Gor Mahia 4 Muhoroni Youth 1

Gor Mahia traveled to Muhoroni for a friendly against Muhoroni Youth on Sunday. Per Judith Nyangi, the team traveled by road. Gor Mahia then put on their most convincing performance of 2017 yet when they dismissed a Muhoroni side that is currently battling relegation by boardroom by a score of 4-1.

It was the hosts who took the lead in the early stages of the match. Gor Mahia’s equalizer came via Rwandese import Jacque Tuyisenge who netted from the spot. The teams went to breather at 1-1.  Tuyinsenge was on target again, scoring a Timothy Otieno cross. Then new signing Kenneth Muguna added the third goal. Meddie Kagere added the fourth goal and once again the assist came from Timothy Otieno.

It was Gor Mahia’s first convincing win of 2017 and will go some way towards assuaging fans concerns.

Starting Line-Up
Gor Mahia: Boniface Oluoch, Wellington Ochieng’, Joash Onyango, Musa Mohammed, Karim Nizigiyimana, Godfrey Walusimbi, Jean-Baptiste Mugiraneza, Kenneth Muguna, Ernest Wendo, Jacques Tuyisenge, George Odhiambo.

Subs: Peter Odhiambo, Meddie Kagere, Olivier Maloba, Philemon Otieno, Francis Kahata and Timothy Otieno.

49 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 4 Muhoroni Youth 1

  1. Let GM members pass an immediate resolution that every year the Bloated EC MUST publically publish the club’s audited accounts in at least 2 local dailies with the widest circulation.The audit must be done by a reputable auditor selected by members at the AGMs.Members must reclaim this responsibility and never again cede it EC. Accounts MUST BE published within 3 months after the club’s year end failure of which the chairman & treasurer must resign. My reasoning is this will enforce transparency and any subsequent year of mismanagement will be spotted rather than being swept under the carpet. Next why can’t the KPL chairman get the DsTv Cup played and out of the way. Meanwhile the Top 8 and GoTv can also start while they sort out the KPL League squabbles. Jakom please don’t expand your gross incomptence and negligence to the entire Kenyan soccer scene. Always happy when GM wins but we must focuss on stabilizing GMFC before the SP sponsorship expires now that wolves in sheeps clothing are revealed.

  2. Congrats to the boys.That is what should always happen,the true status of kogalo .Maybe we have started ripping the benefits of Zico.Muguna is proving to be a very important asset to Gor,Tuysienge has woken up because of Timothy’s compe.

  3. That’s a heart warming result. Congrats to the boys and the coaches.

    Now awaiting anxiously for the mashemeji derby friendly rumoured to be in the pipeline. Hope it will happen.

    1. Like I said we’re all happy whenever GMFC wins but we need regulations that will not only help the angels/messiahs to prosper when managing GM but at the same time keep (and expose) the damage by the devils,wolves in sheeps’ clothing,vampires, “oyeo(s) makai to kudhi”,blood sucking leeches to a minimum. Lazima we achieve this in the next 3 years b4 expiry of SP sponsorship.We shoukd be comparing notes with Simbas, Esperances,Mamelodi Sundowns etc i.e rika yetu.

  4. @ ngesto, there shall never be noisemakers any more… Our wish to have jodala back in TB has been granted and AR is fully in control as usual.

    For those who watched the match am told it was a mixture of tiki taka and jodala style – the right blend for local football. What more can you ask as the results are beginning to show and I hope we maintain the tempo.

  5. …and maintain the 3-5-2 system which is what I had predicted and believe suits our current set of players meaning like I said in earlier blog expect players like kagere, kahata, wafula to warm the bench.

  6. Tiki taka can only work in a level playing field like Moi,Kisumu.The rest would have to have hybrid of tiki taka due to bumpy surface

  7. Yes,we are all happy when gor registers good results and I congratulate them for that but theft at gor must stop and we shall continue with a sustained noise making until all the thieves are flushed out and when results again become unpalatable, we shall resume our noise making again

  8. I cannot comment on anything football related at Gor right now until the thieving and looting…stealing and robbing…weeping and wailing by the EC that is threatening the core fabric of mighty kogalo is sorted out.All else remains constant as Ze Maria we will judge with DStv Super Cup and first 5 league games nothing else.In the meantime EC must secure camp toyoyo back for training and Nyayo offices so we have a functional secretariat.We cannot fathom GM offices at Imenti House in the name of renting smaller affordable space while millions are stolen haphazardly without accountability

  9. @Oduor12, I agree with you that DSTV Cup and Top 8 can begin right away, though I hear they are not sanctioned by FKF. But the issue is what stops the KPL from having them sanctioned. I think the normal soccer lover and players are not interested in KPL vs FKF wrangles or AR vi Nick wars.
    As for Gor I still have trust that we will click. When I hear the new and old players praising the coaching stuff they are getting then I don’t know why the results are had to come by. I even saw one blogger saying that there iwas no creative midfielder yesterday. I thought Muguna is one such.
    Let’s criticize but know that someone spends five days with those players while we do so for 90 minuets per week when the league is in session

    1. @DO,nice to be on the same page once in a while.Top 8 can be guised as a “friendly tournament” to avoid fixture pile up unless of course it is “earmarked” for cancellation and the budget eaten by the “forward thinking” KPL chairmen & CEO. Excuse being “fixture congestion due to delayed league start”. Jasego tamatia hapo. A single Muhoroni victory (expect more as EC needs stakeholders to forget, i still hold same EC deliberately lost 2016 league) cannot even start to sanitize the stench of a skunk AR & previous EC has created.Let’s prepare our beloved K’galo for the post SP period. For me what matters is titles nationally, regionally and continentally. This needs a solid foundations. Every office must publically & PROMINENTLY publish GM accounts,unless you’ve something to hide e.g not paying rent for 4.5 years, KRA penalty 118M etc.

  10. Am about to side with the Ultras of Gor here. I just heard somewhere we might get Legea jerseys.Why do we always choose mediocrity? Look at AFC home and away kit;why could we not get Under Armour or Macron that is also won by Yanga.Our jersey is always huge,low quality and ugly and not fitting.Gor age mates dress well;check Sundowns,Zamaleck or even our young ones like Baroka

  11. I am lost, can some1 pls find me?? There is too much negativity emanating from particular bloggers. I won’t name them for the sake of peace but they know themselves. Why constantly lie to us that you are in the know while in reality you thrive on guess work and halfthruths. 1. ” Walusimbi is in Uganda” I just spoke to him!!! 2. Kagere is in Kenya, I just dropped him along Thika rd!!!’ He is staying at Aucho’s place. All these turned out to be white lies. I have just mentioned two instances. These are the kind of lies that keeps some of us away from posting. I want to remain civil and above vitriolic utterances and innuendos that this sight has lately attracted. We just did our elections and those wildly castigating AR and the EC had their preferred candidates who must have lost to AR FAIR AND SQUARE. Pls stop propagating unqualified allegations and join us trying to make GM better. Under AR, we have won the KPL 3 times in a trot. We have a running sponsorship, top top players and a very competent technical bench. It’s your support that is missing. But you can’t pretend to support us by constantly complaining of non existence “eating” by the EC. Pls, you should have offered yourself for election if you had ALL these solutions that you are forever laying down. Give us evidences of impropriety by the EC and we will call EACC on them this minute. In the absence of this, and to avoid sounding like a broken record, I beseech you to desist from making these utterances. Gor Mahia needs your support and not your endless complains and allegations. Forward together. As for the reactions, bring it on. Come baby come. I will not respond go abusive comments. For when they go low, we go high.

    1. We have heard you Ronald Ngala. We don’t blame you. If reacting to camp toyoyo eviction as well as Nyayo offices is equivalent to going low, then I lie low like an envelope and you should fly like an eagle. However we understand that kingdom partakers are here to defend wakili Mugabe for obvious reasons.

    2. So you mean 1)Kagere never jioned GMFC, neither is he living and playing in Kenya but maybe he’s in Kigali, Rwanda playing for GM by remote control. 2) When you divide kes4.6M by kes.85K you get 54months or 4.5 year but of course to you Nyayo stadium management is lying and the GMFC secretariat offices are not locked. Of course not pay rent for 4.5 years out an 8 year tenure is just a nasty rumour. Is Mugabe the first and only GM chairman under whom GM has achieved a 3peat. He is the longest ever continuously serving chairman yet he has never led GMFC to a CECAFA win, a CAF win (not gone even beyond the first round) or even to a local double KPL&GoTv. Lastly the constitution says accounts shall be presented at the YEARLY AGM but AR only holds AGMs for elections and never presents accounts but slyly directs members do go to the “wherever they are”. A clever move by a corrupt leader. Flying low or high is still flying just as facts are facts.

    3. Thanks for dwelling on non-issues really but no fool will listen to your idiotic plea to keep calm and allow hogwash to rule GM through an inept and corrupt EC.Those clarifications you mention were in response to erroneous reporting linked to GM officials on goal.com just the same way you are trying to currently explain that we are not locked out of Camp Toyoyo but are instead exploring other options of training on natural surface at Parklands sports club.Again you are living in a glass house Mr Ngala or he’s Close Confidante but some of us know everything that happens inside GM EC and choose to even keep quiet on a lot for the sake of club interests.Would you deny a KQ Pilot brokered the whole SportPesa deal with Karauri who was his previous workmate and AR gave him a cheque of 3.9 Million as commission?Let me not even begin on transfers and wheeler dealing associated with the same…Kuwa mpole

    4. Thanks for dwelling on non-issues really but no fool will listen to your idiotic plea to keep calm and allow hogwash to rule GM through an inept and corrupt EC.Those clarifications you mention were in response to erroneous reporting linked to GM officials on goal.com just the same way you are trying to currently explain that we are not locked out of Camp Toyoyo but are instead exploring other options of training on natural surface at Parklands sports club.Again you are living in a glass house Mr Assistant SG or he’s Close Confidante but some of us know everything that happens inside GM EC and choose to even keep quiet on a lot for the sake of club interests.Would you deny a KQ Pilot brokered the whole SportPesa deal with Karauri who was his previous workmate and AR gave him a cheque of 3.9 Million as commission?Let me not even begin on transfers and wheeler dealing associated with the same…Kuwa mpole

    5. Halleluya or whatever you call yourself. Telling us to give you evidence of eating is useless. You and who? In fact wechenigo apiele. That is most useless argument I have seen here recently. At I you rise ! You and who? You are obviously a beneficiary of the loot. Bure kabisa

      1. A person ATI he says he’s lost can someone find him?For what??He can go to the middle of the desert with his kingdom rifle of guarding jokwoyee

    6. @Hallelujah, comrade I do concur with you in all your posting. The site has been patronized by the rumour mongering squad led the liars you have indirectly pointed out. Election fever is a foregone conclusion and AR is the chair whether you call him Dr Robert Mugabe or different names. Even if election is to be called today, I will still vote him as the chair of Gor Mahia.

  12. Is there any law, my legal friends that can be exploited to force the EC to declare the clubs accounts open to the public or there is nothing like that my people? Just asking. Because we are just yapping continuously about this same predicament everyday and we have no solution for it. Some people , can force this office bearers to declare these accounts for scrutiny, legally, can we? Jasego in kanye?

    1. @Jamriambo am told that if you are paid up member then you are at liberty to go check the accounts books of Gor wherever they are. But as a fan we should not that your mandate ends here or at the stadium.

    2. Jamriambo that can only be achieved if a resolution compelling EC is passed in a Special General Meeting (SGM)and ratified accordingly though still the onus of taking action would rest on the current EC which has never been willing to open anything for scrutiny so a change of guard and new pros time thinking leadership in future is what can turn kogalo around for better…

  13. What does it profit a team of Kogallo’s calibre to beat Muhoroni in a friendly then be kicked out of camp Toyoyo?
    And why was Nyangi silent when Kogallo was muddied in scandals, only to surface when a good result of a friendly match has been registered?
    We won’t forget the fact that our true abiity should have been gauged through the Mapibduzi cup which Kogallo snubbed and opted for friendlies against the likes of Nyakach Girls’.
    So what’s next in this list of friendlies against minnows?

    1. Jambita tiny okanee raura moro telling us to stop criticizing GM ati they need out total support…For what I wonder to continue stealing and looting the club coffers dry?Omera you EC official above don’t joke

      1. Jasego we have no options as you guys seem to be saying above, we can only whine since we have no stake and legal say. Even if a Bishop/Reverend is elected it the high seats corruptionwould still thrive, did n’t we just elect almost a complete set of new officials from different camps? Thisn thing is complicated. If the EC chamo mwandugi, where we have no say…..weche Gor Tek taaa

        1. Tek Jamriambo okoyot but I believe fish rots from the head so changing other officials from different camps while the head of the CIA was re-elected with his most trusted side kick and crony whom I won’t mention then it is a No Brainer that corruption and mismanagement was bound to continue unabated.Now as secretive undercover EC officials log here under pseudonyms akin to praising Yesu to attack alleged dissidents can they start by paying Ottomax his dues since the club owes him so much in outstanding salaries.Hii sponsorship cash ilifanya kazi gani last season kama ni madeni tupu we accrued left right and center?Even newspaper vendors are claiming to be owed cash for dailies supplied to the office last year..Thoo

  14. While my earlier comment is still being moderated let me highlight GMFC’s achievements under other REAL CHAIRMEN before Mugabe, the longest ever serving chairman.
    1. 1987 – CAF Confederation Cup Champions
    2. 1979- CAF Confederation Cup Finalists
    3. 1989- CAF Confederation Cup Semi-Finalist
    4. CECAFA Champions -1980,1981,1985
    5. 1976- Kenyan League Champions Unbeaten
    6. Doubles-League & Cup (CAF qualifying competitions) 1976,1983,1987
    7. League Champions before Mugabe tenure-12 times
    Let me digress a certain politician lost 2013 elections, some say “fairly and squarely” but others differ. That has not stopped him from pointing out the shortcomings in government (considered complaints by some but more often than not facts sometimes bear him out).
    Does the fact that David Ndii , John Githongo etc have never offered themselves to be elected as President or for that matter any elective post disqualify them from pointing out shortcomings of the government or make their views invalid.
    Conclusion GMFC has had and will have many greater (but very few lesser and as long serving) chairmen than Mugabe so what is important is not idol worship but rather having structures that boost good chairmen while limiting bad ones. This is something AR has resisted for + 8years inorder to maintain a stranglehold on GMFC. That’s ok if we are winning trophies, paying rent (or at least 3 months arrears is understable BUT NOT 4.5 YEARS) for offices and training grounds.

  15. Does it mean that we always go hunting for a hate object in Gor? Mara it was Gattusso last year, at one time it was Zico with ‘his’ goons, then Coach Giddy with no ‘papers’, mara Jerry being too old forget that the Egyptian AFCOn goalie was 10 years older, mara Loga was a journeyman, & Nuttal was a PE instructor cum politician, mara Bonnie was sabotaging team at some point, Ze Maria was in hot soup until we beat Muho and the heat has ‘reduced’. Now the hate object is AR aka Mugabe thanks to his many shortcoming despite the fact that we have been having the best run in KPL for a very looooong time, For the last six years we are either the winners or runners-up and several doubles in between.

    Maybe this is what keeps Gor performing at the highest level in the country

  16. Some fool is insinuating that individuals should go to for offices(perhaps in Mugabe’s house and audit the books of accounts. I thought it was only the “goons” like us who were expected to have such awkward reasoning. So they expect an individual to go for intimidation in their non existent offices! The public should be spared such level of stupidity. We know that such nincompoops hear no evil and see no evil coz for money is going into their pockets instead of development.

  17. @Hallelujah in case it is me that you believed you are addressing then I am sorry to inform you, my brother that you missed your audience. You have only ended up addressing a stone. I will not change my beliefs and my ways just to please you. I am here for the interests of Gor Mahia. Kindly note that Gor Mahia is bigger than any single individual, you included. I will therefore not sacrifice my advocacy and whistle blower role at the alter of pleasing people like you and your court poets.

  18. Lest we forget or is it selective amnesia that some of the current supporters of AR were among complained seriously about Kilos apartments. Was it nor the same loot? Thank God that I am a principled goon. I don’t need even a single cent from the loot, but gor is bigger than all of us and we are fighting for structures to be in place. We don’t need a Mugabe kingdom. And I am a registered gor mahia goon

    1. ….continued GMFC’s successes ex-Mugabe 1) Match attendances, note in ’87 Mandela final fans filled Kasarani 2) Compare previous club Membership compared with the current 982 paltry members. You’re very right kingdom guards aka Mugabe branch always castigate the Ngalas, Kilos and even now are quick blame the new officials who are hardly 3 months old in office and hence “haven’t gelled in stealing”. Yet it is an open secret (stated in the media often in the last 8 years) that Mugabe often rushes to training ground with a cash envelope to pay striking players, goes ballistic when gate collections are not handed over to him intact,is a mandatory signatory to GM’s bank accounts so no payment is done without his knowledge. Apart from being chairman he is also the defacto treasurer of GM.He is privy to all the scandals and negligence yes over the last +8years e.g non payments be it rent or statutory deductions.

  19. I agree with Hallelujah on this. When will these whining, complaining and grumbling lot realize that the elections ended neon years ago???? AR is ably and capably leading the EC towards achieving our goals of 2017. We will win the League and other trophies this year. A wise man will always change his mind and tact to succeed. At Gor Mahia, we are behind AR 100% and wenye wivu watajinyonga kwa sababu Hapana Kwetu ni kazi tuu. Hamchoki kupiga Kelele? The EC HAS NEVER BEEN ACCUSED OF ANY IMPROPRIETY!!! Even FIFA congratulated us for a job well- done on transfers!!!! Tihihitihiiiii. The dissatisfied and disgruntled lot are advised to embrace the EC SO THAT WE CAN MAKE GOR MAHIA EVEN A MUCH BIGGER BRAND. You have failed miserably to draw the EC into your hopeless and ill motivated war of words. If you have evidence of wrong doing, please produce them. If this is not the case then continue to grind your teeth in anger while we match on with our slogan “HAPA KWETU NI KAZI TUU!!!” Soma katiba ya GM for redress if you still feel aggrieved that the EC is mismanaging the affairs of Gor Mahia FC.

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