Gor Mahia transfer news June 26

Gor Mahia appear set to lose their leading scorer Meddie Kagere to Tanzanian side Simba Sports club. Kagere has been a target of Simba and Yanga along with Francis Kahata.  The Rwandese striker arrived quietly in Tanzania and was photographed with Simba officials by Tanzanian news outlet Mwanaspoti.

So secretive was the move that Gor Mahia officials appear to have been caught off guard.

“Honestly speaking I am not aware that Kagere is in Tanzania. He came to me on Sunday and requested for a day off as he intended to travel back home to get the new passport. I am shocked to hear from you that he instead, travelled to Tanzania,” said Jolawi Obondo to goal.com

Earlier on, coach Dylan Kerr was quoted as saying that the club will only sign one player.

“I have a good team, I have full trust in this team. This window we will not be very active, we are looking for one striker and that will be it. The truth is it’s not easy to get a good striker during this window but we will keep looking. If we do not find one, I will continue with the group I have,” he said to futaa.com

With the glut of fixtures facing the club, one would have expected Kogalo to pursue at least three players.

One player who has been linked with a move to Gor Mahia is Erisa Sekisambu, a Ugandan player who plays as an attacking midfielder and sometimes as a forward.

“I don’t think I will be at Vipers next season,” Ssekisambu revealed while he appeared on NTV Press Box last month. “I have served the Ugandan league, it’s now time to face new challenges,” he told Kawowo sports.

Sekisambu who has featured for the Uganda Cranes, currently players for Vipers FC alongside Dan Sserunkuma. He had previously played for URA, Express and Sports Club Villa.

Another player whom Gor Mahia might pursue is Burundian attacker Francis Mustapha who has expressed an interest in joining Kogalo.

“I watched them play Rayon Sports (in the Caf Confederation Cup in Kigali) and said to myself ‘this is the team I want to play for’. Even in Bujumbura, everybody knows about Gor Mahia. Under their current coach, they are playing very sexy football which suits me.” said Mustapha to goal.com

Mustapha indicated that the club had indeed approached him.

“When Gor Mahia officials reached out to me earlier this month, I was excited, but at that time the league was in a crucial stage and I couldn’t get time to come to Nairobi to finalize the move. Now I am ready because we play our final league match of the season on Wednesday.” he continued.

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  1. If he voluntarily went to Dar, then it’s too late to convince him otherwise unless he wants to use that to make Gor Mahia revise their offer upwards. Ssrkisambu and Mustafa should fill the big gap that Meddie has left.

    1. It’s ok Kagere wanted something more but what of the other players who are earning less than 100,000 he is a good player yes but the demand is unattainable. Wish him good luck and I hope he’ll not come back leaking empty boul expecting to be taken back. On transfer my opinion Gor need 1 stricker 1 midfielder and 1 central defender period. Good thinking

  2. The cookies crumbling right on the table. Caf cup going, going. Ati kalongolongo cecafa. Everton beckoning. Recipe of poor planning. Things falling apart right at the climax. Poor Kogallo.

      1. yea Gor is a gud team and any good striker will like to play only the management should decide what we want to see is good perfomance not one player.

    1. No..no..no…don’t be so negative..you mean the other players do zero work…better days are ahead…just give the club positive energy…n they are good to go…cos the world hasn’t stopped turning for one person leaving Gor…Gor has been before Kagere n will be…put your faith in God…then structures never people. We loved him n said welcome..let’s also say goodbye n look ahead for new undiscovered possibilities…

  3. I am one of those people who still have faith in Ambrose Rachier and am never too critical of the EC despite their obvious deficiencies but this time unless someone proves to the contrary, I will squarely blame the EC and call for some sort of answers from them. Kagere had indicated he was waiting for an offer from Gor Mahia which I read had not been tabled by yesterday Monday. What are these officials using to think? Their behinds or what? If it is true the club had not approached Kagere with an offer by yesterday, I think this time someone should be held accountable and pay via people’s power. these guys need to be taught a lesson even if it means being forcefully evicted from office. I don’t advocate for violence and hooliganism but I am just so angry!!! This means Kahata who is running down his contract may also go for free!!!!

  4. How Kagere slipped away from ‘slow’ Gor MahiaBy Bonface Osano

    Monday night reports that Gor Mahia Ugandan-born Rwandan striker Meddie Kagere was spotted in Tanzania on Monday caught many including club officials flat footed.

    Earlier in the day Soka25east had gathered that the dependable forward was booked at Seascape Hotel, Dar Es Salaam the previous night and was poised to complete a move to Simba.

    Official word from Gor, however, indicated that the former Albania’s KF Tirana man was given some time to go see family back at home in Kigali, Rwanda.

    This was odd especially at a time the club was scheduled to play two catch-up matches against Posta Rangers and Sony Sugar Tuesday and Friday this week in the KPL in Kisumu.

    Kagere is the club’s top scorer and has started in almost all K’Ogalo’s league matches.

    The player’s contract is expiring end of June and media in Tanzania has been awash with reports linking him to Simba and Yanga, but most were dismissed as mere rumors.

    Other K’Ogalo stars who have been reported to be heading to Tanzania include Francis Kahata and Godfrey Walusimbi.

    Kagere has enjoyed a great form this season and was a star performer for the coach Dylan Kerr’s side as they successfully defended their SportPesa Super Cup a few weeks ago in Nakuru.

    He netted four times including a goal in the final which they won 2-0 against his would be new employers Simba.

    Despite the super performances and the dancing and kissing of the crest after every goal, the player was non-committal about his future at the club.

    Gor’s inability to sit him down in time to offer him a new deal only worked to his advantage at a time his profile kept souring regionally and beyond.

    Speaking to us on 18th June, Kagere confirmed that talks had not started; “I’m really waiting to talk to them,” he said, while hinting at finding a new home.

    “But I’m wondering if they know that I’m having other offers on the table, we’ve not talked, and I would’ve gone long time ago, but I’ll wait a little longer,” he added.

    Before he “sneaked” to Tanzania, Kagere alongside another player were reportedly to sign new deals, but “a secretary” to a senior official was unavailable to oversee the proceedings.

    He was reportedly asking for $50,000 sign-on fee for a new three-year-deal plus improved terms, demands Gor could not immediately agree to.

    Simba’s millionaire president Mohammed “MO” Dewji on the other hand is said to be willing to part with $80,000 to land the experienced striker.

    Gor are currently working on a fall back plan and will sign Uganda Cranes forward Erisa Ssekisambu and another foreign striker by the end of this week, according to a close source

    Copied from Soka25East

  5. @Musymo this is so annoying and the more I read about it the more I don’t understand what these people are doing in office. I think they should create a post for Contract Renewal Manager.

  6. Comrades,am gutted!Now that the horse has bolted from the stable we need to be calm.Let us trust that the EC can do a good job and get a replacement within these remaining days.I understand your rage. I hope the EC does.If we act on emotion we may live to regret the results.One thing this office has excelled in is signings.Despite my bewilderment,shock and pain,I offer them the benefit of doubt.However,they must know they are testing our patience,and,it might snap.

    1. @Baba Travis this is just too much and am not critical of the hierarchy in totality but just on this one case of utter incompetence. It is not the first time we are losing a dependable player for free. Shouldn’t we have learnt our lesson? Further, that article suggests that Walusimbi and Kahata may follow suit? Why are they leaving Gor Mahia to join Simba yet we attract almost the same sponsorship from Sportpesa? Just a few weeks ago some of our very proud colleagues(the same ones saying Gor is above the local league) said Kagere cannot leave Chuor Timbe for a useless club like Simba!!! Seems like just as one other blogger warned them that pride comes before a fall, it may have come too soon!!! Maybe it is time to tone down our braggadocio and pride and take a reality check!!!

  7. @Musymo..I can’t agree with you more.Someone is either sleeping on the job or facilitating these transfers.Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

  8. Guys, from what I hear is that Kagere wanted 50,000 dollars/pounds and Simba was ready to listen to his demand of 80,000. The thing is that with age catching up Meddie had to do something fast. And this MOVE was more of the money than anything. We always blame the EC but the enemy is usually the player’s agents who want to make a kill. In our FINANCIAL position we cannot afford some expenses. Currently our star player is Kahata but I assure you that if he leaves someone will fill in that position, though not as good as he does. Meddie is definitely good and HARDWORKING but still as a striker his conversion rate is below par. Guikan has a much higher conversion rate though the confidence in him is still low.
    Assuming we get two younger quality players to fill in Meddie’s and Karim’s positions we will still be a force to reckon with, maybe more lethal.
    So as we bash the EC (who are also not blameless) let us put themselves in a situation where there could be blackmail from the player.

    1. @Dan, I am not bashing. That is too strong a word for what I am saying. While Kagere has a right to better fortunes, why did the club not renew his contract early so that if he goes the club pockets something? If you look at my post I have not blamed Kagere but have just pointed out a case of utter incompetence. And there are reports on several outlets that more players have requested to leave. Are we supposed to keep quiet or cheer these alarming developments, Mr Dan?

  9. No explanation what so ever for them to dily daly till last four days without completing this renewal…this is crap unless they never wanted to renew his contract how stupid are they to act that way….. we’ve already set presidence for other players ….. for once cant we eat a pie that we have cooked and what a time to lose him….. whoever is behind this just needs to leave….. ata kama hawamtaki angeenda the end of the season .. now we have 3 days to complete signings that will make as not look like fools….who really does this….now i demand 3 best signings and all renewals for the contracts ending in December otherwise waende na wao….jasego is this whole thing not planned a charade of incompou….now guess the physiological impact on this in the camp…totall crap walete hao waganda wote wanataka and they better be than lwanda otherwise offisi itafutiwe watu wengine we can move that motion at Agm…..hii si kibanda ya managu inauzwa wakati roho itamtuma… vitu kama izi zinaturudisha nyuma can’t this officials do something right for once

  10. And by the way considering that the Tz transfer session just opened this week and Gor has two crucial games this week couldn’t Meddie honor those matches before he leaves. African players seem to always burn their bridges as they leave. As much as they play in a professional league themselves are least professional. The two players who have left Gor in good faith, Calabar and Olunga, are doing well wherever they are. The rest had to struggle before finding their footings, remember BB, AKumu, Sserenkuma, K14 etc

    1. First who is BB and K14?
      It’s cheap to cover the incompetence of the EC with the misfortunes of players leaving Gor in the manner you don’t like. It’s wishful thinking and a cheap one at best.
      The EC, as someone observed is either sleeping on the job, benefiting from the confusion or outrightly sabotaging the club. Personally I would reconsider my position in Gor if the said players, viz, Walusimbi, Kahata and Tuyisenge were to leave now, let alone for free.


  12. If Kagere mind is elsewhere, let him follow his heart.
    He tried it sometimes back and failed. I saw simba playing at nakuru and believe me or not, it’s the end of our Kagere. Let the TB look for another striker.
    This Uganda man and Burundi man can do it.
    It’s my take.

  13. Mustafa & Ssekisambu should be given chance to play for Gor Mahia. Meddie Kagere is doing the right move since he is over 30 years and nearing his retirement age, what he is supposed to look for is money to use after retirement, if Kogalo can not offer him better pay than Simba FC, if you were Meddie what would you do ?. Mustafa & Ssekisambu both are 22 yrs and when properly groomed by our best cough Kerr, they will be the right replacement for Meddie Kagere.

  14. Bloggers what is the rage all about? Kagere, Kahata and Walusimbi can leave but Gor Mahia will still remain intact. Remember that we lost Olunga but still won the league in 2017. Players and officials will always come and go. We can’t stop players from leaving the club and going where their heart is destined to go may be due to high sign-off fees. Let us not mourn over Kagere and I can remember very well that he did this when Olunga left and Kagere came back begging.

    It only us fans and bloggers that we remain constant.

    In future we should stop allowing the hoppers back to the club after deserting the club at the hour of need. The club has turned their nose dive performance to be where they are now and such poor
    un-professional behaviors and lack of appreciation will never take them anywhere to success. Players sometimes are not grateful but will always follow where there are potentials for huge sign off fees. Look at all the players that have sneaked and left acrimoniously. Please bloggers just tell highlight the success stories or cases of such players.

    Other players will join and will soon forget about such players who are leaving. We will only remember them of their services.

    1. Please bloggers just tell me or highlight the success stories or cases of such players that left the club without blessings from the EC and fans.

      Other very good players will join and we will soon forget about them be it Kagere, Kahata, Walusimbi etc. We will only remember them of their historical services rendered to the club.

      1. Let these young proven lads Mustafa and Ssekisambu join and we will soon forget them. Further more let us recruit young players and give them long term contracts.

  15. If a player want to leave, you can’t block Him. Even if he was to remain in GM, with his advance age it could not be wise to give him more than 1 year contract. Mark you he is a striker and injury at some point is eminent and with his age he may get sometime to heal. GM is a team and team work is the key. Let him leave in peace. We will win against Yanga and Rayon and make it to knock out stage with out him. That’s my prayer.

  16. Guys, guys. Let’s spare Kogalo’s leadership the blame and give them the benefit of the doubt. World over players, however good, come and go. In the past two or three years, we lost our best players (Olunga, the very Kagere et al), but kogallo still survived. At some point you have to balance between what is desirable and what is sustainable. My take is that if the EC have not tabled an offer for Kagere then it may be because they think his demands are unsustainable, a repeat of the scenario back then. Let’s wish kagere luck whenever he goes and hope that we shall find even a better but sustainable replacements…..like has always been the case. Lets leave the whining to desperate clubs. @Musymo, braggadocio is part of you and I. Its in our blood. Trying to fight it is trying to fight nature.

  17. Let meddie go…he is 33 years old what do you expect? We lost olunga, abondo, Calabar et all and we have since been successful as ever !

    For me the two uganda strikers in town are a perfect replacement for outgoing meddie and Karim .

    Best wishes meddie, you served us very very well.

  18. As a Gor Mahia fan and a keen follower of football trends globally , there is something I have come to accept and that is that we , K’galo do not have the financial might to stop a player leaving when big brother comes
    calling and as such when we demand that a player excels , when they do excel, someone somewhere will notice and come for them.
    In Europe , teams like Ajax have accepted that , teams in Germany too have done the same I.e when Bayern Munich come for you , it is not that Ajax or those German teams have incapable ECs but just a statement of fact that its just the way it is , another example for good measure is when Barcelona came calling for Coutinho from Liverpool in the middle of the season, that my friends is just the way it is and just not in football but rather in business and Geo politics , see the way the United states have scuttled the climate change and the iranian nuclear deals .
    What in Kagere’s deal if sealed buffles and annoys me is that at this stage we can lose a player to Simba , a team that for all intents and purposes is and should be way below as in all aspects , financials included , but are they? , if they are then we are indeed in stagnation and on this, I will wholeheartedly blame not the EC but Rachier , we have stayed at
    one point for too long , the good deeds notwithstanding .
    After eight years at the helm of Rachier , this should not be happening, not with Simba anyway , I would reconsider if was e.g espereance , Tp mazembe or El Ahli etc .
    Having said that , the said players Gor is said to be targetting , again if true I.e the player from Uganda and Burundi are players I have watched over time and they are good , if not better , the only problem is that with signings at this stage and lose of Kagere , we lose the gelling , continuity and momentum we had built .
    If I was Kagere , at his age and this short career of football , I would do the same and so would you .
    I hold no beef with what he has done and having served as so well , I wish him all the best at his new home but back to K’galo , we will just be fine, but this , depending on how we manage this situation going forward.

  19. I must say from the onset that Kagere was a good asset in Gor Mahia but nothing is new about players leaving. What should worry GM is how such ugly /sabotage kind of departures should be prevented in future and these are the lessons. 1. Treat employees contracts with seriousness they deserve. If you intend to terminate or not to renew the contract inform them in good time. If you are renewing a contract sort it out immediately to give an employee peace mind
    Kagere may even have opted for unfavorable terms in Simba if his contract is expiring and no one was discussing its renewal. They have families to feed. 2. Kogalo is a team and can be hurt by exit of a key figure like Kagere but should not crumble because of an Individual. Take a lesson from Egyptian team and their Salah. Karim got injured and Wellington stepped in seamlessly. Wellington got injured and Joachim stepped in, later Philemon and occasionally , Wafula. The team had close to a perfect substitute for Karim. I shared my thoughts that when Kagere is in the field playing, I don’t see another Kagere in the Bench. The same applies for Shakava, Onyango, Walusimbi and Kahata. This is what I thought could be the target of transfer window strengthening. 3. GM is the luckiest club in Kenya it consistently hire good coaches. This means that players who play for Gor get the best technical input as well as exposure. How does Gor position herself to benefit from this investment. All businesses buy low and sell high but in Gor we buy high and sell Zero or low. Could someone be sleeping or is it our proverbial RECH MADONGO. You all know that Mieno of Tusker was tagged for Gor
    in 2016 but it could not happen because of contract. 4. Teams that do better always loose players /coaches especially if they are so poor that they can be raided by teams like Yanga, Simba etc. If Gor goes past group stages of confederations’ cup Gor management must be prepared to
    loose some players (and I want to be diplomatic not to mention the coach). I don’t mind players leaving especially for good places after doing good job for the club. Gor has in the past failed to go past qualifiers in CAF for three consecutive years because they
    close the year with tired legs and without knowing who is going to be available in the next season. Don’t do the same thing and expect different results. You can learn from Supersport that was weakened by the same problem. 5. Gentlemen, Kagere is gone unless it is scare. Let not throw tantrum to EC for their omissions at the moment. Let’s focus on the bigger goal- the results. TB through the coach said he has good quality to deliver and the captain echoed the same. The EC have lost Kagere and it is their business to find ” him”. Ours is to hold them to account for the results. Gor should not suffer because of an individual’ s or group of individuals’ omissions.

  20. If meddie is leaving, let’s appreciate him & all that he has done for the club instead of all of sudden claiming that he is old.He was better than any of the young strikers we have & if it is injury our young players have proved to be more injury prone, So let’s give it up to the dude ‘roho safi’ and hope all will be well.After all football ni kazi.

  21. J’Asego where are you great man. Your silence on this matter is very loud. If what is unfolding is true, then please ensure that Ssrkisambu and Francis Mustafa join the team in Dar so that they can gel in the course of the CECAFA tournament. Thank you Meddie Kagere for your wonder goals and assists that brought happiness to our hearts.

  22. With a sign on fee of 8 million and a monthly salary of Ksh 450,000 for Kagere, we are at risk of losing the entire striking force.
    Something has to be done and for that matter, really fast because the players targeted are our best. I wouldn’t blame them because the deal seems to be very lucrative

  23. Already he has signed a 2 year contract with Simba Sports club, at a salary of 450,000/- per month with a signing fee of 8 million

  24. Kagere can’t compare with our own son of the soil Eng. Michael Olunga who left for Europe. If simba has clean money then why did they perform so miserably against Gor? Simbas wealth is juju oriented that’s why players rarely succeeded there. However, let’s wish him well coz he has followed his heart but unfortunately never carried his brain along. GOR WILL REMAIN STRONGER THAN BEFORE AS HISTORY HAS PROVED JALUO OK SECHI.

  25. Jothurwa mambo vipi.Bb antie.Well Kagere has left and signed for Simba much to my chagrin and gnashing of teeth.It pains none more to see him leave but his agent Patrick Gakumba was hell bent of making a big contract money move as with Kagere’s advanced age it presents the last opportunity such money would land in their wallets.I wanted him to stay and tried but it’s football.Likewise I have been pushing to bring Solomon mensah and Lamine Dramani a young striking protégé from Senegal but Ec says money is a problem.Sir Kerr on the other hand is keeping it cool not wanting many signings but is shocked with Kagere’s sudden exit.Well Erisa Ssekisambu is here now talked to him yesterday and Mustafa Francis also being pursued.Well I say Ssekisambu is a good player and should be signed but on replacing Meddle I wish money could be availed I bring even Selemani Ndikumana a burudian too but world class striker instead.Still we shall overcome all.Administrative weaknesses lead To Kagere’s departure but I hell won’t let Kahata,Walusimbi Tuyisenge or Blackberry follow suit.I will face Aduda tooth and nail and eject him from office if need be before another monumental blunder of loosing our best to Tz mediocre teams happens again….Poleni sana for loss of Kagere Jodhot

      1. @Musymo, Take heart my brother…we will even get a better player. We will even get stronger. The sad thing is that this guy Kagere likes money more than not appreciating where Gor Mahia gave him a second chance immediately when Eng. Olunga had just left.

    1. If Simba has given him a better offer, really I can’t blame him. It’s called greener pastures. We wish him well

      1. On a positive note, that gives GM an opportunity for another foreign player. Hope we will get a good striker, if not better

  26. Update from Kisumu
    Gor Mahia 3 (Jausenge 16′, Guikan 38′ Blackberry 55′) Rangers 0 (Atudo red carded 15′)

      1. 5-0 86th Gor nyamo ngato nyam Kisumo. i have forgotten about Kagere for the moment….but we shall revisit!!!

    1. Hehehe. “Yote yawezekana bila Kagere” We wish him well though. His departure may end up being a blessing I’d disguise. other players getting an opportunity to express themselves.

  27. Why are my comments being moderated here?Anyways guys Guikan shall step up and do what i brought him to do,that i am sure of. Kagere has made a money move pushed on by his greedy agent Patrick Gakumba so to him i say goodluck. Tanzania is not the best country to play football in after coming from Kenya but time will bear this out. He was our beloved warrior but such is soccer others come and others go nothing only the team and fans are permanent. On signings, everyone concerned with releasing the purse strings including when Kagere was to sign a contract extension have gone missing. The sentiment is signing cheaply on the Bosman or not at all. Therefore Solomon Mensah deal fell through as did my efforts to bring a Continental Stalwart in Nigerian Professional Football League Top Scorer ”Junior Lokosa” of Kano Pillars since they are not by any means cheap but would have revolutionalised K’Ogalo to reach the last four of the Caf Competition. To GM management i say this ”Please dare to dream big i beg you” It is through such dreams that ambition can be realized and greatness achieved. If in this time and era teams like Simba and Yanga can sit down and casually talk of ”Raiding” Gor mahia for Vigogo na Magwiji wake then they go ahead and do just that then we are in for some really trying times ahead. It is a No Brainer that GM is a far much better team than those Tanzanian outfits, neither are they any richer. Why then is it too hard to appreciate our best players and motivate them accordingly so they can be happy staying at GM? Why not open negotiations into contract renewals with our star players 6 months to contract expiry than wait for it to run down then hide from the concerned players after offering Meagre packages? Shakava’s contract is expiring in Dec and twice i have fought off George bwana from herding him off to Zambia, do you expect me to do the same again this Year instead of sitting him down now and offering him a good contract extension package? Omera GM EC ujoga nyaka mwisho but God Bless our beloved Mayienga. Congrats all players and Sir Kerr for that Nostalgic demolition of Posta Rangers by 5 goals to Nil to send a statement to all that we are not weakened by Kagere’s exit…

  28. Congratulations boys. Although this has been a black Tuesday, you guys have cared to put some smiles in our faces. The EC should see how these ‘labourers’ toil come rain come shine and do due diligence and pay them what they have worked for. The impending player go- slow must be averted at all costs. Meanwhile I am still appealing for the signature of Ssekisambu and Francis Mustafa.

  29. It’s ok Kagere wanted something more but what of the other players who are earning less than 100,000 he is a good player yes but the demand is unattainable. Wish him good luck and I hope he’ll not come back leaking empty boul expecting to be taken back. On transfer my opinion Gor need 1 stricker 1 midfielder and 1 central defender period.

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