Gor Mahia tie defending champions

Kogalo came from behind to tie the KPL defending champions Sofapaka 1-1. The latter had taken an early lead when last season’s leading scorer John Baraza scored from what seemed like an offside position.

Gor Mahia fought back and eventually leveled the score via another penalty scored by captain Julius Owino. The penalty arose after substitute Francis Ocholla had been felled by the Sofapaka keeper.

A tie was quite an achievement for the youthful Kogalo outfit considering that they were up against a side that has a half dozen internationals.

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia tie defending champions

  1. I salute the boys, these season we should maintain an unbeaten home record, we are surely among the title contenders

  2. What happened to Coach Gideon Ochieng? Truly speaking,this is a match we could have easily won.Zico is getting it all wrong in his fielding and style off play.We need Gidi back,he had an attacking style and knew how to bring the best out of Blackberry.Can u imagine that he only had two shots on goal? We cannot depend on the referee to award us dubious penalties all the time,we need to score sweet goals as we used to score last season.Mark my words guys,Zico will not survive 5 games as Head Coach.We need our Gidi back.

  3. Great result vijana! keep your feet firm on the ground and your eyes on the trophy.Management please sort out the coaching issue and stop creatting uncalled for tension in the playing unit..

  4. I have been a fan of Kogallo since I became a youth and through the Kogallo legends, I became a footballer at lower levels.
    I’m watching every game you play and counting the points with you as well. Keep it up boys. This is your season this time round.Very soon you will graduate from local to international fixtures

  5. Denis, It seems to me that you don’t know football or may be you know but you are the kind of people that believe on one particular person to perform. Let the players perform and deliver. With Zico, I have seen some good changes in the technical approach of the game. His subs has been timely and superb, the starting lineup is ok only that they are not scoring. Please Mr. Deno, let’s join forces and support the team no matter who is the coach.

  6. Rather than meet for coffee or inbox, lets just debate it here. Its an open forum and everyone is entitled to an opinion so long as you keep it friendly. At the end of the day we are all here to wish Kogalo the best and offer our two cents on how they can succeed

  7. Kogallo should stop relying of referee’s handout. This is a big team for that. Bring Man Gidi back…We are counting.

  8. Joe, you are right, let us be open even I was suggesting that the good office should conduct what we can call ‘GOR MAHIA OPEN DAY’ during this coming break. Agido is good and knows how to motivate players but does not have a good technical ability. My opinion is that we have Agido to give moral to the boys + the No. 12 part and get Zedi for technical approach of the game.

    We fans we are playing our part very very well now its upto the players to score goals, the coaches to train them and the office to provide good administration. With this we shall having memories of 1985-1996. Sam, Dennis and the rest let’s join forces and move this team to greater hights. Kudos majama tu pamoja wote.

  9. I watched the game while here in Narok and i think all was well the fielding and even the attaking and i’m always happy to see ocholla in the team he was my classmate and we played in the same school and do wish him well and i know Gor this year shall deliver as we are focused to win the league question how do one register as a member other than gate fee we are used to weekends
    fred otieno

  10. The truth is that something is still missing in our attacking we need clean early goals am happy that atleast all the players can hold and pass ball swiftly the speed should be increased.and fans no sitting in the last 15min of every game saa pamo ji pamo te,and pls buy or grab your oporos.

  11. Those healthy comments are so helpful i hope the office gets time to read what fans post here! keep it up joka nya nam!

  12. Some fans are making noise in this forum that Gideon should come back. Gideon is gone. You will not see him again as Gor Mahia coach. I do not think Gideon is a qualified coach to handle a team like Gor Mahia. As late Omino said that Coaches come and go but the club will remain. Gor Mahia does not belong to Gideon nor officials. It was just lady lack as the team was coached by Zablon Otieno Pro and Awilo. The in-fighting in the bench between Zico and Gideon that caused Kogalo to drop points.

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