Gor Mahia to renegotiate sponsorship

Gor Mahia will meet with Sportpesa officials to negotiate the restart of their sponsorship

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Kenyan Premier League (KPL) giants Gor Mahia FC will engage SportPesa in talks over a possible reinstatement of their sponsorship deal which was terminated last month.

Gor’s CEO Lordvick Aduda said they are planning to have a session with the gaming firm after they were given the green light by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to apply for a new betting license.

The gaming firm has been out of business for two months after their paybill numbers were blocked following an order by the Government over tax incompliance.

The clearance by the KRA came barely three days after the  gaming firm lost a case in which they wanted compensation from the government for the revenues lost during the shut up period.

The gaming firm and the government had been locked in a standoff over tax issues, prompting a fierce court battle. The gaming firm had cancelled its sponsorship agreement with sports federations and clubs owing to the standoff.

“We will sit with them and see if there can be a possibility of their comeback on board as our major sponsors. But we are also in talks with other potential sponsors and we will let the public know of any positive progress,” Aduda said in an interview with Ramogi FM.

Last week the club deputy secretary general Ronald Ngala indicated that the firm had remitted to the club money enough to take them till end of August 2019. This means their possible come back on board could mean very little hitch, if any, of the sponsorship.

“We really need them back on board since at the moment we don’t have any sponsor. Their comeback will be a blessing to us ahead of our continental assignments,” Aduda said.

Aduda added that the two newly acquired foreign strikers comprising of Ghanian Francis Afriyie and Ivorian Gislein Yikpe Gnamian are now eligible to play in the Champions League.

“CAF regulations stipulates that a players registered late can start playing in the second round and here we are.

“They are now available for selection against USMA, subject to passing fitness tests after both of them picked injuries during their earlier trainings at Camp Toyoyo’’.

Commenting on the e-ticketing that was meant to boast the club’s gate collection, Aduda says they are still facing a challenges.

The CEO says the gate keepers are still colluding with corrupt fans and taking as little as Sh50 in bribe to allow the fans into the stadia.

“We are still addressing the challenges. It was a nice idea but we still feel the gate keepers are a letdown. The fans are also a betrayal. When the Sh50 ends up in individuals’ pockets, it doesn’t help the club.”

He says they neither met their target at Kasarani nor in Kisumu over the weekend and that corruption is evident due to the high match attendance and the outcome of the revenues realized.

Gor’s next assignment will be against Algeria’s USM Alger on September 15 in Algeria with the return match scheduled for Nairobi on September 27.

23 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to renegotiate sponsorship

  1. One thing you must negotiate hard is replenishment of the squad so as to maintain a certain level of quality players. Please agree some amounts for new signings and at the end of each season. This Wasito type of brag must stop. Negotiate to allow other sponsors to come on board. This covering of Sportpesa logo in continental matches is a shame.
    Thirdly, make the deal transparent to avoid suspicion and live within our means.
    Fourthly, exit strategy must be clear. We should not suffer or used as a shield whenever Sportpesa and stakeholders are wrangling

  2. Personally I think it is high time sportpesa become just one of our secondary sponsors.
    our primary sponsor should be Gor mahia SACCO if they do their job effectively and mobilise the fans/members globally under one unified kogallo strategy and agenda.

  3. To expand on the Gor Mahia SACCO model take for example…..the SACCO can partner with CMC Motors, vehicle assembler with gor players and technical bench getting a chance to own suzuki altos cars under an arrangment where part of the deal involves suzuki altos brand being displayed on our jerseys as well, similar to the way uber structured a deal with it’s drivers to own vehicles but a bit more brand oriented approach with a clause in the agreement ensuring Gor benefit from the brand promotion. And there is much more examples….

  4. Our new member Curtis Wekesa is feeling abandoned and is crying for help. He has a ACL injury and Gor claim that since he injured it while playing for Stima last year they cannot treat him. He needs 450k and NHIF can only cover upto 300k leaving a deficit of 150k. Why can’t the club or us as members assist? Very bad publicity on our team.The 1m that Makwata was to get can’t it be used for thos case? Don’t we have a medical scheme for our players/officials?
    On another note our opponents , USM, are still struggling financially and who knows we might just find ourselves in the CAFCL group stage

    1. Very true…but players should also undergo medical before joining the team it’s a shame …gor mahia signed 3 injured players that’s not feasible…and it’s a waste of resources… that’s like buying a spoilt car…

  5. As fans , we can help him raise the 150,000/- through a paybill or M-changa number. We did the same for Solomon Nasio a few years ago.

    1. Is he up to task? Can he claim a jersey ama it will be a wasteful investment? Alternatively why did he not go a precontract medical previews?

    1. Osiepa I am plotting a Caf group stage Assault this time round against USMA with new coach. I am also trying to rescue E-Ticketing which is flopping at an alarming rate. My in-tray is full but I am okay

      1. If you have a son or daughter who is below 25 years and is still in college, He/she is covered by the medical insurance cover. Just that Wekeda thought the medical cover limit could treat him but it turned out that the 450,000/- was beyond the covers upper sealing.

      2. The e-ticketing was designed to fail so that the gangs at the gate and their masters can continue to plunder Gor Mahia. How do you explain the fact that people were getting into the Stadium using forwarded texts/SMS with no actual printed ticket? Why were they allowed to get away with this? What about the total absence of a scanner/bar-code reader to authenticate the few printed tickets? I paid for my ticket online but to my total dismay, when I presented the same at the gate, the so called gate-keepers didn’t even look at it. The young man proceeded to tear it into pieces and beckoned me to get into the Stadium. What an anti-climax!!!! Gor Mahia is hemorrhaging money at quite an alarming rate. ADOR must wake up and call off this nonsense called e-ticketing till when tight control measures have been put in place.

  6. We have a plethora of strikers… why were we even trying to sign makwatta? As it is our squad is already bursting at the seams and it’s just a matter of time before it’s creates discontent amongst the playing unit!

    Not sure why we took that route but I hope at the end of the day it works out well for us!!

  7. Chairman Ador has issued a comprehensive statement on the Curtis Wekesa issue. The boy sustained an injury while with Nairobi Stima and during signing for us told us that his parents have good medical cover sufficient to cater for his rehabilitation. We left him to try only to read he is stuck and calling for fundraising on social media. We have since referred him to Dr Mutiso at Nairobi Hospital for full injury Assessment and treatment plan that will be Fully Paid for by GMFC. No need to Fundraise anymore it is sorted Gor takes care if its players…

    1. This is Gor spirit. Appreciated. However, that line of parents medical cover should not have been accepted. Unless he is underage player signed by Gor and in his parent custody – which would be illegal anyway. Have a contract which is comprehensive the moment once signs. Do not try to save or expose players. Alternatively avoid players who do no pass medical test. If he was not attending training regularly someone should have been concerned. Wish him well.

      1. Ojomondi medical covers of parents nowadays have been extended to cover children of below 25 years not involved in gainful employment…300k is the limit though

    2. Why do we have to wait for this long!!! Gor is a big team and must at all times have the interest of the players before that of the eaters!! I believe the boy has been unable to train because of the ACL injury that he sustained prior to joining us and this should have alarmed the Technical bench especially Jolawi. As the team manager, is an embarrassment to us as a club!! What has he been waiting for and what kinds of briefs does he give to the Management team on behalf of the players?? ADOR cannot do everything alone, including investigation and prescribing solutions!! Some noise-makers are waiting to appear during trophy presentations.

      1. @Le Pastre, during trophy presentations we even appear on the podium.waering our rivals kit. But during crisis only ADOR is there to be seen. At times I wonder if the other officials care aboit the players and or TB

  8. Let Gor Mahia prepare well for the USM Alger match and not focus on the USM alleged financial problems. Whether their problems are real or staged managed, let us prepare for them pretty well. No sleeping on the job. North African clubs are cunning and full of tricks.

  9. Yea, i also think this financial problem thing is a bait and a cleverly orchestrated scheme to slow gor down. Ironically, We seem to be falling for it. Before then, lets ask ourselve this candid quations 1. Which player will attend training everyday, honour matches, and be expected to pay rent and survive for six months without pay?2. Over their dead bodies shall this arabs give u a match on a silver plate. 3. They are right now on the drawing board, scheming in and out of the book to spoil gors party.4. How about beating gor convincingly with a clean sheet in their backyard then fight for a draw away? 5. Who knows if their spies are already in the country ? These are what football is made of and u will be in for a big surprise if u wait to be spoon fed. As for the gate collections i think some one is busy making a kill and this paints a dull picture on the leadership of the club. About curtis wekesa it is a case of too little, too late.

  10. I totally agree with you Gor Mahia team should not be cheated with this team called USM Alger this is just a trick to tame Gor players, they want to paint a picture that they are weak which is not the case. Kindly Gor team should prepare well at all cost and should not take anything for chance. Your hard work will reward you, go out there to prove to them that you are Gor mahia Kenyan Champions which you are, from hard work because nothing good comes easily. But above all remember to put The Almighty God first than anything else because it is God who gives everything but through hard work, humbleness and faith in him.
    You will get what you ask for from him. May God Bless all the Players, Team Manager, all the technical bench our fans who continue to support the team by all means and the entire Gor Mahia fraternity I wish you the best of luck may God bless you once again.

  11. hae this goes to jasego i know he is doing a great work keeping the official on toes but i’m speaking on the matter of building a youth team if Gormahia wants to succed more in future .we should have a u13 youth team this is where will find natural talent

  12. A lot is being said about USM Algers and its alleged brokeness ,whether they are broke or not ,it should not be lost on us that belated and disorganised preparations last season is what saw as arriving in North Africa for a game minutes to Kickoff ,after spending inordinate number of hours stretched on cold airport floors . NOW that is what should concern us .
    Before we poke our noses into other people’s perceived problems ,is our own house in order ? , Have we booked our flights ? .
    That is what should concern us .

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