Gor Mahia vs El Merreikh ticket sales available Friday

Courtesy of futaa.com

Tickets for the Gor Mahia-El-Mereikh friendly clash will be sold starting Friday afternoon, 27 January 2012.

Gor will host the Sudanese outfit, currently in residential training in the country, at the Nyayo National Stadium on Sunday 29 January.
For a chance to see K’ogalo take on the mighty Sudanese outfit, one will have to part with Ksh 500 for the VIP section and Ksh 200 for the alternative terraces.
Sale of tickets is being organised by Ticket Masters
Show up in numbers
The tickets will be sold at the usual Ticket Masters outlets at Kenya Cinema, 20th Century, Nyayo Stadium and City Stadium.
Gor Mahia Assistant Secretary General Ronald Ngala has urged the club’s supporters to turn up in large numbers to support the team.
-We have tried our level best to ensure the tickets are sold at an affordable price and so we hope that the fans will come out and support the team as they always do, he told Futaa.com.
Gor will use the match, which kicks off at 1600 Hrs local time, as preparation for their upcoming CAF Confederations Cup challenge.

16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia vs El Merreikh ticket sales available Friday

  1. how do you imagine kshs 500 and 200 is affordable?make the gate charges more reasonable this season to encourage more fans to turn up.I personally think the ticket pricing for Gor games especially center stand is grossly exagerated!!!

  2. This is a God send opportunity for all GM fans to assist the team financially and for the tech bench to assess the team. Let each of us play his part.

  3. For is not any other team,we r special in our own way,supporting IS a responsibility,guys lets not complain on the charges, if u want the best o Kenyan futaa then u will find it in k’ogallo

    just try ur level best and I believe u will manage to supprtkogallo despite the charges let’s meet onsunday

  4. If we complain abot GM gate charges wait till we play other teams like Thika and Sofapaka and we will pay even higher gate charges for which the team will not even benefit from. As was said before supporting GM to realise their targets this year is going to be dear both financially and otherwise. Alot of sacrifice will be needed. It’s too early to cry about the charges as we have to pay for the established players we have in the squad therwise we will have to resort to getting players from school and paying them 10 – 15K per month and then getting frastrated when they cannot deliver.
    Let’s meet on Sato for the GM family fun day and Sunday for the match. I believe this is one of the ways to raise the 60m.

  5. @Dan, you are spot on regarding gate charges. We always demand for quality players and positive results but we always complain about gate charges and poor results. I think mafans are wrong on this matter. If we want good and quality players, we must now be ready to invest in our team by paying players very well with high salaries/allowances for them to be motivated to win games or otherwise we are going to put unnecessary pressure on players, technical bench and executive committee if we cannot perform our mandate as fans. We should never de-motivate our players and admin. Our admin are like the trustees but we should never expect them to pay players and other administration costs from the pockets.

    Mafans must plan and budget to pay more for the club to move ahead and lead in the KPL standings. Let us take for example: out of four weeks in a month, we normally do have two home games per month (apart from Super 8, FKL Cup and CAF), fans in terraces should budget for at least Kshs.300-400 per month while on VIP stand must budget for Kshs.1000-1500 per month. If we can set aside such amounts (savings), then there will be no burden in paying high gate charges as the money will be utilised well by Admin.

    My take is that the gate charges for all our home games should be as follows:-
    1. Main Stands (VIP) Kshs.500.00-800.00
    2. Terraces (Russia) Kshs.150.00-200.00

    By performing our mandate, we will help our team to optimize on gate collections and motivate our players. Mafans please note that this is the only best way we will be able to pay our players well and attract quality talents.

    Finally, we all know that the current economic conditions are very difficult with high inflationary pressures pushing up the cost of living, the same is happening to our team (GM) as the cost of wage bill (salaries, training allowance), logistics and administration expenses have all gone up. Football being an entertainment sport, we need to sacrifice a little bit for the better performance of our team.

  6. as a strong and avid kogallo follower am just requesting all followers and their families to come out in large numbers on sunday…for this is promising to be a big game between two of the most successful football clubs in the eastern african region
    see you at the stadium

  7. ITS time to help this our team lets pay gate bila side . guys kila team are waiting to see what kogallo is made of even other fans players would cam so ? like baba said gari la moshi la ondoka .semama kwa reli tuone .kuja na majirani wote.

  8. I agree with Mwakio and the rest. Gate charges should remain as proposed for all home games. Remember this is what the greedy clubs charge us for away games, why should we be mean to ourselves? we sound like really poor business people. I want to suggest that in future the mpesa should be developed to accomodate gate collections.

  9. Also, am strictly against hooligans who spoil our image and they usually start at the terraces in Russia, if Kes 200 will keep them off then the better. For me those terraces should go for kes 400.00 to attract only reasonable and true fans who have the best interest of the club at heart. We will still see fans in the stadium as long as the kogalo plays beautiful soccer and wins games.

  10. To me either way i will always be at the stadia if other eventualities do not prevent me.

    But i somehow see a point in Bro Fred Odhiambo’s sentiment.

    1. I think with proper stewardship of the money getting into the GM coffers will encourage fans to stop murmuring about the charges, its painful to imagine that the 500 or 200 fans pay is on the basis of a fake ticket designed by a so called official.!

    2.I also believe we need more fans in the stadia to support the team lest we forget its not entirely about the money as some people would try have us believe..the support in numbers in all games also counts..if anything some games were drawn last season majorly out of moral support.

    3.We could also open an avenue for corruption at the gates where guys would be entering the Stadium paying 20 or 50 bob to the so called security! If so then why not maintain the 500 and 100 for everybody to enjoy and all the cash to be accounted for?

    4. Associating vices with poverty is very debatable ..hence the insinuation that those who can afford 100 bob are responsible for hooliganism to many people is very misplaced..remember people who we adore as rich are the corrupt and dangerous drug dealers..lets talk GM issues in a balanced and sober way without balkanisation.

    5. If anything the financial weather of the month is very much unfriendly to many of the low income earners for the Sunday game and the 500-200 bob is rightly constable.

  11. very well, but please let us expand our views, let such friendly matches to be played away from nairobi in future-tall jakom

  12. k.fans club nakuru .even if am wrong i may say its the team who calls Gor fr frindly and again if there is ateam in nakuru just tell them to arrange with gor coz time again is ran.. haraka sanA US we are ready to cam and wacth na nyinyi naks .hatuna shida kuna team tell them.

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