6 Jul 16


Note the following:

1. Ouma “Marcelo” is capable of crossing fairly accurately with either foot as displayed in these highlights.
Should he continue to work on his crossing, he can become another Sammy Onyango “Jogoo”, the best two-footed crosser ever in Kenya

2. With his two-footed ability, Ouma could be deployed on either flank

3. Kagere’s ability to soar above defenders and head accurately is reminiscent of the legend Peter Dawo

4. With two good crossers on each flank (Ouma and Nizigiyimana), Tuyisenge is bound to benefit immensely.

5. Tuyisenge is quick to thank his suppliers. Note that each time he scored, he raced across the field to thank Marcelo. This is something Olunga never did last year even though he benefited from really good suppliers. He better learn to do this in Sweden and at Harambee stars where the likes of Timbe might refuse to pass him the ball.

6. Tuyisenge’s ability to pit himself in the right spot at the right time is reminiscent of Hezborn Omollo, one of the club’s all time leading scorers and could see him net a dozen more goals.

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