Gor Mahia to hold fundraiser

Chairman Ambrose Rachier has announced that the club will hold a funds drive to defray expenses.

Story courtesy of Citizen Sports

Broke Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions Gor Mahia will hold a fund drive on Tuesday evening, to enable them honour the first leg of CAF Champions League clash against Algeria’s USM Alger on Sunday.

Club chairman Ambrose Dickson Rachier says the club is already bearing consequences following withdrawal of their main sponsor in the preseason, conceding even paying players is becoming a tall order.

This comes barely in the second week of KPL, with Gor shouldering the title defence burden alongside the CAF duty whose expenses are estimated at Sh. 5 million per match.

“It’s true we don’t have money. We have exhausted what we had and if we cannot get funds before this weekend, it will mean our CAF campaigns will end at this stage,’’ said Rachier.

Rachier confirmed they have approached Nairobi Governor Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi to be the guest of honour in the Tuesday event at the Charter Hall Nairobi, inviting well wishers and club followers to turn out in large numbers and save their face.

“I’m happy His Excellency Mike Sonko has agreed to grace the occasion. We hope to get enough money for the Algiers trip knowing the consequences that comes with failure to honour such a fixture.”

Gor advanced to the second round of the CAF Champions League after dismissing Burundi’s Aigle Noir 5-1 on aggregate.

The trend was the same last season when Gor was on several occasions bailed out by the Government to honour international assignments.

Rachier says they are yet to finalise their deal with their other potential sponsor Brookside Dairies, but sees light at the end of the tunnel.

“We are still in the process, I can confirm so far so good but we are still cannot depend on them before everything has been sealed. We expect to conclude the deal as soon as possible because we have a demanding season ahead,” revealed the chairman.

Oliech payment conundrum

Meanwhile, former Kenyan all time top scorer Dennis Oliech has threatened to sue Gor Mahia over unpaid dues. Oliech who was fired by Gor last month ahead of the of new season claims the club is yet to clear his sign on fee.

But in a recent interview with club CEO Lordvic Aduda, Gor owes Oliech nothing as his contract was terminated out of his “gross misconduct.”

‘’Oliech has been skipping training sessions without even communicating with the technical bench, making it difficult to gauge his fitness for any assignment. He is the one who breached the contract so we cannot pay him,” Aduda affirmed.

Should Oliech stick to his words, a tough legal battle could leave the KPL giants in more financial woes, with the striker claiming Sh 1.4 million in signing fee balance.

Oliech joined Gor in 2018 after close to three years absence in active football, only to play until the end of 2018/19 season.

36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to hold fundraiser

  1. From the look of things the club is broke and those die-hard fans who bribe the security at the gate with 50 shillings plus there accomplishes should now see what’s happening to our beloved club. There are those who stay out of Nairobi and are willing to send their contributions how can they go about it?

      1. The statement “should be operational” is not conclusive or definitive enough for one to believe that his donation for the club will be received by the right person(s)
        As I have said time without numbers, the person going by the name “Jasego” is not an official of Gor Mahia FC and as such is not allowed/authorized to give direction or transact any official business of the club, ama nimesema uwongo!! Let him use his real/official name(s) as it/they appear in his national identification card for us to believe him!! We are willing and ready to support Gor Mahia with our finances and are only waiting for official communication from the Club through the official channel. Thank you.

        1. Le Pastre are those your official names as they appear on your ID? You are ever on my neck rebutting and pretending to debunk who I am and how I dont represent Gor Mahia. It is surprising really for I only give out facts here for those who need them not you so kindly desist from mentioning my name or even reading my posts instead of that tired line of countering Jasego. Many have done so to gain relevance or whatever but have failed miserably. I Repeat with Finality as I was just being polite send your contributions to Paybill No 350100 it is operational and overseen by Organizing Secretary who I have just spoken with…I am second only to ADOR in GM hierarchy of influence

          1. Organising Secretary is Judith Nyangi surely Jasego you are now advising us to send money to her!!!!
            Doesn’t the club have a TREASURER AND A DEPUTY TREASURER to handle financial issues?

      2. It is very funny that we have spent an enormous amount of the last two weeks talking about USG Alger’s brokeness and whether they are really broke or they are playing mindgames and I said yesterday that we would rather focus on our own preparedness , Now a bombshell has just been dropped on us but instead of focussing on how to get out of it , we are more concerned with @Jasego’s real name , surely , why do we insist on this 50bob mentality .

  2. 50 years down the line and we are still at the mercy of politicians ? 4 days to a major history defining game and we are still begging for air fare, accommodation and flight arrangements ? Yajowa, when shall we learn to manage our own affairs….who is letting us down ..the fans ?

    Where are the so called fans at this time of need ? ..

    1. Jakoyo as a Senior Gor Follower come to charter hall tomorrow with not less than 10K in contributions. Us life members are giving out 100K so I expect to see you tomorrow. You know me well come to high table and shake my hand after contributing…

  3. The sad part is that if Oliech goes to court he will win. Aduda can yarp about ‘gross misconduct’ but when it comes to wether procedure was followed, then Gor is in trouble. Aduda fired Oliech cause of a poster he saw about Oliech and concluded that he Oliech had joined politics. But what bothers me
    is Rachier reputation as a lawyer. Wasn’t Gor supposed to benefit from his legal expertise and avoid such schoolboy pitfalls. When people like Aduda go around creating one stench after another, who can really stop him. He seems to be the real boss at Gor and this is why I believe Rachier is either afraid or simply not astute. This guy seems to be name only. All that Oliech needs to produce is a letter from his doctor saying he was not fit.
    Gor Mahia is in dire straights financially and cannot afford such unnecessary wars. Should Oliech insist then Gor needs to take him back pronto. There is no shame in taking him back, it will save the club from a ‘knife fight’ it does not need.

    1. Oliech shouldn’t be let back at all cost, his signing was an expensive gamble that failed miserably. His only motivation was to play in Afcon and he joined Gor to achieve this, not that he was committed to the club or to reviving his career. When Migne and his injury denied him this opportunity he lost the motivation to play hence his careless attitude toward attending training, partying ways and chewing ghat.
      Let the legal process take its course, the appeals will take at least a year to conclude and by that time his lawyers will have bled what left of the squandered football fortune he once had. if he is awarded the suit, the club will not pay him any cent. if he tries to attach club property…newsflash the club doesn’t own any asset to speak of except for the players…even the club accounts are perennially in arrears. He can attach the the club bus which after 8 years is probably worth less than a million.
      Oliech is fighting a loosing battle but he is too dumb ass to see, he should negotiate an out of court settlement, we pay him 1 million and we forget this whole nonsense

  4. It’s good to reveal yourself @Jasego…. It won’t lower your status or influence at Gor Mahia. We should also know if you are mandated to speak for the club. Otherwise its difficult to believe anonymous character.

  5. The manner in which this fundraising news is being delivered is so insouciant , so pedestrian and so annoying and just goes to confirm my rating of Rachier as being the tallest dwarf in a room full of very short dwarfs hence our stunted growth , I said yesterday that for what we wish for to be enhanced and sustained , all the components of Gor Mahia i.e The EC , TB/Playing unit and the FanBase have to up their game , The TB/Playing have played and are playing their part and with a lot of commitment , the weak link in this component is the EC and the FanBase who are ridiculously ridiculous , The former are behaving as if they have just been informed about the fixture while the latter who would rather spend Ksh1000/week on Simba waragi which am told is very effective on Bedbugs and then come to a Gor game with 50bob and then fake the fakest surprise when informed by an EC that has a broke mentality , that the club is broke .

    1. Teddy let me laugh at your humorous post bro…Really GM is challenged try as we may and if not for natural born fighters like Jasego who is christened Waiganjo by amorphous characters who have done nothing and will do nothing for GM in their lifetime we would be in very murky waters. The new katiba is yet to get implemented and give us the much needed professional gravitas going forward but be as it may in the meantime I do apologise for the kienyeji way we are going but the end of reaching CCL group stage will justify the means owadwa…

  6. Oduor12 and a members note that Nyangi also known as Ajudo is very central to this fundraising and I must commend her for mobilising the grassroots through the Council of Chairmen that oversee branches. Also let all know that as much as Nyangi is a villain in our eyes Sally Bolo is no better the recent Quagmire on E-Ticketing that had a backdoor into the app of fleecing the club dry was her brainchild and tasking which she had Sole Oversight The club lost revenue worse than days of manual ticketing and we are now doing investigations before re-tendering the whole process for another firm to come on board and salvage the situation.

  7. Instead of alot of stories we know the situation on the ground tomorow let’s send whatever little we have it will go along way in making the team travel to Algeria.

  8. That person of the name, Judith Nyangi must not be an official of Gormahia FC, she has only one agenda, to see Ador failing.Jasego please open your eyes.This is the worst Os Gormahia FC have ever had since formation.

  9. @Le pastre..am with you on this. Jasego is a nondescript fake persona non grata pretending to have an imaginary position in Gor but I can’t blame him. He is delusional hence the reason I have zero time for such useless characters and wannabes!!

    1. Omera stupid janeko in the alias of fred odhiambo you must observe protocol in addressing me. Must i repeat to your oversized cranium bearing a dysfunctional medulla oblongata that I am not your equal. I run things things don’t run me. Even when AR announced his desire to step-down I immediately rubbished those and said it will not happen not when people like me have not agreed to it. Nothing in GM happens without my approval and if anyone tries it goes Nowhere. Even Dec elections I have postponed indefinitely as we cannot disrupt the team mid-season. What do you want if the glory we have brought to Mighty Mayienga is itching you go support another team or face imminent arrest at DCI

    2. You are a empty humpty dumpty headed fool carrying briefcases masquerading as a worker but in real terms you are a docile and inept vagabond with brain function that is perfunctory at best. Your mind can only handle voluntary nervous response system functions like pielo gi layo. Respect my name I am not your ilk to reference to anyhow bwana. Ifuo kaa diek madalau

  10. @Jasego I also don’t understand you very well just like @Le Pastre. You have introduced Judy by Name, appreciated her work, and thrown mad at Bolo. Surely, second in command what is your true character. Who are you. Are these the same elected official you are supporting their work under “defacto deputy of AR”. I do appreciate you are always a head of most of us with Gor affairs and hope you are a bidding force not a weapon for hire for some people. For the honest work you are doing, bravo and keep it up. For remaining mysterious you will not be trusted. On Gor Harambee I will send my contribution (trusting the number as I have seen it before), times are hard even for Corporates and citizens of Kenya

    1. Ojomondi dont try to figure me out just call me second in command and de-facto AR Deputy that is enough. I am not ahead of you guys in matters Gor Mahia but actually the instigator of those matters hence why it cannot be possible to second guess me. I only advice on official policy that we have passed. Do you rem me bringing back Muguna against wishes of almost everyone here including Coach Kerr who refused to let him train citing how he left. Like the proverbial giraffe that sees far I went as far as to Interfere with team selection under Hasan Oktay to get him playtime in an unfamiliar DMF and Holding mid-role since Kahata was preferred for the playmakers free role. Well who is GM Captain today brother? Jasego runs Gor

  11. I certainly don’t have any misgivings on Jasego’s innuendos on this forum becuase he entertsins his fans just the same way I get entertained by some of you on matters of football. However, my problem is with Gor Mahia management if indeed.the club can entertain such a character in its ranks. It doesn’t happen in any organization worth its name that one can black paint names of his colleagues, friends, associates the way Jasegio does it and still remain a close associate of the organization. Concluding that Jasego is fake like has been pointed by one blogger is very logical. Unfortunately sir. Jasego is real. He even travelled to some of the GM matches outside Kenya and he was listed as GM official. Please don’t blame Jasego. Blame GM on its managemt and attend AGMs to know the people you electe to office. I cannot forget to congratulate the three GM players for their contribution to the national team.

  12. Oliech shouldn’t be let back at all cost, his signing was an expensive gamble that failed miserably. His only motivation was to play in Afcon and he joined Gor to achieve this, not that he was committed to the club or to reviving his career. When Migne and his injury denied him this opportunity he lost the motivation to play hence his careless attitude toward attending training, partying ways and chewing ghat.
    Let the legal process take its course, the appeals will take at least a year to conclude and by that time his lawyers will have bled what left of the squandered football fortune he once had. if he is awarded the suit, the club will not pay him any cent. if he tries to attach club property…newsflash the club doesn’t own any asset to speak of except for the players…even the club accounts are perennially in arrears. He can attach the the club bus which after 8 years is probably worth less than a million.
    Oliech is fighting a loosing battle but he is too dumb ass to see, he should negotiate an out of court settlement, we pay him 1 million and we forget this whole nonsense

  13. Bloggers it seems everytime I am back blogging here some fools get agitated and feel they must attack me to get prominence. The track record I have chronicled over the years have them labelling me an Actuary by profession who can forecast and predict future events with precision using core heuristics. The simplest explanation is always the best and in this case it is that with a broken rudderless dysfunctional 11 member elected EC only 5 were working with Ador. Remove Sally Bolo currently due to her scandal you only have 4. AR co-opted powerful individuals he knows capable of helping him run gor through the murky waters and it happens one of them blogs here as Jasego. My allegiance is to GM and as such I promised you Ador wont step down anytime soon despite having announced his intention and infact we have moved to indefinitely postpone elections envisaged for dec by the new constitution until such a time we deem GM ready for a Paradigm Shift. Thank you very much

  14. With no money to honour matches and pay players gors chairman now admits that the season of catch 24 scenarios, is here with us. For a club depending heavily on coperate sponsorship and handouts, issues of players go slows or barkane airport scenes popping up when the tap runs dry isn’t a surprise. We lack a long term financial strategy that might suppliment hiccups along the way. Why are we lossing the much needed gate revenue to goons? Why is the e- ticketing a flop? Why havn’t we enbarked on a mass registration of members to give the club a solid base. Do we advertise or market our games. No, it’s non of our bussiness until there is a near death situation is when we wake up from our deep slumber. Spare me the talk about our own stadium or a club house. The weakest link in the clubs rejuvination is the EC. Why with no new ideas, weak structures, officials seeming to be scandalous and with no interest of the club at heart, impunity and deep rooted divisions amongst themseves. What ealse do we expect?

  15. @jasego, you are doing a good job. @jasego working with ADOR and other 4 or 5 active elected members is fine but consider your role privileged and us it to correct the wrongs and build EC capacity and not usurp their powers. Help find a middle ground in the midst of chaos. Don’t be a weapon for hire. The EC will or already has lost confidence and grown weak. With the current operation or running of this entity as you describe it, the next team – elections will come however far you push it- will struggle because of lack of clarity in the roles of the EC members. You should also try to be neutral, avoid throwing non – performing members under the bus. Avoid talking about some of these officials with disdain and spite. There cannot be peace and order in this kind of environment. Now that you or “yous” have decided there will be no elections is there someone of benefiting from the dysfunctional EC. I hope that’s not you. And you should let the other 4 active EC members know that their transitioning or handover to new team will turn out badly. not because the new team would seem inept but because the past office would have failed to leave a structured organisation. Gor remember legends and name them and highlight their contribution. Your identity is very important. History is waiting to record the success you have achieved in Gor. Lastly, as this is not the official Gor page we take your comments with a pinch of salt.

  16. I have always believed in @Jasego because approximateky 75% of what he says comes to pass. The other 25% gives in to the doubt but so does the things Ngala and Aduda say and doesn’t happen.
    One thing i differ with him.here is the issue of elections. If we don’t hold elections we will end up the ingwe way since the Sports Act is already functional and the Sports registrar is aware that we changed our laws and will have the elections in December. If Dec reaches whoever holds elections will be the office holder and that’s when we will know that Gor is just but one of the clubs and must follow the law.
    In case we want ADOR to continue in Gor leadership we can make him the head of the board of trustees under which he can influence the Chair or EC to carry out his wishes. Afterall, RAO does that without being in the Cabinet.
    But saying that elections will not be held just justfies what people say about Gor leadership. Do we have a long-term plan with steps on how to achieve them? Are we saying that in case we still had Sportpesa as a sponsor we would not be fundraising or begging for air tickets? Didn’t we beg last year and the year before? Did we learn anything? Why are we ignoring the fans idea of raising money, even if through membership?

    1. anybody wanting to sponsor Gor will refrain if the way the club is operated is what @jasego alludes to. For a sponsor, this would be critical information for decision making. You would need a miracle to convince the right corporate to sponsor dysfunctional body. They will not know if there are dealing with defactos or Elected Officials. For that reason this funds raiser to HEPL Gor suits us well because it will not be rocket science to account for it, small donors will contribute what they can afford to loose. A sponsor would require full accountability. Hope now you understand why we are here with our begging bowl

  17. Jasego, whether you abuse or demean us using all the vacabulary that you can muster, the facts remains and bails out everyone who has questioned your true position in Gor Mahia. What with the abuses you have rained on us just because a concerned fan of Gor Mahia asked for your true identity!!! FYI you cannot purpot to give out official info on Gor Mahia while using synonyms and monikers. From a banking and legal position, you are fake and cannot make any withdrawal but you can do deposits! Finally, Thomas Joseph Mboya, Donny William Opar, Marlon Danga, Douglas Oyieng Dolla, Joab Omino Rateng, Maxwell Ombogo, Leslie Okudo Wuod Akumu, Cyprian Awiti Jamawego, Maxwell Ombogo, and of course THE PATRON, ADOR and lately Prof. Baba Lupita have all played their part in making Gor Mahia great. Despite their very visible and verifiable contributions, never at one time did they parade these exploits with Gor Mahia and demanded our undivided loyalty. So who is this nameless man calling himself Jasego!! And who is he to demand our total loyalty without being justified or questioned? The people named above built Gor Mahia or continues to do a lot for this Club yet they remain very modest about it? He who alledges must prove!!! Jasego must open himself to scrutiny and be as spotless as Cesar’s wife!! Can you imagine ADOR being as abusive, dismissive and divisive as this man Jasego!!! And we still wonder why Gor Mahia is not able to attract worthwhile corporate sponsorship??? We must cut off these hangers about and remain lean to function properly!! In other words, “Gor Mahia must lose weight” so as to be able to attract the most beautiful girls around. If not then we will only be reading and watching corporate sponsorship on Viusasa.

  18. This club is great but it seams simple Mathematics is not adding up let me share my personal views :-1. Assuming we get 1 million fans sending on our paybill
    100 bob . just in a month this club will be out of the woods . 2. This club can get a club house and a stadia away from Nairobi – Naivasha is near nairobi and land is cheap compared to nairobi why repeat this story over and over .For me am an outsider but identify the land and the cost and ask fans to contribute.
    then tell the fans and shows them the details . 2 Now give cost on constructions that the way to go why are we beaten by churches that have 100 followers and mega church . Let us talk issues this club is 50 years plus .

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