their reps are cognisant to these issues.

  54. Jack you are truly spot on. Problem is we ignore ingo. He has not earned the right of commenting on our issues. Zao nu za ovyo. Loses and draws kibao. Asituwachie kasumba ya kushindwa kogallo.

  55. Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Champions Gor Mahia players are reportedly on a go slow.

    Gor Mahia lost 0-2 to bottom-placed side Top Fry AllStars on Saturday in Nakuru and according to a player who requested anonymity; this was a deliberate loss to air their frustrations to the team’s management.

    The players are angry that despite winning the league and finishing runners up in the GOtv Shield last season, they are yet to get any allowances.

    -We won the league and finished second in the GOtv Shield last season. We are yet to get any allowances despite all the big talk by the officials after the success, the player said,


    -The officials used a lot of money to sign new players yet they never showed any appreciation to the ones who won the league, added the player,

    -The dropped players were also never paid their dues and we are never given our allowances in time. We are generally not happy with the way things are being handled at the moment, said another player.

    Prior to the loss to Top Fry, Gor had not lost any match nor conceded in the KPL 2014 season. They face former champions Tusker FC on Wednesday 26 March at the City Stadium.

  56. Futaa.com reports of go slow in da camp..is it true that winning bonuses of last season are yet to be paid..pliz Ec or anyone respond

  57. Hear this nonsense at futaa.com that players are on a go slow because of not being rewarded for winning the league and coming second playing GoTv, including the fact that the team signed new players. Personally this is such a lame excuse and if indeed its true then our players are mere amateurs. We travel far and wide risking to go watch our beloved club but some plot to sabotage the team, this is unacceptable. Such players do not deserve to wear the Gor jersey period and they should scatter to the four winds.
    There are better ways of handling such issues. Sofapaka have had issues with non payment of salaries but they have been winning matches despite this. Thats the mark of a group of professional players. These players if its true need to understand fans invest in this club both materially and emotionally. We need to pray for ths club for sure if it has reached this level.

  58. Gentlemen patience pays. We still have many matches to go and the title is very wide open. I think David Juma had already gotten the rythm in goal keeping but it’s unfortunate he got injured in the 2nd minute against Top Fry.

    Our Main undoing is right back (no. 2) and goal keeping. As for mid-field. unless we are playing defensively, Eric Ochieng should be given more play time. I think Teddy is too fatigued. Jared Obwoge should as well play to give more options upfront, especially this match against Tusker on Wednesday.

    To fans, we are still Ok so no need to panic at all. at the end of the day we will lift the trophy this season. Most teams will wear out come second leg and that time we will have already gained the pace… As long as we dont underrate any team we will do well.

  59. my only question here is, were this players not paid there match allowances when they were playing the last year league matches….? secondly gor mahia was not supposed to sign players because they were not paid the bonuses of winning the league.thirdly is this said player supposed to control or regulate the amount of money gor mahia is spending on buying players…?the fourth question,the so called released players have not complained, is he the one to come out out to talk for them.if it could be the issue of delayed salaries or match allowances i would be very bitter with club officials but the bonuses are just incentives at the mercy of the club officials after doing good work.Even in our work places we are always given bonuses after a good work but you cant force the top company officials to pay you the so called bonuses.so to the so called the player who came out to the press it is good you have alerted us what is going on in the club ,but what i may want to get from you, are your match allowances of last year matches paid….? if yes.you need to go back to school and differentiate between allowances,bonuses and salary.i have told you like that because seemingly your education level is very low and God helped you with talent to come and play for gor where you can make loud noise for us fans to intervene.Thank you so much the so called player and you have to win the tusker match or else you players and club officials will give us answers for under performance.

  60. That money was given to Situmbeko plus soccer boots.
    Of course the architect of the whole scheme one G.Bwana cunningly devised the vote & leave system of elections to avoid any scrutiny of the previous EC’s tenure.
    Anyway the re-elected officials starting with Chair AR should shed some light on this matter which is most unfortunate. Sorry just resolve the matter so that we can hear the next excuse for drawing/losing.As Kassam would say mara budget, mara negative tactics by opponents, mara unfair referees, mara fatigue, mara unpaid allowances etc etc.

  61. @Oduor12, so now that the players have allegedly been on a go slow is it still the issue of the TB or the EC or the players? When we won the first three games we were all happy forgetting that this is s game of football where anything can happen.

  62. @ Dan O. kindly re-read my posts @ 35 & 36 with a sober mind. Therein you will find the answer 2 ua queries instead of posting just 4 the sake of it.
    Next u’ll b alledging that ua car is protected by the blood of Jesus.
    Furthermore BW himself never alluded 2 any go slow, also as head coach why didn’t he tackle such a crucial issue with EC. Is that leadership?
    Wacha tuone though I suspect we’ve already been prepared 4 an unfavourable result against Tusker coz BW can’t match Kimanzi tactically.

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