Gor Mahia to play 3 matches in empty stadium

The much awaited IDCC verdict has been rendered. Gor Mahia will have to play 3 home matches in an empty stadium. The 3 matches will be City Stars (28th April), Chemelil Sugar (6th May) and Western Stima (19th May).

Secondly , the club must in 15 days present a plan for how they will implement security arrangements for future matches. Failure to do so will results in a further 2 matches being played in empty stadia.

In addition, the club must meet all IDCC expenses with regard to the issue at hand. AFC Leopards demand for 3 points was thrown out by IDCC. It was comical to see AFC officials play acting as if their fans have never caused fracas. A classic case of the pot and the kettle.

The IDCC verdict was rendered by the comittee led by former Kenya Rugby Football Union Chairman Richard Omwela. Other members are vice-chairman, Prof. Migai Akech and members, William Odeny, Elijah Gitonga,  , David Otieno, Njeri Onyango and Penninah Wahome.

It goes without saying that the 3 match ban will hit the club in the three areas that matter the most: fan support, gate collections and public image. It is however encouarging that fans have increasingly started to police themselves


55 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play 3 matches in empty stadium

  1. A useless ruling indeed. It Assumes that Gor Mahia opponents have no fans. If they have, then the ruling penalizes none offenders, which makes it suspect. Migai Aketch being a lawyer should have advised them as such. The ruling can thus be appealed by none Gor Mahia fans, or anybody/groups claiming to be supporters to Gor oponents (City Stars, Chemelil Sugar and Western Stima).

  2. Tough decision.we shall lose our gate revenue which is close to 3 million.i.e 1 million per game.I stand corrected,please fellow fans why can we be meeting on the said matches and collect the money and hand to either chairman or Sec.Gen after the empty stadia game for the smooth running of club?please feel free to give a positive respond and ideas that will help this our great club at this time playing 3 matches on empty stadium.

  3. Vincent, I support your idea. However, it is high time we get a clubs’ MPesa number so that we can all (individually) channel the would be gate charges to this number.

  4. I truly agree with you Vincent Ocampo. But in future we should look for an Mpesa number to be channeling our contribution. But we should also keep in mind that so long as it will not be a way of encouraging hooliganism, we should be very vigilant when we start such an initiative. Infact since our next home game will be at City, we can decide to meet at that open field next to City Stadium and do a contribution and then we disperse before the game starts.

  5. Its better to go through the punishment and maybe learn for the future. We don’t need a recurring problem of hooliganism in this club. It’s also time to know the truth if it is fan pressure that makes our players fail to win.

    Please let us not raise a shilling for this office that has never declared how it spends what we raise everyday. Against AFC the club almost failed to play because apparently Ticket Masters had been shown the door and Wells Fargo appointed to man the gates and sell tickets. What changed after the game?

    The EC needs to approach Supersport and have the bad spell end at once. The TV collection can help them offset the deficit. There will be no fans to interfere with TV equipment and fans can also join sofaset branch in good numbers which is good for supersport.

  6. Of cause the verdict will hit us fanatically and morally, but still we must accept that we have ourselves to blame. While playing SOFAPAKA the hooligans were smoking Bhang openly in the main stand and GM stewards did nothing to stop the hooligans. Our EC must accept that our club is being held hostage by this venom and devise methods that will completely eliminate hooliganism. The hard core goons are well known and they brag about it openly.

    AFC have chickened and pulled out of the super 8 tournament since they were not awarded the three points and GM was not penalized to cover for the medical expenses incurred by their injured fans during the fracas. My take is that it is too early for AFC to imagine that KPL 2012 is heading into their trophy cabinet. AFC are simply playing politics with this issue with an aim of casting GM as an outcast in the public image and by extension pulling strings with the main focus being the next coming general election.

  7. @Ogango Trailer your observation in post 7 is absolutely accurate. One wonders why this sudden rush to recruit supporters all over the country if it is not for political expediency. I wish them well but I am afraid it is an act of desperation. Opting for exclusive tactics against an opponent in sports is an act of panic if you ask me.

  8. AFC Leopard’s withdrawal from Top8 is politically and should be regarded as such. Their action is very childish and unsporting if you ask me. I wonder what kind of punishment they wanted taken against Gor. A club like Gor, playing 3 matches without fans in the stadium is already a very severe punishment given the fact that they rely heavily on gate collections. It appears to me that they wanted Gor be kicked out of the league or something. Why do they want to eliminate competition? I am saddened by their action. For God and my club Kogallo

  9. @ONYANGO TRAILER You are very right, our bhang smoking fans should with immediate effect stop doing it at the stadia. I lacked an answer for my inquisitive 2 and a half year old son who kept asking me all the time what was smelling around when GM was playing Sofapaka. Did these fools know that the stadia is not for the bang smokers only. I personally do not have any issue with their Bhang smoking but they must know that in the stadia, we have old Wazee and very young children whom we must respect. These are the kind that has caused us the ban. The office must tell us how they are going to deal with this otherwise the cause of the ban will never cease. Concerning the ban can we try and reach Agido of City stars (who is a Gor Mahia fan and former and future cauch) to appeal for his fans to be allowed in and see if we can do the same with the rest. Please let us handle the ban with very great care.

  10. It is a sad day for our club and I think our fans must wake up and know that hooliganism has no place in modern game of football.

    We fans must learn to behave and stop reckless throwing of stones. Gone are the days when people used to fight with their fellow opposite fans or referees with rocks, bricks and mortar.

    Let us wake up and stop this nonsence of disrupting games. We need to have a policy of if we lose a game today, we shall win tomorrow.

    Why can’t we borrow leaves from English Premier League (EPL) teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs etc that have been losing games both home and away. Yet their fans have never disrupted any game both home and away.

    We have a big disease with our fans that just like misbehaving by throwing stones, abusive, obscene behaviour etc. This will not take us anywhere?

    God forbid. However from this bad trend, my fear is that our team might one day be banned or docked several points.

    Guys we have to change from these outdated behaviours.

    Please let us go to stadium to give our team maximum support and thereafter no matter the result nor outcome, we all go home peacefully without destroying personal properties that have got nothing to do with football.

    Why destroying someone’s property? Suppose the victim is your employer, brother, father-in-law, sister brother-in-law, wife, friend, neighbour, etc, what shall we gain from such wanton destruction of properties.

    Also some of the properties we might need in the subsequent matches, what a shame bloggers?

  11. Barefoot Bandit AFC are already aware that its the “Super 8” derby that will generate funds to sponsor the tournament and as such by pulling out they have dealt the tournament organizers a big blow financially.

    The deal was as simple as deduct GM 1 point and award AFC 3 points and we honor the match. Even playing in the so called mbaraki grounds against tusker is as simple as denying PAMZO the support of green army. Do you recall TUSKER taking GM to mumias last year because of fear factor.

    Faiz should not appeal against the verdict but instead concentrate on how to deal with the venom. I agree with Creative village and Kosero we have lost 3 million plus but may be this is a blessing in disguise for our players to perform better without undue pressure from the fans.

    Barefoot Bandit well done for unraveling the ‘SHEMALE’ mole on this blog. We are now bloging very peaceful and am happy to see the sofaset branch re-activated.

  12. Gor is a big family. Lets regroup and soldier on. This turn of events is regrettable but we saw it coming honestly. As has been said thats a cool Ksh.3m down the drain. That can do a lot for this club. Thats why someone is asking what else can we do to fill this gap.
    Thats why this MPESA issue keeps surfacing.
    But as we have said before EC will never implement simple tasks for the sake of the club. Tell me, whats so hard in;
    [a] securing an MPESA facility?
    Ans. They want it in cash to dip in their hands
    [b] contracting Wells Fargo?
    Ans. Bleeding of club’s cash at the entrance and corruption to continue unabated.
    [c] putting up a club’s portal?
    Ans. To keep us in the dark and to avoid being answerable from the interaction section of the site.
    All these lead to despondency on part of fans and results in chaos.. Why should fans beg for an MPESA account?!!
    Its high time we hold these guys accountable.

  13. I wonder what people expected from Afc guys. But they’re not our problem.’kikulacho kinguoni mwako’. We must accept that many Gm fans have embraced arrogance as a fashion and heritage,we all know where these vices lead to. I am mentioning again that that its the same hooligans that conduct our elections and so they form the foundation of GM. We will for sometime live with these bans until leaders find it important to change structures giving room for modern ideas and development, for now the confusion is maintained for personal benefits of some people

  14. As much as some people don’t agree we still this Mpesa initiative. It’s actually the SG who brought it up but when fans pushed for it nothing has come out. You don’t refuse to it because last time you had a tummy ache. Let’s deal with it, i mean the accountability. Where and how do we want the EC to account for the monies collected? Can somebody enlighten us? Some of these things we can only pursue through the branches yet we are not ready to convert this group into a branch. Yet we need only 30 people to do so. If there was a Mpesa account we could at least raise 100/= each for those who love GM and get maybe 300K to assist the team. On bang smoking it’s a preserve for goons in all soccer matches not only GM. The laws of Kenya still apply even in the stadium. Why do we pay police if we are expected to arrest hooligans and come up with a security strategy? What is their job? to see the game for free and get paid?
    We should not appeal this punishment, get the security strategy to avoid ban for the other two games and move on. I bet the goons will now surface on the Shemejis because soon the results might not be forthcoming for them.

  15. Vice chairman Faiz please do not waste time appealing this judgement. If I may ask: is this your unilateral decision or have you consulted other members of the EC?

    Please concentrate on ways to meet the obligations of that judgement and alternative ways of raising funds from fans to sustain club activities during the said period. We are the fans in the gallery for whom you are obviously playing, but we are of the opinion that you don’t contest the judgement. Let us work out a lasting solution to this hooliganism menace for the better future of K’ogalo. Do not always try to be confrontational against those charged with the running of Kenya soccer.

    @Ogango Trailer my joy and excitement about the re-activation of our one and only sofaset branch is immeasurable. The loud silence of that branch of late has been a matter of great concern. My fear was that without activity that branch would put on so much weight that he would not be able to jump into any conclusion.

  16. I have been reading comments by a ONE BAREFOOT BANDIT. I want to laud this gentleman. His words and statements are so measured. Congrats my big fan together with others; Dan, Mwakio, O. Trailer, Kassam, Ocampo, Creative, Wuod, Jabilo, Jackowili, and the rest I cant name. Thank you all.

  17. We are always at home wherever we play any team,in my vew any club should not benefit from get collection from our poket untill we are through with this burn,meanwile atrue k’ogalo fun should submit his/her money for these three home matches.

  18. Why is AFC blackmailing FKF? Since this game was a league match why can’t they pull out of the leaugue as well instead of only the Top 8 tournament? Who cares? With them leading the league and us performing dismally yet the get collections are the same. As much as they are our shemejis we disagree with them on this fact. How did they conclude that the damages to ‘their’ fans were caused by GM fans. Do they have an investgative wing? What of our fans who were injured by the goons from their end? Don’t they require to be compensated. Is there a punishment for forfeiting a natch? Kenyans need healing both socially and politically but this is the wrong approach.

  19. That’s the fairest verdict we could get.such kind of fan behaviour are alway serverely punished in other parts of the world,we all know of sc villa of Uganda and what happened to them.
    Hooligansm is with as long as police and those wide chested guys allow bhang and other hard drinks in to the stadium.
    We’ve got so many enemies from within,perpoting to be fans yet they only come to the stadium to smoke,drink and redicule ladies
    Who will save K’ogalo?

  20. The verdict is fair and will at least instill some sense in us. We have tainted the image of Gor Mahia by behaving like fans possesed. Serves us right-a good painful lesson in deed.

  21. lets’ soldier on wana kogallo.
    Lets’ serve our punishment/banishment and,convince evryone that we have reformed,talk to supersport so that they can resume showing our matches,change our habits and move on.Hope this gives us resolve to fight hooliganism and violence in gor.(u see this ban has affected both the stone throwers and the non stone thrower,the latter being the majority).So next time a person next to you throws an object to the pitch or engages in hooliganism,know that you will be directly affected by that imbeciles’ acts,thus you have a duty to stop him/her by carrying out a citizens’ arrest.
    In other news,after my ‘private’ investigations,i have come to the realisation that ‘barefoot bandit’,is actually our good old jackowili.
    Jackowili,bwana,your wisdom,levelheadedness,wit and general good nature cannot be hidden away from the bloggerr.Atleast not arrumtiddi.karibu ‘barefoot bandit’
    Ni hayo tu!

  22. History always repeats itself. Did they not appeal to CAF in 1984 to impose a “severe punishment” on Gor Mahia following injustices done to us in Cairo? Where did it take them?

    Now Ole Magelo has used the very same words and I copy and paste from Futaa.com…According to the club’s official website, Magelo said that he fears hooliganism might never be weeded out of the country’s soccer industry if the bodies charged with eradicating it continue paying such lip service…..Gor Mahia has played before in empty stadia and came back to cause even more mayhem….Even if IDCC didn’t fancy the idea of awarding us the match and points, they should have at least docked Gor points for a repeat offense, said Magelo….The Chair expected a more severe punishment from IDCC to deter Gor from repeating the vice….

    My question is: what does the AFC Leopards chairman have up his sleeve? Mr chairman because of your utterances I cannot rule out the possibility of you organising thugs to disrupt our match in Nakuru against Ulinzi so that the “severe punishment” you crave for can be meted on us. I fear you are prepared to go to any length to realise your desire.

    Owing to this I join other bloggers in appealing for sobriety and responsible conduct in Nakuru. Let us be our brother’s keeper. Always let us keep our antenae high for the likes of ole Magelo.

  23. Gor vs AFC has always been a serious derby match and that has to be kept. Banning fans from a stadium will not help, it just conserves energy for the next match thus the same outcome. I think the solution is in the teams themselves. Gor and AFC should come together and do some corporate social responsibility, volunteer at children’s home, clean the streets…at least do something together and broadcast this to the people, advertisements and the like. This is to show the people that it is just a game and off the pitch we are brothers trying to make a living.

  24. @Otuol Otuol 10, this matter should not be left to the office but dealt with according to the law of our republic of Kenya. first of all smoking of bhang is acriminal offence and should not allowed to happened in our suroundings infact those guys should be reported immediately to the authority be4 we take the matter to the gm management.

  25. @ Eblazing Diva, your points are always facts but whats the way forward on this issue? should we just keep mum and watch as our team sink into financial problem. we have to do something but this require sober mind and commitment so that we can help the players.

  26. Thank you Capital G. I value your contributions too. Am thinking aloud about fans gathering outside the stadium when we got a match and start fundraising cash for the team… I feel these bhang smoking goons could even break into the stadium or just cause mayhem. Or still our enemies could use such to propagate to advance their evil deeds during this time and everything blamed on us. Thats why the idea of MPESA line is paramount. This will enable even far flung fans from South Africa to Egypt, Americas to Asia to contribute. I stand to be corrected though.

  27. stadium builders, isn’t this ur time to shine? i suggest you cough up the 3m until the ban is over.
    gor mahia has basically been given a slap on the wrist. the bang smokers aka adidas guys have not received any punishement and basically have escaped scot free. do they realise how much they are harming the players lives.gor mahia problems are basic and the EC has done nothing to address it. when has the club ever organised any sort of ‘rally’ to warn these gorillas about the mayhem they cause. simple answer is that its the same guys who elect them to office. i’ve said b4 that so long as these guys hold the office to ransom then gor will go nowhere. the croatian will lift the gor game. ofcourse after this he will leave for greener pastures and gor will end up where its been, at the bottom. gor must get rid of hooligans or the club is doomed. stadium builders pls be aware that most of your so called fans live in the slums, i hate to say this but its a fact. so , assume an even lesser number of them in the middle and upper class. my question is, just where will you get this money to build a stadia. will raila give u land? most of nairobi is grabbed and u will definately not get via a road side declaration. guess what happened to the embakasi land? so if u r to build a stad it will be way past kasarani. most gor matches are not played in kasarani cause the same fans hardly afford the fare. and will stoning be allowed in this stadium?? just wake up to reality. get rid of hooligans, see fans come back in the droves , once gor has the income, get better players from africa , start competing in the africa champions league regularly,win the cup, then with all that goodwill around, even the president of that the day will come out and build you a stadium. right now all there is , a student who is hardly scoring 5% in math but chest thumping how he wants to score 100 in physics. GO BACK TO BASICS.what is the most likely thing that comes to a kenyan’s mind when u mention gor mahia 1. very good football 2. stone throwing 3.winner of africa champion competitions …to build this stadium, u will need goodwill from all kenyans.

  28. people, all these are suggestions. what should we do?
    I suggest that we meet tomorrow at City stadium at 10.00 a.m.
    come with 1500 for the three games. collect the money.
    George Bwana to give us the club account number, I hope it is a barclays one because of the banking hours.
    or else lets agree to collect 500/= prior to each game.
    After collections we will know how much has been collected and can agree for a percentage going directly to the players.
    I stand to be corrected.

  29. Previous hooliganism incidences attests to the fact that the vice cant be handled by police alone.The berg stops with us fans.We at AFC took an innitiative last year to be our brothers/sister’s keeper while in th stdm.You realized in that ill-fated match even as missiles were thrown at us,there was no revenge.Once in a while we’ve been forced to eject frm th std unrully characters.When my chairman vows we’l not play u in th near future,many of us share his opinion.Its painful lives have been lost and huge hospital bills incurred.Furthermore,we do not want to see again our dearly valued players being humilliated by some stone-age thugs who won’t even let them access the dressing room.Style up people!

  30. @Eblazing Diva, thank you very much for your noble idear. By the way we can secure M-pesa facility just for the team and employ someone to work in it other than handing everything to the EC. I dont support the idear of meeting before the game coz there are some goons who are just there to cause mayhem and transfar the blame to the team.
    @papamiky, whenever you give your suggestion,please try and outside the box. there are some guys who dont even stay in Nairobi but they would like to contribute so try to be inclusive.
    otherwise i support all your positve idears

  31. @dinga lets forget about how the EC were elected coz im prity sure that you participated on one way or another during there election.Lets stop the blame game and work towards the brighter future of the team.

  32. Those who are coming up with the issue of us contributing money for Gor are morally and financially mistaken. If the club cannot sustain itself,then it should be dissolved. Does the Gor constitution say that in cases of punishment as result of hooliganism, supporters shall be called upon to raise cash?we must sobber up and face reality. Gor must be run like a business entity. Pls do not contribute even a single cent. And if you have excess cash to spend then kindly take it to an Orphanage.

  33. @32 thank you Capital G; it is high time we show some level of maturity,soberness and realistic understanding of what is at stake other than voluminous postings that is adding no value to our course.

    I agree with MPESA account that we can manage independent of the EC .This will cater for our players welfare,incentives and motivation without direct in put from our EC which is suspect. Also once in a while we can chip in by offsetting some of operation cost by paying for club utilities directly to the service providers.

    @V.Ocampo and O.Jabilo this is the right moment to rally all bloggers inclusive of our diaspora fans to a common goal

  34. i think its high time we stop supporting harambee stash and stat supporting the opposing team.clearly they ar against us.

  35. Goodness! Behold the comments @ 33 and 35. This is the way of men of honour to the club? I take immediate leave. All the best my fellow bloggers and Team Gor.

  36. This MPESA cry has been far too loud. Personally I dont support it. If anyone of us who has Gor at heart has some excess liquidity, please go ahead and donate. I am Gor damu, but I will not contribute a single cent. Instead of ecouraging sponsors, we are busy fighting and calling them names, then shamelessly we want to sustain the club through handouts called MPESA. Thats a very cheap approach to issues. Dream on adidas gang!!We either change or perish. Times have changed. The only change that does not change is change. For God and my club Kogallo

  37. PLEASE BLOGGERS BE INFORMED THAT Mc Ochan mar Piny,Ther gem and Eblazing is ONE PERSON CALLED SHOGA!

    I have noticed your presence my “SHEMALES” please take your mind games to the devil den. Who is fooling who “MA SHOGA NYINYI. ” Mc Ocan mar Piny and your partner below you are one and the same thing. THE IDIOT and DEVIL on this blog. I have scrolled this archives and i can surely confirm that today you have got it wrong and it is too close to add one plus one and get one in binary as opposed to two in decimal.

    From where i sit, my instinct,gut feeling tells me that all this uncouth characters has there origin with you people who pretended to be close to some EC officials. Your are a disgrace to this site and so to GEM where AA hails. No wonder you tried Ther gem and it bounced. MALAYA MWANUME; SILLY IDIOT.

  38. @ OGANGO TRAILER…i feel you bro..Fellow bloggers..did you remember me saying this blog has been invaded…and i opted to go slow on comments…did you remember @MC OCHAN MAR PINY abusing me and other bloggers bure tu…i said he needed to repent and seek Jesus…..true bloggers tunajijua…some people like Mc Ochan Mar Piny!!!!

  39. @OGANGO TRAILER, this is not a place to direct your anger could you find somewhere else. do you have any grange with some bloggers? then find a mature and decent way to square your problem not through this site. Shame on you!!!!
    @Mc Ochan and Albert Kosero, im seeing you are becoming liability to the team. please could you hold your horses and let us move forward. i hope there is no one who was forced to to donate any cash if dont want to buy the idear, you put it ni a right way but not to brush it out the way you have done. for your information GM is run by Fans and have got any sponsor which can sustain its daily running and if you have one we welcome. otherwise please , give us a break.

  40. If that is their verdict,then we shall conclude the ruling was not fair.Even AFC leopards should have been given a ban equivalent to ours.Why favour one side?
    Anyway we are capable of buying tickets for the 3 games and donating the money to the club.Gor is unstoppable and I know some people are out to destroy it,but it will never happen.Lwanda Magere and Gor Mahia are watching from their graves.God bless K’Ogallo!

  41. @Mc Ochan mar piny must you blog here? If you must then must you insult other bloggers? Why always Eblazing Diva? Is she your co-wife? Why do the likes of you and Jakoyo invade our social club, where we exchange ideas as friends, with the sole objective of being irritants? Must you blog?

    These are traits of nocturnal athletics and you guys are actually confirming that you are nocturnal athletes (if you like, night runners or jo-juok). It is only a ja-juok who does the kind of thing you people are doing: persistently causing mischief with utmost devotion yet gaining nothing at the end of it all.

    I think it is about time this matter was forwarded to our two eminent judges of the supreme court of this blog (Wuonpap and Agwa Kassam). You will now have to contend with their menacing and awe-inspiring barrister’s wigs not to mention their expressionless faces. All I can wish you is luck because you will surely need it.

  42. Capital G please come slowly and open up if you want to try OGANGO TRAILER cause you are not part of the ‘SHOGAS’ or ‘SHEMALES’ or ARE YOU…? BLOODY F…KING!. and please keep off @Kosero whom we all respect despite his divergent opinions. This is democratic site and you dont own it for your info, so go prefect your A…SS.

    Why Can’t you use your common sense and intelligence to read in between the lines and see that there is clique demeaning the importance of this site and blogging like “SHEMALE’ in the name of a faceless DIVA. USELESS..!!!

  43. @Capital G you should know people. You cannot group Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch – Kampala) who is a self-respecting and eminent member of this blog with those nocturnal athletes.

    You may only understand why @Ogango Trailer is hitting the roof if you take your time and peruse the archives of this blog otherwise comment less on a matter you know little about.

  44. @OGANGO TRAILER, im sorry but i thought this blog is meant to give positive idears that can be used by GM EC to chnge the way they govern the team. Any way i have learnt something from your comment and please stop calling me such kind of names.
    by the way im very humble person and its only passion that i have in Gormahia and the kind of football they are playing that has made me to contribute on this blog and meet meet pple like you. otherwise i love you all.

  45. @khalwle 32 i cant spell your funny mane well i feel you are addressing the wrong people with the right message the bloggers here are too consistent advocates against stadium violence you are a thug too from your posting gor mahia is bigger that afsi so more challenge in running it football is played in the field your new found fame will also end graciously just like the way chelsea is back to their usual position five so you should know people and and keep your timid opinion to yourself to our usual bloggers we are gentle generation please let us not take a stab at each other

  46. @CAPITAL G….We all respect @ALBERT KOSERO…please stop dragging his name into the mad!!! You cannot group ALBERT KOSERO with some not so pleasant people like MC OCHAN MAR PINY…..@ALBERT KOSERO is respcted in this blog and he’s an elder!

  47. Some people are just used to insults and can’t think of any other descent thing to say.
    These are the kind of insults we hear in the stadium.
    We need tolerance as a team,as fans and on this site.

  48. Capital G with all due respect i hereby withdraw all the dirty wordings my comrade. Please understand that tomorrow with all your wise comments the same DEVIL will hack into your profile like a witch and soil your reputation to justify his intention.

    How on earth can one person be playing circus in this site like a night-runner. This are the same hooligans and gate crashers who are causing GM quite some fortune.

    This idiot met the wrath of bloggers and pretended to be a SHE when matters were too much for him. Later on he introduced himself as Mac Ochan mar Piny, and immediately poured some gender attack on himself as a “SHEMALE’to seek for gender sympathy from bloggers.

    Later on he tried to imitate the real “Jackowili’ as a fake “Jakowili’ little did i know that he changed to a”jarabuon’ and lately he devised “Ther gem’. But his days were numbered until he blogged himself and our watchful BareFoot Bandit was able to get hold of him.

    While in my house the IDIOT blogged at 23.00 hours claiming that his profile had been hacked. I you go through the archives yesterday i tipped him and the idiot responded by asking who is the “SHEMALE” i was referring to . Now digest and look how the response between this “SHEMALE” is very close today with core-wife claiming that she has taken a break.


  49. You people must understand that the 0-0 draw against AFC when we were 10 players really hurt them BIG.They expected humiliating us from onset and they hoped it would be even easier when we were reduced and that’s the reason they accepted play to continue.Magelo is acting out of the anger from that game + politics from G7.Gor must not accept petty incitement from Magelo coz i know there are true AFC nation that will not side with his line of action.The MPESA account is long overdue but the office won’t do it since the cashflow will require accountability and audit which the office may not be ready for.We should not allow this office to make us look like we can only excel in managing a funeral harambee.Gor nation has tried and tested able brains that can change the soccer fratenity in Africa.We’ve got talent + cash in this era.just 1m people doing 10 bob each brings 10m.the Gor fraternity are sitting on a goldmine yet they cannot allow themselves to see it.Rumour has it that it’s our nature to floss around and talk big,these will never take us anywhere in a competitive and dynamic world,only evident good results will.We need an office of able personel who will fold their sleeves and work to make Gor a world phenomenon that it was.Can we stand up and be counted.

  50. Kwani how many times will we be punished for one mistake?they are now about 5 and counting.Hooligans should be investigated and raigned in court with evidence….these bodies/institutions are just ‘punishing’ for the sake of the media n play into public gallery.If the club is banned from all those services they keep banning us from,the criminals will continue with hooliganism even after the ban.I hope NEC will let these sentiments be known to those institutions

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