Gor Mahia transfer news July 3 2019

Former Gor Mahia attacking midfielder Ali Abondo was seen training with the team on Wednesday morning and could be returning to Kogalo. This according to goal.com. The 29 year old midfielder has played for Gor Mahia on two previous occassions. He is currently attached to Bloemfontein Celtic of South Africa.

Goal.com also reports that Gor Mahia have signed two players from Nairobi Stima. The two are Curtis Wekesa and Dennis Oalo. The latter was the top scorer in the 2018-2019 National Super League with 24 goals.

CEO Omondi Aduda also confirmed the signing of Tobias Otieno and Shura Abdallah from SoNy Sugar.

“We have signed Tobias Otieno and Abdalla Shura from Sony Sugar and Elvis Ronack from Nzoia Sugar. They are young players with real quality, and they will help us a great deal beyond next season,” Aduda said according to Yahoo Sports

40 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news July 3 2019

  1. Aduda should be telling us what happened to Otangas transfer, he should also be honest enough to tell us how much he has collected from those players who signed Aduda ubiro chamo ngwech machiegni

  2. I request the admin to put this I a page of its own ladies and gentleman.

    Read this. We GorMahia bloggers in this page hereby request the DCI office to investigate corruption and activities related to slavery in the Gor Mahia office and associated officials in players recruitment. These charges are all on public domain and we feel our club’s s image has been tarnished considerably

    I have signed.

  3. Aduda kindly be serious and avoid comission players, surely Aduda among the players u’ve named above ni gani can take us through the caf? are they better than our current players cz to me they are bellow & not even mature to play for gor mahia, cz i wonder how a super league player can help us beat zamalek plz aduda take those players to your village team or else next season we will tell u how rude we are and will not give them time to play in gor including mustapha and ssekisambu so u better not sign them.

    1. As a team we must have both experienced and inexperienced players. Zamalek, Esperance, Al Hali always have new and upcoming players of 20 years or so. We also need that in Gor. Mind you we got Marcelo more or less from school. We must have that blend in Gor and we must do it rightly

  4. Quality players cannot entertain the nonsense in Gor where officials and agents scramble for part of sign-on fee
    . Only inexperienced and sometimes desperate ones accept to be lured by Aduda and company.Is the oldman really in charge?

  5. Why sign all these many young players that never get playtime and end up being released in the next transfer window?

  6. Yaani tumefika mahali Gor Mahia brand name and letterhead can be used as a clearing agency to get a foreign player out of a contract technicality? We pay or rather claim to buy Djabel Imanishimwe for 30,000 $ then immediately offload him to APR for 35,000 $ since the Rayon contract expressly forbids him from signing for another team in Rwanda? Jodhot nukoso ne Nyasaye kanye yawa koso nuweyo dhi lemo Jumapili? Aduda orchestrated this investment by putting down cartel 9000$ deposit to facilitate the Conmanship Scheme. I have landed in Rwanda Djabel and Rayon and APR must all tell me if they know the Real GM…

    1. This might be a duplication of what I had commented on earlier on. But admin can do the necessary to facilitate it. Can the bloggers sign up this petition please to the DCI to thoroughly investigate the corruption allegations widely circulated in the media. This is modern day slavery and borders corruption .please lets take action and an investigation initiated.
      I sign and agree

  7. Mara we have signed Mara we haven’t signed. Gor never lacks some kind of circus every end of the season. Total lack of professionalism I must say.. then we wonder why teams in the region are way ahead of us!!

  8. Jasego fight hard to land that guy Djabel but aduda will get it vry hard with his commissiom players cz we will not give them time to play in gor mahia and u Jasego as u fight hard to release mustafa & ssekisambu also release mzee oliech cz we cant afford paying him alot of money to play for injury time, his salary can bring lethal striker like kaddu.

  9. Gor Mahia should sign quality players who can play and win against West and North African teams. I hope that is what is happening. Time will tell.

  10. Jaber mheshimiwa has clearly pulled a ‘ situmbeko’ on us.

    Those 5 signings clearly show our intention in 2020 is to win the league. ..i wonder when shall we show intentions to win CAFor conquer Africa ?

    1. Jakoyo stop limping left right centre and talking asunder. It is NONE other than you who in your own words “Authoritatively confirmed that Djabel Imanishimwe had signed for GM and would land in Kenya next week and even christened him with a Monicker Nickname Jaber Mheshimiwa in advance”. What did you know about the signing or were you co-ordinating the Conmanship Scheme with your friend Aduda CEO?

  11. Who are we? Does Gor Mahia have members or fans? If you are a member then you have a right to feel agrieved at what is going on in the Club. I am sorry, very sorry for those whose only association with Gor Mahia is that of a fan. Your voices will be drowned by that of the cartels. Sincerely speakinging, I don’t think we are seriously thinking of where the Club should be or even the direction it should take. The silence from ADOR is not helping matters here. As the Chairman, he should come out give leadership unless he is also a beneficiary of these clandestine developments. MY ARTICLES NEVER GET PUBLISHED SINCE LATE LAST YEAR. PLEASE ALLOW THE FAITHFULS OF GOR MAHIA to read my articles by publishing them

  12. I have FULL confidence in the players signed so far. These are the players Gor Mahia need and not the established players. I am happy that some of them have been given long contracts. Let us stop mourning over Otanga’s failure to sign for Gor. I am sure the signings made so far are better than this Otanga boy. I remain confident and I can assure you that soon and very soon we shall be singing praise of the lads from Super League division that we are now castigating.

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  13. @Albert Kosero-Sofaset Branch Kampala, fans are not mourning but are very concern about the evil machinations which are on-going inside the club where CEO, Treasurer, Organizing Secretary, Team Manager etc have been mentioned on corrupt dealings.

    My one cent observation is to let this great club die a natural death and new clubs with better structures will naturally emerge if we can not change from the old way of executing our mandates.

    Going back to the new constitution, I do not think that we are going to have a real change or change that we have been expecting through the Trustees, elected officials and management. My fear is that the two level of offices (both offices of trustees and elected officials) will lead to underground wars of supremacy. The elected chairman will be hand-picking trustees who are his buddies/friends and acquaintances at the expense of meritocracy.

    I had raised this before and @Teddy Sofaset Branch Entebbe dismissed my comments and observations. Our club needs to be run like a company aimed at achieving its missions and core objectives but at the same time to make money and distribute dividend to shareholders. Under the current constitution, I do not think that the objectives will be achieved or might just become a pipe-dream.

    1. @Jamigori, the laws are good but will depend on the goodwill of the office bearers. Why shouldn’t the Chairman have his cronies in the Board ? So long as they are delivering we should not have a problem

      1. @Dan Original, this constitution we are celebrating now is a typical example that will encourage perpetual begging habits.

  14. We now know, that the legion of doom calling itself ‘gor mahia officials’, have’nt got the clubs interest at heart. And that they are quickly turning into wreckless, unproffessional and dubious characters.

    1. @George Odiwa, the unfortunate thing is that if elections were to be called today to ‘clean’ that office only 400 members would vote and maybe none of us on this wall would. So let’s join Gor as members instead of being fans whose voice just ends here

  15. @Jamigori, on the contrary , I never dismissed your model , I gave other models and they were the Real Madrid/Barcelona , Bayern Munich and the Man City/Man U/Arsernal models and I gave reasons and on top of these I can add Blackburn and what happened to it .
    I can give the other non football models like the American models in democracy and the Chinese model of leadership , both may be good but the American model of democracy may not necessarily work in china moreso when you are trying to move a country from a third world country poor country to a first world status , if in doubt try the kenyan style of democracy in Rwanda and kagame would be out of power in a flash with Rwanda going back to the Pre kagame semi banana status .
    But I finished my article by saying that your model @Jamigori was unavoidably the model for the future but in Gor Mahia , the socio economics dynamics as pertains now may not be that generous , Simba and Wazito are trying it but while Simba’s for now is more philanthropic than economic , Wazito’s is suspicious in anyway you look at it and its sustainability cannot be guarenteed .
    On the signings I agree with @Albert Kosero , my other team Liverpool signed relegated players like Andy Robertson , Wijnaldum , Shaqiri and a failed former chelsea player in Mohammed Salah and we ignorantly screamed , the only worry I have is that when it comes to signings , we are at the mercy of the Adudas , the Bolos, the Jolawi’s and tne Steve’s and their signings maybe more stomach driven than on merit but again they have gotten some right before but the final bottom line is that the EC as currently constituted is more of a tower of babel with its attendant consequences of managerial/administrative armaggedon and this then brings me to @Le Pastre’s cold truth , you who is complaining , have you registered as a member so as to be able to influence the trajectory to your liking ?

  16. I agree with you 100%.we also need youth players.our current full back three who replaced Batambuzi have done well and was inexperienced when he joined Gor mahia fc.we need the youth players just like any other team. Even kipkirui was not expected to rise to the occasion but emerged as fans favorite on his debut season at Gor. Its upon every player to impress the coaches during training and perform when given opportunity

  17. Administrator I think this software you installed to moderate bloggers’ comments is doing more harm than good. You should decide whether you want us to post our comments or you want us to keep off due to the restrictions and frustrations that come with it. Please set my people free. Remove that moderation nuisance and let the comments flow freely like in early years of this decade.

  18. Why would Gor use a foreign slot to sign a goalkeeper from Singida who is not even the first choice where he was?

  19. I hope we are now done with signings. I have noted that what matters in a team is the cohesion and belief within the team. Big names are good but we also need to empower our unknown-quantity to deliver. Last year some unknown team from Bungoma beat ingwe, Sofapaka and Ulinzi in the Shield Cup just because they believed. Oalo, Wekesa and Kip will give us a formidable team. I believe

  20. @Musymo , this are some of the most shocking transfers in the history of the club. Why goalkeeper from tanzania yet our very own capable keeper gad Mathew was offered to us by K sharks in exchange for cercidy okeyo + lokuwam ? I suspect hashim sempala will leave, gor style of play does not suit him at all.

    Secondly, so is it official that our third choice keeper odhoji is being released ? And where is this release list we are keenly waiting for ? I reckon there will be at least 5 departures.

    Finally, our recruitment is aimed at winning the league …not conquering Africa. What a shame ! or perhaps now that ADOR and the entire office is leaving in 6 months , ‘our time to eat mentally’ has come full throttle in this transfer season. Time will tell.

  21. @musymo – that’s where big money, bigger commission is. All foreign slots up for grab as they come and go. Biz inashika

  22. Yet another slot up for grabs as sempala has handed in a transfer request.
    @Teddy, how much are we going to miss him?

  23. It is shocking beyond redemptions to hear what is happening in GM. Yani officials acting as agents and has the temerity to ask for kick- bucks from the same players they are recruiting. I remember at one time Aduda wanted to contest for KFF chairmanship, I wonder what would have happened to Kenyans soccer had he been elected. Ati CEO, my ass

  24. It is shocking to sign a foreign goalkeeper who was playing second fiddle and awinger with no experience to replace Jausenge yaan from alliance high school in DAR.This is the worst shambolic recruitment I have never witness at GOR mahia.Jasego you said earlier that you flown a Cameroonian to Gor mahia and he was training at camp toyoyo.Has he gone back or issues ya kick back has made him deported again.

  25. The dickson guy is a quality his been player of the months severally in tz the previous season their is quality in him.the only sad part is his coming on a year loan for the goal keeping department we’ve complained numerous times here so wait and be patient on that guy or all the same gad Mathews was never ready to give part of his signing fees. For me we already have tuyisenge replacement in kipkirui kahata too in miguna but not for aucho that’s were we’ve been lacking since he left.

  26. Bwana Seville, Kipkirui is good but can not play big continental matches. So we kogallo needed a high profile player with leathal goal poaching instincts, remember last year we lost so many goal scoring chances.

  27. So after ranting on this wall , wailing , screaming and gnashing of teeth vis vis the mishappenings in Gor Mahia , what you gonna do ? , I ask this because I have heard and read these
    high octane , high decibel ineffective rants before and yet
    this is a serious issue that talking about and adressing one self to the consequence and not the causes is a sure recipy for failure and to treat it casually by intimating to bloggers (BLOGGERS) to sign a petition to the DCI instead of using that enthusiasm to rally people to register as members is equivalent in my opinion to dancing and unleashing your best dance moves in a matanga disco .
    Come election time , only (ONLY) 400People will be eligible to vote on your complaining behalf , As far as am concerned , this is an issue for the mind , not the heart and at this rate , we will be having the same conversation , this time again next season

  28. @teddy sofaset entebbe branch, @dan original and others have always highlighted on the need for fans to come out in large numbers and register as members. We; 1.want and hope gor to be a LTD company 2.we would like to elect new officials 3.we would like to give a positive input in the running of the club. 4. We need to come togather as one, consolidate our ideas, opinions and resources for the club. 5. We need also to have a platform where members can come togather to enlighten and push for the clubs aspirations and goals. All this cannot be possible if we don’t register as members. Thousands of fans, from far and wide wish to be members but probably don’t know how? and where? to register. I therefore request the administrator of this wall to help us highlight and descimminate information regarding membership.

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