Gor Mahia vs AFC postponed

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KPL has announced that the much awaited KPL Top 8 first leg match between rivals AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia has been postponed to a later date yet to be fixed.

CEO Jack Oguda while confirming the latest development said they are in the process of identifying the next date but the match has been strongly affected by the unavailability of a suitable venue to host the heavy fixture that has always attracted huge fans from both divides.

“Due to unavoidable circumstances we have had to postpone the match to a later date. We will communicate accordingly.” He said.

Last week the Sports Stadia management board announced an indefinite ban on hosting Gor Mahia at all their venues including the Nyayo stadia and Kasarani until further notice.KPL had initially scheduled the match for Kasarani on 1st of April.

However, after the chaos that dominated the last encounter between the two teams on March 18th , Football Kenya Federation (FKF) announced that the match will be moved to Mombasa at the Mbaraki Stadium though sources also indicated Mbaraki still remain shy of hosting the heavy match.

“ We are engaging several stakeholders to see the possible venue including talking to the stadia management board. We are hopeful of getting a solution soon.” Added Oguda.

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  1. whichever venue they’ll come up with,lets promote peace jothurwa…lets put violence in its rightful place ie dustbin of history..not all who come to see our matches can fight or run..lets consider the kids,women,the disabled n the older folks too.
    Lets preach peace pls.
    Longlive kogalo.!

  2. These fans just like Gen. Opande, Nyamwea and any other are human beings and therefore I don’t see why they cannot be educated about the need of peacefully coexistence before the match. I dont think the primitive action by the Gen. Opandes team is a solution. Unless we don’t expect the two great teams to meet again in their life time then a lasting solution should be found.

  3. scorers in 2012 so far r Ngwa=2,Hugo=1,Makori=1 despite signing heavily in this department.Remember JBO did’nt sign these players so we shld be patient with him until after June transfer period.On the thugs remember Nyayo has a POLICE POST,4 years SSMB has refused to clear stones around the stadia n instead allow bhang smokers/ drunkards wearing GM jerseys to access their venues yet when chaos erupts they penalize GM club.Like I said b4 al shabab will take advantage of this laxity n they’ll blame GM NKT

  4. Rachier baba we need you. come out and speak. your charimatic presence is what the club needs. i believe in your magic, speak and our fortunes will change in a fortnight.

  5. @6 – Forget Rachier! He is Chairman and that is all that he wanted – No interest in football or the growth of Gor! Rachier wants to be governor! The solutions will only come from Gor fans not a Rachier! At the same time SSMB “wakule ujeuri wao” – Their disorganization should not be made to appear as an emergency to Gor!

  6. To KPL,FKF n SSMB simple solutions on weeding out thugs @ soccer matches.
    1.ave the POLICE NOT team stewards/security guards frisk fans on the inner gates b4 entry.Any thug caught with bhang,booze,etc shld b arrested n charged as per the law
    2.POLICE shld again frisk fans on the outer gates after the game taking action as above
    3.Print tickets 4 only 75% capacity with conditions 1&2 clearly displayed.
    This way a GM/AFC game can b held even in MSA n not blame GM 4 matters beyond its CONTROL

  7. @Otuol Otuol . GM goons brought this unto themselves and not Opande. What GM really needs is a total ban for two years. This will be a wake-up call for the semi-illiterate stone-throwing and unproductive cult followers of GM. We cry of impunity, and yet GM goons practice impunity and reign terror on innocent kenyans all in the name of football.

  8. @ODUOR12. My thoughts precisely. I have attended several matches (right in the stadium) Arsenal matches, Lyon matches and PSV matches. This is precisely what they do. I wonder why this cannot be implemented in Kenya. It is laziness combined with our love for the blame game. When will we ever learn?

  9. Sijui niseme nini. Twajigamba na kujipiga vifua lakini kabla ya joto kupoa GM inapatikana na makosa mengine Nakuru. Mashabiki wanaingia uwanjani kwa lazima bila kulipa na kufurusha mashabiki wa Sony kutoka kwa jukwa kuu. Nimesema na nitaendelea kusema kwamba uongozi tulio nao katika GM ni hafifu na hauwezi kuongoza kilabu kubwa kama GM. Kila mtu ni msemaji wa GM.Msikilize Ngala,Bwana ama Feiz wakiongea. Ni kama Mashabiki wa Russia tu!. Ni kama wanapigania wafuasi. GM hatufai kuonekana kuunga mkono vitendo vya utovu wa nidhamu kama hawa jamaa watatu wanadhihirisha. Makosa yakifanyika tukubali. Pindi tutakapo kubali ndipo tutakuja na suluhisho. Kwa maoni yangu mimi binafsi ni kwamba EC ikubali kuvunjwa na uchaguzi mpya ufanywe ili tupate watu ambao wanaweza kutekeleza majukumu yao sawa sawa katika GM. Nakubali hata mimi nilimuunga mkono Bwana lakini nilifanya makosa makubwa kuunga mkono mtu ambaye sikumuelewa vizuri kwa sababu tu ametoa tikiti za ndege kwa kilabu.Wakati mwingine tukichagua viongozi tuchague wale ambao wamewahi kuongoza GM machinani yaani kwa branches. Hii itatusaidia kupata viongozi wale wanafaa kuliko mtu asiyejulikana kungojea wakati uchaguzi unakaribia kisha wanajitokeza na usaidizi kidogo halafu sisi twawakubali.

  10. Jarabuon, I echoe your sentiments only for the two year ban. rememeber it is not a punishment to the brand alone but a dent to the future of 30 players or so.
    I totally agree with you on hooliganism, infact it is so bad that I have stopped wearing my Jersey lest you find victims of revenge.
    these thugs are well known!!! infact there is one rowdy one ready to be pinpointed. we need to collectively prune this swines amidst us.
    people dont learn, they even brought shame again on sunday in Nakuru. we will pay 40k for that.
    this wooligans can not even afford to pay for a ticket only to wait for same likeminded to force themselves in the pitch!!! it is so annoying people branding us all sorts of names because of this illiterate, stupid,idlers. shame on them!!!!
    secondly, much as we support the team by chanting all sorts of names, lets bring on civilization. how do you pray before a match and expect the same God to grant you win if you are the same person telling a female referee……ma….yako refa………..tu….ta….ku…….refa…….style up people!!!!


    You guys made a wonderful decision by suspending K’Ogalo from using both Nyayo and Kasarani stadiums so as to curb this vice called “Hooliganism” in Kenya football and precisely GOR MAHIA F.C. In the prevailing case.

    Opande just hold on your ground and make it impossible for the to be held in NAIROBI cause if you happen to change your mind then definitely this will confirm that KPL ,FKF and the SSMB have realized how much at stake it will cost them financially to foot the bills of
    hosting the tournaments. YOU WILL BE BLOWING THE GOONS TRUMPETS BY

  12. @ Post 12 papamiky you are spot on. Have you read and comprehend the wordings that they tag at back of their Gor Mahia jerseys. It speaks volume of their character. I read one written HOOLIGAN and that is the swagger they are proud of as K’Ogalo hooligans.

  13. Gentlemen, the solution for the violence is to engage the branches and have members of the branch identify hooligans at the stadium and alert the Police. Those fellows don’t care whether you ban Gor or dock them 10 points, they will only listen when the Police arrest and charge them, otherwise punishing the club is self defeatist and futile. What SSMB and FKF and some bloggers here are suggesting is only a knee jerk reaction, deal with the individuals.

  14. If your right led hurts do you treat the whole body or deal with the arm. What wrong have the players done, or the tech bench or the EC. Police and us need to isolate the goons and deal with them. Does it mean not one person was apprehended during the melee?

  15. @ 15 Zangi you have spoken,lets engage the branches to help identify the goons this will really help the image of club coz as per now it is really dented.We can remove the dents by identifing the dented area which if we engage the branches we shall get a solution hence we will come back with our kids to stadium.EC, PLEASE LETS ONLY HAVE ONE PERSON TO BE SPEAKING ON THE BEHALF OF CLUB.

  16. what i know is that as long as SSMB and FKF will continue wiht their blame game over Gor Mahia, there will be still a trouble whenever these teams meet. Let them go back to the drawing board and see how they can manage the entire football in Kenya including controlling fans who always throng the stadium whenever there is a game. GM is not an institution which have authority over its members and can be unswerable to. For instance, im always a chelsea fan but that does not prevent me fron putting on newcasle or everton jersey. by saying this, FKF should understand that 1. not all people that has GM jersey are their followers

    2. Gor mahia itself can not and will not able to controll all people that puport to be their suporters
    3. SSMB are paid for all services including the security of the suporters.
    4. there is nothing they will gain with the direction they have taken towards Gor.
    4 their mandate is to protect all the teams that participate in KPL including GOR
    5. FOOTBALL IS FANS AND FANS IS FOOTBALL. thats why whenever there is WORLDCUP people travell far away from corners of the world.
    im realy disappointed with FKF including assistant chair whom i really respected. To Lodvic Aduda, i knew he was going to be like this coz first of all he is there because of FKF boss but not merit.

  17. @jarabuon let you know that even during worldcup, goons are always deportet back to there respective countries by the authority. so roudy fans that you think that are gm’s can be controlled by the entire football frantanity but not left to Gor mahia as a club.

  18. This is shameful:
    Gor Mahia to compensate SonySugar
    27/03/12 | By DENNIS MACHIO
    Sony Sugar FC is said to have lost over 200,000 shillings of revenue following the free entryof Gor Maia fans who forced their way to the Afraha stadiumon Sunday without paying. According to Sony Sugar chairman Chris Odero the fans overpowered the security officers manning one of the gates at Afraha and also made away with a number of receipt books.
    “It was an unfortunate incident at Afraha.The fans were many and it is a bit hard for us to quantify the exact amount lost but for sure if all was well we could have raised close to 700,000 shillings.” Said Odero while speaking to michezoafrika.comon Tuesday afternoon.
    According to the chairman, Gor Mahia has promised to pay SonySugar 40,000 shillings to compensate for the lost receipt books.
    “Am well informed that we raised close to 480,000 shillings from ticket sales on that day and this therefore meant we lost a good amount as a result of the charge by the fans. But Gor Mahia has promised to pay 40,000 shillings to compensate for the lost books but not for the free entry of fans.” Added the chairman.
    Sony Sugar moved the match to Afraha due to security reasons with their current home groundGusii stadium in Kisii having been ruled unsafe to host a big match of such magnitude. Sony’s Awendo Green Stadium isstill under renovation and the chairman projects completion by end of May.
    “We are optimistic that we shallplay our second leg matches at our new refurbished home ground in Awendo.The renovations are going on very smoothly and engineers are working hard to beat the deadline.” He added.
    Michezoafrika file photo used
    Like this Facebook page MICHEZOAFRIKA Valencia Madgy·Top commenter · Works atNGUMBARU INSTITUTIONhuku pia mlipeleka rabsha? mkikanywa huku mnatoklezea na maneno ya kuingia free stadium? Endeleeni msirudi nyuma.


    At times it is always good to do some thorough research and understand the genesis of K’Ogalo slogans you criticize and accuse the entire fraternity of over stepping their limits.

    During MOI regime the government petitioned all community based club to change there registered name as a measure of eradicating tribalism culture in Kenya football. The clubs affected were Abaluhya, Maragoli, Luo united, Gor Mahia amongst the premier league sides by then.

    Abaluhya changed its name to All Footballers Corporation Sports Club initialized as the AFC leopards, So was Maragoli that was renamed IMARA, Luo united picked Re-Union and
    lastly Gor Mahia picked Gulf Olympic Rangers initialized as GOR. But it was MOI the president by then who declared that GOR MAHIA to retain their name since it had more to do LUO culture than tribal affiliation. And the daily headlines on the print Nadia captured the mood and wrote: GOVERNMENT DIRECTS GOR MAHIA retain their name.

    That is how GOR SIRKAL pronounced with a LUO accent was created by the media and picked up by K’Ogalo nation as from the late 70’s . So it beats all logic for someone without
    historical facts to blame this slogan on hooliganism yet it was a creation of both the state and media by then. Majority of the current crop of fans have no idea what SIRKAL stands for.

    Recently when GOR MAHIA revival took the sports fraternity with a storm it is the same leading media houses that praised the fans for returning back to the stadium and cleverly nick named and coined the name “GREEN ARMY” due to their fanatical love and identification with K’OGALO green jersey. And the fans picked up what was popular with the press. This slogans are there to stay as long as GOR is alive and active in football.

    In our community their saying that if you want to kill a dog then you just give a bad name and from there henceforth you leave for the rest to do needful. It will remain an outcast and whoever comes across it will be hitting it from all angle until it will disappear for good.

    Currently there is a systematic campaign from major football stakeholders in liaison with the leading media houses to tarnish and condemn our club to the extent that I wonder if they have forgotten that just last year AFC rioted during our “best losers derby”.

    The cure for hooliganism rest with FKL and KPL by raising the standards of officiating. Why did we not witness hooliganism in 2010 and 2011 KPL derbies yet it involved the same team. On both occasion both AFC and GOR lost and win equally

    @ Jarabuon can you convince if derbies like BOCA JUNIOR and RIVER PLATE in ARGENTINA where the level of hooliganism is far much above our local derbies are as a result of semi-illiteracy and unproductive cult followers. And if that is the case why do we have stone flying objects from the main stand and yet this is where the literate and productive are majority in numbers. Just blaming GOR Mahai subjectively based on our social status,academic credentials or financial muscle will not offer solutions to hooliganism my comrade. And remember my pal this is not GOLF but SOCCER which is popular with the class that you are identifying as the only goons


    And I repeat even if GOR and AFC were to play in the moon and poor officiating is detected by either side then be well assured that all will not be well irrespective of the prevailing security measures taken and educating fans against hooliganism behavior.


  20. These trouble makers are tarnishing our image.
    Mungu atusaidie.we have more hooligans than real fans amongest ourselves.it’s a pity that they can even travel to Nakuru to cause more problem to the team.
    These goons are actually digging k’ogalo’s grave.we need to be careful or else my greatest fear will befall us…demotion.

  21. @ Eblazing the news is hurting the club but I thought SoNy being the home team was solely responsible for ensuring security was not compromised. By the way the reason for switching from Gusii stadium was based on security threat posed by GM supporters.

    I had earlier warned you my brothers and sister that the country is already in an election mood and media houses from all fronts will not miss to make up for their profit with negative publicity of K’Ogalo at the slightest opportunity. The game as simple as killing two birds worth (RAO and GM) with one stone and the damage is done.

    Now Citty stadium is not available for us to host mathare, KPL can not push the match forward as requested by our EC and certainly we are headed for more backlash. Wake up guys the writing is on the wall we need urgent leadership and guidance from the front.
    WHERE IS THE CHAIR. George Bwana and the company are playing to the hooligans
    gallery which is dangerous if you read their official responses on this gravy matter.

  22. Jabilo, its just hard to comprehend. We write and say a lot but of course nothing comes to fore. As you say these officials they never come up with solutions even when the serious fans give views. We thought they were upto scratch to lead from the front but when an official of the club rushes and commits a club to paying cash for lost receipts it defeats logic. Is the Chairman well and sound to take leadership? Or for real is on the ground looking for Governor votes as rumour mills go around? As its being said the doning of Green jersey is becoming increasingly difficult cos of the bad innuendo in the public.

  23. Y shld GMFC pay 4 damages caused by people openly breaking the law while police turn a blind eye.How is GMFC supposed 2 arrest,detain, charge&prosecute n finally sentence these criminals.The fact that the police continue 2 run away from its responsibilities(they know there’s bhang smoking,a crime,during matches yet they keep off) means all these shenanigans r political.Any one(idiot) can buy a GM shirt smoke bhang n throw stones,does that make GMFC culpable NO,so SSMB&CO leave our club alone N piss off

  24. I beg to have a say on the sad state of affairs. Its true K’ogalo natiön brought this upon itself, courtesy of our hooligans. I must admit blaming the ref for the fracas but now with the looting of sony receipts, sodas and njugus previously,ice cubes,banging vehicles and even attack of ladies on streets! But unfortunately comrades the people put in leadership are the first beneficiaries of the hooligans. I also concur that this office may not offer much since 1st. They’re too many. 2nd. They do not want to develop leadership structures. 3rd. They’re politicians and short time profiteers backed by the goons who are the menace we abhor. You and i know that fifty branches with a hundred members gives a clean 1m per match free of penalties and empty stadia bans, but because voters must be imported to keep them there these goos come in handy for them at elections.. Thats why we cannot have only serious branches participating in GM issues. Even the too much recruitment done by GM was championed by the same loud guys. But all is not lost we can begin from somewhere.

  25. These are not fand but thugs out to destroy the image of the club. When will Gor Mahia fans learn? Am very dissappointed with our fans behaviour. Please fans behave for the shake of club!

    We are living in a modern and civilised world, the happenings are not good at all for the club.

  26. Having attended all the matches this season thereis some improvement but these funny creatures whose aim is to loot and take advantage inthe name of kogalo style up coz u are a disgrace to the society.imagine lining up u and the police coz of patience leave the troublesome to push the gate and enter free these are the so called fans who carry bhang in there pocket and utter funny statements in the field where kids are,im a bitter fan coz this is not what i expect from people of sound mind. I believe kogalo can do better and lead by example. Let kogalo improve instead of going to the field and shouting zico this that,as observed in nkr,the energy can be geared towards encouraging players and will be there.go kogalo go!

  27. @OGANGO TRAILER are you justifying your acts of thuggerism simply because it happens during BOCA JUNIOR and RIVER PLATE derbies in ARGENTINA? Are you trying to give a free pass to the way broke ass and unproductive GM fans invaded Afraha Stadium, leave alone the mayhem during the AFC match? With supporters like you (who do not have the courage to stand up and say no to thuggerism) GM does not need enemies, the enemy is within. The bottom line is that GM thugs displayed immaturity and backwardness by reigning terror on innocent kenyans. Why would someone go to a football stadium with stones? Who in his right mind, in this modern age, carries stones in his pockets? What did the hardworking kenyans, going about their daily business, do to deserve what they were subjected to by GM hooligans? Why does GM management (and the fanbase) allow these thugs to sit and eat with them? I suggest that these culprits be identified and made to face the full wrath of the law (like paying for the damages they caused). This is one way to nip the thuggery in the bud.

  28. @Jarabuon am not justifying hooliganism but rather castigating your subjective approach to the issue without internalizing the route cause. Please sober up , be objective so that we can collectively deal with problem from all sources.

    I agree GM enemy is within and it start with you and me owning up that the leadership in GM EC promotes hooliganism, the too much LUOISM like your post just adds more insult into the injury and lastly too much mouthing without providing sober and clear cut solution just renders both the sponsors and beneficiary of this acts a field day at every opportunity.

  29. Everyone in this forum is very angry about GM hooliganism. We need consider a few points. 1) GM should rely on the 11 men in the pitch to win and not the thousands in the terraces. Build a team.. (you cant do this PAP!!)…be patient. 2) Hooligans are known. They belong to some so called ‘branch'(or are those banners displayed around during matches a PR gimmick?). 3) Such fan attitude will only scare away sponsorship. Now anyone around the world scouting for players(via supersport)wont know GM exists.4) This attitude is creating fear of a RAO presidency. It simply confirms Kenyans worst fears… Lastly, the club should redefine who a fan is. Am i a fan by simply donning a green jersey?

  30. @OGANGO TRAILER You are clearly a very parochial and localized individual. Aren’t you the same dude who was ranting obscenities about the re-election of Rachier as GM’s chairman. You are the one who needs to sober up. What empirical or theoretical parameters have you used to arrive at the conclusion that I subscribe to Luoism? Granted, I am happy if GM wins and things are going great but I am equally saddened by the unfortunate turn of events in so far as thuggerism is concerned. Mark you, some of us contribute heavily to GM’s financial kitty, over and beyond even what some premier members do. The sure route to combat thuggerism and hooliganism is through a concerted efforts from GM management, players and fans (plus the Kenya police and KPL). Let the culprits be identified and made to face the full wrath of the law. Unlike the shouter from the financial wilderness (OGANGO TRAILER) some of us are more than willing to dip into our pockets to help the club employ security officers to man the stadium. This is what clubs like PSV, Lyon, Arsenal do (yes OGANGO TRAILER, I have attended PSV matches, among others)

  31. F**k the media, ati “Gor Mahia should accept defeat,” kwani last time we were beaten 3-0 by effusi, did we even bad mouth them? When effusi attacked K’ogallo fans last season was it even covered twice. The punishment wont do anything, the best they can do is fine us, about how much? a million or two bob? that’s peanuts for people who raise about 15 million in one match,they should look at the underlying issues and adress them accordingly, Gor is here to stay makata gitim an’go. However, its basic common sense that goons can be hired to masquerade as gor fans and this is what saddens me, how can we be punished without investgation, how can SSMB give us their stadia if they can’t guarantee the security of their own property? Where are all the K’Ogallo lawyers to sue all these bodies punishing us without investigation? A lot of things are not right, it’s as if the media, stupid bodies like FK chietha, SSMB, effusi etc have conspired against Gor and were waiting for the right moment to attack.

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