Gor Mahia transfer news Nov 19

With the season over, attention now turns to the transfer season. This year  Gor Mahia is less active than in past years. One of the players Gor Mahia is rumoured to be targetting is Muhoroni Youth Striker Ezekiel Otuoma. Muhoroni Youth punched way above their weight this season and one of the reasons was Otuoma. The pacy striker gave defenders nightmares with his mazy runs and precise finishes.

Gor Mahia secretary general Chris Omondi indicated that Otuoma was indeed on the club’s radar:

“We have been watching him for some time now and can say he has what we need as a club. He is young and fits in well with our aspirations,”he  saidto goal.com

However Muhoroni Youth Chairman Moses Adagala was categorical that Otuoma is not for sale.

“We want to tell Gor Mahia and any other club that is interested in our players that none of them is for sale. We are inspired by our recent performance in the league and intend to go for the title in 2016.

“In this regard, we intend to keep all our good players as by then they will have matured to a point of fighting for the title.” he said to goal.com

Another player whom Gor Mahia are said to be interested in is Ugandan striker Robert Ssentongo who plays for Uganda Revenue Authority and is the top scorer in the Ugandan league.

Back on the local scene, Mathare United playmaker Harrison Mwendwa is being pursued by both Gor Mahia and AFC.

“It’s true there have been several offers from a number of top teams which I will not mention at the moment but I am yet to negotiate with one,” Mwendwa told Futaa.com.

“I am weighing my options before falling for any deal,” added the Mathare United star.

Mwendwa first rose to prominence in 2010 at the national schools championships. At the time his brilliant play helped steer Jamhuri high school to the national schols final. Most notable was his brace against Waa secondary in the semis. Mwendwa would be a good fit for Gor Mahia who lacked playmaking last season.

Back in 2012, Michael Olunga was the top scorer and MVP of the national schools football tournament. At the time he declared that he was a Gor Mahia fan and wanted to play for the club. Surprisingly Gor Mahia did not pursue him even when Olunga received high praises from experienced coaches like Mohamed Kheri who described him as the next Mike Okoth.


Olunga was among the top scorers in the league this season and would be a good fit to play upfront with Timothy Otieno and Blackberry.

Shabana Approached Gor Mahia for help

Newly promoted Shabana FC have approached Gor Mahia for assistance. According to a report posted on futaa.com, Shabana wants Gor Mahia to loan them some of the players who are scarcely used at the club.

“It’s true we have approached Gor Mahia to loan us few of their quality players who have lacked playtime and since they will be preparing for continental football, probably not all of their players have the mettle to feature in such a pressure-mounting competition, the former Congo United and AFC Leopards coach said.

-We are hoping that our proposal will go through since some of their players have the experience to help us locally and warming the bench at the club won’t help them develop as we bolster our ranks for next season.” said Gilbert Selebwa, the Shabana coach.

Among the players who saw little playing time are Joel Bataro, Daniel Onyango, Herbert Kopany and Angelo Okumu. The latter went on loan to Nakuru All Stars but they never used him.

24 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news Nov 19

  1. Throwing caution into the wind…..Ezekiel Odera came and went, Hugo nzangu came and went, paul odhiambo came and went, ballotieno came and went and the list is long !!!!!!The point ? Unless this players from small clubs are psychologically developed to deal with the realities of gor mahia , Ezekiel otuoma will be another victim .

    My take on gor mahia is to gor for established players in all areas like goalkeeper, defence, midfield and strike force otherwise we cannot be relying on young players year in, year out and expect to conquer Africa.

    I have in mind people like bomiface oluoch- tusker, charles odette- sony, francis kahata- unattached, michael olunga – thika and other good players from east africa who are relatively cheaper and a real value for money.

  2. I agree with jakoyo on this.there is no way u can go for young players if u want to compete effectively in champs league. Rem the players who help us retain the title are established players.We dont need to go for young players yet we’ve them in our u19.The only player I wont mind coming to gor is olunga & Ssentongo in striking dept, Boni in goalkeeping &maybe 1 striker from Enyimba called Udoa who is currently a top scorer in Glo premier league nigeria with 24 goals. The nigeria players r very affordabl

  3. To the Executive Team , always remember that one of the CRITERIA to be selected to play for GOR MAHIA FC is simple …..MATURITY,CHARACTER & RESILIENCE .


    AFCON 2015 is underway and most foreign players will be required for National duty eg. KIZITO / Sserenkuma/ Walusimbi etc

  4. @Bindar, league matches across the continent will be suspended during the AFCON 2015 even if the countries concerned are not featuring in the tournament.

    Meanwhile, we have been dreaming about SACCO and SACCO and SACCO and nothing happens. Now it is time to dream about young, resilient, mature, character, psychologically developed, under 19, Nigerian, Arab etc players. The people who are charged with signing these players don’t even read comments here and even if they read, they don’t care, so why are you wasting time suggesting the names here!! This is what I call wishful thinking!!

  5. On the issue of Sacco, I beg to ask one question? How will this sacco be of beneficial to the members. Can someone (Oduori 12 et al.) list down a few benefits of the Sacco to me as a contributor so that we can have a meaningful engagement on this issue. My take is that whatever a human being does must have a benefit to him/her. The benefit can be direct e.g dividends, loans etc or can be indirect e.g participating in social welfare like contributing to the 35XXXX number on the chests of GM players. The indirectness is because you are giving back to the society.

    Like I said earlier, I joined a sacco at my work place because I was promised cheap loans and that it is a good form of savings which earn me interest and I am hoping one day I will claim the money and do something worthwhile with it. While I am not rubbishing the sacco idea, can someone be bold enough and rename it. From my reading of the previous posts, it is just another form of 35XXXX which though a good idea is not sustainable.

    I like the numbers that have been crunched on this website before but in my view, they are just numbers. Sustainability is the key to any project you start. My solution to this problem is that we should sit down and develop the Gor brand to a bigger level, rid off Gor of hooligans and attract a minimum of 30,000 for every Gor home matches (they are a minimum of 18 home matches in a season and assume home matches are played at Kasarani or Nyayo). This coupled with strict financial accountability at the EC will net us at least Kshs 10m per match. In order to get additional funds, GM can call in teams like Simba or Yanga from Tanzania or SC Villa from Uganda for international friendlies. In order to get this crowd at the home matches, you would have roped in other quarters as opposed to relying on just one group of people. The team must belong to all and everyone is allowed to come. This is a longer term project and a win win situation. If we do get a shirt sponsor along the road, which we should and MUST, it will be regarded as a bonus.

    My suggestion is based on a simple psychological premise of motivation. Ask yourself what will motivate someone to join the sacco and work on that motivating factor so as to get maximum support. Once the match venues are secured of hooligans and one sees some sense of accountability, you will see Nyayo Stadium getting packed to the brim. And I am not just hoping because this happened in the 80’s

  6. Khaled Aucho to replace Kizito. Michael Olunga, Kasaya to help Jerry jagoal, Charles Odette, Geoffery Kataka to bolster Midfield and Enock Agwanda. Those are my Take. If we can convince Robert Sentogo well and good. Otherwise I would like to comment that we also need a natural leftback. Abdullatiff Omar and Sammy Mejja comes to mind. Ezekiel Otuoma fits the bill to play for Gor . He will be a revelation. I support his recruitment.

  7. it cannot be a coincidence that all teams Kasaya plays for struggle relegation & some were actualy relegated.like Red Berets &Bandari.Gor almost suffered b4 Logarusic returned Jerry back to goal.Sony strugled &lastly ingwe. That cannot be a coincident.He is not a winner & he will not help us win anything.that I can guarantee.Actualy Kasaya is the worst signing that can happen to gor.

  8. Bill Onyango,you have talked,but will sofapaka agree to release Agwanda and other teams.Teams tend to play hardball when dealing with Gor,remember the Shaban Kenga case.But the players you have mentioned fit the bill.

  9. A player can be talented, but if he lacks team ethics; if he is not a team player and thinks of himself as far too superior than the rest then he will not be of any benefit to any team. That is what Michael Odhiambo Ogolo is trying to hammer home about one, Wycliffe Kasaya. It is his bad influence to the entire team that adversely affected the teams as so ‘eloquently’ outlined in MOO’s comment. The day Kasaya will embrace teamwork, self-respect and self-discipline then he will be a great sportsman. The sad thing is that time waits for no man.

  10. Goal can report that disagreements characterized final selection of best players ahead of Wednesday night Kenyan Premier League awards gala
    Disagreements characterized final selection of best players ahead of Wednesday night Kenyan Premier League awards gala.
    A source, who attended the final meeting on Wednesday hours to the ceremony, told Goal that the process was delayed following sharp disagreement between coaches on who to pick with exclusion of Gor Mahia forward Dan Sserunkuma widening rift between coaches.
    “The meeting was supposed to start at 7a.m, but it did not start until 11a.m. A club chairman was even asked to go and talk to the coaches. People are accusing each other of having vested interests in the process,” said our source.
    Kenyan Premier League chairman Ambrose Rachier however, says he is not aware of any disagreement during the process. “I have not been informed whether there was a disagreement over selection.”
    Goal exclusively reported last Friday that Sserunkuma, who scored 16 goals to top scoring chart, had been omiited from the final list of best player due to some controversial goals he scored during the season.

    Sserunkuma was left out despite having emerged top scorer in just concluded season. Traditionally, top scorers have always been in the short-list and majority of them have won in the past.

    But a coach, who took part in nominations but did not want to be named, claims they locked out the Ugandan hit man due to controversial nature of some of the goals he scored and did not want to legitimise the same.

    “He (Sserunkuma) may have emerged top scorer but we also looked at how some of the goals were scored. Out of 16 goals, he scored three penalties and in our opinion some were not genuine. Furthermore, we felt that some of the goals he scored were from off-side position. If referees did not see it, we did and took note.”

  11. These things we are saying about Kasaya are the same things we said about Gattusso when he wanted to come back to Gor. Unless we have forgotten we nevr had discipline issues with the player when he was in Gor. In fact he left to get playing time at SONY. So let’s look at them as players and not some indisciplined lot. These myths of the player getting his team to relegation is all a fallacy like the ‘Gor cannot win their last game’ story which was bursted two weeks ago.
    All the same as fans let’s suggest our type of players who will make us happy at Gor and the EC/TB to do their work and bring who they think they can afford or need in the team.

  12. @Ombeng Ombeng, I had not seen this. It is therefore correct in my view that coaches should not be the ones selecting these players. Would they vote for a player who scored against them? I think sports journalists should be the ones to select these players. This system is very successful in Uganda

  13. The coaches seemingly are voting with emotions.These kind of statements are very bad.When one says that Danny scored controversial goals,or the penalties he scored were controversial,he is literally implying that Kogallo did not win the league genuinly.I dont remember any goal Danny scored from an offside position.Can the coaches also be kind enough to tell us which team was awarded many penalties last season?

  14. Most of these Coaches do not like Gor Mahia.If u here them in playback u will just wonder how they argue.Take 4r example Salim ali, he will never say anything gud about Gor & infact he is one man who said Gor will loose the title to sofapaka.am sure that even if Bobby wiliamson was with Gor to the last min.they will not vote him the best. I thought Bob Ogola wud be among the best but they cant do that bcos he is part of Gor.Kizito shud win player of the yr Bcos he was gud thru out the season.But now

  15. To most level headed coaches like Ghost Walusimbi by the way would have been the best player but this being Gor they had to be pulled back abit. As is tradition the top player makes it to the list of Best Players but in Kenya they even chack how you scored. It means the officiating was ‘wrong’ and Gor was supposed not to win this league. Chiko Lawi and his group at playBack will look for all the negative things in Gor as subjects of discussion.

    On another note we wish the Gor trio the best in Morrocco. The fear/pride though is that if they qualify for CAN2015 then most probably they will be snapped by other teams due to their quality.

  16. cont#16
    but now Ndolo who was only visible during the second leg is being seen as the best.Even last season Allan watende wanga accordind to me was the best but they went for Kelly who help KCB finish fourth & his coach Juma abdala . This pannel of coaches cannot be trusted to give a better judgment.How do u xpect Muiruri to vote for a Gor player, never

  17. @Dan Original, you are so right!

    ‘Chiko Lawi and his group’ are killing a programme that was wonderful under Radull. Supersport, please get rid of these characters before the show loses meaning. In the last episode he even appreciated the fact that many twitter users felt they had an issue with Gor Mahia. Arnold Kanyangonda and Jacob Ghost Mulei are the only two people i have seen on supersport who seem professional.

    On signings, i would propose Omino (Chemelil) for defence, Olunga (Thika) as a forward and Kimani (Tusker) as a play maker. The other thing we need to do is to tie the rest of the players to fresh contracts.

  18. @Ombeng. GM has no sponsor. Where will money to recruit Arabs come from?
    North African teams already pay salaries that are 5 times higher than Kenya.
    If GM has money they should use to ti retain the top players who are planning to leave.
    Secondly why Arabs? tactically astute players can be found all over.

  19. The Villager , Did you mean Kevin Kimani of Tusker. I overheard last night somewhere that he is signing for us. Dan original thanks for coming to my support on Wycliff Kasaya for goalkeeping.

    Does anyone remember when we won Mandela cup. We hadthree good goodkeepers. Two were in the National team. David Ochieng Kamoga and Tairus Omondi.

    Midfield had Abbas Magongo “zamalek, Charles Otieno ” kabanze or Engine”, John Okello” Zangi”, George Onyango ” Fundi”, Peter Ochieg ” pierre” and Nyangi Odembo” artillery”. Look at the depth in midfield.

    In Total Gor had 8 players in the National team. Today how many do we have in the national teams. Our requirements must be in real depth. Then I will sing ” taya dok”with authority in the africa cup

  20. Kimani would be a good addition as a play maker and also his good runs on the flanks gives defenders hard times.Remember how he left musa kissing the ground and then provided a cross which was converted when we played them.

  21. News In Olunga, Otuoma, Omino have already penned for Gor. Odette is still playing hard to get as AFC, Tusker and Sofapaka want him. Ezekiel Otuoma was also being chased by AFC but he has opted for us

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