Gor Mahia uncertain over Thiago Lima Da Silva

The much vaunted acquisition of Brazilian Thiago Lima Da Silva appears to have come a cropper. According to Ngala, head coach Jose Fereira has expressed concerns over the player’s fitness as the striker has not featured in competitive football for long and has requested for more time to monitor the player closely. He is expected to give his report over his assessment of the Brazilian on Tuesday 21 June, a feedback that will guide the club on whether to sign the player or explore other options.

“The coach has expressed some concerns over his fitness levels. He has been out of action for long and is not in proper shape to play at the moment. The coach requested for more time to look at him and we are expecting a feedback next Tuesday. If the coach thinks it will take longer for him to be ready to play then we will have to look for other options” said Ngala according to futaa.com

Thiago Lima who had already been nicknamed as “Thigo” after the legendary high priest of Gor Mahia football Allan Thigo. However he has not proven worthy of that name either in training or during his appearance against Naivas. And the Macau League where he scored 15 goals is several notches lower than the Kenya premier league.

If this deal falls through, it will be the second time Gor Mahia has failed to do due diligence on a Brazilian player. In 2012, another Brazilian Giovanni Rodriguez Bissolli was also declared unfit by then coach Zdravko Logarusic. Whereas last time Bissoli was recomended by an agent, this time however it was Ze Maria who recommended him.

Gor Mahia will now search for an alternate striker. Fans wanted Meddie Kagere back. But that is complicated by the fact that Kagere may already be in negiotiations with arch rivals Ingwe and by the fact that Aucho’s move to Glasgow Rangers is not complete.

When asked why he chose Da Silva instead of Kagere, Ze Maria had earlier said he did not think that the Rwandese striker would repeat his success from 2015.

You know Kagere had a good history here at the club but that wouldn’t have repeated itself when I refer to the past. Kaka did well at AC Milan but when he returned, he didn’t replicate his earlier shows. Ibrahimovic (Zlatan), Beckham (David) both suffered the same, it’s not easy for these things to repeat themselves in the world of football, I am not discrediting Kagere, he is a good player but this would have been difficult on his side,

“We need other things, new energies in the squad. Thiago is a new player who has a good reason to do well because he is on the continent for the very first time. He has quality, a strong player and hope he will get time to demonstrate that for the team,” Ze Maria said.





14 thoughts on “Gor Mahia uncertain over Thiago Lima Da Silva

  1. Tibi Tibi Tibiim, Tibi Tibi Tibiiiim. Tukutane Nyayo mabros sisi leo tunaona tusker macho kwa macho. Bul in good condton. Sasa Kata macho yake tayari naka kama kulala. leo ndio talala kabisa. Halafu aende akule madondo. Ngama oloye oloye wivu mbaya.

  2. Let Just Do Away With Him And Move Forward.Its Only Proving That Mayienga Is A Profesional Team That No One Including Odiero Apala Can Not Just Pop In And Be Filled,with Due Respect To Ze maria Let Us Get Quality Striker And A Holding Midfieder Who Can Provide Optimal Cover To Our Defenders Without That We Will Continue Blaming And Praising Jerry For Letting Us Down And Saving Us Respectively,the Work Of Aholding Midfielder Is To Absorbe Pressure From The Opponent.For Those Who Are Not Comfortable With Jerim,it Time To Come Together And Support Our Team Regardless Of Whom The Coach Field,it Has Been Proved That All Mayienga Players Are Qualified So Its Coach To Rotate Them According To His Wish.Today Tusker Should Absorb At Least Three Goals So That They Learn To Differentiate Between Gor Mahia And Afc Leopard.

  3. When I questioned the wisdom of signing Thiago at the expense of proven regional or local alternatives I was almost lynched here. So @Jamigori criticism is not all bad. While I agree the coach must be left to do his job and he is a damn good coach, he is not God not to be questioned. @JaAsego time is running out. You guys need to sort out this foreign quota thing ASAP. Are we going to wait for Aucho’s trials(and errors) for eternity? What happens when we cant sign another foreigner because Aucho is still in our books then he gets signed by Rangers when our window is already shut?

    1. Ze Maria has proved that he has K’galo at heart. Yes he recommended Thiago but didn’t give him a free pass. Which magic portion (only one am aware is the one Asterix takes) will Thiago take to get him fit by Tuesday so JUST LET HIM GO. After perusing Jasego’s post no.23, on the last but one post, its clear that the bloated EC still has no structures. We were told that Ze Maria was proactive and had identified players not positions for recruitment, so how come Jasego is the one chasing Mavugo & JaBurundi. Secondly I thought EC members/scouts suggest potential signings b4 the transfer period. Next nominate 1/2 amongst them to contact the players agreed upon, do the due diligence, invite the players for medical/trials and finally negiotiate terms, Free advise to you Jasego, the bloatedness of EC is a diliberate tatic/masterstroke by Jachair to control the puppet strings. God’s Grace has seen us have 3 strongwilled coaches i.e Loga, Nutall and now Ze Maria. All the best team K’galo win for us again.

  4. New energy does not necessarily mean a new player joining the team. An old member of the team like Meddie Kagere with a new coach (wuod Maria) still translates into new energy. Guys we have only 12 days left in the transfer window. What happens if Aucho makes it in the trials? Yes, he will create room for another player, but meaningful trials usually take 2 weeks. By that time the transfer window shall have closed. I don’t know if someone out there is also seeing what I am seeing: a catch-22 situation. What if we sign Aucho’s replacement then he fails the trials? What do we do guys? Ja’Asego where are you?

    Sign Meddie Kagere please. Thiago is our striker for the future after the coach has monitored him. Sign a very able “native” in the midfield so that in case Aucho makes it past the trials that department is catered for and then the tried and tested Meddie takes Aucho’s foreigners slot. If Aucho does not make it then we bite the bullet and accommodate one extra foreigner who will not be fielded until the end of the season.

  5. Musymo,BB and all others,the politics sorrounding player signing esp foreign acquisitions you can’t fathom neither can i disclose but it’s the most stressful endeavour at GM Ever.Note that even if i pulled a fast one and shipped in whoever,without the one controlling the Purse Strings being willing & ready to negotiate with the pro-players/agents it would all be an exercise in futility.All these sentiments you share here plus more i have raised time & again,one foreigner was to be released way back even b4 this Aucho business came up but nothing has happened,on the other acquisition it has been await decision on thiago.Like i said i did what i could & still will if the opportunity comes, like we are waiting to do after TB decision.If it was upto me alone,all this would be history but it’s not.Also forgive me if i don’t indulge more into this issue until am sure we have something tangible & signed,its frustrating on my side as a concerned party

    1. Pole my friend for not letting up on this. Why should there be politics on player recruitment. Here EC only implement TB decisions unless of course your trying to emulate GB and the Zico days

    2. Pole Ja’Asego. I truly sympathize with your situation. Wish you all the best because it will be for the good of the entire Gor Mahia community.

  6. @Ja Asego, I really sympathise with your situation. I can promise you that as long as we have brokers in this EC, we should not expect any meaningful change. We have mafisi kwa hii ofisi ya Ambrose Rachier.

    1. We do not need Kagere. When the club needed him most for CAF Champion league, he turned down the proposal. I thought he was going to get a big club. We only need to wish him well in Tusker or in Ingwe.

  7. @ jamigori, am with you on these one… Players who think that their ego is bigger than the club and then put unrealistic demand should just go. We cannot keep on recycling players

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