Gor Mahia still controls their destiny

Gor Mahia’s aspirations for a second succesive title received a severe jolt when they were not just beaten but were outplayed by a resilient Sofapaka side. Coach Frank Nuttall admitted that Sofapaka were the better side.

Indeed Sofapaka appeared more determined and with a greater sense of urgency. Nevertheless, Gor Mahia are still ahead by one point and therefore still control their own destiny. Should they win their final two matches against Muhoroni in Kisumu and against Ushuru, they will clinch the title.

Coach Frank Nuttal remains optimistic that his team can still clinch the diadem. “There are two matches remaining and we will see what happens. Our opponents are also trying to win the title but we have to give our best,” Nuttal said after Sunday’s match.

If they falter, they will be hoping that Sofapaka slips up as well. But if Gor Mahia cannot handle their business in the last two games and if Sofapaaka follow up their win over Gor Mahia by beating AFC and Tusker then it must be said that they deserve the title.

Governor Mutua slaps Gor Mahia with heavy fine and ban

Gor Mahia have been banned from playing at Kenyatta Stadium. In addition, the county wants the club to pay Sh10m for damages caused by fans during and after Sunday match. In a post appearing on Governor Mutua’s Facebook page, the county said it is reviewing CCTV footage and will be instituting cases against individual rowdy and violent Gor Mahia fans who caused mayhem in Machakos.

“Gor Mahia is an amazing football club. However, the violent behaviour of its fans during and after yesterday’s match against Sofapaka FC in Machakos was despicable and unacceptable,” said Governor Mutua. “As a preventive measure and so as to ensure no one is injured or killed after a Gor Mahia or any other football match in Machakos, the County Government of Machakos has banned Gor Mahia Football team from playing in Machakos County Stadium until further notice.” Mutua says the County is invoicing Gor Mahia football team for an estimated Sh10 million as compensation of destroyed County Government and Private property.

It is amazing because Gor Mahia have just recently watched arch rivals AFC Leopards receive a hefty penalty but it still did not sink into their brains that they ought to behave themselves.

However the KES 10 million figure does seem arbitrary. So now Gor Mahia suposedly owes KRA and also supposedly owes Machakos county KES 10 million despite them not being the hosting team.

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  1. i think some of gor stewards are goons and some officials support them.If the chairman is serious abt protecting the image of GM,he shuld demand that the guy who assaulted the keeper be produced by the stewards(100% sure they know him)& handed over to the police .THIS JOKE OF CCTV & DENIALS SHULD STOP.THE PRESS,MEDIA,PERSONALITIES LOVE EVERY CHANCE TO PORTRAY GM NEGATIVELY.THIS YEAR ALONE OUR RIVALS HAVE BIN INVOLVED IN SEVERAL ACTS OF HOOLIGANISM,BT IT HARDLY ATTRACTS THE MEDIA,EC WAKE UP.

  2. ‘it sinks into their brains ‘!!!! wow, what a catchy phrase after fore-warning the entire club that goons for hire were sprawling machakos town on the even of the game. is somebody trying to scheme money from Kogallo?

    Secondly, it’sinks into their brains’, why was the game NOT have an earlier kick to enable the security deal with any postmatch eventualities even after fore-warning…was nyayo stadium not an option?

    Orchestred and schemed to work for the goons who looted and maimed under the cover of darkness and now we are talking CCTV…CCTV in darkness !! thooooooooo…give my brains a break !!!!

    Lastly, it ‘sinks into the brains’ sofapaka and tusker also want the title and they believe just like kogallo, destiny is in their control SO don’t be fooled that people will make our last 2 games easy……personally, I would prefer kogallo play their last 2 games in closed doors. this is not a punishment, IT SIMPLY TO GIVE PLAYERS CONFIDENCE TO PLAY THEIR GAME AND KEEP HIRED GOONS AT BAY !!!!

    Is it now ironic that we are relying on ‘Efusi’, our nemesis and trusted shemeji’s whom we could not beat the whole season to beat sofapaka so that we can be declared champions ‘elect’ on 2nd November 2014 ? …..mmmh, it ‘sinks into the brains’

    I remain FOREVER ‘realistic’

    Have a ‘realistic ‘ day bloggers.

  3. As much as I want condemn the Hooliganism, this seems to me as something that was planned by our opponents, because trouble started from outside with teargas all over. When these things were happening where were the police and the stewards? Let Individuals take responsibility not the club.

    You can not convince me that someone can decide to burn a vehicle he of she travelled with?Thats a big noooooo.

    Mr.Nyamweya team should seriously investigate the Matter.

    Mr.Governor ,Kindly do not ask GMF to pay for anything, go for the individuals in that I will support you 100%.Take Legal Action against the perpetrators and let us know if they are indeed Gor Mahia Fans.

  4. guys 2days after the game our chairman/EC has not condemn this incident,amazing,,realy amazing.Oh sometimes i wonder if Adede would have brought some meaningful efforts to fight this vice,he was very vocal against hooliganism.

  5. Friends as much as all of us condemn hooliganism, I think some people like Alfred Mutua want to make business out of it. 10m for what? And who is he to bring invoice to Gor Mahia? Does he manage football in Kenya? Is Machakos his or is he the owner of Machakos stadium?

    It is also important to note that this league must be won in thet pitch by players and not through threats from fans. If anyone does not have self control let him keep off Gor Mahia matches. To me the referees did a commendable job and Sofapaka beat us free and fair. We need to win our remianing 2 matches and forget about mathematical chances.

    Remember throughout the season Sofapaka, Tusker and AFC Leopards have really given us hard times and it’s high time our Technical bench restrategize.

    I know we will lift the trophy but it will not be easy. If we dont calm down things could be hot. lol

  6. Why we join efforts as True supporters of Gor Mahia to eliminate these goons from our midst? We must play a role by arresting them coz the Police donot seem to do their job. Anybody throwing stones, breaking or destroying the STADIUM OR ANYONES PROPERTY must be arrested by the true fans of kogallo. TRUE FANS, WE HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY AND WE MUST STAND TO BE COUNTED

  7. These goons were hired and we said it here before the match… Gor Mahia fans have been very peaceful this season. Many instances that would normally lead to violence happened but fans were still peaceful e.g the disallowed goal at Tok komwanda among many others. So why would anyone cause violence even before the game ends, against a team that is not our arch rival, and regardless of the fact that the loss would still leave us on top of the table????? Gor Mahia fans never attack opponent players (Kasaya incident was isolated).

    Governor please dont be one of the many politians who associate Gor with a certain political wing… you are so quick to attack the team, you even brand Gor Mahia fans as violent…i thought you would have said ‘some of their fans were violent’ or ‘a few fans were violent’

    Those were not our fans and i join Thaddaeus Ogada in telling you to go look for the individuals who damaged property and leave our legendary club alone

  8. This governor is behaving as if Machakos is his property… Protection of lives and property is police business not politians… let police arrest the culprits. Blanket condemnation of the club or its fans is cheap political idiocy

    Really misadvised to give Gor an invoice… let officials ignore it let them not even commend anything..
    Gor Mahia club should be held accountable for its supporters but they must not be made to answer for anyone who wears a green jersey or anyone who turns up at stadiums. Bwana governor first go prove in court that those hired crooks are Gor fans

  9. at this rate i cant rule out this governor and others being behind the hiring of goons.. Why am i saying this:

    1. He slamps the club with an invoice of 10m without even doing investigations first, he says CCTV footage will be revied later. He goes on media tarnishing our name.. fist of all he doesnt even know what an invoice is.. invoicing us with 10m??? what has he ever sold to us???

    2. Gor fans have been peaceful, why would they cause havok when they are still top of the table??

    3. Gor fans never attack opponent players (Kasaya incident was deep and isolated)

    4. It takes time to assess damages… if you have ever had an accident and asked insurance to come in, then you know what am talking about. This governor assessed and entire town in a few hours… hahahaha! yawa thoh!

    Only the stadium management board can ban Gor from Machakos stadium and not the county govt… the county govt can only do so through a court order… but how do you expect someone who doesnt even know what an invoice is to know that

  10. the title is still on sight, as for the governor, he can as well keep his stadium even his county if he wishes, the county needs kogalo than kogalo needs the county, its that simple your excellency. police need to do there work, let them not try or even seen to try to delegate that function to kogalo, thats a joke!

  11. I think it’s too early for the Chair to comment now. Every Tom, Dick, Harry is now an expert in Gor matters and the official Gor comments will just disappear in this noise. From Nyamweya’s comments alot of institutions failed in their duty. The Machakos Government allowed the stadium to overflow, no enough security from the home team, provocation by opposition player etc.
    All the same we cannot justify hooliganism and the goons must carry their own cross and leave the club alone.
    @Okumu, once you have arrested the goons where do you take them? Do you have a court and prison to take them? This has been done several times and the the culprits have been released several times.

  12. Down with hooliganism in the 21st century. I have not commented on this matter because of the disappointment and shock that that came with the hooliganism on Sunday.

    Several of us were saying on this site before the day that we ought to be extra careful since there were some quarters which were not happy that Gor has not had any ugly incidents all season. So it had to be somehow and you saw it. IT JUST HAD TO HAPPEN to give certain people something to talk about.But we could have avoided it if we took warning.

    For the Governor, banning Gor from Machakos does not arise since we had not at any time requested to play there and I do not think we were going to do so at any time.He ought to know that it is Sofapaka who had chosen to play there. If any thing then they need to ban Sofapaka from hosting any games there; in any case they were supposed to make sure there was proper security for all and they failed in that.We want to see people, individuals in court, charged.

    Fine of ksh 10000000?? Let him go to court,rather than showing such ignorance.How does he enforce that?This is bad time and we are in mourning,please do not worsen the situation Mr Governor.

    Playing in empty stadium? very anti football measure and does not achieve anything; a sort of anticlimax to a season which was promising a thrilling end. How do you see these last games Gor v KRA and Tusker v Sofapaka in empty stadium, a scenerio similar to 2012 and you do not want us to witness? Think again.

  13. Banning fans would be suicidal,imagine gor playing in kisumu or tok komwanda without fans,FKF will just be inviting another trouble,fans will flock the stadium and force their way in,police as usual will not hesitate to fire tiregas,the game will not be played.
    Best way foward,allow fans attend matches,otherwise mambo biad.

  14. Me and you were forewarned about the impending chaos through this forum….but who are the real culprits of hooliganism and how can such vital information be relayed to them since am certain most do not have access to the net??

    Thats the issue all soccer stake holders should address as a matter of urgency.We have all suggested ways and means of dealing with this vice but the powers that be have never implemented them…meaning they must condone this vice…or there is something that they are doing that we are not aware of!!!

  15. this movie maker does not even know what an invoice is… ati giving the club an invoice of 10m???? hahaha
    what has he ever sold to Kogalo to warrant an invoice…

    Please bwana Governor consult widely before running to the media trying to paint us in bad light. and BTW how did u manage to assess and value the damages of the whole town in just a few hours?? Insurance companies take a week or more to investigate, assess and value damages.

    Please concentrate on governing the county and let the police do protection of lives and property. If you have evidence that the hooligans are Gor fans then please go to court.. otherwise ask the police to arrest and charge the individual culprits. and i repeat those goons were hired and maybe even the governor was involved, just maybe

  16. Oswozo moziek, these goons were hired by political quarters… the governor was so quick to rush to the media showing the damages to the nation… he even says Gor is a good club by its fans are violent.. couldnt he at least say ‘a few fans’ or ‘some of the fans’?? He was quick to brand all of us hooligans.. He was quick to ‘invoice’ us let alone the fact that he does not understand what an invoice is, without doing any investigations…. Fans causing chaos even when we are still top of the league??? a a those are not our fans

  17. 1. He was so quick to rush to the media to publicize the damages to the nation… let alone that the police should have investigated first

  18. 2. Within hours he has already assessed the damages of the whole town… even Insurance assessors take more time to assess one single vehicle yawa!

    3. He says his team will review the CCTV footage which makes me wonder why he charges the club before even reviewing the footages!!!!

  19. 4. He acts as police, judge and jury as if Machakos county is his private property…

    5. He sarcastically says Gor is an amazing club but that its supporters are violent.. He brands all fans as violent, he didnt even say ‘a few’ even if the goons were Gor fans

  20. let me say that Gor must be held responsible its fans… and that can only be done by the football governing bodies or by going to court. Governor can go to court but he’ll need to proove that Gor is responsible for anyone who puts on a green jersey… and goodluck with that

  21. do something about this club before it chocs itself on it’s own filth. The Gor mahia player is innocent, unfortunately the ‘boil’ on his back(hooligan) seems to have no cure. only solution is isolation. too much has been said but nothing is done. Ban gor from the league. Hooligans want all gor matches back at city stadium. gor obviously will the advantage to win the league. hooligans know that gor will never get banned. so where will sofapaka play their home match against gor next time? as much as gor wants to win the league, let it be on fair play basis. nowonder gor finds itself on top of the league with such shoddy performance on the pitch. as much as i have said the players are innocent, they have benefited from this they know it. this unfair play has left many clubs trying to find an away ground away from city stadium with little success. the EC itself has come out to protect the hooligans whenever arrests are made and in some cases have intervened to have them set free, a symbiotic relationship to say the least. hooligans get free entry, they scare opponents during the match, and the EC gets credit for winning the league. there are numerous contributions to this sickening situation but the biggest culprit remains gor mahia. the sofapaka goalie goalie should have been yellow carded but that is all. it was sofapaka’s responsibility for security at the stadium but it was not their responsibilty to provide security to Machakos town. gor is fast becoming an arena for mediocre performance.

  22. Bwana Dinga you are blind…. Havent you asked yourself why the hell would fans cause havok when we are still top of the league???? Those hooligans are not Gor fans… for the last time yawa

  23. @Dinga, let’s stop being emotional about this issue. It has clouded the message you wanted to pass. Can’t make out if you are implying that the players are mediocre or the whole club or the fans. Anyway, all of us in this forum condemn hooliganism and to be honest even Nyamweya said that there is just this much they can do about it. These goons are actually commited criminal acts and I don’t know how the EC can bail them out if they get invoved in thuggery. For your info a few of our fans have been charged in court and freed after paying fines. I personally know a few who now even avoid the TJM stature like plague, so the EC is not wholly to blame for that. How come Machakos with its enhanced security didn’t arrest even a single suspect? The moment we treat a Gor/ingwe match as a security issue that requires proper planning on the part of police then we will have moved on. During political rallies police get mobilsed very well. During the saba saba rally the security was very well-organised and the parties didn’t have to pay for it. Why do clubs need to pay for security yet they get deducted for using the facility? The county govt can easily handle the security by just consulting the teams to know the possible impacts of the game.
    Otherwise it would be anti-clmax to deny the fans from seeing the business end of the league.

  24. comments frm naks man & ombeng are disapointing,,this notion that gor is too big,”everybody needs gor”,is really misleading if not stupid.months ago when tuzo annouced it was pulling out,u had the comments that followed.I wuld prefer gm to play the last 2games without fans.if gor were to lose title in the last game,what gurantee do we have that the goons wont strike.@ 8 & 11 GOR MAHIA IS NOT INDISPENSABLE SO LETS NOT TRY & BLAME MUTUA/SOFAPAKA WE R LIKE A MUM PROTECTING A CRIMINAL CHILD

  25. FKF have just announced the ban,Gor to play in empty stadium and a fine of 500k imposed.Muhoroni awarded their abandonedmatch with tusker.Sofapaka to play afc in a neutral ground away from fans.

  26. The federation has also fined second placed side Sofapaka Sh300, 000 for allegedly not providing enough security during the ill-tempered fixture

    As exclusively revealed by Goal on Monday, Football Kenya Federation have ordered Gor Mahia to play in empty stadia as punishment for violence caused by their fans during Sunday’s match against Sofapaka.

    The federation has also fined Sofapaka Sh300, 000 for not providing enough security during the ill-tempered match played at Machakos Stadium.

    K’Ogalo has also been fined Sh500, 000 and ordered to identify a fan, who attacked Sofapaka goalkeeper David Okello during the incident.

    This were part of sanctions announced by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) after an emergency meeting held on Tuesday.

    Speaking to Goal, FKF President Sam Nyamweya warned that from next season, the federation will take more drastic action against clubs whose fans cause trouble during matches.

    “We have a proposal to deduct 15 points from clubs whose fans cause trouble. We are going to discuss it in our general meeting and implements it from next season.”

    He added: “We have also directed KPL to ensure that both Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards do not play their matches at Machakos Stadium. It is too small.

    “We wish Machakos governor Alfred Mutua should have contacted us before announcing a Sh10million fine on Gor Mahia because we run football in the country.”

  27. Football Kenya Federation have officially awarded Muhoroni Youth their abandoned match against Tusker.

    The match was abandoned in 75th minute after Muhoroni Youth complained that Tusker had fielded twelve players instead of eleven.

    Despite Kenya Premier League ruling the verdict in favour of Tusker, FKF overturned the decision and on Tuesday confirmed that Muhoroni will take maximum points on a 2-0 basis.

    “We have studied the case carefully and came to conclusion that Tusker were on the wrong. It was very obvious that they fielded 12 players and that cannot be allowed in game of football,” Nyamweya told Goal.

    “Muhoroni will therefore, be awarded the match on a 2-0 basis whereas Tusker coach Francis Kimanzi and his assistant Leonard Odipo will be fined Sh100, 000 each.

    “We have also reprimanded match official who was in charge Alfred Juma while his assistants Badir Yasin and Peter Kiereini will remain suspended for four and three months respectively.”

    Muhoroni Youth chairman Moses Adagala was elated with the outcome. “I knew my players could not cause an abandonment of a match.

    “Tusker were on the wrong because they fielded twelve players. But because we are ‘a small team’, KPL moved quickly to award the match to brewers’. We thank FKF for making a wise decision.”

  28. @ombeng ombeng that is the best news ever for “JO-NDHIWA”.I have tried very hard to remain silent on this blog until the verdict is OUT and true to my words TUSKER have kissed bye TPL 2014.

    For Gor Mahia i really pity the young boys despite the prevailing circumstances. Panicky mood is already very evident with our goal keeping and defensive blunders, selfishness and indecisiveness upfront. This boys needs to relax and enjoy their game PERIOD.

    How else do you explain how the recently rock solid defense is leaking very easy goals after “JO-NDHIWA” had easily given an “OWN” goal that early. JERRY & CALABAR must rise to the occasion and avoid the “BIG BOY” syndrome in the team.

    From where i seat the league is ours to take and it does matter where that “neutral” ground kalekwa is soliciting to play AFC, but the truth is the best they can achieve is to only collect two/three and i mean two/three points from the remaining matches.

    Gor Mahia does not need any fans at all to collect a maximum of four points. GOR playing in empty stadium is a blessing in disguise and far much better than risking their chances with their very own HOOLIGANS. I rest my case.


  29. Really what can the clubs do about hooliganism?
    Right now this issue has mutated into a horrible situation.
    I apportion the blame to the police, FKF, and SP in that order but the penalties have been meted out in reverse order.
    FKF scrap this nonsense for team stewards and give this responsibility to the police.
    @ Levelminded the yes goons will always strike until arrests & convictions are made. They are just manipulating the situation. Gor Mahia as a club is the helpless victim. So my friend your anger is misdirected.

  30. Yes, @Oduor 12 i support your sediments.
    Bans and fines will not work. This has been done over and over again but it has never worked.
    For how long is fkf going to experiment this same method to help curb hooliganism.
    Even docking points will not work, deal with hooligans directly. Make arrests and lock them up.
    Its true that the clubs are the victims in all these, they are so helpless and there is nothing they can do.

  31. we hire goons to be our stewards(read okello take elsewhere”yet 2b verified”) and then complain abt the police,i can gurantee u GM will hide the identity of that goon.Its true the police r dwn,bt this is not only in football,we have issue of insecurity all over. GM must be proactive,1st by hiring credible stewards.This denial that criminals are wearing gm jerseys is not helping.wether criminals or pastors they associate themselves with GM.FKF HAVE JST GIVEN S/PAKA A BOOST BY ITS WEIRD DECISION.

  32. Governor Alfred Mutua got it wrong by imposing his KES 10 million fine on Gor Mahia. This fine is rather misdirected. The Governor should have sought alternative justice as per the prescription of the Chief Justice. The Human Waste who caused mayhem and destroyed property of the peaceful People of Machakos County are people who don’t understand the language of fines imposed on an innocent club. These are people who have defied even God and have no conscience at all.

    It is high time that they were handed over to the devil- Lucifer himself and this is where Chief Justice Willy Mutunga’s ‘Alternative Justice’ approach comes in. Alternative justice will ensure that those hooligans are held accountable individually. Governor Alfred Mutua does not need to go far. He only needs to hire the many witchdoctors of Ukambani and he shall have solved the problem not only for Machakos people, but for all peace-loving Kenyans. The powerful charms of the Ukambani witchdoctors will surely not spare a hooligan neither will they victimize an innocent person. The hooligans need to be exterminated once and for all and the solution is finally here beckoning at the doorsteps of Governor Mutua’s office.

  33. Yawa @ BB you so right can’t wait to see these “human wastes” crawling on all fours chewing grass. Gava Alfie kazi kwako follow up on @ BB’s suggestion.

    Like one said these shop stewards and the big two EC’s have a symbiotic relationship. Some EC, nay most EC members owe their election to the machinations of these stewards and in return they are in turn rewarded with the “security” docket with the main aim of benefiting both officials and themselves from the parallel ticketing/match entry scheme.

    That aside FKF identified this problem but what became of this FKF directive!!

    Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Ltd have issued an ultimatum to all KPL club stewards (security officials) to have Certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminals Investigation Department (CID) if they are to continue with their duties in their respective clubs.

    In the joint meeting held on Thursday 26 September,2013 it was resolved that each club would only be allowed to have 50 stewards.

    -As you are aware, we have allowed AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia to deploy club scouts during KPL matches involving their teams, but from now on, the club scouts, must be thoroughly screened and bearers of Certificate of Good Conduct from the CID, FKF Chairperson Sam Nyamweya said.

    The move is geared toward tightening security at all football venues countrywide and removing undesirable elements and strangers who could be harboring criminal intentions from football venues.

    -Tickets will be sold away or a reasonable distance from the match venues to enhance security at football stadia, Nyamweya said reminding Kenyans that each and every citizen has a role to play in the enhancing security in the country.

    The meeting also banned parking of private vehicles inside the Nairobi City Stadium, saying only service providing vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles will be allowed to park in the stadium.


    Bob Munroe of KPL said that the Premier League management body will provide numbered jackets to to club marshals. It will be restricted to 50 jackets per club, adding that the jackets will be embroided with KPL logos.

    -The Federation in conjunction with all stake holders will be extra vigilant to ensure that our stadiums are safe from any threats and we appeal to fans to obey instructions from the Police and Stewards deployed at the stadiums, a statement from FKF read partly,

    -There will be increased security activity and personal body checks and all must comply as the first step in ensuring that security is guaranteed,

    -The Security arrangements will not only be implemented in Nairobi but across the Country as a whole, it added.


  34. Guys, you can blame it on outsiders, you can condemn Governor Mutua, you can say all you want, Gor image has been destroyed beyond repair. I have not seen any footages neither did I watch the match but even people outside the country (foreigners) I have met here are concerned!! It does not matter whether it was planned or not.

    Secondly, FKF awarding 3 points to Muhoroni for their abandoned match with Tusker is like opening a pandoras box!! This was clearly a referee mistake and Muhoroni had no reason to walk away. Tomorrow, Gor Mahia will walk off the pitch or their fans will cause trouble due to referee’s error e.g disallowed goal and I wonder if the match will be awarded to Gor because they have a legitimate claim.

    Lastly, honestly and deep in my heart, I am ashamed to attempt to speak about Gor Mahia or to go to watch their matches. The ban should therefore stay until some people especially those who protect hooligans sober up.

  35. it’s really sad for the peace loving fans to suffer because of the a few idiots masquerading as gor fans. how I wish this organized fools were in ruanda here, they would have caught, blind folded, paraded before the public and shot dead. I really hate this yobs. even in ruanda here people knows gor mahia is very violent club. if only two or five mucas rendered heads can be killed, then hooliganism would still persist

  36. Very interesting time indeed. Some of us saw it coming and said as it is that main undoing that “realistically” may derail K’Ogalo title defense was non other than the over zealous and over demanding fan base who do not know how to keep their cool and can easily agitated by opposing team to cause havoc and it has come to pass.

    The twist and turns between TUSKER vs MUHORONI us another interesting saga and now that TUSKER has appealed to FIFA for arbitration of the actual soccer pertaining to the abandoned match, I can smell real football politics in season 2014. Any way I will remain optimistic with my filthy, stinking and completely rotten brand of mighty K’Ogalo thanks to the “Multitude of humane waste” that was a sitting time bomb at the eleventh hour on our quest to retain the title with a good image.

    Now dwelling so much on the past chaotic events is water under the bridge and it is upon us the real Gor MAHIANS to stand up with the team at this hour of need. Gor MAHIA should do wonders and WIN the title uninterrupted behind the closed doors as ordered and thereafter plan for a grand display ceremony that will ensure that recover double the revenue lost for the last match against KRA. K’Ogalo Go go go and make it back 2 back.

  37. I do not think our image has been destroyed….if you guys have nothing to report stay at home and watch your useless foreign teams. Our image is still intact and that is why people are talking about Gor Mahia.

    We need to stop being emotional on this matter. It happens all over the world and it is just having a prolonged approach in managing this thuggery.

    I had posted prior to the match that our opponents that is Sofapaka and Tusker had planned this chaos but I was dismissed. Thorough investigations need to be instituted for the whole world to be told what happened.

  38. I foresee trouble ahead.

    Afc vs sofapaka.Afc will insist on playing in mumias,sofapaka will not travel to mumias,a stalemate will arise.
    AFC vs Sony.Yet to be concluded.
    Gor mahia vs FKF.Fans will not adhere to the ban,they will force their way inside the stadium.a stalemate will arise.
    Tusker vs FKF.Tusker have reported FKF to FIFA,they have opened war with FKF,the delicate part is that they are the league sponsors,they may pull out.
    Interesting times ahead.

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