Gor Mahia to partner with Upper Hill

Lavatsa is a Upper Hill product

In a move that is likely to appease those who have been clamouring for a youth movement, Upper Hill school have announced that they will partner with Gor Mahia FC.

According to a story published in the Star newspaper, students who excel in football to be attached to the club. Five players have already been seconded to the club for trials :  Michael Obunga, and Calvin Odongo who are both midfielders, Martin Weilunga (central defender), Timothy Luda (attacking (midfielder) and Ronald Ochieng (an offensive midfielder).

If the 5 prove their abilities, they could play for the club in the Tusker premier league. They were introduced to the club by school principal Peter Orero.

Logarusic said he will assess the five players in rigorous trials and within seven days, he will be able to identify their ability with a view of using them in the second leg of the Kenya Premier League.

If this plan comes to pass, it could be an excellent move for the club. Upper Hill already has access to talented players being a UNICEF talent development centre. Last year Upper Hill came close to winning the national schools championships before loosing to St Anthony’s Kitale which many suspected was fielding ineligible players.

It goes without saying that exposing young players to a good coach while still in their teens will contribute immensely to their development.One of the coach Logarusic’s complaints when he first arrived was that senior players at Gor Mahia were tactically clueless and did not understand tactical aspects that are well known by 14 year old players in Europe. This is his opportunity to oversee the nurturing players at a younger age when they can absorb the lessons much easier.

The Upper Hill school basketball team plays in the Nairobi provincial basketball league. Ideally, Gor Mahia would hire a qualified youth coach to work more closely with Upper Hill and field a permanent B team in the provincial leagues. The B team could act as the feeder club to the senior team. If properly done, Gor Mahia will have a pipeline of tactically astute youngstars who as Logarusic would put it, can think and run at the same time. Its a recipe for high quality football. Also the fact that the players would have beeen playing with each other since the youth ranks means that by the time they become senior players, they have built a lot of cohesion.

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  1. This is a laudable move. I am however confused about Michael Olunga’s position now that he has played for Tusker in the continenetal competition. The last thread of this article “…Ideally, Gor Mahia would hire a qualified youth coach to work more closely with Upper Hill and field a permanent B team in the provincial leagues. The B team could act as the feeder club to the senior team….” is our daily prayer and should be followed up by the ‘executive community’.

  2. @2 that is Michael obunga and not michael olunga. Michael olunga was a graduate of liberty academy and he is on loan to tusker.

  3. This is really a good idea. Remember we got Lavatsa from Upper Hill, Kevo 14 and Mohammed Musa from Lang’ata, Black Berry from Thur Gem, etc so this is a step in the right direction. If you combine experienced players with these young talents then that becomes a great team.

  4. A step in the right direction indeed. A prudent move in these hard financial times. Well done Principal of UH and “Executive Community” sorry for this Executive Committee.



    Well done both parties for the move. Let us not limit it UPPER-HILL but widen the scope so that even target other young talents that can be given opportunity to flourish within our the youth system. This is where Thika United and Mathare are world apart with the rest of TPL clubs.

    That is how the likes of Nahashon “Lule”[Highway Sec], Sammy “Kempes” [Nairobi Technical],Sammy”JOGOO” [Thika Technical] ,George Nyangi Odembo “Atillery” [Kakamega High}, Ndolo & “Zangi”[Kisumu boys] amongst many others who graduated from high school soccer to club competition and ultimately to the national team within a short period.

  6. I propose that the former coach of kcb (Omondi) be conciderd for the job for coaching job at upperhill.I bealive that he is a good coach who can create more kiongeras at upper hill. thats my oppinion.

  7. @ 8 – Ogango Trailer – Admin has deleted those efusi guy’s comments that were meant to show this idea is useless but then now @5 @ 6 is me and Oduor. That efusi guy was talking bullsheet ‘hati tutafunza Upperhill kutupa mawe’. Kumbe watu wengine huona negativity in everything!

  8. Let us turn out in large numbers to support our team for the DSTV Super Cup on Sat 23rd Feb 2013 at Nyayo stadium, 4 pm. Irrespective of the results, let us maintain maturity and calmness since this electioneering period is sensitive and misbehaviours or disturbances on motorists,etc may be interpreted politically.

  9. Thanks @Walter Alando. That’s what I have been ercommending all through. In fact I was impressed last week when despite the disappointment we home peacefully though I have issues with the law enforcers. When the fans ‘arrested’ the person who threw a missile into the field last weekend, the policemen were just looking on, not knowing what to do. How I would be happy to read/hear that the particular person was jailed for six months without the option of a fine. That would be a lesson to most of us. All the same I believe that we will defy all the setbacks and carry that trophy.
    All the best to our boys

  10. I’ve known Peter the principal of Upper Hills since his time when he used to coach Kamukunji girls basket ball team which used to terrorise teams in first term secondary racket and ball games. With his blessing we are bound to move ahead of others remember we initiate others copy paste. I recomend Siang’a for the job as he has the ability to mould young talent to run and think with the ball at the same time

  11. I think this is a bright step forward and my hope is that it really come to pass.This will provide a buffer for the Senior Team and will also encourage many other young players to take Football seriously. Am also just trying to see how this could be replicated in one or two Schools outside Nairobi. Just a thought

  12. Actually all primer league clubs need to have youth system and a team B. We can’t wait for FKL to implement a youth system KPL OR TPL should follow the Colombian league system of having two players of their youth team members play a primer league game that’s why they are the best in south America at the moment

  13. Admin of this site, why do you accept negative comments from our opponents to be posted in this site? I think all fans from any club can post their comments but do not allow stone age, negative and retrogressive comments to be posted in this site please.

  14. I am very happy with this idea since nurturing talent motivates the young talent.If implemented it will be a win win for all.Kudos to the principal and all who brought the idea!!!!!!!!!!!good for the future of K’ogallo.

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