Gor Mahia urges Kaizer Chiefs to pay up

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has written a stern letter to Kaizer Chiefs seeking payment of the agreed upon transfer fee for Godfrey Walusimbi. In a letter posted on goal.com, Rachier gives Kaizer 10 days to pay.

“We in conformity with Article 12b (3) of the Fifa regulations on the status and transfer of players are putting Kaizer Chiefs in default of payment (overdue payables) and if the payment is not received within the next ten days from the date of this notice, we will scale this matter before the competent body at Fifa without further notice.” the letter says.

Kaizer Chiefs had earlier stated that they already sent the money but Rachier is adamant that the transaction did not go through

“Our bankers have established from Nedbank that as opposed to your claim that money was sent to them, it was returned to your bank, and no such transfer ever took place in the first instance. Our request to you to show documentary proof of your claims have equally not been forthcoming.” continues the letter.

Fans save Shakava from being evicted

Gor Mahia organizing secretary Judith Nyangi announced in her social media pages that fans came to the rescue of Gor Mahia skipper Harun Shakava who was about to be evicted. They paid his rent for this month. A report in Nairobi news states that Shakava’s rent is Ksh 28,000 and fans raised Ksh 28,000.

“Thanks so much Dandora sharp corner branch for paying rent for Harun Shakava,” said Nyangi.

On Wednesday, coach Dylan Kerr told the media that Shakava did not play the match, which Gor Mahia lost 2-0, because his house in Nairobi had been locked for defaulting on rent payment.

Sportpesa advance money to bailout Gor Mahia

Sportpesa CEO Karauri has announced that they will give Kogalo an advance to help them meet August salaries which have not been paid.

“We haven’t gotten to the bottom of it (crisis), we will be meeting the clubs leadership next week but we are giving them some of the sponsorship money in advance to take care of whatever issues they have for now. Actually it’s just some money that was due at the end of the month, but we will be sending it over to them immediately.” said Karauri to Nairobi news.

Earlier Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda admitted that August salaries were late.
“We regret the delay in payment of August salaries but we request the players to bare with the situation and adhere to the contracts they’ve signed with the club as we tussle to rectify whatever has cost the delay,” he told Nairobi news.


11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia urges Kaizer Chiefs to pay up

  1. Sideshows, scapegoats, cover ups meant to divert attention. How can you issue release letter, process ITC and sign off your utility player without first receiving the transfer money? Incompetency of the highest magnitude. Rachier tell us the truth about this Walu millions. What about gate collections?Has it also not been given to you by Gor fans Fc? Look at this shame you are subjecting this great club to! Must you remain the chairman even if corruption is killing the club? Shame on you and your Aduda.

  2. “As we tussle to rectify whatever cost the delay” this guy is a true comedian. How did the club overspend that they now require overdraft help from sportpesa.
    Homeguards tried to sell the lie that Walusimbi was sold for 15m and that the money was paid.
    Wasn’t this deal “classified info” afew weeks ago.
    So now 28,000/- was raised and not 42,000/-
    Sportpesa pls pay the players salaries directly.

    1. Dinga you can help our kin by default called Jakoyo. This guy is a pathological liar and misinformer. He says uncorroborated things here day in day out with no substance. So a Judith Nyangi led initiative at Dandora Sharp Corner that raised 28k becsme a Jakoyo led initiative that raised 42k? Then as highlighted above EC and misappopriating money is responsible for the mess GM finds itself in but he insists Kerr is the cause and Must be fired. What is wrong with Jakoyo?

  3. Jakoyo clarify all you fake pronouncements below:

    1. Walusimbi sale was clean above board and most transparent in history of GM and walusimbi sale was paid 6M which Gor used to host Rayon Sport 2nd leg at Kasarani.

    2. Kerr and not EC is the cause of GM current debacles and Must go in Dec

    3. Salaries for striing players were supposed to be paid by last Sunday and all would be well

    4. You spearheaded a fundraising for Shakava Rent yesterday and raised 42k which now Nyangi explains was 28k and you had nothing to do with it

    5. AR is his majesty right reverend jehovah yesu el shaddai nyasaye alpha and omega while he is stealing left right and center fleecing GM accounts with yoir help

    6. Yesterday i was at GM offices and you challenged me to meet you at 11th floor ready for War. Where were you since i found asst organizing sec and called SG for a tete-a-tete to which i was informed AR and his cronies like you are killing the club

    1. Coz this was not a clean deal as someone has tried to make us believe. It was a theft orchestrated from both KC n Gor. Gor crooks only made noise when the realised they were dealing with better crooks.
      KC crooks say they have paid. When Gor thought KC had paid they quickly turned the matter into “classified category” in other words the money was not going to the club. But when they realised KC was lying the matter has now been “declassified”. It’s about getting public sympathy.
      And the amount is not kshs 15mill, again as someone tried to make us believe.
      Does Gor have the money to go to abbritration…. NO. KC knows this too. So lets wait n see if they will pay. In other words payment now depends on KC goodwill.
      Do thieves come with goodwill?

    1. Exactly that’s the Million $ question. A lawyer of international repute who drafted the MOU of 2007. Plus KC had just conned Fosa Juniors of Madagascar days earlier and we raised the red flag telling Rachier Kaizer Chiefs is a well know conmanship club in SA. Now Bobby Motaung their sporting director is calling us all sorts of names like desperate …broke..small club etc because of foolishness of people like Aduda who are thieves and know nothing of Professionalism and Football Mgt

  4. Kaizer Chiefs’ Bobby Motaung responds to Gor Mahia accusation of unpaid transfer fee for Godfrey Walusimbi
    Ernest Makhaya
    South Africa Chief Editor

    The lanky defender signed a three-year deal with Amakhosi at the end of August, but Gor Mahia claim that they have not received a transfer fee for him

    Kaizer Chiefs have responded to Gor Mahia’s claims that they have not paid for Godfrey Walusimbi.

    Goal is in possession of a letter from the Kenyan club where they are accusing Amakhosi of not honouring an agreement which saw the Ugandan left-back move to Amakhosi three weeks ago.

    However, Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung disputed these claims, saying they have paid for the player while urging the Kenyan club to relax.

    “I don’t know what they are talking about. They were paid. How long does international transfer take?” asked Motaung when contacted by Goal.

    “They’re just desperate. What are the foreign laws saying? They must just relax and stop being desperate. Chiefs is a big club and we don’t go around owing people. We paid them,” added Motaung.

    “To transact money internationally is not like dealing with Standard Bank or Nedbank where the money will reflect immediately. We paid them. That’s why I am saying that they are just desperate. They should just chill,” concluded Motaung.

    Walusimbi has already featured twice for the Glamour Boys this season, and Chiefs appear likely to continue using him having signed and registered him legally.

    At first, Gor Mahia accused Chiefs of tapping Walusimbi, who apparently trained with them without Gor Mahia’s permission.

    However, the two parties sat down and came to an agreement which eventually saw Walusimbi sign on the dotted line with Chiefs.

    The 29-year-old is one of the highly rated players in Kenya, and his departure has certainly not gone down well with the Gor Mahia management.

    Gor Mahia have given Amakhosi 10 days to pay for the transfer of Walusimbi.

    Not so long ago, Chiefs were involved in a battle with Madagascan club Fosa Juniors over Andriamirado Hasina Andrianarimanana, but Fifa ruled in their favour and the player was successfully registered with the PSL.

    1. Income for GM in the last 1 month
      1. Uhuru’s donation airtickets kes. 6.1 m
      2. Derby gate collection kes. 3.8 m
      3. Walusimbi transfer paid kes, 5.0 m balance of kes,7 m has been swindled
      4. Sportpesa August sponsordhip kes. 5.0 m
      5.Balance of CAF CC grant kes 12.5 m
      Total kes 32.5 m

      How is it that EC has not paid August salaries and winning bonuses?
      Where was kes.32.5 m spent?
      How is it that EC has incurred a tax penalty of kes.129m during Mugabe’s plus 10 year era?

  5. I think there’s just so much we don’t know and will never know concerning transfer dealings in Gor Mahia camp!

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