21 Oct 11

Moses Odhiambo and Kevin Omondi celebrate

Moses Odhiambo and Kevin Omondi celebrate

Football Kenya limited has awarded Kogalo the ill fated semi final match against  Ingwe. As a result, Sirkal are through to the finals where they will face star studded Sofapaka.

In a letter addressed to both teams by the FKL League & competition committee Manager Bernard Shitiabayi, AFC Leopards fans were accused of causing the match abandonment.

No other disciplinary measures were taken against AFC Leopards who have insisted they will not appeal against the ruling.

The letter to both clubs said” After scrutiny to the match reports from the referee and the match commissar by sheer interpretation, it came clear that the AFC fans threw stones in the field of play causing the match abandonment. In pre-event meetings held in three different occasion the Field security was entirely been vested to the two teams stewards. The match is officially awarded to Gor Mahia fc.’

Acting secretary General Duncan Angode said   they had decided to let the issue  rest and concentrate with the Kenya Premier League(KPL)

“Gor Mahia are our brothers and we don’t want to engage in any verbal or written exchange. We wish them all the best in the final’ observed Angode.

(Additional Reporting by StarAfrica.com)

The match referee had earlier awarded the match to Gor mahia and noted in his match report that the stone throwing by AFC fans is what finally caused the abandonment.

Kogalo fans have something to smile about. After a spell of poor play, the team seems to be on its way to recovery. Now that the premier league is out of reach, Kogalo must pull all stops to win the FKL cup as it represents there only hope of winning any silverware. Plus it comes with the right to play continental football in 2012. But Sofapaka who just beat Tusker will not be in a giving mood. Whatever fans can do to motivate the playing unit, lets do it.

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  • Vincent Ocampo says:

    My humble appeal to all Kogalo branches,please we turn in large number on 26 to give our boys fully support.for those whom didnt watch Thursday match u missed alot it was a classic soccer.once again i thank the techincal bench for the wonderful job to players we keep the same spirit.you made us proud as bloggers branch new kid on block.

  • Tinga says:

    I applaud Duncan Angode (AFC Acting Secretary General) on his comments “Gor Mahia are our brothers and we don’t want to engage in any verbal or written exchange. We wish them all the best in the final” ….. that is the kind of spirit we should have between the “Shemejis”.
    Sofakapa wants to get a “double” …. but Gor has other plans. See you next week !!
    GO GORrrrrrrr !!!!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    K’galo Goor Gor Mahia, K’galo eeh….Wishing GM and all exam candidates success in their forthcoming final exams. May God reward ua efforts.

  • ODUOR12 says:


  • Barca former sawagongo international offer himself to play 4 kogalo VOLUNTARILY Shud i be corncider 0720322553 good luck all players in de remaining matches itz pssbl u can do it

  • Muthoni Kiraguri says:

    Ronnie an Kiplangat cn only get beta with more exposure. heard Lavasta is back in traing, lets encourage the land. God bless Gor Mahia.

  • Nicholas Arwa says:

    If Gor fans can let Ziko to finish this seasion that could be best way to get another coach.

  • Muthoni says:

    Ronnie an Kip wl surely get beta with more matches, heard Lavasta is back in trainig, lets encourage the land to discover hs form. Otherwise tunashinda finali.

  • michael omino says:

    lets rally behind our team on 26th for some reason i still have hopes of atleast clinching the second position in KPL

  • vincent owino says:


  • I did pray before heading to Nyayo on thusday and God answer my prayer iwill do the same when meet Sofapaka,am happy to hear that the mighty Lavatsa is back be blessed K’ogalo family.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    its’ a sigh of relief as kpl ,reschedules our match againts sony which was initially supposed to be played on friday 28th,to now sunday 30th.and whats’ more,the ban on fans watching the match has been lifted!dear fans lets’ all rally behind vicent ocampo’s call and turn out in large numbers on wednesday.to cheer our boys to the last minute,in what is definitely our BIGGEST match of the season!.i’d like to see the numbers when we played againts tusker (2nd leg),surpassed.!

  • arrumtiddi says:

    by the way, bwana interim chairman (bloggers branch),was it omondi omollo or okoth jabillo?,in our next meeting, high on the agenda should be ‘preparation for the cup winners cup trip’. past experiences tells me that we will get a regional team in the first round.(uganda,tz,rwanda or burundi).


    Comrade Arrumtiddi, I understand your eagerness. Before we shift our focus, we still have a task ahead of us. The FKL cup final between K’Ogalo and Sofapaka is due on Wednesday next week and the Premier league is not yet over.

    I join the rest of my comrades in urging our supporters to turn up in large numbers on Wednesday to cheer our boys to victory.

    The eagerness on comrade Arrumtiddi is understandable. The new generation o of K’Ogalo fans cannot remember the last time GM participated in the continental championship. They only read in our archives, if they care to find out anyway. Only 90 minutes to be played on Wednesday separates us.

    I can’t wait to be there!

  • Nyarkogalo says:

    Am a new member of the bloggers branch and cant wait to register i attended the meeting and am very proud of the green army and kogalo team.for those who happen to support Man United as second team poleni sana this things can happen to any team.

  • jakojera 9 says:

    are you people aware that we have a KPL game against chemelil on the 24th huko karaturi, after one day we play a final 26th against sofapaka….can the players handle that fixture congestion…..someone needs to do his job….the other day we were made to play in a waterlogged pitch

  • hater says:

    timu ya ofisi. sofapaka 2, kasuve,okul,oguda 0



    It’s been several months now since the tragic death at the Nyayo national stadium that the claimed the lives of 8 fans in total.

    Kenyans and in particular the relatives of the deceased have been waiting with bated breath the outcome of the report that was supposed to unearth the circumstander under which the 8 fans met their death.

    As we wait, the chairman of the inquest committee , Titus Kasuve resigned in a huff. No one knows whether the public inquiry was initiated. The PM said the report is ready and awaiting formal announcement by Minister for sports. FKL through kasuve deny any knowledge of such report. Who is fooling who here? Kenya is notorious for sweeping every under the carpet. Is this one different?

    I suggest that one of our branches take up the matter and pressure the Government to make the report public. K’Ogalo has a big stake on this matter since most of those who died were ardent fans. We cannot afford to gamble with the lives of Kenyans because of greed and laxity.

    I am increasingly becoming disturbed by the ugly scenes like the one we witnessed recently between GM and their perenial rivals, AFC Leopards. Thank God no injuries were reported.
    I repeat again. Let us exercise responsibility despite the outcome of the match. Old habits, they say, die hard. You and I have a role to play to reverse this behaviour.

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    Plse NICHOLAs ARWA if ur azedy fan dnt push us fans to accept ur will wr now past that forget we are done na yeye ask any tru fan would tell u if u are new .NOW WV THREE GAMES AT HAND same week they need our sup sana so stop za kando .if u look at the way sofapaka played tusker it was not easy ,so let those who are doing there job wafanye lets meet nyayo and sato kogallo till mwisho.mashemeji wacheni hizi .karibuni kama wageni muone final sasa .

  • Amimo Opudo says:

    I agree wednesday is our biggest match this season as it stands currently. Let us all & sundry rally behind the team in rainfall, in sunshine, for the entire 90+ minutes. The team is all out to cementing a place in continental championship next season which is exactly our rightful place in soccer. I am more than eager & I believe we are on course as we handle the congestion.

    @ Jabilo, kindly update on the inaugural meeting last week

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Jahkoremo..you’re more than right on the Zico thing.

    Why do we get partsan concerning glaring,destructive and non value adding issues. If Zico decided to go away Nicholas let him go..even if we lose lets lose in peace!Its football.

    Regarding the Lavatsa debacle, this young person must be disciplined if we must maintain professionalism, many of us will never be hero worshipers and no professional team is a walk in walk out public toilet for any player..if i were able to i would insist on serious disciplinary action on him and any other player beahing the way he did.

    Lets meet at Nyayo.

  • Dan says:

    As we hope for some positive news from the local ‘Old Trafford’ we should now note that the team is recovering from the bad patch of the last few months. I gather the team was taken for some team building sessions in the wild. That’s how it should be as the big corprations we know all do this before they begin their calendar or financial year. We could see the self-belief on the players during the derby. On Lavatsa, word from him was that he was injured and was attending phsio clinics and had forms to prove it. He even vowed to help us win the remaining matches. That’s what we need at this time though I wonder where the other info about him absconding came from. We wish him the best in the remaining matches. On whether Zico comes back or not the decision should lie within the management and playing/technical unit. They are best to comment on this as they relate to him one on one on a daily basis. As fans at times we rely on romours to make our decisions. Though our results this year have not been good with him at the helm personally I think he needs some people-management training and counselling. As I said before even the best of CEOs also have weaknesses for which they are taken for such training. From what we have told him and wrote about him his confidence and self esteem must be at its lowest. After all he is human. Whatever we decide on the coach let’s not forget that he was once one of our greatest players and be civil on the way we go about it. That’s my personal view and I believe I’m entitled to it just like everybody else. What remains now is for us to support the team, forget the side issues and get the FKL cup and a respectable position in the KPL league.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    welcome nyarkogallo and muthoni,i think u were the only ladies at the meeting.in this
    day and age of gender equality,we should encourage more ladies to join not only our bloggers branch but all the other affiliate branches of gor mahia.
    cant wait for the wednesday showdown!


    some good and bad news Jerry has saved a penalty hence on bad news Masika (OCS)has been red carded first half 0-0.courtesy of live.gorfc.com we pray for them though it is raining cats and dogs


    we have managed a point which i think is good when we meet our brothers from another mother it is a must win.kudos to all player.we are behind you.Mwakio where are you?

  • OT says:

    Good Stuff. Now let’s go all out for Sofapaka on Wednesday. I predict next year will be a repeat of 1987.

  • Dan says:

    Playing with 10 men without our OCS for more than 45 minutes shows that the character is now there in the team. We can now only move forwards. . The era(error) of losing to all and any team is now gone.Kudos to all

  • TCAS says:

    That was so close but we thank God.Does anyone knows what time our game with Sofapaka will be on Wednesday?

    lets rally behind the team and lift this cup,i feel the confidence is back in the technical and playing unit.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    dan,i agree with u,the (error) of loosing to every tom dick and harry is gone,never to come again atleast not in in the near future.my only worry is what line up was used today,.bearing in mind that paka played on friday and had had about 5days to ‘breath’ while we have barely two days to rest.we know that jerry and masika started,which other ‘big name’ started the match?.somebody please give us the lineup and the used subs.

  • George Mondeng says:

    Let the prodigal son come back in peace and eat the fatlings presented to him by the Mighty Gor Mahia.Let us welcome the lad with open arms.Let us show him love.He is only human and human beings have short comings. He is a member of the family of the Kogalos. Welcome back brother E L.

  • Ken jasuba says:

    lets all go to City stadium and chear our mighty team to glory it’s long since we hold a cup mazze don’t be afraid of al-shabab they fear us come on guys turn up in large numbers