Gor Mahia transfer news Nov 25

Gor Mahia secretary general Chris Omondi has indicated that the club has opened contract talks with Ugandan talisman Dan Sserunkuma.

“We are in talks with him and he has shown a willingness to remain with us. He knows what is on the table and we know what he is worth; so that is where we are,” said Omondi to the KPL website.

Sserunkuma has played a pivotal role in the club’s success over the past 3 years and fans will be eager to see him renew at the club after his contract runs out in December.

Omondi also denied rumours that are running rampant that Sserunkuma has already agreed to terms with Simba of Tanzania.

“We have not received any official communication from Simba. These are just things we are reading on social media but nobody from Simba has approached us on the same,” continued Omondi.

Sserunkuma for his part has remained silent on his future.

“At this point, there is bound to be many rumours but I don’t want to get involved with that. I have my agents doing their part, and I will make that decision when the transfer window opens,” he said a fortnight ago before jetting out to Uganda for international duty.

Mutiso to undergo another surgery

Gor Mahia winger Innocent Mutiso who missed most of the 2014 season, is set to miss at least half of the 2015 season because he will undergo surgery before the end of the year. Mutiso’s last injury occurred during the GoTV shield match against GFC 105.

Mutiso praised the club for treating him well during his injury.

“It is been tough to be out for so long but I am confident that I will regain my fitness and fight for my place in the first team,”

“The club has treated me well and I look forward to when I return to also give back through my performance on football pitch, it is the best way I can thank the entire Gor Mahia family for standing with me during my injury.”

Mutiso scored one goal this season and it was a gem, perhaps one of the best goals scored this season in the Kenya Premier League.

Mutiso was elated to see Gor Mahia retain the title they won in 2013

“I am happy that we won, I am happy that my teammates won it for us while I was injured. I look forward to next season and I hope I can contribute to our run when I return.

“My desire is that we can retain the trophy again next season to keep it in our cabinet, I hope that happens because we have quality in our squad and motivation of fans is tremendous.”

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  1. If I may ask,who is in charge of the TB in the absence of Nuttal.is it Bob ogola or Ouna.We also dont need statements of that we r talking to so & so.what we wud like to here is that so &so have signed a 3yr contract or 2 as the case may be. Telling us that we r talking to Ssebo & then later we shall hear that all Ssebo have left including Walu will only kill us.what about timothy otieno.We know that his loan is coming to an end but he is a gud striker & we shud sign him fully from Fc talanta.

  2. Wishing Wiper a quick recovery.

    Coach Nutall should be back in early Jan2015. Is it possible for all interested parties to identify their players then head coach Nutall(with his bench) will conduct trials and make the final decision on signings.
    This is an important exercise that needs Nutall’s direct involvement.
    Anyway this is a loophole considering that many potential players may not be willing to wait that long to know their fate. Left to EC we might again opt to recruit “Brazilians”.

    @ Jabilo/CEO Kindly if the GM gala is still on the 28th November then in my view its the apt time to hand over the Gor Mahia.net’s motivation kitty. That’s if the presentation event you are organizing doesn’t happen sooner. The amount was raise for the players so lets not take too long to hand it over. Either way please obtain an official receipt.

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  4. We need to see less of talking and lots of actions.

    Now that the president promised to get us a sponsor, who is following up?

    On transfer, I echo Michael and Oduor’s comments above. We don’t just want to hear of rumours or speculations but let’s take a step forward.

    Next year we have continental matches and from how I’m seeing, preparations may start next year itself and then we expect positive results?

  5. Why do we always doubt? Is it in the Gor fan DNA? I believe the ECand TB are doing something about the transfers. Are we aware that the transfer period begins on 1 st December to the end of Jan? Tapping of players is itself illegal. So let the EC and TB do their things slowly and not as the fans want. Immediately they say they want such and such a player all the teams who rival us will follow suit and in the end the cost of the transfer goes up.

  6. Perhaps when UK promised Kogalo a sponsor and said “leave it to me”, Kogalo officials have decided to end the search for a sponsor and hope UK comes through. But politicians are fickle.


    Goal understands Tanzania giants Simba paid KCB Sh4m for the signature of Paul Kiongera few months after K’Ogalo had failed to renew his contract

    Gor Mahia missed out on Sh1.4million for failing to hang onto former KCB striker Paul Kiongera.

    This is the amount of money, Simba SC of Tanzania paid KCB for the signature of the lethal forward. Kiongera was on a year loan at Gor Mahia, who failed to renew the deal and he went back to KCB.

    According to KCB chairman George Odhiambo, Simba paid them Sh1.4million to sign the player.

    “The offer was too good from Simba and we could not hang on to him. Furthermore, the player received Sh1.8m sign on fee and a salary of Sh150, 000 per month,” Odhiambo revealed to Goal on Friday.

    Kiongera joined Simba two months ago but has been out of action after picking an injury.

  8. Jakoyo, I believe the Prezzo will get us a sponsor. All over the world businesses want to align with the powers that be and naturally now that he feels that we need a sponsor a good number of companies will come out, including the parastatals. But for this to happen we must stop the chest thumping of yester years that we are many and can sponsor the team. The past year has just proved that we cannot. We can just struggle to maintain status quo but Gor needs to move from the status quo where even our bench power was almost non-existent and we all know why.
    As fans the best we do is to supplement the sponsorship money to motivate the playing staff as well as get the team some lumpsum for recruitment. For recurrent expenditure it’s a tall order. Ingwe and Sofa with the best sponsorship deals are suffering due to non-payment to players.
    So let’s remain optimistic that we will get a sponsor but not to lose sight of the other fans’ initiatives. Even Barca had to look for a shirt sponsor in order to favourably compete with the likes of Real and Bayern

  9. Jakoyo, for you information Kiongera lied to the club that he will renew his contract, and even had his name submitted for the continentals only to announce at the last minute that he was going back to KCB. The same with Lavatsa. So kindly tell me what the club did wrong?

  10. My opinion is Gor Mahia doesn’t need trials, lets do it Barcelona, Chelsea, Manu, or Real Madrid way on recruiting players. Identify players like Sony’s Odette, Kennedy Odhiambo {kcb},Humphrey Mieno{AFC}, Frederick Uche Onyango and Atudo {Tusker} and Odipo {Sofapaka}/will help with experiences, in goalkeeping Onyango of Posta Rangers is a best bet and we offload Bataro to shabana.In striking we retain all apart sign-in Otuoma of Muhoroni sugar

  11. BABU, kindly expand your list to reflect the true nature of Kogallo. We are bigger than your criteria although i agree most of the people you have mentioned are good

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