Gor Mahia edge Supersport United 1-0

An 80th minute penalty by Jacque Tuyisenge gave Kogalo a slim win in the opening leg of the 2018 CAF Confederations cup playoff leg. The good news is that Gor Mahia did not concede a goal and now need to go to South Africa and hope to snatch any kind of draw.

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The slim advantage now sees Gor Mahia inch closer to earning a CAF Confederations Cup group phase berth if only they can avoid defeat in the return leg to be played in South Africa in 10 days time.

Cool as ice, Tuyisenge buried home the penalty after Meddie Kagere’s header off a Boniface Omondi corner landed on a Supersport United defender’s arms and though there were protests led by led by skipper Dean Furman, Tuyisenge went on to slot home.

With nerves cracking him down, head coach Dylan Kerr could not stand watching the penalty and moved as way back as close to the stands as his side took the lead.

Gor Mahia had chances in the opening half, but none of them landed on target.

George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo had the first opportunity in the fifth minute when he took on a run on the left, playing a quick one-two change of passes with Jacques Tuyisenge but his final effort at goal was deflected for a corner.

Five minutes later, Meddie Kagere’s shot on his weaker left foot went inches wide after drifting inside the box from the right.

SuperSport had their first opportunity in the 14th minute when Mogan Gould beat Boniface Oluoch to the ball from Luke Gareth’s cross from the right, but his header went over.

Gor kept on knocking on the SuperSport door trying to plant balls behind the defense, but this did not work out to their expectation.

In the 19th minute, Kahata’s searching ball from the right landed on Odhiambo at the backpost but he could not land an effort on target.

SuperSport were sitting back to suck in the pressure and bolting off on the first breaks. One such break almost caught Gor off their guard when Thuso Phala played Gould through, but the latter’s shot went whistling at the face of goal.

The visitors were forced into a change after 34 minutes, burly centre-back Azubuke Emmanuel having to come off clutching his hamstring and was replaced by Gamolemo Kekana.

Gor’s last straw of chances in the opening half came five minutes before the whistle, Kahata seeing his well curled freekick going inches over the bar with the keeper beaten.

Five minutes into the second half, SuperSport almost snapped the lead when Jaimie Graig’s cross from the right found Sipho Mbule unmarked at the far post, but the winger could not get a header on target, his contact going wide.

Gor came close in the 55th minute when Odhiambo’s snap shot forced the keeper into a good save. Odhiambo had picked the ball inside the box after the SuperSport defense failed to convincingly clear a Francis Kahata free kick.

Kahata had a go at goal himself in the 65th minute with another well taken shot this time on the half volley, but the keeper had it gathered and he managed to bounce back and pick the rebound ahead of a chasing Kagere.

Gor kept on persisting and they finally earned for their labor via Tuyisenge’s penalty.

Gor Mahia Line up:

29. Boniface Oluoch, 8. Francis Kahata, 9. Jacques Tuyisenge, 12. Joash Onyango, 18. Haron Shakava, 20. Earnest Wendo, 21. Wesley Onguso, 22. Meddie Kagere, 25. George Odhiambo, 26. Philemon Otieno, 30. Humphrey Mieno

6. Samuel Onyango, 10. Cercidy Okeyo, 14. Kevin Omondi, 16. Shaban Odhoji, 17. Benard Ondieki, 19. Ephrem Guikan, 24. Lawrence Juma

25 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Supersport United 1-0

  1. 1-0 in favour of Gor Mahia makes return match in South Africa slippery. The team need for work Hard for the next 8 days to bundle out Supersport and get the 27 million price money for getting into the group Stage.

  2. We played,we won but i was not impressed that much with our long ball game and erratic midfield.Still i’ll savour the slim victory though return leg remains tricky.Let’s be happy and celebrate today and congrats to players & EC though Walusimbi’s absence today was too great to ignore,we need him back now to prep for the return leg

    1. Jakoyo c’mon for once be happy Mayienga won,congrats are in order for the boys.As for your inciteful rallying call i will fight it tooth & nail and encourage our boys to give sweat blood & tears for the green & white jersey financial constraints notwithstanding…

      1. Jasego , will roping in Walu cause a revolt within the playing unit? If not he should be in, but if the unit will revolt , he should stay in the cold.There are many players who have given their hearts out with these conditions. Lets not revist our history again. revolts have been very painful. Even in Harrambee stars when our players revolted against Makokha when Kenya was a super African team in 1988 was phenomenal. whats your opinion, without any sarcasm?

        1. @Jamriambo, walusimbi’s case is very unique.His agents on a gentleman’s agreement paid him his sign on fees and were to be reimbursed by GM.First instalmemt was paid on time but second one of 1M monkey business by Chairman & EC began.He pleaded on deaf ears till he decided to take the drastic action.Coach Kerr has said he has no problem & misses walusimbi alot on the field.He might need to apologize to fellow players who might have feelings he abandoned them.Overall i see no revolt at all in him joining the team for the return leg as consensus of both TB & Playing Unit is that his experience is very vital and might just be the key to us qualifying for continental football…

  3. @jasego, am happy for the win just like any kogallo fan would be………but I have a fight to care of , our players MUST be respected!

  4. Congrats to the team for the slim win.@jakoyo why don’t you consult your ka’god, your ka’almighty ,your ka’majesty , the see no evil, hear no evil Chair AR, about the issue of respecting players. Ama hapo ka’goddess is not involved.

  5. It’s a good win…proper to say we got a goal and a clean sheet for that matter my only worry is we are playing people out of formation and it’s costing our confidence going forward and also keeping the ball philo today was scared of over lapying lack of speed in tracking back or whatever it is not impressed…. erratic mid …. going forward we should improve on the mistakes from both tech bench and players…. go on mahia let’s finish the business

  6. Technical analysis is simple.Philemon did well at fullback 2 but to capitalize on the extra midfield slot i think Mieno should not have began.Kahata thrives best as a Centre Forward playmaker and should have been deployed there,where Mieno played then Kevin Omondi slots into right wing where kahata played.I believe in so doing we would have overwhelmed Supersport United.No harsh criticism,Mieno tried but the Tempo was too fast for him,that position requires Electric pace and quick decision making,the kind Mbish displays when playing alongside Wendo who today was abit overworked and tried even going forward to cover for the positional deficiency of our set-up…

  7. Still am not convinced with the result. ..
    We need to have winning mentality while in south Africa not a draw….

  8. we won but I was not impressed. tuyisenge did not help his compatriot to get the balls that he needed. he was so selfish

  9. From the goal kicks to the throw ins to restarting the game after a foul I saw no hunger… everything to me was painfully slow..no passion at all to go for the kill…I hope that was a strategy that will work for us in South Africa.

  10. Congrats boys, a slim win but a positive result.

    My plea to the EC, kindly bring Walusimbi back this team seriously needs him.
    The coach ought to strategize for an away goal and a solid defence, 27M is within reach

    1. Yes, bring back “Bad Boy” Walusimbi.We need him because he is a player who not only defends and attacks but HE CAN ALSO SCORE GOALS. Given that our goal came only courtesy of a penalty let’s not leave anything to chance for the return match. It seems the solution to our goal scoring headache can only be properly addressed during the June transfer period.

  11. In spirit of accountability and transparency to induce and .motivate fan attendance can the gate collection be made public

  12. Can AR and Aduda CEO disclose how much ‘record signing fee” was paid by FK Tirana through conman Hector Como for the services of Kenneth Muguna and why can’t 1 Million be used to settle Walusimbi’s outstanding dues and get him back to first team?Jakoyo should be privy to such information owing to his closeness with opaque Almighty Forces in EC,we demand accountability at GM…Tell us

  13. All we need is understanding and commitment on part of the players to this extend no one eats promises and walu confirmed that by his own tongue and without condemning any one this is not about salaries or bonuses rather sign on fee… this can be sorted amicably through instalments or rather gentleman’s agreement…it’s not only hurting the team’s performance but also loyalty of the players to our club….. two wrongs don’t make a right and if so does walu expect pay for the 2 months that he has not offered his services to the club and questions linger on priority but would wish to respect my place cause we are too fast to castigate the ec while the foreigners play us for fools… what makes them make certain decision without second thought…are there no disciplinary action that our beloved club can bind this players to otherwise expect this from this senior players for as long as there is a misunderstanding of whatever nature…rachier crack the whip…formulate policies to govern this club bring professionalism to it and witness success

    1. Very interesting perspective. I ask why did EC commit to a signing fee,in Jan18 when it already knew about the SPesa pullout, it could not honour in the first place? AR is in his tenth year as GM chairman yet these administrative woes have been the hallmark of his tenure, with or without sponsorship, even when gate collections were in excess of kes.1M per match. +10 years as chairman with no policies and you now still expect Mugabe to “crack a / the whip”. HOW & WHEN? Who first breached the contract between the club and Walusimbi, EC or the player? Aren’t the sign fees and salary part of the contract? Walu is not indispensible but for Mugabe continue subjecting stakeholders to his pathetic CAF record because poor management and deliberate financial chaos is unacceptable. Bottomline, Walu can play and even score against SSport and qualify us for Confed group stage, can AR? All we asking AR to do IS TO HONOUR ANY FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS MADE TO PLAYERS SO THAT THE PLAYERS CAN DO THEIR JOB AND PLAY.

      1. Oduor12 please understand this…Sportpesa never pulled out,they fund as as usual and have offered the contract be made public again at 60 Million per year but +10 years chairman prefers it remains under wraps.Secondly Hector Como jakwoo has brokered 7.5 million Muguna transfer fees for a commission but chairman won’t make it public with his sidekick in crime Aduda.Can he pay walusimbi or tell us if he wants us knocked out of Caf competitions?

    2. I think the EC needs to be more disciplined in executing it’s functions. The indisciplined party here is the EC. Kindly help us with modalities of bringing sanity and discipline in the EC and not castigating a player who is only demanding what is rightfully his.
      On professionalism, the EC is worse it runs the club like a kiosk. My friend, the players are more professional than the club. My opinion

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