Gor Mahia still leads in attendance

Despite having a nightmarish first half of the season, Gor Mahia leads the league in attendance by a significant margin. The poor performance of the team on the fiels has clearly has not dampened the enthusiasm of Kogalo’s loyal followers.

Gor Mahia now accounts for a massive 60% of the total attendance of matches handled by ticket masters. The best attended match this year was the local El Classic which ad 20, 409 fans.

Overall the Kenya Premier league recorded a 33 % increase in attendance. However there are still many games being played in empty stadia and the average attendance remains low at 2019 per game. A apaltry number compared to the Egyptian league which at its height has an average attendance of 23,000. Worldwide, the best attended league football league is the Bundesliga at 41,000 fans per game. In the world of sports, the best attended league is is the National Football League (NFL) in the USA whose attendance is over 67,000 fans per game.

The increase in attendance of the KPL league is good news. But why is attendance so low. Firstly the stadia are poor. Most were constructed before independence by the colonial government and succesive governments have not seen it fit to upgrade existing stadia or build new ones. The facilities are poor and most do not even have sufficient seating. The second reason is the dearth of community teams. If there were more community teams like Nakuru All Stars, Shabana, Congo United etc, league attendance would be much higher than the present situuation where the league full of corporate teams like Tusker and KCB which do not have a following.


23 thoughts on “Gor Mahia still leads in attendance

  1. No wonder the Top 8 match between GM and AFC must be played. Football is all about fans. Without fans even the broadcaster SS is not getting value for money. Imagine 76 people attending a top match between Tusker and Sofapaka. Even Kariobangi Sharks attracts more fans. As GM all we need to do is to put our house in order and as fans we be a little patient and understanding and we will break all the remaining records. With record attendance and match tickets at minimum 200/= each the burden of running the team and rewarding the players and tech team will be eased.

  2. i urge the gor fans to change tactic. lets avoid travelling with gor for these reasons.
    1. let gor get used to hostile away games.
    note here that there are hardly any hostile crowds, but gor is getting used to having fans in all their matches and this is detrimental in the long run. when gor finally goes to play REAL away matches the players realise that fans hawako and this gives rise to pitiful performance. take the mozambique case. afc for years despite being tough locally could never handle the aways pressure. let the boys get used to winning without fans.it will prepare them for matches in those hostile environments like togo or mali.
    2. let the whole cash go to gor
    my second reason is supported by the first. now that u did not attend the away match, pay abit more for the home game and let the loot rest with gor. why? u will be giving gor more cash, the clubs that have been MILKING gor will no longer have the money, gor will have more money to buy the players easily , players will realise that unless u r playing at gor u r going nowhere hence gor will attract the best players as before, it will be easier to win the league, africa championships will be more common, players will get more exposure…sincerely the list is endless. this plan might seem abit selfish but it’s achievable, gor will move faster, and it’s business. we are in competition and gor is our business.
    this is a suggestion probably not done with the best presentation but i do think it’s worthwhile.pls take note that while going to naivasha u end up spending more that 2000/- and i think this is reserved figure. why not forgo the away match, pay 600/- and fill up kasarani or nyayo. gor is guaranteed 4m or 5m per home game, nxt , we will here a big name in africa has been signed …

  3. @Dinga, 2. Gor fans love football and this cannot stop. We even watch other matches that does not involve Gor.
    And if I may ask, who owns this site now that we have an official website.

  4. dingas suggestion 1 is bogus to say the least.what times do you live on?whats the good game without fans the world over?join the likes of sofapaka and tusker that have like 20 fans each to satisfy your appetite of seeing players playing without fans!we have followed gor since 15bc and it will not take the likes of you to desuade us from going for away matches.

  5. @dinga on post 2 i beg to differ with your suggestion above ; which is very retrogressive and detrimental in building soccer as a business in kenya at large. As we aspire to make once mighty K’Ogalo to be the best we should also be ready to go deep into our pockets. Nothing good come cheaply unless it is an imitation.

    And to be precise that is a selfish and wishful thinking mentality that will derail the gains that we have attained in restoring soccer as means of driving our economy forward.

    Gor Mahia has followers in every corner of this country and as such by forfeiting the away matches will not deny the team it support base. And as a matter of fact the only hostile crowd that GM players are aware of is none other than the same “GREEN ARMY” it self depending on the prevailing circumstances. Ask ZD, AWONO ,JOLAWI ,SIA’NGA or JUA KALI and they will testify the same.

    If a big match involving Tusker and Sofapaka can gather a paltry 72 people in attendance where will you get the hostile crowd and environment when playing GM away.

    Play GOR in Nakuru, muhoroni, Awendo, Bukhungu, Mumias, Karuturi or Oserian and you will be surprised to note that majority of the home based fans are purely K’Ogalo followers.

    Secondly the issue of Gor Mahia fans being MILKED when playing away is not applicable to me. Simply put it that it is there STADIA’S that are below our expected standards; but they normally charge what our own club has set as entry fee when we are playing at home.

    As passionate fans of K’Ogalo we should embrace the worldwide best options of traveling with our team as a norm and not a liability. Please let us prepare our annual budget for supporting team and itemize our priorities with respect to our needs.

    2. TRAVEL EXPENSES [Home or Away],[FUEL] or [ CAR HIRE]
    3. ENTERTAINMENT [Drinks and Food,including mama njugu]
    4. MISCELLANEOUS [Depending on an individual needs]

  6. @dinga you are so yesterday and backward oriented in reasoning. Why not keep those malicious suggestion to your self instead of exposing your ignorance on the realities taking place in the world of football. Your wish can not happen even in an UTOPIAN world.

  7. Lets support GM home and way coz to us football is all about GM.

    Sports can not be developed without friendliness therefore wishing that other teams die will not make GM prosper Mr. Dinga.

    Lets also understand that players in other teams are also human beings supporting them is not a loss but just a contribution like when we do it for GM.

    I acknowledge the improvements done in the GM game but still we need to do more especially in formal management where Jersey sales are involved.
    For sure the jersey have been boycotted just because -we are told out of the 2800/- only 280 goes to the club, it beats much logic to many fans , I included.
    -The team colours have also been tampered with..its these two reasons that keep imitators in business. EC please swallow your pride and address these issues, we’re losing out on a goldmine.


    May i salute the Chief Executive officer of the Kenya Premier League for running a professional league. Jack Aguda and his team deserve a pat on the shoulders for hard even to attract SuperSport, a pay TV channel station that have pumped close to a billion shillings into the league.

    The chairman of Gor Mahia, Ambrose Rachier and his team for lifting the club from the doldrums 5 years ago to be a football powerhouse in East Africa. During his tenure, fortunes of the club, including fanbase have drasically changed. I concur with the finding of the Ticket Masters, a leading company in ticketing and sales that K’Ogalo is still unrivalled in match attendance.

    I am afraid, this gains can be eroded by corrupt officials of the club. It is sad a club as big as K’Ogalo has nothing to show since it was established 48 years ago. corruption is a cancer that is permeating all sectors of our society. Football is now a lucrative business. Let us use our vote wisely to guard our great club from greedy officials who have continued to milk K’Ogalo dry for their own benefit.

    The founders of this great club had a vision. Without internalizing this vision, the club will remain just that- a club. Businesses are driven by ideas. The same apply to a club. What happened to the piece of land donated to the club by the former president, Daniel arap Moi? Has it been grabbed, God forbid? To me, I think this is where we should start even if it means housing our secretariat in a tin roof shark on the site. I was a great fan of Kamlesh Pattni during the Goldenberg inquiry proceedings at the KICC. At only 2 and armed with only an idea, Goldenberg International, he was able to exploit and benefit from the export compensation scheme in the Ministry of Finance, to become one of the wealthiest persons in Kenya. Don’t take me wrong comrade bloggers. I don’t support Kamlesh dirty dealings with the Government. K’ogalo
    need such shrewd leaders.

  9. @3 and @6 pls note that the suggestion does not stop you from
    watching sofapaka vs sony match. the idea is to channel more funds to gor via home matches. suggestions are also just that, they are debatable. my idea of away matches is simply to HARDEN the gor player and give him maximum support at home.yes the plan is selfish but it does not kill football. take note that alot of the clubs are already institutions so the mother companies hardly really on gate takings. unfortunately some clubs like thika might SUFFER but pls note that they do not build their budgets on gor matches. this idea might also force other teams to support their clubs more at home thus generate income for such clubs. why should oserian and naivasha wait for money only when gor comes calling. these guys will see sense to support their teams. but all in all one thing is clear in kenyan soccer. it’s going nowhere for now. we’ve been kicked out in all african competitions for the last how many decades? desperates times need radical changes, do the same thing and continue getting the same result. nothing will change, but if you like what ur currently seeing in kenyan soccer, then ppl like me will never make sense.but i will let go till the kenyan-malawi,nigeria. kenyans are getting no experience on the africa arena, kenyan league has been romantically suggested as one of the best organized, but thats it, on terms of competition we are NOWHERE, the sooner kenyans start playing regularly in africa the better. we take pride that sofapaka beat an egyptian side, is that why we are going to compete, i thought we wanted to go to the world cup. remember boxing was once a top sport in kenya, but complacency put it to it’s grave. something needs to change, ofcourse one idea does not change an institution, but if you guys see nothing wrong in this arena, then i suppose i’m mistaken.gor will continue playing and fans will continue dancing on the streets after beating ulinzi et sony!!!, meanwhile in egypt et nigeria et zambia they dance on the streets coz of taking major african championships.ask motema pembe why they dance??

  10. Dear Mr George Bwana,can you organise with any meaningful band like kenya army,kenya police or kenya prison band and have our anthem recorded in a good studio,which we intend to use as a ringer tone? I have looked for the kogalo anthem but we cannot find it.We can sell it to kogalo followers and the team earns more revenue from our anthem.A team like liverpool or chelsea have anthems,which are sold as ringertones locally at 60 shillings each per subscriber, why cant we do the same.What do other kogalo followers think?

  11. Good idea Chris.I think Kenya Prison band can do it better.SSMB pliz why dont u like Gor to either play at Nyayo or Kasarani coz u av jst seen.we play a big role in the economic of Football in Kenya plz change your attitude towards Gor Mahia.

  12. We, the GM fans, form the lifeblood of the very existence of SSMB. Other than Harambee Stars matches, we rule the fan base…without us you will run broke and you know that better!! ”Watch out lest you bite the hand that feeds you”Long live Sirkal and her fans!!

  13. Dinga, #ad hominem attack removed by admin# next time give us something more constructive pliz.since we dont need this kind of incitments and i hope no fan will heed your cal or the so-called change of tact.

  14. You missed the point you Guys. The data that Nkaari used for his analysis is inhouse at Ticket masters. We have wells fargo data which even a fool will confirm would not lead to the conclusion drawn above of 60% for GOR!We also have sofapaka data which they generate themselves. The best data to use would have been KPL/FKF for all the matches but we can excuse them since they are sleeping on the job and neglecting players welfare and that is why they are unable to name the full squad of H/STARS by now!

  15. It’s very encouraging to hear that we are leading in attendance and gate collection. Now we need to look for our own offices; not rented and if possible a permanent playground for trainings to reduce operational costs. On the issue of poor facilities, I’m suggesting that the Nairobi CITY Stadium can be improved instead of people standing behind ‘barbed wire’ to watch such important matches like GM’s. As for the case of Nyayo stadium, the Government can improve the shade so that fans are not worried about being rained on and scaling VIP stands whenever rains start – this will improve the face of Nyayo stadium and give it an international look.

  16. Alando Woli,i also agree with you mia-ewi-mia(100%).That’s a point which should not go unnoticed.we are the revenue earners for the club,so that’s where we shld put our mouths.

  17. for the admin & @dinga im sorry for hiting so hard at you.mnajua niko na fuse ndongo;yaani alow voltage fuse,so i cant withstand some irritating comments.i blame it on pure mineral HO2

  18. @16 Benson Disi the fact that you find time to post your divergent opinion on this blog with matters pertaining to K’Ogalo confirms that we lead as others follow when it comes to passionate and fanatical fan base. No wonder my comrade @dinga thinks that time is ripe for us to starve other teams financially.Because of the swagger and sweetness of being a K’Ogalorithm @ Disi you belong to EFUSI ethnically but your soul and spirit are in GM.

  19. Good! Now that GM is leading in attendance it means so is true in gate collections.Now let us motivate our players by improving their wages and promising to do so further if they bring us a trophy to the table. This I believe would work more as an incentive rather than planning to bring in some proven dead wood to K’ogalo this June.

  20. I can’t real tell if GM is leading in attendance because hardly do our EC give as the collection figures. We have seen AFC posting theirs on the Website. For Ticketmaster it may be true that GM leads because of poor in attendance of the other clubs they have contracted. The EC should be open and tell us how much they collect every after game.

  21. Gor Mahia is run by non business minded individuals.Business is learnt in class yes but entrepreneurs are born with a natural talent.Does anyone know that if Manu Chandaria or the late owner of Nyaugenya Bus service had a business bringing in the sums Gor fetches monthly,they would turn this GM into a multi billion shilling industry.Those two guys never had the best grades in class but currently employ degree and PHD holders.Gor is a sleeping giant and serious business minds can make us enter a deal to buy City stadium from the city council and renovate it to our standards.Many banks including world bank can finance us over on a 50 year loan.with proper marketing and cunning business appetite Gor Mahia can be an African and world soccer phenomenon.But with officials who lack business sence Gor Mahia and other Kenyan clubs will be run on pedestrian village mentality and methods and we will be a village or Kenyan statistic as usual.If Gor conquered Africa in 1987(stoneage) how can we be doing poorly with increased revenues,availability of internet and phone advertising,thousands of business consultants in Kenya of which 70% could be Gor fans.Looking at Gor as a kiosk have made it one and we need guys with gifted eyes to look at Gor as a big enterprise where office is given on merit and ability to chat a new improved course.Gor should now be past clanism in getting office bearers.

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