Gor Mahia transfer news June 21

Meddie Kagere

Meddie Kagere looks set to join Gor Mahia. This according to a report on posted goal.com. The Rwandese talisman has been training with Kogalo at Camp Toyoyo since the season started. However with reports that Gor Mahia were on the verge of signing a Brazilian striker, Thiago Lima Da Silva, it seemed that Kagere would not have a place at the club. Kagere was then said to be negotiating deals with Tusker and AFC Leopards. The deal with Da Silva has now fizzled amid reports that he is not fit and other reports that his International Transfer Certificate could not be processed on time.

Ronald Ngala confirmed to goal.com that a deal

“Nothing has been finalized yet, we have had discussions but he has not yet signed. He is expected in our offices today (Monday) to discuss his transfer that is personal terms, and after that we hope he can sign the contract. Kagere is a good player, a player of undoubted quality and I believe he will add real value to the team.” Ngala said.

Last season Kagere combined with Michael Olunga and Ali Abondo to form one of the most devastating attack formations ever seen in Kenya. A return could see him play with fellow Rwandese Jacque Tuyisenge with whom he is familiar.

Since Kagere has been at Camp Toyoyo for several months now, the club’s technical staff must have a good idea about his fitness levels, his form and his state of mind.


Humphrey Mieno

The lanky Tusker midfielder who is seen by some as an ideal replacement for the departing Khalid Aucho seems interested in joining Kogalo. However his transfer bid is being blocked by both Tusker and the FKF because he still has 18 months left on his contract.

The Daily Nation reports that Mieno who earns about Sh80,000 a month and is reportedly being offered Sh130,000 at K’Ogalo and a sign on fee of Sh 1.5 million. However, Gor’s acting secretary general Ronald Ngala denies the claims.

“We’ve never talked to Mieno nor made an official bid. We would go for him if he’s a free agent because he’s a good player,” he said.

Ngala added: “We made official approach for the players we wanted. We made an approach to Western Stima for Baron Oketch and we got him .It was the same with Muhoroni Youth for Wellington Oketch .We also made an approach to Mathare United for Eric Johanna but they never replied while Bandari rejected our approach for Anthony Kimani.” said Ngala to the Nation.

Tusker director Charles Obiny said there is no just cause for Mieno to end his contract. He said: “The rules are clear. Gor have not made any offer to us,” he said. Article 16A of Fifa rules state that a contract can’t be unilaterally terminated during the course of a season.

However, for footballing reason, a player can only terminate his contract if “in the course of the season, appeared in fewer than ten per cent of the official matches in which his club has featured in .In such a case, sporting sanctions shall not be imposed, though compensation may be payable”.

Mieno first made his name at Sofapaka before going to Tanzania, then AFC Leopards and now Tusker. In his prime, he was a regular with the national team.

Khalid Aucho

In a bizarre twist, Khalid Aucho now claims that he will be attending trials at Aberdeen and not Glasgow Rangers.
I just read a lot about Rangers but the truth of the matter is that I have been invited by Aberdeen and not Rangers.” said Aucho according to dailyrecord.co.uk
Chairman Ambrose Rachier also concurred with the statements according to the report
We had been reading in the media so much about Rangers but the truth of the matter is that we got a copy of Aucho’s invitation letter from Aberdeen and we have granted the player permission as he awaits his visa.” said Rachier.
This is par for the course for Aucho who often uses social media to send conflicting messages that leave fans and pundits wondering about his status.

27 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news June 21

  1. Kagere-Tuyisenge combination mambo biad. But that means one foreign player must be released and it seems we are heading nowhere in that regard. As for Aucho, we can’t wait for him forever. The transfer window is fast closing and he is still waiting for a visa to go for trials. These trials will take not less than two weeks by which time the window shall have closed. What if we keep him, release another player and he succeeds in trials or we sign another and he fails? My take is that he gets released, Kagere and another quality midfielder be signed and if he fails in his trials,ocham nyanje!!!!

    1. @Musymo, let us learn to appreciate what Khalid Aucho has done for Gor Mahia. He has been a rock in our midfield and his game has improved. Terms like “Ocham Nyanje” does not apply at all as this will be a big step for Aucho and Gor Mahia by joining any serious professional outfit in Europe. Aberdeen and Rangers are very big clubs in Scotland. By Aucho joining paid rank in Scotland will be a huge stepping stone for our Gor Mahia players. Let us wish him well and you never know that the stone the builders rejected can become a cornerstone anytime.

      1. @Jamigori , if you only took time to read and understand what I am saying you will save yourself from such outbursts. I said it will be detrimental to Gor to wait for Aucho’s visa and trials while the transfer window closes. In two weeks time we cannot sign any more players local or foreign. By then Aucho will still be out for trials. What do we do if and when he succeeds? Remember the EC/TB are waiting for him so they can sign a foreign replacement which will be neither here nor there once the window closes. Never have i ever said he is a bad player or that he should not go for trials. Whatever unflattering I have said about him regards his indiscipline like when he remains in Uganda and addresses the club through the press like he did at the beginning of the season or the two times he has failed to return in time after internationals when the team needs him most or when his agent sensationally claimed last week that the club has denied him permission to go for trials at Rangers(now it is Aberdeen) . He is the best midfielder Gor has at the moment and deserves a stint abroad God willing but that does not allow him to hold us a ransom. So @Jamigori I have noticed that anytime I post anything you are always quick to castigate, my brother we are not in competition here. We just happen to be ideologically opposed so dont make it personal. Retain your objectivity and let’s agree to disagree honourably. Also try posting your own opinions than almost always reacting to other peoples’ posts.

      2. @Jamigori kindly allow me to quote Musymo….”Retain your objectivity and let’s agree to disagree honourably. Also try posting your own opinions than almost always reacting to other peoples’ posts”. Ndugu Jamigori take that free advice. It will save you so much stress. Kindly stop prefecting the blog.

        1. @Barefoot Bandit, Jamigori comment or reaction is not in any way contradictory but pointed on unpalatable word ocham Nyanje. Please note that we are all bloggers and we all have equal rights to comments and react to any posting no matter the contents. You are neither the owner of this site nor prefect of this site too but just bloggers.

          If you do not want people to react or comment, why can’t you post in the wall of your lounge or private room?

          1. @Otieno Aloka, what is your problem? I cannot remember “stopping people to react or comment” as you have put it. Your observation is quite positive. However, it is misdirected. It would help if you could re-read my post above.

          2. @Aloka, React all you can but try posting your own ideas for a change!!!!!! Ocham nyanje means he should sort himself out. That is what Aucho must do IF and only IF his trials fail(and i am praying he succeeds) because the window shall have closed and he may not be able to rejoin Gor because we may have signed a replacement. What is wrong in saying that Mr Prefect?

  2. Misreporting and fallacies will be the undoing of us all.Note Meddie Kagere has never been training at camp toyoyo with GM or even been back to Kenya since he last departed in Dec 2015.He has been in Rwanda training with Apr initially then left for trials in Tunisia/Egypt that didn’t materialize then went back home & has been training with AS Kigali ever since.All negotiations btn GM & him have taken place while he’s in Rwanda,how could he be expected at the offices on Monday if he is around?Modalities are currently being persued to get him here at which point the coach will assess his fitness levels as no one at GM has seen him ever since.He might arrive this week if all goes well then the to be released issue re-visited yet again depending on Aucho’s visa status…

    1. Ja’Asego, that is typical of Ngala. Always giving conflicting info on the club status. While we await Aucho to go let’s get Mieno. It might be expensive but so are all good things. On Kagere it will be a risk I would also take up. I preferred Ochomo but the problem with him is that he is injury-prone but his forcefulness is what we need to assist JaUsenge.
      All the same let’s wait and see what the next two weeks has in store for us

  3. Bring Kagere back at whatever costs !!!

    Aucho is going nowhere this are just typical rumours being channed out by football agents to sell their players and enhance thier value/returns.

  4. Well you have got your wish,just from an EC meeting and the decision has been made,Kagere is the preferred centre-forward after missing out on Laudit Mavugo who Yanga snapped after what I openly raised that to me felt like deliberate delay by contrary view holders.All the same a Ticket has been dispatched and Meddie will touch down at Jkia any time from today evening onwards.I repeat here for clarity purposes that I am not personally handling the Kagere signing which is and will therefore update as necessary with accurate info although mostly you’ll hear from Ngala on various platforms,as he has taken point on this one.I like meddie & we close but I was looking @ posterity wea Mavugo at 23 would have been a more viable prospect in terms of return on investment snc he’ll head pro very soon.Suffice still to say after the meeting welcome back Kagere,hope negotiations go seemlessly & coach is impressed…

    1. Thank you so much Ja’Asego. Thank you God. Meddie belongs in Gor Mahia. Now our fans who danced to welcome Rodrigues Bissoli Waiganjo and were at it again when Thiago touched down at JKIA should extend even a bigger reception for Meddie. Tick nyaka e dier nam. God bless Ja’Asego.

  5. Mieno & Luanda Magere tosha. Regarding Aucho logic dictates that his only other option his to go for trials on the very clear written understanding that whatever the outcome he will return and complete his season.This though will not resolve the foreign quota headache. Finally judge Khalid by what he does for K’galo on the pitch. As regards Ngala remember he is Jakom’s righthand man and does not operate under a pseudo name. Ours are just opinions on his utterances or actions which may turn out to be right/wrong and he may still have an explanation like Jasego had regarding the transfers. Best example has Kagere ever trained with GM this year if so then how come Ze Maria has never seen him play?

  6. Jamaneni Thiganjo tena? Anyway it seems Kagere has been missing the Kogalo family. He now knows that Gor is the place to be. Welcome home Lwanda Magere. I hope the Ec will tie the lose knots in good time.

  7. Meddie Kagere has landed in Jkia & received by Ja’sego in a low key manner as we both preferred,am dropping him off to Thika Road @ Aucho’s place wea he will crush today as he awaits meeting Jakom tomorrow morning for formalities & negotiations after which if all goes according to plan he will be @ camp toyoyo later for afternoon training session or Thursday morning workout.Afc Leopards had apparently offered him a salary of 80,000 but were willing to try reach 100,000 with signing fees in the region of 1M (efusi okiya nengo meddie omera).On the same Note Thiago Da Silva is jetting out back to brazil with Turkish Airlines in the next few hours,let’s all wish him well after successfully touring Kenya

  8. Free advice to the EC.Kindly create an official source where fans can get updated news about the club.It is also important that only one member of should be tasked with the role of engaging the fans.A man with two watches can hardly tell the correct time if one watch is faulty.I have been in dilemma whether to believe Ngala or Ja Asego.With both black and white smoke bellowing from our tower I have decided to treat everything as a rumour untill the offical announcement is made.If I may ask;Who heads the recruitment department at Gor?From ja Asego’s posts it appears it is a free for all phenomena.At other times it is ja’Asego scouting and pushing signing but almost always nobody listens to him.Maybe he is considered a small man or perhaps he doesn’t have much clout
    At other times this role is done by some committee whose decisions are binding.Ja Asego has been giving us feeds about going ons in this committee and ,I believe,much to the chagrin of some members of the said committee.Many will feel he is accusing them to the fans.EC please do abit of Information Management.That is how professional entities are managed.Thank you @ja asego.Allow me to add though that do not think you have failed when others do not buy your ideas.You meant well for Kogalo.By signing Kagere(who many bloggers also wanted)shows they also mean well.United we Stand brother.Sasa mkakati wa kutetea taji letu uanze kwa kashindo.

  9. Jasego is the mouthpiece, with information apparently from deep inside the office. Thank you brother whoever you are, you filling for us a big void.

    1. @Okewkanango kunyamaza nayo”!!! Anglo-dholuo dwa nega jakababa @Musymo dwa solution mar foreign quota ei Gor ka makata tek to AUCHO “OCHAM NYANJE”. Weche GOR TEK SANA.

      @ADMIN please APOLOGIZE and withdraw your previous post declaring English and Swahili as the official blogging language in this site and in particular to @Okewkanago. It is uncalled for to gag him and just like @Ja’Asego is allowed to bring all the “mushene” from the would be AR or EC “chicken cabinet” and whether he represents or misrepresents facts depending on how one evaluate and query his info is non of your business; then the same case should also apply to @ Okewkanago and let those dissatisfied to swallow their pride. Luo is not LATIN but an African language just like Kiswahili.

      A case in hand is like this latest thing called “OCHAM NYANJE” which if our mastery of Anglo-dholuo was as active as @Ja”Asego i believe by now K’Ogalo would have made a solution to the foreign quota fiasco.

      @Okewkanango “WHAT A MAN CAN TRY; ANOTHER MAN CAN DO…… Tem a tema jakababa kaka gidwaro mondo wa winji in be. Ndika minyalo ei dho Anglo-saxon kata ko tur to wabiro tudo manyaka wachopi ei tiend wach.

  10. @ Ja’Asego your idea is noble but if you are an Kogallo insider then it would be good you channel your communication to @ admin of this website so that he can post it on this website otherwise we are creating multiple sources of information confusing the already confused situation. …Infact, we are rendering admin posts useless yet our job is to comment on his posts and add value where necessary.

  11. Baba Travis,trying to equate GM Mgt with professional outfits like Al Ahly,Zamalek or TP Mazembe by asking who heads the recruitment dept @ GM is a complete fallacy.We have a committee in charge of recruitment and transfers which the Chairman,SG,Org Sec, etc sit in and are supposed to take into a/c Coach’s considerations which we did by allowing Thiago to come.Differed opinions in that committee exist and am not shy to admit I was overruled on two signings id preferred not because of being a small man but because of circumstances and preferences.Don’t compare what I say with Ngala for I have no need to play to any gallery or spread propaganda but your prodding can at worst make me divulge info that creates tension in the EC which we don’t need.Just know transfer time is never easy but my interests have always been superb just like they were when I brought Nizigiyimana & Sibomana to Gor.

  12. Give Ngala break. I for one I am very happy that Ngala keeps us informed. One of the Best officials ever.
    There was a time when Kogalo officials were completely opaque and not accountable to anyone.

  13. Thanks@ja Asego.When Gor’s interest is met it is a win win situation.If the committee works at cross purposes to benefit Kogalo I have no problem.

  14. With due respect to all, differences cost us *effectively* and we lost worthy players. But, thanks for the ones you have brought into the team. The truth be told, the player lost to Yanga fc in my opinion is the best and kind of the players we needed most. Ja Asego thanks

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