7 Apr 17

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After a disappointing loss Western Stima Gor Mahia will be looking to immediatey put their title run back on track. They will be at Afraha stadium this Saturday to take on Kakamega Homeboyz. There is no room for error. Arch rivals Bandari, AFC Leopards and Sofapaka are all in good form. A further slip up will see Gor Mahia drop from top of the standings in week 2all the way to the middle of the table in week 4.

The loss last Sunday has fans clamouring for absentee players like Meddie Kagere, Collins Okoth and Innocent Wafula whom coach Ze Maria has opted to leave out of the line-up.

Newly promoted Kakamega Homeboyz will be no pushovers. They have yet to lose a league match in the 2017 Kenya Premier League, having drawn twice and lost once.

Gor Mahia are the home team and have announced gate charges: VIP tickets will trade at Sh500 each while those of the terraces will cost Sh200 apiece. The match kicks off at 4:15 PM on Saturday.

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  • Jamriambo. says:

    On a lighter note we have a team from Mombasa, a team from Nzoia and two from Kakamega ;(western Stima +KK boyz), unfortunately non from Kisumu. Demonstrates how far the poles have shifted in soccer my friends. The shift speaks for itself. Haaaaya , Jasego Kanyada osiep Muguruki, iseywayo tol ne Collins kose?

    • @ Jamriambo. The poles haven’t shifted too far. Wesern Stima made Kisumu their home. We also have Muhoroni and Sony from the Lake region and that maintains the yesteryear scenario.

    • Jasego says:

      Jamriambo listen Gattuso nitie imara ndani ndani ya Gor kabisa.He has to be in first 11 wadwoke gi consultation at high levels.Gor dwong moloyo one individual we must be seen to help our beloved club by moving things when they seem stuck and people responsible inert.Ze Maria must be helped to field a lethal first 11 which is what am pushing ryt now with Kagere and Gattuso inside.Failure to do so is an abdication of our oversight and advisory roles in GM

      • Jamriambo. says:

        Thanks, on the same note Gattuso has to understand that he is a team player….we love him. Am loyal wuod Asego kanyada osiep Muguruki. I ‘d love to meet you in person but i have to use a pseudoname because of the dynamic socio-political shifts in Kogallo. Am loyal.

  • Odhis muga says:

    Ze maria please field George/Tuisyenge or Kagere/Tuisyenge upfront and bring Timo in the second half,otherwise Gor will still struggle to score goals. We need our tried and tested feet back, Timo is still an amateur.

  • Jakoyo says:

    We are the home team, dala should be automatic choice.

    Don’t expect wafula, meddie, okoth or even kahata to feature in the next match. This players are proving to be a burden.

    Wembe ni ule ule…3-5-2 system will be deployed but perphaps upfront there is a hint of a new blood – jeconiah uyoga.

    I trust that all outstanding winning bonuses have been settled otherwise am okay with a draw or even a loss for as long it is temporary – league is a marathon.

  • Odhis muga says:

    Now that supersport has terminated their contract with Kpl, Bamba sport or KBC should come in and air the kpl matches. Apparently it is kpl under Rachier,Oguda, and Munro who have breached the contract. This is a sad day for Kenyan football fans.

  • The contract was breached by the increase in teams from 16 to 18. KPL will get a broacaster but i would still prefer supersport. The next items to go will be Mchakamchaka and Simba Super Soccer because they use KPL content.

    This will not be a very good season for soccer in Kenya. With the rains, we are likely to witness games played on ‘shambas’ now that City, Kasarani and Nyayo are closed for renovation.

    • Mwakio P K says:

      Hehehehe……”Shambas” hilarious indeed and match fixing with self opinionated referees are going to be the orders of the day.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Go for Bamba TV anytime…..I had already prepared myself for the imminent death of sofaset branch…remember my thread in January !!!!

  • musymo says:

    We prophesied the withdrawal of Supersport with Jasego and we all know the backlash that followed but that is beside the point. Point is Mwendwa and his insistence for 18 teams has led us to where we are. Now let him sort the sofa set branch. For me, I care less as I will watch all Gor Mahia matches ndaaaani ya stadi……As for bringing back akina Gatusso, while it MAY help i don’t think Ze Maria will even consider that due to his obstinate nature. He believes things must be done in a particular way even when it is not giving results. It is his job, let him do it his way, but we have the marking scheme and we are waiting. Congratulations to Wendo for his first call up to Harambee Stars. I am one of the few who believe Wendo with more nurturing and with lesser backwards and sideways passes has the making of a solid but purely old school defensive midfielder(wale wa kucheza ugali)

  • Jasego says:

    I had been privy to shenanigans btn Supersport and KPL beforehand and even went ahead to write a plea for them on this site to reconsider but there airing of first match while consultations were ongoing led to me and musymo bring castigated as watu wa propaganda but we have been vindicated.Persinally I don’t find it fair for Supersport to have tried to stagger any longer our transcendence from 16 to 18 teams as theirs is to broadcast not determine number of teams.They are undergoing tough financial times that have seen them pull out of airing the Ghana Premier League too so waende na Amani.We will miss your HD live content but what is to be must be.

  • Dan Original says:

    With Supersport can we now have the company that signed a lucrative contract with the former FKF team now has a chance. Though we will miss the exposure to Africa TZ, Rwanda and UG don’t have but Yanga and Simba are still strong teams

  • Oduor12 says:

    Its really not about the sofaset branch but rather about such issues as GMFC winning the KPL Super Cup but no kshs.1M prize money.As EC must still eat their share,winning bonuses etc will not be paid until players/TB strike for a week.This disrupts the team’s synergy and may be the reason for the immediate loss to W.Stima.Also Supersport compensates clubs whose matches are aired live and GMFC has always been the biggest beneficiary BECAUSE IT’S THE MOST ATTRACTIVE CLUB DUE TO OUR COLOURFUL FANS who put the GMFC on world map attracting not only sponsorship(E.g SP) but also players/coaches.(never mind the shenanigans that awaits them). Swali ni,is FKF/Nick now willing to meet the shortfall caused by the SS pullout.How will it affect club licensing as clubs probably anticipated income from SS sponsorship. Fahari wawili wakipigana….. delayed/non payment of players,TB etc= poorer quality league etc.Mugabe how many wake up calls do you need Tuzo,Crown,SS? GMFC needs a solid membership structure as a base!

  • Oduor12 says:

    Infact the above image ideally captures what sponsors want to be identified with.The other is brand promotion through winning/ trophies (continental) which is the only real proof of a superior/top league.What additional value do the 2 extra teams bring to the KPL apart from diluting its value. How has the KPL enhanced Supersport’s brand continentally when year in year out our clubs are routinely eliminated in the earliest rounds by “never heard of teams”.SS WAS/IS NOT GETTING VALUE FOR ITS MONEY SO IT OPTED OUT. If FKF/NICK cannot plug the gap left by SS, will busybody FIFA do it! That image is also the foundation from which our EC should build the club’s membership. By now they (even their stomachs) should realise that sponsorship can come and go AT ANYTIME. They should grow membership/gate collections,HOW? BY WINNING TROPHIES. There is no room for mismanagement or theft of club finances e.g penalties, bloated squad,TB or EC, merchandize that never benefits the club etc,etc.

  • NGESTO says:

    watu wajaze stadium, mambo ya kungojea playback imeisha, anyway ss withdrawal will hurt our league but we hope for better times, MAY GOD GIVE US VICTORY TODAY, GMFC

  • moses says:

    I have written to a pay TV channel requesting them to negotiate with kpl.For exposure we should not worry because Supersport was only viewed in Southern,Eastern and part of western Africa.So long as content is available online our players will be exposed;let’s prepare to buy decoders.