Gor Mahia Thrash Ulinzi in KPL U20

Gor Mahia players celebrate
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Gor Mahia’s slow start to the KPL U20 tournament will soon be forgotten as they have now won their second match in a row and won convincingly.
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Hillary Ojuang bagged a stylish hat trick as Gor Mahia U20 powered from a goal down to thrash Ulinzi Stars U20 5-1 in an enthralling clash played this Wednesday 21 December at Camp Toyoyo.

The Soldiers were the first to strike but were left to struggle against a marauding display from Maurice Onyango’s charges who three second half goals with Nahashon Thiongo claiming a brace in the big win.

Gor Mahia started off the better side and dominated the game that kicked off on a rather tough tackling note.

Its Ulinzi Stars who hit the front first with following a Mohammed Mahmoud Maqbull corner kick that was nodded in for the Warriors early opener.

Ojuang star

The strike did less in suppressing Gor’s onslaught with Hillary Ojuang coming close with a deflected effort before Stephen Otieno’s swerving strike also veered off wide.

There was no denying the latter when his strike slipped through keeper Brian Bwire’s grasp to level matters.

The marksman extended Gor’s lead minutes to the break, slotting into an empty net after Nahashon Thiongo danced past his marker and the keeper to set him for an easy tap in.

Francis Martin had Ulinzi’s best chance after break but could only sky his effort from the right flank delivery.

Soldiers wastefulness went on as another one on one wasted chance.

Nondi in

Gor unleashed Amos Nondi in latter stages of the final half and one of the senior team member combination with Teddy Osoko almost saw the team 3-0 only for Teddy to blaze wide.

The Nairobi Stima man was next to birth a promising move that ended with Ojuang’s going within inches of a hat trick only to be denied by the upright after beating the keeper.


The was still time for Ojuang to complete his hat trick after capitalizing on a defensive lapse to poke past Bwire before Thiongo adorned the score line further with a late brace to add his group stage tally to four.

The win saw Gor Mahiua advancing as Group winner with Western Stima who held Posta Rangers to a 1-1 draw alos securing a knock out stage slot.

11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia Thrash Ulinzi in KPL U20

  1. Let’s not cry over spilt milk we opted for the King and his royal guards(G.Bwanas) instead of structures.Why are we surprised when things have not changed. Instead of the Atudos(GMFC kweli ina pesa ati 1.5M signing fee na 200k/month salo ama that’s inclusive of macommissions.Bet we can get back “King David” for that).Why isn’t Ze Maria here monitoring the youth players,identified signings and “passengers” who played very few games in 2016. This group (odulas,GK2,GK3,GK4 etc) should have have been taken to Mapinduzi Cup to prove themselves worthy of donning the GMFC jersey in 2017 but they are behaving,Ze Maria included, as if last season was a success. Lets Support EC Coz Choices Have Consequences.

    1. I have always been amused by this term “passengers” Now you have added the GKs. Collectively, they form a bunch of bench warmers.I have not heard of any plans to release any of them. So they might be here to stay after all. I also don’t buy this Atudo idea. These players can say they are 31 even if it is not true. Human beings are known for age heaping or age shifting as has been the case with the under 20 tournament. Many players have been busted for masquerading as teenagers in such tournaments.

  2. To add on to what oduor12 has said,I hope there are scouts keenly following the kpl under 20 tournament.
    There is some serious talent right there…indeed there are some kpl teams like Ingwe who have already recruited some of theses plays.Let GM not be left behind.
    Under 20 should be our feeder station for the main team!!

      1. An U20 side is not an U16 or even an U18 but the next step to the senior team.If the U20 players are not worth a place in the senior team, then of what purpose is that team. That said your concern is valid coz some players have been in GMFC “senior” for 2 seasons now and we’ve seen nothing e.g like the Ominos, Calabar’s brother etc infact about 14 players had very little play time in 2016 and cannot be exhausted. Mapundizi Cup would have an opportunity to assess and expose them .If Ze Maria was unable to go he could have sent his Brazilian assistant & and Ogweno.

  3. True, I think Mapinduzi cup would have been an ideal place for the fringe players to prove that they have what it takes to don the colours of the main team

  4. I desist to comment about this Atudo saga.To me it is still a gossip.I don’t think the TB is so naive that they would need my a opinion (a novice)to make recruitment decisions.We have given them stick,haven’t we? for the bad season we have had.If the TB thinks it is Atudo to plug the defensive hole so be it.As a Manager I can’t undermine my department or set it up for poor performance. The effects will affect the whole organisation.However,there are times we don’t meet our targets no matter how hard my staff work.Do we have any proof that this poor season was stage managed neigh pre planned by the EC and TB?That could be shocking?Could we,as fans,have played a part?You know the truth.Gor’s worst enemy is the person I see in the mirror every morning when I dress up.Myself.Yourself.We are all experienced coaches.We know which players the club should sign and those that should leave.I admit that I have realised that I am my team’s worst enemy.I must reform.The pressure we subject these boys to can disorientated the best of footballers.Is this the way our employers treat us?If that be the case I see many of us here writing resignation latter’s by the turn of the year.These boys are human beings and many of them fairly young.We are the people who can help them develop.

    1. @Baba Travis, I agree with you. We lost the league due to lack of teamwork by both the EC and branches. Any division in Gor Mahia normally have serious impact in the playing unit. We also started the league at a wrong footing by sacking of Coach Frank Nuttal. We must all work together as a team for the club to succeed.

  5. @Baba Travis God bless u for those encouraging words. Can admin also say something about transfer update ,please to clear the air about all these transfer rumors

  6. @Baba Travis, you are very right. 75% of Gor recruitment has always been influenced by a ‘non-technical’ support base. All blogs in Dec/Jan and June are always how the EC/TB don’t get it right in recruitment. Unfortunately Gor being a community club the EC/TB bends backwards to accommodate the fans but when things go haywire the fans are not there to take part of the blame. For example last year some of the recruitment was based on our ‘demands’ and our pitch invasion also took a negative trend. We are also forgetting that our foreign legion decided to extend their vacation and some came back two days to our continental game.

    Let’s hope we get it right this time. The advantage is that we have the luxury of time on our side unlike last year when we had to compete the transfers by 31st Dec. So ar from what I hear we are on the right track

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