Gor Mahia lose to Esperance 1-0

Gor Mahia  succumbed to an early goal by the Tunisians and were thus eliminated from the 2018 Africa champions league. Gor Mahia defended well and gave a good account of themselves.

And Gor Mahia had to play without Godfrey Walusimbi who is having a financial disagreement with the club. His composure on the ball would have been very useful in this match.

Esperance applied their usual high pressure. Gor Mahia handled it relatively well but also gave away plenty of possession. In the end, Kogalo were unable to create meaningful chances.

The goal came in the 20th minute from Anis Badri who capitalized on a poor clearance.

Esperance for their part used quick passes to free up their speedy wingers. But they too struggled to create meaningful chances. The match was concentrated in the middle of the park. Esperance however looked the more dangerous team in the first half.

Esperance also used constant flopping and feigning of fouls to slow down the game and waste time.

At Minute 44: Gor Mahia players had to vacate the bench after fans start pelting it with foreign objects.

In the Second half: Gor Mahia relied more and more on long passes. But were unable to breach the Esperance rear guard. Gor Mahia defended stoutly and made some forays forward but created very few chances.

All in all, a vastly improved, far more composed Kogalo side than the one that lost 8-2 on aggregate in 2014. But still not enough to overcome Esperance. Kogalo did however prove that they belong in the Champions League group phase. Its only a matter of time before they make it.

Starting Line-Up
Boniface Oluoch, Wesley Onguso, Joachim Oluoch, Joash Onyango, Harun Shakava, Ernest Wendo, Francis Kahata, Philemon Otieno, Meddie Kagere, Jacques Tuyisenge, George Odhiambo


Shaban Odhoji, Charles Momanyi, Humphrey Mieno, Boniface Omondi, Lawrence Juma, Bernard Ondieki, Samuel Onyango


Fan Violence

Report from goal.com
The match had to be stopped for three minutes after K’Ogalo’s reserves bench and officials sought for refuge in the field
Gor Mahia technical bench were victims of violence from Esperance fans, who pelted them with water bottles in the Caf Champions League second leg match.
The match had to be stopped for three minutes after K’Ogalo’s reserves bench and officials sought for refuge in the field to keep a safe distance from the rowdy Tunisian fans, who threw objects onto the pitch.
Gor Mahia players had to be escorted to the dressing room at the break as violent home fans continued with their rage on the visitors as the police watched from a distance.

Gor Mahia media officer and Journalist Tom Bwana, who accompanied the team in Tunisia, reported cases of ‘racism chants’ directed at Gor Mahia players though Goal could not independently verify the claims.

“Lots of racist chants from the stands. One cop just yelled ‘fils de pute’ at me,” Bwana tweeted. In 2010, Esperance was slapped with $50,000 fine by Confederation of Africa Football for the violence during their clash with Al Ahly of Egypt in Cairo.
Esperance were accused of ripping out stadium seats and lit fireworks during the first leg of its African Champions League semi-final against Egypt’s Al Ahly.
Eleven policemen were injured and at least 14 Tunisians fans arrested during the October 3 game in Cairo, which Al Ahly won 2-1.

21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia lose to Esperance 1-0

  1. I watched that game courtesy of Jarunda and the team really played well although Esperence used their usual way to win. Kudos to my team.

  2. It is sad but not very sad as w have a fall back competition- CCC (CAF Confederation Cup). Lessons have been learnt- however hard/difficult a match is, – always try and score at least one goal while playing at home!!!! To reduce the aggregate loss from 8-2 to 1-0 is commendable and the team must pick themselves up and move on to the Confederation Cup. I now believe that Dylan Kerr is a fantastic coach and may not be with us for long if we don’t sort out our financial issues ASAP. Almasry of Egypt now awaits us in the qualifiers of the Confederation Cup. We can beat them as they only managed to sneak through on away goals. They drew 2-2 with Simba of Tanzania in Dar esalaam before settling for a 0-0 draw in Cairo. Good luck Gor Mahia. Good work boys.

  3. Bottom line, a loss is a loss but good preps. for the Confed Cup. WE MUST QUALIFY FOR THAT GROUP STAGE. If you can’t score you can’t win, very disappointed but not surprised that our strikers couldn’t score that vital single away goal that would have done it. Surely I sudder to think what our beloved K’Ogalo is capable of achieving without the shenanigans of delayed payments. Let’s improve our goalkeeping & strike force, over to you Jasego but buck stops with Ker hoping EC does not bore us with non payment issues.

  4. Player go slow is looming…..but Yes, CAF group stages is very possible but only if we can start scoring goals. Next might be a south african or a nigerian opponent, we have to score goals, goals, goals and more goals.

    Secondly, I think the coach should be told that there is no single match in the history of the club that meddie and Jausenge have scored goals in a single match !! a different combination is now due yajowa.

  5. Surely if there is a looming go-slow we cannot blame the EC for that. we all know tjat it’s the govt which is the cause of that. Let’s prepare for CAFCC as best as we can. Let’s also note that the coach is now a ‘marked’ man after our exploits

  6. Congrats to the team.Well fought Battle. What is a bit of concern if we go by the report, is the team playing long balls in the 2nd half.Am afraid if the trend is not reversed that will be our trade mark play( having watched ingwe today maybe we have swapped our identity play).Kwani the draw has already been made that we playing an Egyptian club in confederation if I may ask.Otherwise let’s win the league again, I can bet this is the last we are seeing experence in the group stages, they will look for some other “wanyonge” elsewhere, Not GMFC.

  7. I we had Secret weapon Guikan add Ade we could have scored and also had an alive midfield. We can reach confed group stage but all home games must be taken seriously.Imagine if we scored two in Machakos.

  8. I repeat,knock-out round robin matches onr Must Score and Win at home orit becomes pointless going to play away unless the team is as accomplished as Sevilla with Midfielder Nzonzi or Juventus with Striker Dybal.One goal only and we had it but this endless tale of not scoring is now an old adage in Kogalo.I want to advocate Tuyisenge goes back to number 7 and meddie & guikan twin strike we see the outcome.Otherwise i really believed we had Esperance this time for they were no better than us.Shame on thrir hooligan fans throwing missiles & shouting racist chants to ehich even police manning security were complicit in.We must adopt dirty tricks in future like west & north africans as it seems fifa fair plays philosphy exists nowhere in the Caf handbook

  9. This time they have taken but giyie. This was actually meant to be our year but it is now gone, but still congratulations to the boys. Good job

  10. We missed 550,000 USD (Kes 55m) from that game. Now we have a chance to get 270,000 USD (KES 27m) if we qualify for the group stage of CAFCC.
    Let’s do it boys.
    The draw is this wednesday

  11. I watched the match on youtube. Kogallo staged a sterling performance. Tunisia misbehaved. They mishandled us. They were falling in every slightest chance of provocation. The players would literally beat ours especially when they neared their goal. The environment was too cruel for us. Future assignments must be regulated. We treated Esperance well when they came to Kenya, but they, on the contrary, gave us hell. KOGALLO’s Performance generally was above board. KUDOS. You did not bow out easily. You fought hard despite the many challenges. You made me happy.

  12. All factors considered , moreso the debillitating challenges we have to endure and which r completely absent on the espereance side , I feel this team needs a huge Big up and it is now a matter of fact that we are progressively narrowing the gap with the best in the continent , if only we could up our game and narrow the structures andorganisational gap I.e management wise , then a few years from now we can/ will be back at the top where we used to be when no team in Africa didnt want to be drawn against Kogalo and similar to now when we kogalo cry foul immediately we see we r drawn against our Nothern brothers .
    Big up to the Tb , the playing unit and the Ec , we r out but with our heads high .
    Nb : watched Afc leopards play against homeboyz on the same pitch we normally vent our fury on and what a beautiful ground passing game Afc played .. ..it was beautiful football

  13. Its sad to see peoples comments here , praising Gor for there exist , every year we played well but never progress to the next round , how about constructive criticism.

  14. Got lost for two reasons in Machakos we played Esperance the name rather than 11 Esperance players,Second reason fielding was poor,tusiyenge and Kagere combination have failed to blossom plus berry’s contribution this season have been poor,coaches should try Samwel,ade,guikan,Kagere combination I think the above players,atleast,have a goal and assist each this season am wondering what the bench looks for when fielding

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