Gor Mahia to fight until the last day

The destiny of the club is not in its own hands. Gor Mahia cannot finish lower than second position. But to win the league, Gor Mahia now finds itself in the awkward position of hoping that arch rivals AFC will beat Tusker next weekend.

But Gor Mahia coaches and players have vowed to continue their fight until the last day. If they do so, they will have done their part. There is not much they can do about the fact that FKF deducted three points. Some will argue that the decision was unfair. But not much can be done now.

Midfield maestro Francis Kahata who was in fine form on Sunday knows that the club cannot afford to drop points.
“There was not short cut in today’s game. The season is about to end and we still fighting for the title so today it was just getting the three points and I thank my teammates for the effort they put in because it was about team work from the coach to the fans so we are happy. We don’t have any short cuts in the remaining games, we can’t afford to draw or lose”. he said to futaa.com

Coach Ze Maria was happy with Sunday’s display and says that the fight will continue until the last day.

“We have to continue this way. Put pressure behind Tusker until the last match of the season.” he said to goal.com

Though he has no regrets, he wishes the club could have won one of the 12 matches that were drawn

“We have to keep going. We don’t know what will happen, but we want to win our matches and if it goes our way, it’s OK,” Ferreira said.

“We don’t have regrets, but we would have wished to win those matches (12 drawn games) but we now have to look forward.” he continued.

But this is how a league goes.

13 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to fight until the last day

    1. Tusker is not that hot plus the pressure is on them. They survived by a whisker in Awendo. Pressure sio kitu ya kuchezea. I remember in 2011 when we were the victims

  1. Good attitude it is. It is the AFC-Tusker match that is the decider. Tusker wins it will be a case of too little too late. A draw or Ingwe win, we have the most excitingly tense final day in KPL history. Unlike 2012, it will not be two separate matches but one orgasmic final of finals. We need to fill Nyayo to the rafters, if that comes to pass.

  2. On the three points I thought we already appealed and the Tribunal threw out our case. Maybe FIFA arbitration can assist but we might be asked to say what we did about the pitch invasion as a club. Did we apprehend the steward? To me this is a BIG lesson to us. However provoked we are the moment we take the law into our hands we end up being the losers. This happens even in normal law, slaughtering someone’s cow because it trespassed into your compound is taking the law into your own hands.
    All we can do now is to pray that the gods of soccer have us in their plans and we win this league. If we don’t then we still have the CECAFA to play for. With the new regime in power the best we can do is to follow the laws else we can as well interfere with the rhythm of the team.
    Guys, we might not like Nick but he is currently in charge and his EC is not Gor-friendly so we should not start too many battles which we cannot afford to fight. Just like we ensured that the former regime had a soft spot for us we can do likewise. Remember we are just one of the many teams playing soccer in the country, though the most successful. If by chance Tusker takes it the best we can do is to congratulate them, pick out our mistakes and win it next year.

  3. Wapi jo ndhiwa……. You are now needed very urgently in Chingwe vs Brewkenge like never b4. Tusker has to concede an own goal.

  4. We are focusing too much on the AFC -Tusker game ignoring that we have a match against Muhoroni. AFC could beat Tusker but if we do not beat Muhoroni, then again that will be the end game. Are we beating Muhoroni? And it is on Saturday, a day ahead of the Tusker- Ingwe match. Aaaah yaye jondhiwa , where are you?

  5. AFC will draw Tusker;2-2 and we will beat Muhoroni.On our final game we better play it in a nice pitch;either Kasarani or Kisumu.One more game to go to live the dream 5 days to Sunday

  6. Jondhiwa are here. Tusker must run out of luck against Efusi. Still hoping and believing that west just nick it at the end. The likes of Jakoyo belongs to a generation long forgotten in Gor Mahia. Good luck Kogalo.

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