Gor Mahia to sign 3 players during transfer season

In a bid to shore up a team that is quickly running out of gas, Gor Mahia will sign 3 new players during the June transfer season. A glut of fixtures has seen Kogalo play 9 times in the last 27 days. The team has also been hit by injuries to players like Wellington Ochieng.

“We want to bring in three players in June as the fixtures ahead of us are very important and we want to win every trophy on offer. The current squad we have is slightly running out of gas and we must bring in a quality striker, midfielder and defender to bolster the squad. Several players are unwell as a result of playing under rainy conditions in Kericho, In Rwanda during the Caf match against Rayon Sports and recently at Kasarani against USM Alger while two of our main players—Karim Nizigiyimana and Wellington Ochieng —are recovering from serious injuries.” said Jolawi Obondo the team manager to the Star newspaper.

Kerr Livid with players

Meanwhile coach Dylan Kerr is pulling no punches regarding the sub par display against Sofapaka on Sunday.

“My players have to show the desire to win every time. lt seems they are happy to accept poor play and poor goals conceded.” he said to goal.com

Kerr however praised his players for fighting to the very end for that epic equalizer.

“Fair play to us, until last minute we didn’t give up but again, at 2-0 we didn’t kill the game off, we thought we’ve won and that allowed our opponents back into the game Leading 2-0 at halftime, I told my players to stop giving the ball away because Sofapaka would counter since we always want to score. They obviously did not listen.” concluded Kerr.

Derby Called off

The FKF has insisted that the mashemeji derby which was scheduled for this Saturday will not be played.

“The national team is assigned to honour friendly matches against Swaziland on May 25 and Equatorial Guinea on May 28. s such the derby between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed to a later date. Football Kenya Federation will work to see that the match has been scheduled at the earliest opportune time.” read a letter signed by Robert Muthomi, the FKF CEO

This despite the protestations by KPL CEO Robert Oguda.

20 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to sign 3 players during transfer season

  1. But, we also desperately need a top notch goalkeeper, Boni appears very good on one on one, but has serious problems with long balls (is he shortsighted!) and positioning. Jolawi be loyal to the club and not individual players, that’s why we stuck with Jerry for so long after his sell by date expired sidelining better GKs or in those in better form. It’s the UNTOUCHABLES MARA SENIOR PLAYER OR CASSILLA’S SYNDROME THAT CAN BE COSTLY TO THE CLUE AND MUST BE DISCOURAGED. Despite our narrow escape against smeow, the kalineslady also denied Gulkan geniune goal and GM a 4-3 win. She should take the flak. Regarding H.Stars Mr.Soprano has no right to call off the derby, national teams are not clubs, their coaches only train their player for a couple of days. Clubs especially GMFC need to train together, review errors so unneccessary national team sessions or friendlies won’t do. FKF stick to the FIFA calendar and rules.

    1. Let’s cast our recruitment need wide and look for untapped talent (remember the Zamalecks, Juakalis, Kamogas). Let all potential signing be subjected to trials, That SPesa super cup can be used to guage these possible signings and get rid of chaff aka passengers blotting the wage bill.

  2. The team is unbeaten and sitting on top of the table 3 points clear with two games in hand. The boys deserve total support, encouragement and motivation instead of constant moaning, gnashing of teeth and finger pointing.

    Is there a better goal-keeper in Kenya at the moment than Boniface Oluoch? Motivate the player so that he can regain his hunger and focus instead of wailing like a deserted mpango.

    Gor has assembled a quality team and game rotation must be implemented to ensure player stay fresh. Players like Sammy Onyango and Lawrence Juma will only improve if they get more game.

    Signing players willy-nilly is not the answer; you will end up with passenger 57, 58, 18 and 5.

    Unless proven quality is available like Marcelo, Musa and Ovella, stay away from the market and use that money to motivate the current players.

    If the players are tired; Fly them to Zanzibar for a short break to rest, re-charge and do basic mental motivation.

    The Team Doctor should stop sleeping ; do people get sick for playing in the rain? World Class players perform in Europe during winter.

    Fake Fans should put up and shut up and go and support Manchester City.

    With the right support, motivation and all pulling together, this team has the potential to win the league unbeaten, sweep the Sport Pesa and most importantly, take CAF after a long drought since 1987.

    Some people here have never even bought the players a bottle of Fanta and Boflo Nusu yet they are the first to complain, complain, complain.

    For most teams in Kenya, they know they will never win the League or any trophy; Their only cup final for the season is to beat or draw with Gor and they will give 120 % effort during this game. Tafakari hayo and support the team.

    1. Who won the golden glove in 2017? Who is the currently or has lately been the first choice GK of H.Stars? Who has the most clean sheets in 2018? Therein lies the answer as to who is the best GK in Kenya and it’s not Boni! How do motivate a seasoned player who should actually be SELF MOTIVATED INSTEAD OF BEING ERROR PRONE, should be relied upon to literally save the team instead of letting an easy goal match after match and undoing the efforts of much younger and inexperienced players. GOALKEEPING BLUNDERS ARE ONLY TOLERABLE IF YOU WIN BUT ARE VERY COSTLY WHEN YOU DRAW OR LOSE. When was Boni’s last clean sheet and how clean sheets has he kept this season? FIRST AND FOREMOST BE LOYAL TO K’OGALO THE CLUB I.E GOR MAHIA F.C THE TEAM- while credit and praises where due goes to the players/TB for good result. Blind hero worshipping won’t wash.

  3. When PSG signed Neymar , they had just won the French league by a huge margin , Mam City have just won the EPL by a HUGE margin and yet they are in the market for Hazard , Mahrez and Jorginho , Barcelona has just won the La Liga by a HUGE margin but they are in the market pursuing Antoine Griezeman , Juventus are strengthening as is Bayern Munich .
    Gor Mahia’s situation is not any different from all the above examples , that is a straight forward fact unless one just feels like being unnecessarily argumentative .
    One point that we should get over is to judge our standards using local yardsticks bcoz that is a situation we long left , not even the cecafa standards should be used .
    We have not so long ago been knocked out of the champions league meaning we are still not strong enoughto compete with the best In Africa and as such we have to and must continue loading and offloading til we get the requisite balance and depth and to reason that asking for this is akin to complaining or draining the confidence of the current players Is emotionally sound but realistically simplistic .
    A professional player is paid to attain certain outputs and targets both inthe short , mid and long term and any Indication that they are not up to the task must be met with criticism and subsequent offloading , the only constant Is the club , If the goalkeeper is erratic , It must be pointed out , same to the defence , midfield , strike force and even the bench .
    Finally , this is an interactive wall and as such there will be differences in opinion and if one can not accept that simple fact then you are the problem , not the wall .

  4. Our CAF list had only 25 names. Only 24 of them are available following Wellington’s injury. We are still in contention for a podium finish and it would therefore beat logic if we fail to recruit. The rules allow for up to 30. This is an opportunity we must seize so as to be at par with our opponents in the CAF competition.
    Striker: Ovella
    Midfielder: Solomon
    Defenders: Musa
    and Marcelo.

    I refuse to be muzzled because it is in me to say it as it is. I know the perils of sugar coating and I don’t want to be guilty of that later. I may not have bought any player “Fanta and nusu boflo”, but that doesn’t qualify me to be oblivious of outcomes that will not bring us glory. My sincere gratitude goes to them who bought crates of Fanta and Boflo. May God bless them and provide even more for them. Kindly let my Independence of thought, reasoning, judgement and opinion be respected. What I know is that those who are genuinely philanthropic always want to remain anonymous and don’t even want to talk about it. In this wall I don’t complain, I don’t throw tantrums neither do I hurl insult. I know what complaining is. I only give an alternative view while caring to respect others’ positions.

  5. The lineswoman robbed us of Guikan’s goal. The first and third goals resulted from defenders’ miscalculations. However Oluoch must take responsibility for the second goal. He urged Shakava to back off, but then failed to collect the ball. These are facts, not complaints. A top notch keeper should remain responsible and passionate about his duties much like Gianluigi Buffon.

  6. I agree with Ugali Saucer about Bonfas Oluoch being Kenya Goal Keeper Number One, perhaps on that day when we were playing Sofapaka Oluoch asked for excess Ugalii Saucer before the game hence he became too heavy to jump high. Nevertheless, a support the fact that at least three signing should be done during the transfer window, the squad must be strengthened, particularly the striking force.

  7. Team is good just dynamism required plus many tournaments to go around rotating the squad.3 strong personalities will do andbthe elephant in the room then becomes do i bring Solomon Mensah to take Karim’s place for the remainder of the season as we are currently utilising 4 foreign slots instead of 5?Karim wont most likely play this season so we can retain him in the payroll as has been the case then bring a foreign powerhouse for Caf onslaught then next year when all are fit we can review who makes way for who since i feel leaving that slot while we have notable squad deficencies is ill advised.

    NOTE:Lecturers of the site Karim Nizigyimana is by all means a continental stalwart in that fullback position who electrified my mind body and soul with his runs and seamless crossing plus a personal friend who owes his being here to me and Frank Ouna so b4 bashing me know am not saying we drop him not at all but use that slot till next year when he will be fully fit…

  8. The facts are all out there that no.2 is not a problematic position for Gor Mahia right now. If what we witnessed against Sofapaka I’d to be used as a yardstick then I would say we need a new goalkeeper, a central defender and a winger able to operate as a striker. ” I have a striker who cannot control the ball, a 6’2′ defenders who cannot win headers” is an indictment big enough for the current occupiers of the said position retend that the coach has not spoken. ” Pull up your socks guys before your stay in Gor Mahia is vetoed.

  9. The last game, I can as well blame Kerr for substituting momanyi who was doing well and bringing Onyango who according to me was not psychologically prepared to play because a player after getting a red card tend to fear tackles that might give him a caution. Mamanyi was on top of his game and I thought that game was meant to prepare him for matches to come. On strengthen of the squad, I believe that we can only add but not release because the players we have are quality players. What they lack is play time. If I was Kerr, I will play momanyi in defense every time,not because Onyango is bad but because I believe momanyi is better than Onyango. And on recruitment, bring back Musa Mohammed and Novella Ochien’g only.

  10. How are they guys if you don’t mind..besides in second half Kigalo are always reluctant and that is why they concede goals and then Bonnie is at times is slagish in the goal post thooo

  11. As we continue preparing for the challenges
    ahead , I cant help but notice that we have perpetual negative challenges put in out way , when we were to play supersports , 48 hrs before the game we still dont if and how we would travel for one of our most crucial money injecting match of our season , but we conquered anyway , fast forward to Usm Alger , on the day of our game , we still didnt know if Kasarani would be availed to as and if after that our fans would be allowed into the stadium , eventually that came to pass , as of now there is a tug of war between Fkf and Kpl if our Mashemeji derby at Bukhungu will be played and it is barely two days to then and if that is not enough we have now been put in limbo as to where our next games against Yanga and Rayon Sports will be played , it beats me how a team/players is expected to focus with such shenanigans at play .
    Meanwhile our opponents are getting all the support available from their federations , as our Mwendwa here puts up all stops to frustrate what for now should be FKF’S biggest project and Pride , each time we progress his pain and frustrations seems to spiral , probably wishing it was his kariobangi sharks in contention .
    But am glad that so far we have surmounted all those hurdles and we continue matching on .
    Having said that , I pray that I will not be hit by a flying saucer for complaining , whining and gnashing of my teeth for a team am yet to treat to crates of fantas and boflos . . . .I Beg–O

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