26 Sep 17

Fans at Kericho green stadium this past Sunday

Following the removal of Nakumatt and Zoo Kericho from the league, Gor Mahia’s points total are set to be deducted from 54 point to 45 points. This is because they had beaten Nakumatt twice and Zoo Kericho once. The changes would leave Kakamega Homeboyz in second place with 40 points while Ulinzi and Sofapaka would be 3rd and 4th with 37 and 36 points repectively.

Whearas Kogalo fans will be unhappy at this occurrence, KPL CEO Jack Oguda could barely contain his delight as he announced that KPL would fully comply with the high court decision.

Despite the announcement, assistant coach Otieno “Zico” still thinks it is unlikely that Kogalo would lose their lead.

“The talk should be about next season. This (2017 league title) one is gone; it is unimaginable letting any club overtake us at this stage,” Zico charged, adding that, “you can see the determination of our players. The main challengers are also accepting it.” he said to Capital FM


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  • jamriAmbo says:

    KPL should compensate the resources used to prepare the team for those said matches. Choices have consequences.

  • Jakoyo says:

    me thinks it is unprocedural and unnecessary for high court to intervene in football matters as FKF can simply take high court to FIFA and the final outcome of the league 2017 is nullified/ratified. so we have to be careful with points deductions and court judgements.

    @ dan kisumu, in your previous posting, is there a paybill number for legend peter dawo? urgently sambaza.

  • jasego says:

    Jack Oguda and KPL be a little sensitive,Neither Zoo Kericho nor Nakumatt are aggressors here and they deserve fairness,where do they go..What about the players lives and careers?That tired argument of 16 vs 18 teams died,if anything the league is more competitive and better with them around.Mwendwa stop Chan Hullabaloo and appeal the decision forthwith for the league to come to its logical 2017 conclusion

  • Wuod Suba says:

    The judge does not have those young men in his heart…

    • Harry Ababa says:

      My take on this is that fkf should seek for stay orders as they appeal against the judgement. I think the appeal is likely to succeed