Gor Mahia tie Anse ReUnion

Gor Mahia were held scoreless by Anse-Reunion in the CAF cup preliminary round match played at Nyayo stadium on Saturday.

Gor Mahia played well in the 1st half but could not find the net. Forwards Dan Sserunkuma, Rama Salim, Moses Odhiambo and Paul Kiongera received several chances but wasted them much to the chagrin of fans.

In the 5th minute, Rama Salim had a glorious chance from a Moses Odhiambo effort but he tapped the ball wide. 5 minutes later, it was Dan Sserunkuma who sent his shot into the waiting hands of the goalkeeper. On 22 minutes later it was Kiongera who fluffed a glorious chance by sending the ball over the bar

In the 37th minute, Logarusic introduced Kevin Omondi for Pablo Njuguna.  This was an early sign that things were not going according to Logarusic’s plans.

In the 57th minute, Edwin Lavatsa came in for Paul Kiongera. Lavatsa was active throughout the second half making several runs.

Anthony Akumu was given his marching orders on 68 minutes for a professional foul on Huso Sezoy who seemed destined to score.It happened when Gor Mahia through all their players into attack leaving the rear guard vulnerable to counter attacks. Akumu had little choice but to foul Sezoy who was already ahead.

The game deteriorated in the second half. Gor Mahia showed no signs of finding the net.

In the 83rd minute Moses Odhiambo sents a freekick wide. AnseReUnion were  defending doggedly with all 10 players dropping back into defence.

Gor Mahia have shown a lack of sharpness and a lack of coordination throughout the pre-season.

Still all is not lost. Gor Mahia could still advance by hold the Islanders to a 1-1 draw. Coach Logarusic has 2 weeks to come up with a strategy to ensure a better result in the return leg.

Starting LINE UP: Fredrick Onyango, David Owino, Christopher Wekesa, Donald Mosoti, Ivan Anguyo, Antony Akumu, Joseph Njuguna, Moses Odhiambo (Cpt), Paul Kiongera, Rama Salim, Danny Sserunkuma.

Subs: Ivo Mapunda, Musa Mohammed, Solomon Nasio, Moses Otieno, Ali Victor Abondo, Edwin Lavatsa, Kevin Omondi.

28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia tie Anse ReUnion

  1. This is a write off!! the signs started showing last November 2012 when LUGORASIC was blackmailing the officials, he has been fond of slapping at will, for salary increase otherwise he should have been set free to go where his heart wanted to be …….ZAMALEK!

  2. Thats game of footbal man dho even coach said the team wasnt ready for the game coz he knew soo whom do you blame? you win some you lose some.

  3. Should Gor Mahia be eliminated by a Seychelles team, it will be the lowest point of the team since they were relegated in 2002

  4. ayi! yawa! tho ia mwora, we lacked stamina and killer instinct. i hope our boys work out in the gym and have an eye for goal. Akumu saved us from a big embarrassment, otherwise Lets pick ourselves and aim higher. Kogallo always Kogalo. the pain i feel is more than that of 1000 arrows on my body, but anyway Come rain come sun, sirkal you are forever in my heart.

  5. Okoth Jabilo had foreseen this and commented. We saw it coming and commented so no more comments for now; I opt to stand aside and watch things unfold while holding my breath. My take on the strategy being talked about here is to have David Owino permanently in the midield and give Musa Moh’d a chance in the defence, meanwhile Rama should be unleashed so that he roves freely as he did back in Congo United.

  6. Tusker 5 gor mahia 0 ….DSTV cup. Omera I said it, midfield is confused, defence is shaky and strike force is blunt…it all showed in today’s game. What I expect logarusic to do is simply tell some players to pull their socks…….the players know themselves.

    Secondly, we need to adopt to play 4-3-3 with lavatsa upfront and serenkuma and kiongera doing the support upfront, akumu, Moses otieno and anguyo in midfield.

    Rama Salem should be benched for 1 week as punishment.

  7. Nilisema hama siku sema? If Ali had not left Re for St. Michaels, then for sure Gor would have lost. Now, Gor are not used to playing in a hot and humid environment. If the team does switch its training to mombasa immeadiately, watahema and you will think that there are 11 Giovanni’s playing when the return game is played. Even worse, they might make Giovanni look like Maradona in his hay days. The reason why breweries did well in Sychelles was because they had been to Zanzibar (which has similar weather to Sychelles) playing in the Mapinduzi cup

    All the same….best of luck masemeji

  8. I thank God 4 the results.may we learn day by day.let me thank those who played for what they did.strikers need to relieve pressure from goalkeeper and defence by scoring.we wasted too many chances bt I believe that we will make it.may God’s will be done.

  9. I decided that today i sit at Rassia.just wanted to feel the roaring of Gor fans which was below per. What i observed is some sort of discipline after the guy who threw a plastic bottle of soda towards the line man was brushed a bit and handed to police. Before the game i entered a supermarket which i keep the, to buy some water and saw agroup of Gor fans buying alot of mizinga ya pombe i know even my Ingwe do so,but it’s high time they stop. Coming to the game,i must say after 20min i thought Anze would pick 5 nil but wapi.ball hududa,and may be you might beat them away.there average ball control is about 40% but there tall striker might cause troubles because to me he is the only good player.i also believed that Gor players wamezoea Loga since they are sure of 1st 11,it’s always destructive.this can be evidenced by My beloved Ingwe last season.walikuwa wanacheza bila kujituma and it causted us.Tusker prepared well in pre-season and they will go far.my final observation is that today Loga made wrong subtitutes they bore nothing,may be his tacticts are known and he might not the impact as he did last year. As i leave,may the almight father in the luvly name of Jesus christ bless AFC LEOPARDS .INGWEEEEE INGWEAAAAA. Amen.

  10. Forget it! ANSEC had warned you they will score on counter and you would be trailing had your RED CARD man not fouled the opponent. If then they had a strategy which they effectively applied , what makes you think you will score in Sychelles? Recall FERIOVIARIO FC! ……..ONE MILLION SHILLING COACH SAID WE KNOW WHAT TO DO ON SATURDAY…What was it? DRAWING!! Eheheheheh…..

  11. My fellow bloggers what a nice game it was even though lady luck wasnt with us. As a side show we didnt clense ourself at the TM statute can someone tell city council to reset the fountain? Back to the game we need a quick transition of the ball from midfield to striking final third. 2. We must not score classic goals, at the continetal level lets score as a priority no matter how it was build. 3 players on the pitch need to produce individual brilliance to rise the occasion when team work is not yielding fluid.

  12. Anse Reunion is not a team that can beat Gor. Even with an extra man for over 20 mins they made no impact. Our players should read in to that and go for the jagular in the return leg. No need to respect this team too much. Go for it boys. Get an early goal and let the game open up

  13. Pod…if Anse is not a team then why didn’t gor beat them at home? Uless gor switches their camp to mombasa, watahema on the return match an you will think that there are 11 Giovannis playing. Breweries did well there because they had been to zanzibar for two weeks…zanzibar has the same climate as seychelles.

  14. do not blast gor, the team still does not have the calibre to move far in africa championships. the team lost chances and you can see how gor was struggling to score. not scoring in such a game tells alot. we should just be happy at this stage that gor is taking part in a more organised way. this tournament will make gor wake up. until gor can take the league with three games in hand then that will be the day. but when a team struggles to beat thika united then u know thngs are wrong. this is in reference to kenya position in world football. let gor participate in this cup but it’s our performance in the league this season that will determine. my take is until you start taking the league and the e and central cup at will, then is when we should raise our expectations for africa competitions.

  15. I couldn’t believe what I heard Loga the coach say after the match yesterday. He blamed the KPL for not organizing the league to begin early. I hope I’m not quoting him by mistake. If I’m not mistaken, I want to ask him the following:
    1. Where were you during the recruitment period?
    2. You refused to play a professional team Azam from TZ claiming you didn’t want tire up your squad because of the crowded league. What could you lose by helping to see your squad being thrashed in a friendly game?
    Those two question serves as a yardstick for me to ask the coach to swallow his pride and take personal responsibility for the results of yesterday’s game. Just settle down for the second leg game well because you are the highest paid coach in Kenya soccer history. We deserve better.

  16. One major problem was the striker’s lack of composure Gor were too wasteful in the 1st half all said theres still a gud chance of progressing in 2nd round that team is beatable.

  17. Felow blogers I’m not sure if logarusic normally reads the comments on this blog. I wish to address him and if those who are managing this blog to atleast tell him that to just read my comment on this occassion.
    Mr. Zdravco Logarusic I’ve always been your defender and at times I got rebuked just for deffending yuo.I want you to promise me that you will not depend on anyone to get good result.
    That what happened yesterday (16th/2/2013) was not planned by external forces.

  18. Despite of the draw personally I saw a very good game by Gor with majority of complete passes. It is always an embarrasment in foot ball that the best team always end up disapointed at the final whistle as it doned on us. Let’s hope the boys will give us a smile in the return leg which is highly realistic. Ingo @ 7 has given a good sugestion in relation to weather condition I think the Ec can look in to that. Guys lets be positive enough to help boost our chances.

  19. @ingo keep your comment to yourself we are just good enough to beat chingwe squierals anyday anytime so even if we are eliminated we shall still bring fun to ourselves so your kiwaru will be in your throt anyway i mean no evil for you friend we played bad but that was just that soon it will be differ4ent

  20. Very dissapointing results I must say.
    Considering that we played a very weak and poor oposition.I cant compare anse re union to any team in our kenyan league.I’d put them in the 2nd half of our nationwide league . The fact that tusker beat the st michel 4-1, the reigning champions in the sychelles league away, shows you how weak and poor, the country is, soccer-wise, (and I think we all remember the drubbing we gave their national team just the other day).
    I know that we can go to sychelles and give them a good beating at their backyard, but the question is, why didn’t we finish the work at nyayo? We would have easily killed this game in the first half, and things such as teddy’s red card wouldn’t have arose.
    The coach should stop giving an impression that we have sacred cows in the team.One of the reasons why we were happy when we brought in a ‘muzungu’, coach was because we always assumed that wazungus dont have favouritism and that they select team and make substitutions purely on merit and form.
    Yesterday, we saw a goof especially in the substitutions made by the ccoach.Why on earth for example did he substitute our brigtest and most dangerous player of the afternoon-Mungai kiongera??, Why did he remove pablo, yet we all knew qho was the weakest link at our midfield
    I am not the coach, neither can I purport to be so knowledgeable on matters pertaining gor mahia’s tactical and technical approach of matches, but I was just pointing out on what I felt let us down yesterday.
    Having said that, I still offer my unequivocal support and dedication to Gor mahia, the entire technical bench, led by head coach lugarusic and all the players.
    Hope for better results in the 2nd leg.

  21. We played well ladies and gentlemen the problem that happened ysterday was the sub that loga did,we know very well that you can not bring kevo that early but he did that,Kiongera was doing very well but was substituted,so lets not panic at the moment,why do some of us think we can not beat the at home? if we could hold them with one man less we can still beat them,that team iko tu down sana,loga also must think very fast,we complained hear how the coach was behaving hear but some of us called us names,all the clubs we doing serious recrutment but our coach was still in the comfort of his seating room giving conditions and applying for jobs all over and yet he had a running contract,the same people will beat him up if we perfome poorly,just watch the next three game if no result !!!!!!!!!! atakimbiswa ile hajawahi kuona,he will go to croatia one way watch this space

  22. This Anse Reunion we will beat away. They are weak physically and they acnt run at all. they had closed the game and Gor has never learned to prevail where the game is closed (defensive).

  23. In the game football some times things do not work as planned and that is exactly what happened to Gor.But on the other side it seems to show that Gor as slow starters but picks up with time. However, I think that the players should just continue to work hard,be themselves and raise their self esteem. Otherwise Kudos to Akumu. You did the right thing and that is part of the game. Gor will actually go through.

  24. Guys you do not need to worry,despite the setback in Nairobi Gor will raise themselves in the return game and Anse ReUnion will be beaten.I think sometimes a team should undergo such tests of character to show whether they can survive negativity.After all Gor did not lose.and you must understand that even good teams like Barcelona have lost to lowly teams in La Liga.However they always focus on the next game.From this time forward you will see Gor doing very well.Believe me the players must have been shocked and this is what will propel them forward.Mr.Disi stop myopism and being parochial KRA2 AFC 0 how about that!

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