Gor Mahia vs USM Alger Preview

Gor Mahia face a tall order as they try to qualify for the 2019-2020 Africa champions league group stage. Having lost the first leg 4-1, Kogalo needs to win by a score of 3-0.

“We all saw what happened in the first leg, we can’t defeat USM with the kind of football we played today.  We played well in the first half but come the second half things were really different. I will talk to talk to my players about it,” told Polack to Citizen Sports.

USM Alger will start parking the bus as soon as they land at JKIA. They will also apply the typical cynical Gor Mahia will need to be ingenious. Coach Steve Polack was unhappy with his side’s display against KCB last weekend.

“My plan is to guide them not to concede a goal in the whole match but try as much as possible to score goals, more so in the first half. I understand clubs from the North Africa are used to playing attacking football which can give us a lot of pressure to defend as we attack, but will give our best,” explained the tactician

Gor Mahia are missing key players. But coach Polack is unperturbed.

Shafiq batambuze has a long term knee injury. Philemon Otieno is sidelined with a long-term achilles injury, while Nicholas Kipkirui, Francis Afriye are also out with injuries.

“I have more than 23 players in the squad and apart from few players who are injured; we still have options,” he said.

Keeper Robert Mapigano, who had a nighmare first leg, is still optimistic.

“They defeated us in the first leg, what makes it hard for us to do the same? We have what it takes to get the 3-0 needed to qualify for the next stage. It will need more work on the pitch, every player has to give more than 100% and if we do so, I am sure we will make it.”

25 thoughts on “Gor Mahia vs USM Alger Preview

  1. Shemeji, shira ni moja hapa tu. If you cannot beat KCB by 3 clear goals, how do you expect to beat USM by 3 clear goals? It is like using a jembe to dig one acre of land in 10 days and expecting the same jembe to dig 2 acres of land in 5 days.

  2. # Jaza stadi already bought my ticket i will be their #Gormahia will be their ,usm alregis will be their je wewe come one come all tell a friend to tell a friend let fill the stadium green

  3. This INGOooo????? kwani ingwe has no wall where he can put those ingweistic comments whether Gor is beaten or not should not be a bother to you the best of think on how your ingwe can play a resemblance of football and finish the league maybe in top five position. In all want to wish KOGALLO ALL THE BEST in tomorows match it’s do able .

  4. Some guys here are reckless….. Ingo is his username n may or may not necessarily mean his tribe. Back to basics. I pray for any win for our team tomorrow. But the ultimate goal is 3-0 scoreline. It will come with 56m stake and entry into the group stages. Go! Go! K’Ogallo.

    1. @kenneth Ingo has been posting on this site for along time.he is ingwe supporter.and we only talk football,may b you have never heard about him because you joined the site the the other day.so chill.ingo is our no.1 Critic and it is always not about tribe.he has confirmed that he is a shemeji.so chill bro.

      1. @Dawaplus , you are spot on , my only point of departure with you is that you are yet to appreciate that professional mourners normally cry louder and longer than the bereaved , in this case , Ingo who appreciates the blowback is the bereaved .
        Modern professional mourners have now upgraded their game , they are now on twitter , facebook and other social media handles , having accepted that , I can only but wish that they run out of bundles .
        More importantly , WE are already in town , to pay , jaza stadi and cheer our boys , but no matter what outcome , we must stick and encourage the boys for future battles .

  5. @Jamigori , you are being unfair to @Ingo , you see if a child from the neighbours keeps on frequenting your house at meal times , it can only mean that their is unsustainable hunger at their place , maybe the parents are perpetual pertakers of illicit brew leaving nothing for the kids , its on that note that I encourage all of us to keep on welcoming the ilk of this ingo or any other ingo for that matter while at all times saying a prayer to their parents to be responsible , its sad that our parents and those of the ingos got married at almost the same year , but alcohol and other unsocial behaviours have wrecked havoc in their homestead .
    @Ingo , please feel at home , afterall apart from being neighbours , you are also shemejis , eat bro and if you need more , dont hesitate to say so .

  6. @ingo pops up to try to get abuses from us. What he is forgetting is that we are in different planets ‘footballically’. Keep your lane as we keep ours.

  7. Teddy, I like that, you cannot chase away such a child instead give him/her more. So welcome Ingo but in the hope that your parents will quickly fix their issues and keep you busy with home work as well.

    Let’s all join in prayers for our beloved Kogalo but also jaza stadium and PAY, LET US ALL PAY, if we really love our boys.

  8. @agrippa that is why I never respond to empty and idle heads like him.i would have but unfortunately he has nothing between his ears.
    All the best to the team today!!

  9. How do we buy tickets online? In the past i got them through infinity but that is not working. When i go to the gor site and i click on where i am supposed to to buy tickets it takes me to some betting site instead of tickets. Anyone advise

    1. My good friend I raised this matter on Thursday last week. I am equally frustrated after failing totally to purchase an e-ticket. Perhaps you could download the infinity tickets app. It is what I have been trying. It is frustrating not to be in that stadium and cheer the boys

  10. Updates please even things fall apart we’ll be nolonger at ease but the arrow of GOD might strike by the river between and it might give the good tidings of great joy.

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