Gor Mahia to play Muhoroni at Nyayo

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The Muhoroni Youth vs Gor Mahia FC match has been moved to Nairobi and will now be played at the Nyayo stadium on Sunday afternoon and not Muhoroni. According to Muhoroni Youth FC team chairman Moses Adagala, the decision to over the match is mostly due to security concerns.

“At the beginning of the season, KPL inspectors gave us a go ahead to host matches at Muhoroni complex but with clean instructions not to host high risk matches here. This match against Gor Mahia is a heavy math and considering many fans in this region are big followers of Gor, it will be unsafe to host the match here.”  Adagala told michezoafrika.com

Tickets will be sold at the match venue on Sunday but the officials are yet to tag the price with this expected to be announced by Thursday.

On 27 points, Muhoroni Youth targets to collect maximum points from their remaining two matches including the one against Gor Mahia on Sunday so as to be assured of relegation survival and Adagala has labeled the match as a must win for his boys.

“Nyayo stadium is always a good hunting ground for us and the boys are excited that we have moved the match to Nairobi.” He adds.

26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play Muhoroni at Nyayo

  1. Our heavenly father, we give you all the glory and honour for Gor Mahia has come a long way down from relegation zone to now at the apex. It is you Lord that has taken us this far. We return all the glory and honour to you for your faithfulness to your servants.

    Our heavenly father, we once again pray in this altar that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, give us another victory over Muhoroni Youth. We will return all glory, honour, praises and thanksgiving to you our loving lord in the mighty name of Jesus Christ….AMEN

  2. If Adagala is confirming that most fans at Muhoroni region are Kogallo followers then surely the movement is unstoppable……Go Go Mighty Gor!!!!!!!!…..

  3. we pray giving glory and thanks for hawk eyed referee and his assistants. we ask for the fairness in them. lord i believe you have delivered the KPL CHAMPIONSHIP to us the mighty gor mahia thus say thanks. we adore and honour u in jesus name we believe and pray. amen

  4. let it be so.

    Just like Joshua, Let all GOr fans from MSA, KSM, Meru, Thika, Garissa, ELD, KTL and everywhere else so that we can lift the team from the 1st minute by noise that muhoroni has never felt…Let everyone carry a vuvuzela, whistles and surely we will win Sunday’s match.

    “Joshua followed God’s strange instructions for the battle of Jericho. For six days the army marched around the city. On the seventh day, they marched seven times, shouted, and the walls fell down flat. The Israelites swarmed in, killing every living thing except Rahab and her family.

    Because Joshua was obedient, God performed another miracle at the battle of Gibeon. He made the sun stand still in the sky for an entire day so the Israelites could wipe out their enemies completely.

  5. I love the belief in God. There was a time we used to go to St. Stephen’s Church, Jogoo Rd before every Gor game and then also God rewarded us handsomely

  6. Amen……God with us 4ever.Mungu ulisema tukiomba utajibu tukibisha utafungua .Baba twaomba ushindi kutoka kwako kwa imani tutashinda.

  7. our god is a true one all the prayers have been answered in good time but more so we are more humble than before @mwakio keep praying lad we love you all

  8. So be it! (Amen.) Muhoroni game is a tricky one but we have full confidence that God will be on our side. GO KOGALO GO!

  9. Amen!
    I think if a team beats top teams in this league, (afc,tusker,ulinzi) it is only fair and proper that,that team should win the league.
    We’ve come a long way,and all along we’ve shown great character and a strong mentality.Lets’ keep the eyez on the prize and the feet on the gas pedals.
    Lets’ turn up in our numbers on sunday and rally behind the boyz.The gap between the tpl sidez,has really narrowed,and sometimes there isnt’ so much to choose from ,from any two teams.So the noise we make might be the difference.May God help us to win the,’next match’.

  10. Please note. The match has been moved to “kichinjio” Tok Komwanda. Nyayo is unavailable.
    For God and my club – Kogallo

  11. INSHA ALLAH @ mwakio on behalf of Rama salim,Ali obondo and Musa mohamed. Tok Komwanda with the artificial turf on a rainy “BLACK” sunday is A game that is as tricky as holding on piece of liver. But 2-0 AGGREGATE while AFC and TUSKER will either lose or draw then THIKA’S match will be a formality match.

  12. The atmosphere is more beautified with deep belief in God almighty.

    Actually i now feel for sure we need God more than ever.

    I can smell the trophy. And so i repeat..at GM we are sure of the TPL trophy than the top 8 one.

    It’ll be fine.

  13. @MWAKIO ! Amen to obo’ngo nyakalaga “thus says Jo -NDHIWA “. And I repeat “A win is a win” despite the kind of football displayed at the moment. Maximum points and nothing less.

  14. Like Paul of the bible says “…I have fought the good fight…” Gor and its supporters have really fought the good fight.Guys it is even harder now in fact it is even more intense.No body should waste even a single minute to look beyond his/her shoulders.From minute 1 of the match on Sunday all those VuVu Zelas and the singers should stay up to the 90th+ minute. Shall we agree? okay.
    Finally, Guys let us know in all God deserves His place. Shallom


    We will be returning to our familiar turf as ‘ visitors’ after our game with Muhorobi Youth was rescheduled because of what organizers call high risk match.

    Tok Komwanda, the City Council of Nairobi’s city stadium is fondly refered by fans has been a good hunting ground for K’Ogalo. On one hand, Muhoroni Youth FC from the sugarbelt district of Muhoroni are fighting relegation and on the other, GM are scheming to lift the prestigious TPL trophy after many years in the doldrums.

    It is therefore an explosive match of sorts and fans may be treated to another thrilling match.

    We may also witness the return of Salim who have been benched for accumulating 5 yellow cards to continue to rattle the net. What good way to crown the weekend what with a bag full of maximum points! More than ever before, our resolve to lift this years’s trophy irreversible. Keep Gor Mahia’s hope alive!

  16. Kogalo,we go. Am quite impressed by Kogalo’s performance,God’s name should not be appropriated in and for this. This work is purely on “mental toughness” and “skilled character of the Coach”. Do not bring in or drag the name of God in such a secular events that call for proper use of Muscles. Kogalo,We Gooo !!! We Goooo !!!!. I bless you from Far.

  17. Father kizito kagutu has shared very well on human ability to do well. However I beg to disagree on the notion that what is happening is purely on muscles, mental toughness and skilled character of the coach.And that Gods name should not be dragged in such a secular event.I want to suggest that God is interested in every detail of our lives and activities. Look at the dangers involved,Broken bones,fatal injuries,accidents while traveling etc. All these we have been protected from. Every time we go for a match no one consults the mind or the Muscles.I do not think that AfC, Tusker, Sofapaka and all the other teams stopped practicing, to say the least, they must have worked so hard when they saw k’ogalo taking the inner lane.As such,I feel that invoking God’s name is appropriate.It gives one the opportunity to acknowledge God and be able to say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13)in the Bible

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