Gor Mahia voter registration to be published Wednesday

For the first time, in the club’s history, the list of registered voters will be published. This is an attempt to enhance transparency and assuage any fears about rigging.
Information courtesy of the Nation
The voters’ register to be used in the upcoming Gor Mahia elections will be published on Wednesday.
The board to oversee the election concluded the scrutiny and verification of the register on Sunday.
The long delayed election have now been scheduled for December 11. Club organizing secretary David Kiilo on Sunday confirmed that more than 4,820 people had registered for the elections, and that the deadline for aspirants to register will elapse at 5pm on Monday.
Kiilo, who is running for the vice chairman’s position, told Daily Nation Sport that the current office is interested in conducting credible elections under the amended constitution and in accordance with the Sports Act.
“There was an elaborate roadmap set by the electoral board and everything is moving according to schedule except for the registration of aspirants which has been extended by a day.
“Once the voters’ register is announced and the nomination of aspirants concluded we shall allow at least one week for campaigns.
“The election date remains December 11 at the Safaricom Stadium and we are putting everything in place to ensure that the process is free and fair,” he said.
A four-man committee headed by Justice Nicholas Ombija was constituted to handle the verification process, although the club confirmed that the actual election will be conducted by an independent body.
The registration of voters ended on November 21, and was conducted online

Message from Joseph Ogidi

On a day like this 6 years ago we led a group of Kogalo fans to the first fundraiser to buy club bus. When we initiated the move it sounded like a pipe dream but through team spirit we pulled together and got the bus.

It was not the only initiative that we had taken to help the club, we also led a nationwide campaign to get people back to the stadium and they came. We also initiated the replica jerseys and in subsequent games the entire stadium turned green. We formed branches and spread Kogalo fan base across the country.

We created the most exciting atmosphere that got the attention of corporate companies that later partnered with Gor as sponsors. If we did all these 6 years ago, don’t you think we can do much more today?

That’s why I humbly request you to elect an SG who has been part of this journey and who has the knowledge, the networks and the true passion to transform this club. I am ready

13 thoughts on “Gor Mahia voter registration to be published Wednesday

  1. Let us hope that Ombija will be equal to the task and keep the learned friend mentality out of this. I CANNOT vote for Kilo. I hate him since he harassed Jaro Soja and labelled the mighty fans as goons.

  2. Gidi, you are the best candidate for the position of SG as I can remember how you and some other media personalities campaigned for fans to return to the stadium.

  3. Kilo is crafty he will opt for a position that has little or no competition,he has the benefit of insider information. That’s why he oscilates like a pendulum back and forth mara Vice Chair then Org.Sec. #ElectAR+Co.&NextAGMwillBeInDec2020!!!!____#WantedPersons,GorMahia”HugeDebts”List!!

  4. online voting can be good for members outside Nairobi. Professional bodies as LSK, etc uses the same. Please office consider this.

    1. Infact that’s the way to go.A must for the future as it will boost membership(read cash to club).GMFC needs above 30,000 members @between @a fee of 500-1000 per year. This Kshs.250,000 fee is similar to wishing 3M members @ fee of 100.Online membership & voting(not only for elections but for new constitution and crucial issues) enables fans unables to go to the stadium for various reasons to still have a say in the destiny of the club e.g sofaset fans. Online registration on its own disenfranchise fans. Hope, as Mourinho would say,it can be implemented in the next 8 years, sorry 8 months.

  5. Ngala may be undone by his unsavoury record. I once had a chat with him when there was the Situma saga(Gor and Ingwe tussling for his signature). He appeared genuinely passionate and informed on Gor and Kenyan football matters. He also seemed to have Gor’s interest at heart. Had he been more progressive he would have been my candidate. As it appears Giddy may just run away with this one. Kilo will always shift last minute for a position with no other competitor. How can we make sure he declares the post he is vying for early, we bar him from switching last minute then toss him out with pleasure?

    1. Publishing the candidates list for each position might do but am sure the guy will go for a position with no competitor. But as you can note the power of incumbency is revealing its by Kilo making statements reserved for the electoral board. Alternatively since its an AGM,members can take the bold decision and TRIM/REDUCE THE EXCESS EC POSTS (VICE CHAIRMEN-2 AND SECRETARIES-3, total reduction 5) on the floor. Accalamation can be used as a quick way of determining which posts to be scrapped and the aspirants vie for the consolidated post.Note the candidature fees are uniform.

      1. And while we are still on transparency issues, I urge the club to explain during the AGM how they intend to use the 2.4 million collected from voter registration. How about using part of it in motivating the TB and playing unit? Most likely we will be told it was spent on election logistics!!!!

  6. #WantedNames:GorMahia”HugeDebts”List!!

    The Kenyan league champions owes NIC Bank Sh1.1million which forced the bank to repossess the bus one month ago-Feb 8, 2016 17:50:04


    “NIC Bank repossessed the bus as we owe them Sh1.1m. However, we are making plans to have it back this week. The club did not have money to service the loan but things are getting better now,” Ngala told Goal on Monday.

    Ati which bus is Gidi talking about!
    Tafakari hayo financial statements / CAF licensing NI NDOTO

  7. CAF Licensing in a No Brainer since without it there’s no competing even in the KPL as Mwendwa put it rather harshly that even if 11 teams will be the only ones to have copmlied those are the ones that will take part in the league next season.A perfect platform for him to return the iron fist Rachier has meted out to him endlessly concerning expanding the league to 18 teams…

    1. For the original CAF license only 2 clubs qualified, GMFC will try in 2017. I maintain the GMFC were never interested in this one, but enough of that. Now rested assured that all premier league teams will be given the “KPLcum CAF” license from River Road.
      Also NW’s K’Sharks will probably be no.2 in the NSL so he will go easy of the 18 teams issue.


      1) Now Gidi- Where did the people/fans go? Hope not into the “deep pockets”.
      Just a recap

      The 2015 CAF champions league preliminary match against CNaPs of Madagascar raised Ksh 919,000 according to the club site.-16/02/2015

      VIP tickets were sold at Kshs. 600 (approximately $6) while the terraces tickets went at Kshs. 200 (approximately $2).

      Attendance at Gor Mahia matches has been gradually declining of late and so have the gate collections.

      This past weekend’s number is well below the Ksh 2.6 million that was raised when Gor Mahia played against Esperance in 2014.

      And in 2013, the encounter against Anse Re Union raised Ksh 3.5 million.

      Going back even further, the mashemeji derby first leg in 2011 raised an incredible 5.5 million.



      Gor loses cash to Eastleigh cartel printing fake jerseys
      Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000083402/gor-loses-cash-to-eastleigh-cartel-printing-fake-jerseys

      The Anti-Counterfeit Agency was established under the Anti-Counterfeit Act 2008 as a State Corporation with the mandates to enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting, combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods, devise and promote training programs to combat counterfeiting and co-ordinate with national, regional or international organizations involved in combating counterfeiting.

  8. Gor Mahia to take part in Startimes International Cup – this could be good exposure for the team as this tourney has been slotted in for the aborted CECAFA. The price money is also good. Ze Maria might miss it due to other commitments. I only hope that the soccer wing of Gor is not affected by the elections.

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