Gor Mahia 0 vs Everton 4

Joash Onyango tries to stop Everton winger Tosun


Everton proved that they are simply a class above Gor Mahia. They were especially lethal on counter-attacks with their lightning quick passes and ability to open up running lanes. Whereas Gor Mahia tried a slow patient build-up, Everton were quick on the ball, thus often giving Gor Mahia no chance to settle.

Local players simply lack the technique required to make quick but precise passes then make intelligent runs. It is a result of doing hundreds and hundreds of passing drills starting as early as age 6 or 7.

Nevertheless, Gor Mahia’s defence acquitted themselves well, often thwarting imminent goals. Goalkeeper Frederick Odhiambo and the new signing Shafiq Butambuze were impressive.

Gor Mahia’s best moments came between minutes 45 and 60. That was when they created chances with Blackberry proving a handful for the toffees. But the mass substitutions ruined the rhythm

Minute by Minute

Ademola Lukman scored the opener in minute 16 finishing off a cross from the right flank following a flowing move. The Gor Mahia defender did not follow Lukman and tried to recover late. In the end it was an easy tap in for Lukman.

Dowell scored Everton’s second goal from a breakway , tucking the ball under Oluoch. Everton with most of the possession were looking very dangerous on breakways.

32nd minute Good movement sees Blackberry cut inwards but his shot sails way above the goal.

35th minute: Dominic defly loses Nizigiyimana but his shot is parried by Oluoch for a corner.

41st minute: Another Everton breakway catches Kogalo falt footed. But Oluck pulls off a save from a wide open Kieran Dowell.

45 minutes: Lukman runs dangerously on the left. Cuts inside but Shakava blocks his shot.

With the exception of Blackberry’s effort which sailed over the bar, Kogalo have yet to trouble the Everton keeper. The half time score is 2-0

Former Naija international Yakubu is commentating and says Kogalo need to speed up their passes. Indeed what separates the two sides is Everton’s ability to string quick passes on the run.

Also Gor Mahia players seem to be sliding constantly. It appears their boots are not suited to this surface.

Second half starts. Bernard Ondiek is on as is Humphrey Mieno.

48′: Everton looking dangerous but dogged defending saveing Kogalo in the early exchanges. Gor Mahia losing the ball in dangerous places as the Everton press is taking its toll.

50′ : Blackberry at the end of a flowing move, sends a low cross but it goes begging

Blackberry looking lively. Butambuze solid in defence.

52′: Lukman slices through several defenders. The goalkeeper is well beaten. Butambuze with a goal line save.

57′: Francis Mustapha squanders a wide open attempt with the Everton keeper out of position .

59′ : Another flowing move ends with Butambuze sending a low cross into the box. But the Everton keeper was equal to it.

60′: Ade on for Mustapha.

65″ : Yerry Mina heads a Lukman freekick only inches over the bar.

67′ : Lukman with a dangerous on the left but run blocked by Philemon.

68′ : Mieno being treated for an injury after colliding with Niasse.

70′ : Gor Mahia stringing together passes resulting in dangerous  scenarios. But Ondiek is offside.

71′: Multiple substitutions. Blackberry makes way for Cercidy. Joachim Oluoch also on.

73′:Momanyi foils a dangerous run by Niasse. Sub goalkeeper Odhiambo easily collects the resulting corner.

74′ : Keeper Odhiambo one on one with Niasse, makes a excellent save.

75′: Youngster Kyle John enters in place of Jagileka

79′ Odhiambo with good positioning collects a cross from John.

81′: Butambuze with good positioning again. In the right place to foil a dangerous run from Niasse.

82′ :Odhoji on in goal.

83: Niasse a danger again but closed down by several defenders in the penalty box.

86′: Butambuze is named best player forKogalo by Yakubu. Lukman is named man of the man of the match.

87′ : Everton scores third goal due to poor communication between  Odhoji and a defender. Gor Mahia have been trying to play from the back and it evetually caught up with them.

88″ Niasse finally finds the net, picking up a through ball and deftly losing a defender.

90′: Yerry Mina’s header from a  free-kick is saved by Odhoji.

Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch (GK), Karim Nizigiyimana, Shafik Batambuze, Joash Onyango, Haron Shakava (CPT), Ernest Wendo, Samuel Onyango, Philemon Otieno, Francis Mustapha , Francis Kahata and George Odhiambo.

Subs: Shaban Odhoji, Peter Odhiambo, Charles Momanyi, Joachim Oluoch, Wesley Onguso, Wellington Ochieng, Humprey Mieno, Boniface Omondi, Lawrence Juma, Kevin Omondi, Cercidy Okeyo, Bernard Ondiek and Eliud Lokuw


Starting XI: Maarten Stekelenburg (GK), Mason Holgate, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka (CPT), Yerry Mina, Morgan Schneiderlin, Tom Davies, Kieran Dowell, Ademola Lookman, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Cenk Tosun.

Subs: Joao Virginia, James McCarthy, Oumar Niasse, Beni Baningime, Nathan Broadhead, Anthony Gordon and Kyle John.


32 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 0 vs Everton 4

  1. It was a good learning experience .We need speed, good strikers and a serious goalkeeper . Otherwise kudos to our team …the most loved team in East Africa .

  2. Bonny, George Odhiambo and Kevin Omondi seem to be protected players at Gor. That Bonny can continously show such inept behaviour is enough evidence. His inept behaviour which has been picked by Odhoji.
    I do not understand why Mieno was allowed into the pitch without a walking-stick. Almost all the players were expectant so the slow speed was understandable. Kudos however to Batambuzi and goalie Peter Odhiambo. As much as I was not expecting a win, this squad is inept without Kagere et Walusimbi. Kerr as a coach in the international scene is average. It was so obvious when he tried to cover his luck of ideas by letting in everyone.

  3. Shaffiq Batambuze thanks for a splendid performance that had commentators praising you and giving you the Kogalo best player of the day and not the earlier anticipated Francis Kahata. We were second best in all dept’s as was expected but of very poor showing were Messrs: Haroun Shakava…Shaban Odhoji…Samuel Onyango…Francis Kahata. Philemon also cannot ply midfield anymore like he used to guess he is more of a right fullback now and should stick there. I was okay with a 2-0 scoreline but those two quickfire last minute goals stung me. All in all a steep learning curve in the gap that exists btw those top clubs and us who have the will and spirit but lack so much aspects that make fundamentals footballing basics easy to grasp. Congrats all players and TB and Sportpesa for giving us this chance to showcase to the world our Mettle…

  4. Mr mbili mbili Kama kawaida…he comes in and bhang ! 2 goals in 2 minutes .

    We have not learnt a bit from last season lessons.

  5. Obviously we don’t seem to think we have a goalkeeping problem And offcourse defence, I think Kerr will have to make a painful decision this season not to play karim, joash and shakava in the same starting line up…they simply don’t compliment each other.

    Would be happy to see oluoch and shakava or joash and oluoch with Philemon going back to right back ! And Mustafa, we better convert him into a right winger otherwise I see trouble…..

  6. My opinion, philo played very well in that midfield compared to when he was switched to right back.The dude saying Kerr is overated, that he is average ,Is GM a world class team according to you.??.Please give credit where its due, You may not like Kerr bt he is good coach & loves his players.We really missed jausenge.Loved the confidence of building from the back, Though Karim was all negative, he really had a bad game.Other wise Hongera natosa kwa sasa

  7. Lessons:
    1. We need a physical fitness trainer, like jana, kama hatuna.
    2. We need strength training, we were bullied off the ball too easy
    3. Learn to adjust play – passing from the back sisi bado…c 3rd. and 4th goals
    Odhis is a more confident goalie
    Blackberry is overrated, too lazy to run back (see 2nd goal)
    Need another playmaker to help Wanyambush, leo he was dominated
    Gor is way above hii class ya Kenya, there were heartening glimpses

  8. This mbili-mbili trend is a cause for real worry. And these are the keepers we have for CAF, really worrying. I am just praying that P.Odhiambo keeps his form and TB recognizes that he is the first choice keeper. Otherwise, we went, saw and did what we could and congratulations to all. Must have been a good learning experience. Quickly come back and regroup for what lies ahead, there is no time for moaning over Everton.

  9. This team was an embarrasement to Kenyans. Sportpesa should rethink how it sponsors tournaments. Why shud Everton honour the nxt year much if this is all Kenya can offer. Kerr shud make his mark in Africa first before trying to convince anyone that he is a high calibre.
    Players are quickly losing their charasteristic talent. Kahata, Phillemon, Mieno, Karim et Wellinton all lucked fitness, had no control in their departments. Mieno et Shakava have turned lousy into an art. How do you go to Everton and display such changa’a passes!!
    That Everton could even afford to field “under age” players was a statement of contempt.
    Joash Onyango played well too.

  10. I’ll speak my heart out because this is the only Gor Mahia site where we talk real.Mustapha adds no unique ingredient to Gor Mahia soup.Shafiq was gd going forward.I just hope we missed Erisa, Muguna n Tuyisenge

  11. Whoever thought it wise to release Guikan and retain Mustapha is a fool. Why have a foreign player who is that average? My second beef is with Odhoji. Peter is in goal for longer, gets all corners, denies Niasse on a one on one and keeps a clean sheet. Odhoji comes and in a flash concedes two cheap goals. Chietha!!!!If we go into the new season with that defence I saw yesterday, many teams will find it easy scoring against us. Those subs who came in the second half had a thing or two to prove but all played shit.Finally, Gor needs a totally new central midfield. Wendo and Mieno should play back up while Philemon seems more suited for his new converted right back role than the hard tackling defensive midfielder he used to be.

  12. We need another top striker since Karim is not in the list to play caf release him get that rwandi ,about tyusenge missing the trip who’s mistake is this jothurwa?

  13. Musymo Osiepa those sentiments i expressed until i gave up. Mieno and Wendo are slow tortoises devoid of link up play capability and whenever fielded the central cog of the team grinds to a halt. That’s why i tried getting Solomon Mensah time and again but hakuna pesa. Secondly defense is shambolic starting with keepers Oluoch who albeit tried yesterday and Odhoji who is a quack full of guesswork and should be playing for Shabana in the NSL. Shakava is too poor a fact that cannot be overlooked anymore totally clueless and overworking Joash who played well. Karim is also a spentforce not worth occupying a foreign slot anymore and should try Yanga SC roho safi where he might rediscover himself so that Bonfils Caleb Bimenyimana can fill his slot. Francis Mustafa i said is average and will never replace Kagere but was signed recently and is young so getting him released will always be a tall order. Guikan and Kerr were never in sync or seeing eye to eye for he felt sidelined and unappreciated to work under Kerr so he chose to leave. Shaffiq Batambuze as i promised you is an impact player who i said and repeat will command that left flank with overlapping runs, good defence and great dead ball qualities such that Walusimbi’s shoes shall be filled to perfection. We need a GK before Caf and hope they allow me to sign Dennis Odhiambo N’golo Kante from Sofapaka and Cliff Nyakeya from Mathare for they will bring qualities Gor seriously lacks currently…

  14. Gor was on holiday, period! 90 minutes with hardly any shot at goal. Mustafa is out of form and should be released. I would have preferred Guikan to him. Y release Guikan and keep Mustafa! Gor needs a lethal striker, a goalkeeper to add to Fredrick, a central defender in order to be competitive. Ker was as well inept! substitutions are done as a corrective measure. he messed up the flow by bringing in every Tom, Dick and Harry into the fray. Quite embarrassing even if you want accord everyone bragging rights. That is why i conclude that Gor was on holiday.

  15. All factors considered,I won’t read too much into the scoreline.

    Instead I choose to focus on the play and the players.

    Granted,we had a good number of possession play and good passing.However, some of our players especially in the second half were overcome with stage fright.They could neither control the ball nor pass.Then we were too slow on and off the ball.

    We may need to overhaul our defence…one of our center backs has to leave or be benched and we need to sort out our right back position.

    We need more mobility in midfield and we need a clinical striker.That is my take.

    Batambuze and Odhiambo keeper did quite well.As for the others,they need to improve and fast!!

    1. You have written the most sense. Most of the posts here you would think we lost the league already. This was a FRIENDLY yawa. It gives the coach time to sort out things. Kwe uru wiwu.

  16. Gor Mahia is not a youth team or an academy.
    How do you expect a 30+ something year old veterans to improve? I pity if you are holding your breath waiting for that “improvement”.
    The first platform where we can measure our quality as a team ( playing unit and TB) is the continental stage. That is where we should plough our energies and resources.
    Failing to qualify for the CCC quarter finals from a relatively easy group was a big statement of the level of our quality or lack of it.
    From then on it has been downhill as focus shifted to a friendly match which has come to pass again exposing our lack quality already exposed by a very poor run in the league and dismal display in the shield cup.
    But before you blame the players and TB, first address the circus that the bloated EC subjects the players, fans and the club to.
    In fact the players & TB have done well given the poor administration of club affairs by EC, but of course it seems PR stunts (Sportpesa Cup, Hull City and Everton friendlies) are given far more priority and resources compare to real competitive matches that can grow the club and players. Sad that for CAF matches there are no airtickets, poor logistics forces teams to sleep at airports, not forgetting the never ending non-payment of winning bonuses & allowances.

  17. Give kogalo players a break, they played well The opponents are miles ahead of us.Instead of castigating players and calling them names you should support them.Some of the people calling them old are themselves older than this players.Ingwe funs are commenting out of jealousy. I think Kerr forget to tell the boys to go for goals bt we played well as per our standard.@jasego the way you describe that you have not signed “si poa”. Strive kujenga team siyo kujijenga.

  18. Hehehe.

    A class 8 pupil is given a university exam. He scores 5% and we call him a danderhead.

    A feather weight boxer is put in the ring against a Heavy weight boxer. He is given a straight knockout and we call him weak.

    A probox is put to race against a BMW. The BMW leaves the probox kms behind. We redicule the probox for loosing.

    You take me to the London marathon to race against the Eliud kipchoges of this word. I come last and you call me useless.

    What do all these scenarios have in common? Let me answer for you. They are all cases of a miss match, a very not level play field,or a David-Goliath scenario, only that this time God is too busy with other more important issues to intervene to make David win.

    So let’s stop this critiscm of our players based on this match. This was a charity cum promotional match. Full stop.

    Kudos to the organizers Sports Pesa for giving our boys this rare opportunity to step in the Goodison Park play field, albeit with the wrong studs!

    1. Thank you Cale Cale. This probably one of the fairest posts I have read in a long while!

      Good take on the real issues!

      Bad mismatched games like Gor vs Everton, come and go but Gor as an institution stays!!!

      There’so much going on in the Gor Mahia camp! With proper planning, all will be well. We have a second shot at CAF champions League so let’s focus our energy there!

  19. I watched the match from Goodison Park and there are a lot of positives and negatives that Gor can take home. Gor has talented players who can play at any level , given the right exposure and support. Secondly, there was clearly lack preparedness right from closing up the Everton player maker(midfielder) was the architect of most of the passes. He was always left on his own to split the Gor midfield apart. Thirdly, there was so much naivety and lack of awareness when Gor players received a ball, not sure of whom to pass the ball to, in most cases backtracking back, which is not bad if you have a plot.

    Fourthly, most did look at this as an opportunity show what they had and lacked commitment in being aggressive with awareness that the opponent were also chasing the ball.
    Finally, Gor did not prepare for the harsh weather right from the boots to the uniform or kit, noone bothered to advise them to get thermal vests(long sleeved) and gloves to protect them against the harsh weather. Mind you, this was not an extreme winter weather for Everton players. Personally, I jog in this weather every week in a t shirts since , I am used to it. Equally, Gor did not have a plan or strategy on how to play Gor. I sat next to a scout who shared with me his thoughts. He thinks that the team has potential but, they are yet to be there.

  20. The club management have no vision, I could not help to see Kikuyus selling fake Gor t-shirts for £30(4k) and noone could thinking of seizing this opportunity. Gor generally, failed to brand themselves or take advantage of the huge following here or business opportunity to increase their revenue stream. Otherwise the Burundian exemplified flashes of class and commitment. Equally, the weather was a major impediment to performance and Gor players or management did not prepare well for the weather in terms of dressing. Thermal vests was a must and gloves.

  21. Hakuna Kucheza hawa watu walicheza. They just went for a trip. Kuweni serious coz with this kind of jokes hakuna mahali tutafika


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