6 Feb 17

The 2017 Kenya premier league is set to kickoff this coming weekend according to reports posted by Citizen sports. Gor Mahia are set to kick off their campaign on Sunday February 12 against Kakamega Homeboyz.

Confusion still surrounds the structure of the league. On January 26, Nick Mwendwa announced that he had agreed in principle with KPL leadership to create an 18 team league. On Wednesday he announced that Sofapaka and Muhoroni Youth would be relegated for not meeting CAF licensing regulations while Vihiga United and KCB would be promoted. However the fixtures released by KPL are for a 16 team league with only Nzoia United and Kariobangi Sharks being promoted. The other teams promoted by FKF (Zoo Kericho and Nakumatt) have also been excluded. Meanwhile Muhoroni Youth and Sofapaka are included in the fixtures.

In a press release from KPL, KPL CEO Jack Oguda stated that the fixtures can only be reviewed and amended ‘if and when the league is expanded to 18’.

“Today the KPL Governing Council met and unanimously adopted this statement and agreed to support, and also enjoin KPL in, an immediate and urgent petition by Muhoroni Youth and Sofapaka against their irregular and dubious ‘relegation’.

“We also agreed to appeal to the relevant authorities and judicial bodies all previous and future FKF decisions which violate FIFA principles/regulations and the FKF-KPL Agreement,” read part of the statement.

Updated KPL Fixtures and Venues

February 11 – Bandari v Kariobangi Sharks (Mbaraki Sports Club, 3pm), Chemelil Sugar v SoNy Sugar (Chemelil Stadium, 3pm), Kakamega Homeboyz v Gor Mahia (Mumias Sugar Sports Complex, 3pm)

February 12 – Mathare United v Thika United (Kasarani, 2pm), AFC Leopards v Nzoia United (Kasarani, 4.15pm), Western Stima v Muhoroni Youth (Moi Stadium, 3pm)

February 15 – Sofapaka v Ulinzi Stars (Nyayo Stadium, 3pm), Tusker v Posta Rangers (Kinoru, 3pm)

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  • odhis muga says:

    This is total confusion. It is a very sad day for Kenyan football fans and players
    especially from vihiga united,Kcb,muho,sofa,nakumat and zoo clubs.They will be hopeless, demoralized and demotivated coz of future uncertainty. Anyway let’s hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Hehe..I thought nyamweya was the problem kumbe confusion is in our genes.

    Oguda if you say the league will start with sofapaka and muho I.e 16 and assess as your progress so who will make the other two clubs ? Nakumatt and zoo kericho or KCB and vihiga ? What if they all come on board ? And what if sofapaka and muho are eventually dropped after playing the first few games of the season, how will the loosing or winning team be compensated for wasted effort ? Must all this teams join KPL league this year ? What is the rush to have 18 teams ? Should the person financing the league not have a final say ?…..

  • musymo says:

    @Admin, the venues are all out and the Gor game is slated for Mumias. But I have a hunch no games will be played this weekend!!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Just noted that of late everything under Omusinga’s chairmanship is confused & confrontational.1) how does league start without the season opener DsTv cup 2)as per the previous blog now is when our EC is to meet to guage TB.Why wait until the last minute when a crisis is evident?REMEMBER WE WERE INVITED TO MAPUNDIZI CUP BUT CHICKENED OUT YET IT WOULD HAVE REVEALED ABILITIES or LACK THEREOF OF TB/PLAYERS. 3) Look @ true chairmen Elly Kalekwa and Adagala oppose “stupid orders”.In football the championship and relegations are the 2 battles that should never be decided in the boardroom. THIS IS SOMETHING FKF MUST ACCEPT AND MOVE ON. ZE MARIA PLEASE GO (and coach GM YOUTH).NOTHING WILL IMPROVE IN THOSE 5 GAMES APART FROM COSTING US THE LEAGUE.I BELIEVE PLAYER APATHY HAS SET IN.This is a chelsea/mourinho situation.Hehehe never thought i have a chance to make these EPL comparisons ati even mourinho is the one who eventually left chelsea.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    We have gone back to the days of infighting between KPL and KFF. Oguda has kichwa ngumu and Mwendwa is full of pride. There is no compromise.

  • A person says:

    Adagala should teach some idiots a lesson by releasing his hitmen who worked on the Bebetos and Ochomos. Some level of stupidity can only be beaten out of individuals since such individual have such a low IQ that reasoning with them is an exercise in futility.

  • So the fixtures have been released 5 days to the matches? What a country!
    And what happened to the Dstv supercup final?
    What if FKF releases an alternative fixture that accommodates is adored clubs?
    You know you are in Kenya when you see such things happening in football.

    • ODUOR12 says:

      He who pays the piper calls the tune!FKF has no money to run a premier league so releasing fixtures will be an exercise in futility just like Nyamweya tried with his ill fated league.It just does’nt make sense to insist on an expansion that you can’t finance.What if FKF fails to remit the kes.24M in April, how will the expenses e.g transport & salaries etc be paid.FKF can come clean by providing solid details of how/who would will provide its part of the bargain i.e kes.24M. KPL is right to play it safe. After all CAF licensing requires clubs to have money in their accounts why not FKF?

  • Jasego says:

    All this is Omusinga Mugabe’s doing since Jack Oguda is his Henchman…Otherwise is he’s constant quarrels with Nick that leads to stalemate.Roles are clearly defined and Musyoki of tusker should be calling the shots as KPL Chairman.Everything with a beginning Must gave an end.This protracted battle year in year out is very bad for Kenyan football

  • moses says:

    Kakamega homeboys 0 Gor Mahia 5. (migi will score)

    • musymo says:

      The boys and the team needs such a scoreline. There is already too much negative vibe that only such a thrashing will calm nerves and rally everyone together!!

  • Dan Original says:

    What we are forgetting is that FKF is the principal and KPL the agent. The agent has limited authority and even without money if FKF decides that no football is played then the sponsors will withhold the money and KPL will even be more broke as they don’t have any mandate to organize soccer without the blessing of FKF.
    Or own Chairman should not allow himself to be used in these turf wars. We all know that he doesn’t regard Nick highly but he has no choice but to do so. Let Musyoki’s hands be also seen in these wars else GM is bound to be viewed negatively.
    As it is no games will be played this weekend and with campaigns for elections soon taking over soon we will have the most disorganized league this year. My three-pence idea is let’s have the extra 4 teams to make it 20 in total and then we relegate four and promote 2. The financial aspect will also help us determine which teams can go to the lower tier at the end of the season

    • ODUOR12 says:

      Exactly, it is not a matter of forgetting but the saying “He who pays the piper calls the tune” is supposed to explain such contradictory situations. Its meant to jolt the principle into rethinking not bull dozing.

      If what you are saying is true, then how come SP has not sided with FKF.

      AN EXTRA 280 GAMES.
      If FKF decides this then that is it. It does’nt work that way only way out is for FKF to give kes.24M for a 18 team league and kes.60M for a 20 team league.
      Its a question of putting your money where your mouth is!
      There are FIFA/CAF rules to be followed and Elly Kalekwa,unlike of our chairman, is willing to go all the way. to FIFA.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    My heart desires that I be proved dead wrong on the outcome of our game against KK Homeboys. However, I have this fear that another loss is on the cards. How I wish the court poets would dance in my face after the match, reminding me of baseless and unfounded fears.

    • musymo says:

      @BB, A point well made. I pray for victory too. But never expect much from the apologists. They have so many people to blame for our performance but who is squarely culpable. They will tell you team is still gelling(as if it is only Gor that has new players) or strikers are the problem and Ze Maria cannot get into the field and score for them(they forget the coach takes responsibility for a teams performance) or that other teams give 110%(then we give 120% and beat them) or that other teams are negative(a good coach adapts accordingly) or that changing the coach is not the solution(all over the world coaches are fired for non performance e.g. Van Gaal, Mourinho, Villas Boas, Moyes, Benitez, Pardew so what is so different here?) Sometimes if you did not know better you would wonder if they are married to the guy or what they use for thinking!!!

  • obra says:

    i wish them de best but basically homeboyz will win

  • Dan Original says:

    Guys, KPL has been suspended and so is AR, Musyoki, Oguda and Munro. Keep watching EPL and have more friendlies

  • Jaupanda says:

    The amazing thing about words. Call somebody a Cow, Dog. Chicken, Donkey and just patiently, observe keenly. They will never change to the above. That is the most critical moment to take a step back and discover real identies. The Kogalo platform provides us with an opportunity to share divergent thoughts all for the promotion and the good of the club. For me I take it very seriously because I learn a lot. Dear bloggers I think we can use it attract people to support our team. Just a thought…..

  • seville says:

    If u can guess this tym round kpl is fighting a lost cost .caf is holding elections in march n if u havent notice the federation has been in the good side of the continetal body .expect this federation to take the mandate back go for star times as official broadcaster in the event supersport withdraws of which is unlikely n betway .And startimes are knwn for high sponsor ship …check ur cards right kpl coz this is when this become tough

  • seville says:

    I putty Ar nothing tangible is going on in Kenya as far as chan 2018 is concerned n y is caf reluctant to take away. Hayatou will protect its member every hopin for the vote . i hope gor does not suffer cos of this insuelent issue btn a wannabe n a federation