Gor Mahia tie Thika United

Gor Mahia drew 1-1 with Thika United at the City stadium on Saturday.  Thika had taken the lead in the 30th minute via Kennedy Otieno from a Francis Kahata pass.

Gor Mahia equalized when Edwin Lavatsa crossed to Rama Salim who finished with a header in the 77th minute.

With the result, Gor Mahia have finished behind Tusker in the premier league standings.

36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia tie Thika United

  1. Too near yet too far. I think our EC started losing it when they started thinking more of the price money being increased even before the final match and also being busy with the celebtration party after the final match. All I can say is kudos to the boys and we still have one more cup to fight for. Considering where we have come from let’s thank God for all He has done for us.

  2. Kudos Logarusic and Bobby. Hats off to our players. They have fought galantly. I appreciate your efforts to bring smiles in our faces. Asanteni sana.

    Lets focus on the next game. One game at a time motto. Lets rally and wallop Ingwe next weekend.

  3. It’s painful but brave soldiers live to fight another day. The experience should make our boys stronger, the tears will propel them to victory in the coming years. Am sad but happy, we r closing in. Congrats boys, congrats everyone who’s worked so hard to bring us this far. I love this club, I love everyone at Kogalo.

  4. Just wondering why police had to lob teargas at pensive fans in the stadium. Is there a rule that says you must leave the stadium at a particular time. Last year we saw ManU fans grieving after the ManCity loss. and this is common. So fans leaving in peace so did someone provoke them. Or is it the usual thing of painting gor fans bad. Anyway we have the derby next Sunday and I pray for a win

  5. may God bless all the kogalo fraternity, particularly the coach, boby and all the players. u fought a gud fight n pls kip ur heads up….aluta continua

  6. Sad that we did not come thru this time around, but considering how far we came – I am very proud of the entire organization !
    There is still a chance to make continental football …. let’s recover and keep our motto of “One Game At A Time” and take care of business next weekend against Efusi.
    GO GOR !
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  7. dissband the team…we lost it when we simply had no bench power. relying on the same players to deliver the results. well they did not and tusker did. how sad. we need a central defender a midfielder and two strikers befre we can rival tusker

  8. winning the league was simply a bonus. i don’t think gor fans have anything to mourn about. gor should now do some sound recruitment. the momentum is now there. what killed the team is luck of professionalism in the part of players. and this is not only in gor but at the whole league teams. the passing game in gor is sooo pedestrian. anyway there is the cup to go for. this team cannot make an impact in africa and to be honest i don’t thnk even e and central is reachable. gor needs to get the right material, players of antony akumu calibre. i have never mentioned him before but this is one player who has really become professional on the way he approaches his work. kudos to anguyo and seremkuma. for once odhis did not show-off and this was a great plus. lavatsa needs to pull up his socks, he actually looked out of place. thika simply wanted to disappoint gor and they succeeded. gor players must show hunger for success. gor should have anticipated thika tactics. anyway lets wait for the recruitment, congrats to the team.

  9. we are winners despite what happened yesterday. some months back no one knew that we could be contenders but we did it through the grace of God. but from that game i realized that we don’t have a good bench power, the subs did not change apart from omondi,it’s do not time to point fingers but we need more attacking players. guys we still have a difficult match ahead against mashemaji lets forget what we lost and focus on that game.


    Many tears flowed freely as K’Ogalo failed to lift the cup infront of their passionate supporters.

    I want front the onset to congratulate the goal scorer for that well executed header. And indeed the rest of the team for working hard despite the loss.

    Most of all, I would like to thank the green army for turning up in large numbers and also for remaining calm before, during and after the match. Like one comrade said, we still have a consolation. The FKF cup is still up for grabs. I am still proud to be associated with this great club.

  11. I thank God for having brought us this far. I would like to loud the performance of victory hungry players in the team: Akumu, k. Omondi, Salim Ramathan, sserunkuma, jerry, Anguyo and Moses odhiambo. These guys have performed beyond expectations, particularly in the second leg of the season.
    We lost the league simply because we don’t have the bench power. Good 1st eleven but no one to come in to make the much needed change. Had we had a player like Peter Opiyo and another one like Paul Were on the flanks, the results would have been different.
    Anyway, that is gone, next is Ingwe. We can make a mend and win another trophy.

  12. Loga promised to do some more recruiting. Hope he will stay on to do it. Like someone said, it was a bonus for us to be competing for the title after a poor start to the league. Looking locally you don’t find many players better than what we have. Maybe we need to look outside and inside to recruit. I still think the ‘HUNGER’ was missing from our players yesterday. Apart from Anguyo and Kevo the rest were playing that game like a normal league game which it was not. We now need to let the players know that all is not lost and they did us proud. They need to recover fast for the weekend derby and this is the time we will know real Kogalo fans, leave alone those who can just because the team is winning. Like I said before reaching the Everest summit was going to be a tricky affair as it can be slippery at the top and most misfortunes occur just before or when you are at your gate. Our unbeaten run still continues.

  13. We paid for our past mistakes. The mistakes of the first leg games.

    I still have hope that we will beat Efusi and eventually lift the FKF CUP. This will erase memories za 10.11.2012.

  14. Thika national alliance TNA at-least for we had some peace in kenya where could the vuvuleza noise gone to ? hatungelala am very happy that tusker won.so lets shut up until next season, unbeaten run is not winning tpl, by the tusker tunarecruit fans kama we ni wa gor na si huligan tuma application.

  15. All is not lost,let’s learn from the mistakes we did yesterday.
    We need a good midfielder of Kahatas or Pinchez quality to dictate play.
    Njuguna has never been the same ever since he came back from injury.We need
    To also buy Kiongera of Kcb,that boy is good.

    Thika were more superior in midfield n that’s where they beat us.our forwards could not be fed nicely.Lavatsa needs to be loaned out to get more game time.instead of shooting with all his energy,he should hav looped the ball over the keeper.

    We are unbeaten n no team will beat us.let’s just lift ourselves up n go for it next year.

  16. i was worried most of us here would talk dirty like @benson ndisi above…. but am proud you all talk my language thus far i.e we thank God even for what we got conssidering where we come from. Ndisi, at one time AFC was way way way ahead but let it all GO, so talk about your loss not our gainful loss ! we are number two climbing from nothing. you are number 3 “climbing” from number 1 ! get it ? who improved ? irony is when you are happy your opponent lost, yet YOU lost the title too and even the number one position you had all along… he he he he think again !

  17. i was worried most of us here would talk dirty like @benson ndisi above…. but am proud you all talk my language thus far i.e we thank God even for what we got considering where we come from. Ndisi, at one time AFC was way way way ahead but let it all GO, so talk about your loss not our gainful loss ! we are number two climbing from nothing. you are number 3 “climbing” from number 1 ! get it ? who improved ? irony is when you are happy your opponent lost, yet YOU lost the title too and even the number one position you had all along… he he he he think again !

  18. eih, i see… am a first time soccer fan and was dragged in by well performing gor. but after we couldn’t lift the title i almost felt like quitting but the spirit is back again, lets continue supporting kogallo and we will be where we want. kudos kogallo!! at least you made me join the gentlemen game. lakini tulilia sana. Ahsante Mungu kwa kutuleta umbali huu. zidi kuwa nasi.

  19. Congratulations for a great campaign!
    Yes,it was paiful seeing the trophy go literally!But these things fo happen in football.
    Thanx to everybody for ur input throughout the season.Players,t/bench,Ec and the fans.Dan,i agree with u,this is the tyme for the real supporters of gor to be known.We are definitely down,but we are not out!

  20. This is a trying moment in our Kogalo family. Let us forget the past and forcus ahead. When two teams are in action, expect either a win, a draw or a lose. Rem. asiyekubali kushindwa siyo mshindaji. @jakoyo u r lost, the team can not be disbanded. This team has worked so hard. Let’s hope the new signings will add more strength. I congratulate the boys for their hard work.

  21. kudos 2 the players,it has been a performance per exellence.we need more additional 2 have a complete side.iwould propose we bring opiyo pinches 2 add cohesive inour midfield, kahata from thika also will add creativity and finally mungai kiongera from kcb who 2 me will form alethal striking force with dan and rama upfront,wishing mighty gor good luck against our archi rivals on sato.

  22. Everything happens with a reason and i believe what God has prepared way ahead of us is even sweeter. There is something that coach Hall of Azam said in simba sports on DSTV that Gor is a good team but they pass the ball rather too slow and this is predictable and this was evident yesterday. Then again there a question Loga was asked whether we can make it at the continental level his reply was se need at least 5 big players from the national team to challenge the big boys (mazembe). All this i totally agree with and the loss yesterday gives us an opportunity to build on what we have. God will show us the way. Cheers team Gor mahia.

  23. @ 5 Benson Disi – you are not serious . When we are really feeling disappointed of not lifting the title you are still following us and we know very well you are AFC fan. You are celebrating our loss but doing it at the wrong place my dear.

    @7 jakoyo – I dont agree with you that we should disband the team. Losing did not mean we were the weaker side but the boys were not not able to withstand the pressure and tension and that is where we lost focus. Just reflect how defense and goal-keeping was shaky…and we had to pay the price.

    Anyway we still have next season. After all TPL boss knew it was GM likely lifting the trophy and changed the prize money from 10m to 3.5m so let’s fight another day. Next season we must start winning early to avoid what has happened of waiting for final day to decide – both happened in 2010 when we were hoping Ulinzi loses then we beat City Stars and it ended on a suspense when Ulinzi won and we drew agianst City stars. Again history has repeated itself.

  24. @Disi I dont blame you its the sin in you and from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Hooliganism should be condemned at all costs and looking at some of our fans its really disheartening to see how disrespectful they are even to other fans. TBwana i think you guys are aloof to what goes on in the stadium people sell alcohol and drugs do the rounds under the eyes of everyone. Surely will a few persons mess up what we have built all these times. The center stand was full of people who had not paid the 600ksh how did they find their way there. This is so so so shamefull beyond measure. What will become of us all if we have thug masquerading as fans

  25. we tried our best,but we came for the trophy and forgot that there was 90min to play. LETS WIN FKL CUP, CAF CUP AND WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR LEAGUE. KOGALO MAGAZINE IS JUST WOW,GET IT NEXT GAME AGAINST LEOPARDS.

  26. Gor,we did our best this season,we r no2, imagine Loga got us at position 14 and hopeless! we congratulate the entire team.am dissapointed though by the conduct of Gor officials on a match day where they treat business men like thugs and use ‘otada’ in doing every thing.they look unprofessional and illiterate at times.

  27. Guys, let’s leave Disi to blog here as much as he likes. The frustration of his team ever finishing behing Gor even when they are at their best ever must be hurting him. We now need the boys to come back to their selves for the derby. On the hooligans you cannot blame Gor for what people in gor uniform do out there in public. What were they supposed to do? Out there the law of the land should apply and people found guilty of destroying others’ property should be punished. Whenever the big teams like Madrid are playing the roads near the stadium are always closed for the duration of the match, why not in Kenya? Why did the police lob teargas on the crowd who were ‘mourning’ the ‘loss’ quietly in the stadium? Saw ManU fans doing that last year after ManCity beat them to the cup but they were not tear-gassed. Was that the spark the ignited the fire? Mind you most fans silently left the stadium for town without any incident. Were the hooligans ‘planted’? Those are some questions for us to answer

  28. Let us keep the ball rolling guys. Indeed we have every reason to be thankful. Every one would like to win the final price but only one Team can win it. Our passion is still intact and we will continue to support our team through thick and thin. Since the people above me have already invoked the name of God, I would like to just add “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice (Philippians 4:4)

  29. We thank God for the far He has taken Gor Mahia. Let us return all Glories, Honours, Thanksgivings and Praises to our Heavenly Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen

    It was a great day and we thank God for everything. Just as it happens sometimes in many football matches, our goalkeeper let in the simple goal. Our players were looking tense throughout the game and this could have been attributed to the scare of the site of KPL trophy.

    Meanwhile I wish to congratulate our fans that were fantastic during the day and I believe we need to give such kind of support no matter the circumstances. Fans made us proud and next year let us target attendance of 20,000 fans plus. City Stadium will be too small to contain the green army.

  30. Mwakio thanks your continued prayers and to all the players,technical bench and the entire Gor fraternity you are all champions and thanks for a job well done during the season you have revolutionized kenyan futball

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