Gor Mahia to play Mahakama in GoTV shield

Gor Mahia will open their 2016 GoTV shield campaign on June 25 when they take on Mahakama Mombasa. The tournament will feature sixty four teams with the winner pocketing Ksh 2 million and earning the right to represent Kenya in the 2017 CAF Confederations cup.

“This year we want to make it bigger and better, and as SuperSport we will showcase the games in each round starting with the first round on the weekend of the 25th. We will go far and wide to bring the matches from as many parts of the country as possible,” said Head of SuperSport Africa Andre Venter during the launch on Thursday.

“We are also thankful to FKF, with the new office under Nick Mwendwa, who has been supportive from the very start of their tenure and we believe with this great cooperation will result to a great tournament,” he added.

“We are happy to partner with SuperSport in yet another milestone in Kenyan Football, it is our belief that this tournament being FKF’s first since assuming office will be a step in the right direction not only for the participating clubs but also for us a federation and football in general,” said FKF President Nick Mwendwa to supersport.

And added he; “In line with best football practices, FKF will pay allowances for match officials and hire venues for the tournament to enable clubs concentrate on the competition.”

Three Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs will skip the tournament including 2005 winners Nairobi City Stars, 2014 champions Sofapaka both of whom cited lack of funds, as well as two time victors Mathare United.

Last year, Kogalo beat Langata Gremio (3-0), Ushuru (3-2), Palos (4-2) and Administration Police (3-1) before succumbing to fatigue and losing to Nakumatt in the semis on penalties.

Historically, Gor Mahia are the most succesful team in this tournament, having lifted the trophy ten times with the first one coming in 1976.

Meanwhile Tusker, having failed to eliminate Kogalo via a boardroom decision, are now vowing to win on the field on Sunday.

“Who said we are out? We are 100% in the competition and I am sure we will reverse the scores in the second leg. Football is an unpredictable game which always surprises even the players, but I believe we have the character to go past them and qualify for the finals.” said Paul Nkata the Tusker coach to goal.com

23 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play Mahakama in GoTV shield

  1. Its always coaches or players saying how they will beat Gor before a game. After 90 minutes the story is almost always different. Then the excuses come in. Referee, Oguda, we have only trained for 2 days blah blah blah. KPL version of Afrocinema. As for Shield, maybe the fringe players be given a chance?

  2. @na asego uko poa pande ya kuanalylz game,bt pande ya transfers umechanganyikiwa,ua wish has clouded reality,hao foreigners wote. Am curious how long does an appeal of 90min game take to decide,I think this is some form of corruption, waiting for highest bid,only in Kenya decisions take months,I wish GM had to play 2nd leg in kisumu 4the sake of loyal supporters from the region.pray 4 a win Sunday

    1. @ Marto…Cecafa 2016 Most likely to be shelved,we as any other participating team await communication from the Cecafa Secretariat led by Nicholas Musonye,and FkF should the Tourney be staged in Kenya.@ Levelmind there can be no more than 5 Foreigners in Gor so obviously re-jigging out the composition will happen if and when opportunity allows

      1. CECAFA Other betting companies eg.Betin, Betways, Mcheza etc should step in as part of CRS. Secondly Musonye should run CECAFA on a home/way basis with a one match final in a chosen capital like the UEFA Champions league. Its more cost effective. I concur the top 8 seems to be rushed even Ze Maria. Why a double header in the same city within a space of a week. Gotv’s( hopeful GorTv this year) semifinal against Nakumatt was the launch pad of “operation oust Nutall” Winning it will exorcise those bad memories for me. Another low this week, other than “gagging” Okewkanango, is the equally absurd clause barring Mieno from joining Gor. Surely that clause 24(a) infringes on a players basic hence unconstitutional, rights/development, is against natural justice, its colonial and am sure if challenged in court will be found to be null & void. As ridiculous as “NUTTAL’S PAYCUT”, KUDOS AUCHO AND JOK’GALO FOR THE SJAK AWARD

    1. At least ZeMaria is honest with his views. Now is our chance to get the strikers that were mentioned in the previous article. The presence/absence of Aucho is also a brickwall in us getting a new foreign striker now that Kagere is on Ingwe’s radar

    1. @Musymo,Jamigori et al…Now can you see the workings i was undertaking that i told you guys yesterday i can’t reveal?Two foreign slots are coming up and the players i talked about are the replacements,i mean i could not say before Ze Maria talked publicly that Thiago will give way to Mavugo,it would have been pre-emptive and unprofessional.Ofcourse i am working overtime to ensure we are strong and in Optimization Gear for the second leg.@ Levelmind Trust in Ja’Asego always brother,no matter how impossible things might seem…

  3. Zemaria Is A Honest Coach But Question Remain,was He Attending Trial?Who Is His Replacement Now That He Has Been Proved To be Unfit?The Brundian Striker Is Also Supposed To Be Sign By Yanga To Day,now Who Is The Next Best Alternative Striker?

  4. @Ja’Asego l’ve been following your comments closely and silently and l’ve come to realise that they are reliable with no exaggeration. This was what lacked in this site for long. Thank you bro.

    1. Please don’t leave the paperwork for the last minute otherwise it will the usual story that we don’t have the ITC bla, bla.

  5. Ja,sego Do You Know That Mavuno Have Agreed On Personal Terms With Yanga After Failing To Sign Contract With Simba,and As We Are Speaking Mavuno Is In Dares Salaam As From Tuesday To Sign A contract With Yanya Fc

  6. Jasego, I am understand you well and last time when I asked you a question about transfer you did answered and it happen except the Italian has not arrived yet. I know that two foreign players are surely moving out of Gor and the negotiations are at advance stage. I know also the coach doesn’t tolerate indiscipline and this may cause some players. Good work I am waiting for nest Tuesday or Wednesday when a development will be realized

  7. What happened to Rama Salim?is he still actively involved in soccer?last saw him in 2015 playing for mombasa sports club in a friendly in mombasa.
    I hope he is not somewhere wasting away!!

    1. Rama is playing in the Vietnam or somewhere in the far east. Not sure if he can now match the pace of the KPL

  8. @jasego,pls tell us is it a fact this mavungo is in tz and no negotiation between him and gor is taking place.you are the one who came with the story in this site.pls update.

    1. Also clarify the “Tom Ogweno tich orumo” statement made a while back and this JaBurundi (hotter than Aucho) coz time is of essence in transfers (ITC issues/papers) and EC cannot peg Aucho’s on/off move to Rangers to get this highly rated player. No Thiago, this other guy opting for Yanga then get us back Luanda Magere b4 its too late!

  9. Nkata early season speeches “Tuskers main challenge in spl is only Bandari” ooh my
    , I don’t knw wheather
    Nkata recalls thz

    1. @ Oduor12,Jamigori,Dawaplus et al…Realise one thing guys,No one person holds autonomy in decision making at GM,most often time we are always split in opinions and between preferences such that a middle ground has to be found or rather the majority get their way depending on wea the most powerful leader is.I totally differed with everyone else and had negotiated with Mavugo immediately the transfer season opened but the Thiago camp had their way and he has been trying out.Now i told you he is a hot prospect,who by that tiome was being courted by TP Mazembe for further development but he wanted first team football and agreed in principle to join Gor but since my feedback was not forthcoming on our commitment he went ahead to negotiate with Simba which i was aware but Yanga had moved in for the swoop,by the time a decision on Thiago is undertaken he might have signed and we miss him.Like on italian assistant fitness trainer,opinions differed with financial considerations taking centre stage by one camp while me personally was for professionalization of the entire technical bench leaving Ogweno & Nduta as support stuff hence the rider ‘Tich Orumo’..On the burundian midfielder too,we just might miss acquiring his services if we still drag our feet awaiting decision on who makes way since after all,these are very high prospect players not dying to play for GM but because of my personal rapport with them,would as well welcome the chance to don the green jersey,one thing though that they don’t like so much is uncertainty and speculation so i hope on this one we move with haste and i bring him b4 again he is unavailable at which point i will rest my case on foreign acquisitions and let course take its way.Atemo jodhot but okoyot

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