Gor Mahia sunk by Western Stima 2-1

Gor Mahia lost their first match of the 2017 KPL season. After having taken a 16th minute lead, Gor Mahia conceded two second half goals.

Additional reporting from Capital Sports

Jacques Tuyisenge had given K’Ogalo an early lead at the quarter hour mark from the spot to see his side go to the breather ahead.

Western Stima returned a better side in the second half with Fredrick Shimonyo restoring parity for the host in the 67th minute before Kennedy Otieno sealed the win with nine minutes to stoppage time.

The win saw Gor remain third on six points same as their rivals AFC Leopards who are second on a better goal difference and a match at hand.

Western Stima on the other hand picked their first win of the season to sit 13th of three points but have a match at hand.

Gor controlled the opening half with Burundian defender Karim Niizigiyimana coming close in the 33rd minute through a wonderful strike but the Western Stima coach was alert to parry the shot for a fruitless corner.

After the break, attacking midfielder Francis Kahata had a chance to double the scores for the 15-time record Kenyan Premier League champions, but saw his attempt calmly collected by the keeper.

K’Ogalo head coach Jose ‘Ze Maria’ withdrew Timothy Otieno for Meddie Kagere but the change could not take immediate effect as Western Stima drew level on the other end.

George ‘Black Berry’ Odhiambo was brought in for Ernest Wendo as Ze Maria strengthened his forward, seeking to reclaim the lead.

However, its Western Stima who went ahead in the 81st minute through Kennedy Otieno, a lead that they held for the victory.

30 thoughts on “Gor Mahia sunk by Western Stima 2-1

  1. It could have been worse had AR not intervened in the player + TB strike and promised to settle allowances by Monday next week.

    Dala mitna and in AR , we Shall forever trust.

    1. Omera Jakoyo iwacho ang’o gii bwana?What did AR help while infact his lootery and incompetence caused a team go-slow for a week that can as well be attributed to our loss today citing interference in our winning momentum and rhythm that we had begun the season with?

  2. An outstanding performance from gor mahia.Timothy wasted all our tap-in chances.just tap in. 4 one on one chances with goal keeper just laying his body after being beaten.Timothy does not deserve to be in a first eleven team. I don’t believe in witchcraft but I can say the ball just refused to hit western stima net.even a direct hit just goes to the post and a bounce back goes wide. With gor Maria camping in the w. Stima D-area in the entire second half, the ball just refused to go into the net.Walusimbi is becoming a legend very fast. Same with Wendo,and musa
    .Gor mahia is just ripe. They play effortlessly like a friendly and very accurate passes. But we luck a finisher.Maloba should start games but what I heard is that Zico prefers Timothy.I was shocked that after the final whistle, no or very few fans complained about anything.there was clearly a sense of satisfaction with play. The only thing brought up was that Timothy overstayed on the pitch. It was a nice game to watch but sad to loose.

  3. Otek, can we really complain when players/TB WIN and are not paid agreed winning allowances.EC has rendered WINNING meaningless in GM? Even now the 5 match ultimatum on Ze Maria is unfair.Can you blame the players/TB when inept bloated EC costed them a week’s training? All this and there is sponsorship,gate collections etc. I maintain Mugabe & Co. are not interested in CAF 2018 and will orchestrate these sideshows so that GM players/TB can be distracted to drop 3points here, another 2 points there mpaka they ensure that the club does not win the league/GoTv. CAF licensing/participation will gobble the funds budgetted for Hayatou’s elder brother & his cronies stomachs. PAYING AGREED ALLOWANCES/SALARIES ON TIME IS NOT A FAVOUR BLOATED EC SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT!

  4. GM’s main undoing last season which is still persisting this season is lack of a clinical striker.Timothy Otieno continues where he left under Bobby Williamson b4 going on loan to Posta which is wasting scoring chances.Tuyisenge tries his best as a winger turned striker to score atleast a goal a game still with an average of 1 goal per game this season shall be a really long one for kogalo.Still congrats to all and God bless

    1. Jasego ,wecge Gor gi tamo wang’a. You say we lack a clinical executor? We have the highest paid goal poacher, the best paid coach, with his assistant, the best sponsored team in KPL. We even snatched their best player and still they out maneuvered us. The Gotto money that was given to Gor(190 K) should be masambla, where the hell is the sponsorship? An weche Gor Tamo wanga…today my Mzee told me when i wa upset that” Gige Jolluo mana kamano”. I did not want to get in an disagreement…but am lost

  5. @ jasego, am simply saying that I will not read too much into the scoreline and useless analysis as the team went into the match demoralized .

    hopefully once the issue of allowances has been sorted, we shall go back to our normal winning ways but we need the EC and the fans to pull in one direction not pointing fingers at AR

  6. With the kind of see no evil hear no evil attitude from the likes of jakoyo GM will always remain an average team ,EC/AR will always feel like demi gods & that they are doing GM fraternity a favor.Somebody has posted that the fans left contented with the loss,let’s see if the trend goes on(God forbid) for 3to 4 matches if they’ll still be walking home satisfied with good football & loss

  7. With the kind of see no evil hear no evil attitude from the likes of jakoyo GM will always remain an average team ,EC/AR will always feel like demi gods & that they are doing GM fraternity a favor.Somebody has posted that the fans left contented with the loss,let’s see if the trend goes on(God forbid) for 3to 4 matches if they’ll still be walking home satisfied with good football & loss

  8. we need sharp strikers in June.4m na mambo ni penalties tu;kagere used to tap in so well coz of good positioning

  9. We have a 4m problem at Gor Mahia. The earlier you accept it, the sooner we will solve it. We have a much hyped reserve bench which is never deployed even when Timothy Otieno proves his mediocrity beyond doubt. Don’t we have the Amos Nondis who can simply tap in passes to the net, just tapping in? If all other departments are very good except the striking force then some players need to be substituted from the first 11.

  10. Cool down your nerves comrades, when we win things are just fine and applauds are being dished left, right and center, but when we lose some start calling players names…… mara this mara sijui what,, what the heck. No excuses here GM lost fair and square

  11. Cool down your nerves comrades,, when we win things are just fine and applauds are being dished left, right and center!!!!!!!!!! But when we lose some start calling players names,,,,,,,,mara this, mara sijui what,,,, what the heck. No excuses here GM lost fair and square

  12. Some of us have had issues with our striking department since last yr;the likes of kina James Adui should now see and know that hapo mbele kuna kazi.If you buy foreign,he should be good like kina Laffor or an Olunga but in his 30s

  13. I am back from very long leave of absence after some differences with the site Admin and my comrade Jamigori has been updating me on the happenings. However I am not worried about yesterday’s result but I have the following begging questions that have been cropping up year in year out:-

    1. Why can’t we transform this great club into a company and business enterprise with different lines of revenue from the gate collections to sale of club merchandises?

    2. What is too difficult to transform this great club into business enterprise? I need to know what is holding us back from transforming the club to a business outfit with proper governance structure being pursued by the people in charge.

    3. Why are elected officials always looking for short term gains instead of focusing on long term benefits that will employ thousands of Kenyans and generate revenue to all stakeholders?

    4. Why should elected officials busy fighting instead embracing team work as way of winning titles?

    5. Fans and members, why do we elect such kind of officials with no agenda and vision for the club?

    6. Did we scrutinize these officials before electing them to Gor Mahia office?

    7. Can we set timelines for turning this great club into a professional outfit than these quick fix methods?

    Since this office was elected, I have not heard any Marshall plan for the club regarding merchandising, membership recruitment, turning the club into business enterprise, etc instead we have been hearing the following:-
    – Stinking infighting between Nyangi, Bolo, etc.
    – AR has continued to lie to us about Gor Mahia Stadium, Gor Mahia Land, etc.
    – Secretary General busy with reaffirming roles of Nyangi,
    – Gatusso terminating his contract
    – Gate Collection stolen in Kisumu
    – Players striking together with technical bench members over outstanding allowances even after the salaries have been paid etc

    1. What a sad day for the funs…very good suggestions here n instead of complaining endlessly…can we come up with practical steps of how to ENSURE the club is transformed? The other alternative is keep losing..then we all wake up n ACT!!! Am sorry about the radical suggestion…on top of all that…we must also pray my dear friends for the club.

  14. For Gor Mahia to win matches in whatever manner, we must put our Gor Mahia house in order by ensuring the following:-
    – the EC team is working in harmony and unity with teamwork as the principles role of any engagement with zero or no differences in the executive office,
    – youths, scouts and security team are in good terms with the executive office,
    – fans and supporters in the pitch, outside the pitch, social media, sofa set branches etc are all speaking the same language,
    – roles of no 13 needs to be appreciated by all stakeholders particularly the office and technical bench,
    – embrace accountability in all fronts regarding the meager resources, gate collections, match attendance, gifts and donations, sponsorship etc,
    – we frequent the stadium no matter the distance and ensure we all attend our matches,
    – we give support to the team in whatever manner in kind, moral, financial, spiritual, physical support etc

    If we can embrace the above and clean our house, then the KPL league will be for us to win again this year 2017.

  15. Guys, it’s true we lack an Olunga and the earlier we groom one of us to that role we will continuously suffer. We have few natural strikers in Kenya. One is Ochomo, Wanga , Aswani and Makwata. When we wanted Ochomo and Aswani most of us had many reasons why the duo cannot play for Gor.
    Assuming Olunga is not available for HS who can fit that position? Nobody.

    On yesterday’s game it shows one thing . we need player rotation in some positions e.g. Bonnie should test compe from Odhoji and so is Musa. That way players will genuinely fight for their positions. On Timothy all in can do is to encourage him

  16. I hope ZIco is not back with negative energy..not to say Ze Maria is very good but..i have always feared for comfort where Zico is save for Harambee stars..just my comment.

  17. I wonder what Timothy is doing in the Gor first 11. I mean what kind of a striker is Timo… a player who cant convert one tap in out of 6 given to him. Lets get serious here. We bought Jeconiah Uyoga from TUk to come warm the bench. we have a tried amd tested striker in Meddie Kagere yet he warms the bench. We have a 4m problem in this team. we need sharp players upfront. Timo should warm the bench and have meddie and Co come in to show them how its done infront of goal. Why is oliver Maloba warming the bench? the boy has shown superb footwalks and nice gameplay for the 2 games he has come in as substitute… i think Timo has been given much time to prove that he deserves to be in the first 11 but he has failed. Lets be serious and call a spade a spade not a big spoon. We need goals to win titles this year. The striking department should be sharpened and Zico should stop favourism of starting Timo and we all know he is not fit for starting 11.

  18. eti Gattusso ame quit? Can Jasego confirm that. I believe you have his number.. Secondly , i also fear ZICO is back with negative energy- to undermine the TB and eventually get the big job.Thirdly , like al dictators AR is now out of touch with the ground..huo ndiyo ykweli wa mambo.

  19. @jasego kindly update us on gattuso?l think he is better than wendo. then Oliver should start instead of Timothy

  20. Hey guys, nowadays I don’t do a lot of analysis but I’m waiting for at least after seven games. What I can say is that Timothy is second half player and he should not be started. I was really disappointed yesterday at moi stady. Even stima yawa? Awuoro.

  21. Jasego Kanyada, i am waiting your in-depth analysis of the match- as professional as they have always been. From the grass. Why? Ia m concerned that some people had been saying that Gor cannot win because their opponents play backward defensive soccer, well, they got a team that played open attack all football and still lost. well? Even if we were to go one on one with the caliber of players we have , we still had very good players. sasa makosa iko wapi,? Jasego can i hear from you.

    1. Owadwa Jamriambo sorry for my silence but the issue of clarifications has landed me in hot soup b4 despite my good intentions so forgive me for not commenting on Gattuso as it will become public knowledge soon should he have left or otherwise.About the western stima game what I believe is the team played well but all that doesn’t and will never matter as long as we don’t score.By scoring I don’t mean an average of one goal through penalties and holding on to win by slim margins but rather convincing wins each and every time.A team that scores highly is always assured of titles.As it stands now we have a serious striking deficiency in the first 11 and to make it worse is that Kagere is a very potent solution to that but coach doesn’t play him and prefers Timo who to me is a third rate striker after even Blackberry.Also My personal opinion that will Never Ever change is that in no logical scenario would one bench Gattuso and start Wendo try as he may he can’t measure up and that is a Fact.Deploy the best players you have…Kagere…Gattuso should ideally be in the first 11 period

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