29 Apr 15

Gor Mahia will take on Ulinzi stars on Saturday in what promises to be a difficult encounter. Ulinzi are in good form and are third in the table.

On Monday Gor Mahia warmed up for the encounter by beating Nairobi Stima 3-0. The match was an opportunity to give players who did not play over the weekend an opportunity to stay sharp and play their way into the starting line-up.

“They played very well against Nairobi Stima, it was good to give them game time because they did not feature over the weekend. Our policy is for each and every player to have some game time each week and so the friendly match was important for those who did not play over the weekend.” said Frank Ouna to futaa.com

Ouna (middle) pictured upon arrival in Gabon in 2014

Having a strong bench is good for the club because as the league proceeds, players will start to miss matches due to injuries.

“As a Technical bench we were impressed with their performance, they give us much options in the league which is important for us as the league progresses” continued Ouna

Gor Mahia won 3-0 with goals from George Odhiambo, Timothy Otieno and Bernard Odhiambo.

But Frank Ouna knows that Ulinzi will be a difficult proposition and the team is preparing accordingly.

““It will be a massive match for us in our bid to retain the league title, but it will also pose a threat on our unbeaten run. They are unbeaten in five matches meaning they already have the momentum. But it is a great side which will give us problem” said Ouna to goal.com

And coach Frank Matano is always heavily motivated to play against Gor Mahia, something Ouna is well aware of.

““Matano [Robert] has a well-balanced squad with good offensive and defensive players. We will just aim to be disciplined and be very cautious. Our main objective will be to frustrate them, keep possession and try and penetrate their rear guard,”

KPL Player of the Month to receive cash awards

KPL players will now be doubly motivated to play well.  Sports Journalists Association of Kenya and betting company SportsPesa on Tuesday launched a monthly KPL player motivation programme that will see performers earn cash prize of 50,000 shillings, a 42 inch Television and a special trophy.
The partnership, which will be renewed annually and is aimed encouraging competition and hard work amongst players in the top tier Kenyan league.

“We have been in the local market for one and a half years and it is now time to engage in some Corporate Social Responsibility ventures in football and boxing. We are going to put more money next year and we look forward to a good partnership,” said Kester Shimonyo to the Standard. Shimonyo is the chief marketing officer of Sportpesa.

According to SJAK secretary General Mike Okinyi, a special panel of judges will be picked from football writers who will also rely on statistics from the governing body KPL to make meritocratic judgments.

Judging who is the best player in the league will require a keen eye among journalists. The lazy journalists ones or the ones who are not knowledgeable enough will only go by who is scoring. But as Chairman Ambrose Rachier said during the occasion, there is more to being a good player than pure statistics.

“This is a good initiative that will impact positively in the field. It is not about the scores but the performance, work rate and the contribution of the players in the league. It will go a long way in improving the standards of football in the country,” said Rachier.

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  • Blogger says:

    So what will happen when under 19 team qualifies for kpl? Will there be two Gor Mahia teams in the top league? Am asking because those boys seem unstoppable.

    • Joe Riaga says:

      I think FIFA regulations have been modified recently such that two teams that are owned by the same entity cannot play in the same league. This is to prevent match fixing. In past years there was Mathare Youth and Mathare United. There was Kisumu Posta and Nairobi Posta. There were 2 or 3 army teams etc etc

  • Jakoyo says:

    am hearing rumours/grapevine that at least 5 senior players have threatened to cancel their contracts in June due to non payment -FIFA rules !!!! can somebody confirm this sad story ????

  • dinga says:

    Unfortunately Matano will use his usual tactics against Gor Mahia. His ingredients even while in Tusker were the same against Gor. Gor will have to watch against rough play and provocation. This is a tactic that even Kimanzi ,though not often, has used agains Gor. Bascally they are aimed at one target and this is the fans. But the catalyst is usually players eg Collins Okoth and Musa Muhammed . If the reff takes action, the coaches then blame biased officiating hence the famous ‘dubious’ penalty that Gor is given. Those of you who watched the Gor-Ushuru match will understand this. Kenyatta aimlessly blamed the reff for ‘ignorable fouls’. Wherever he got that term only he himself knows. So Gor players be ready for these ‘ignorable fouls’. The sad part is that coaches like Matano do not realise how much they spoil the game when their players follow these ‘Kiatu’ instructions.

    • Dan Original says:

      And @Dinga did you notice that in our game against Ushuru they didn’t observe fair play. So sad that anytime we kicked out the ball for a player for treatment they refused to observe the fair play gesture.Anyway it’s a leson to us that fairplay is not a must. So our players will need to be ruthless against Ulinzi but observe the rules. Definitely Matano will play with the gor fans psyche so we need to be careful

    • john says:

      dinga, I agree with u, have said here hundred times this game of high tempo should never be staged at CITY STADIUM, THIS is a stadium famous with fans trouble, but it seems Gor officials don’t care about safety of vulnerable fans, how can u take this game to farm invested with thugs n drug sniffers jumping over the walls to gain free access to the the farm, in the name of city stadium, have decided to mind my own and I not attend the game.

      • Dan Original says:

        Pole @john but all the same we will attend on your behalf. Meanwhile you can send the team your portion of gatefee. It could help to motivate the players

  • kpltactics says:

    Gor Mahia vs Ulinzi will be analyzed here:
    We can get a proper glimpse onto their strengths & weaknesses. Hopefully they play as good as they have been; same as well to Ulinzi.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Am worried about nothing but the Wage bill.
    Guys if you’ve noted Nutall and his charges actually dictate the pace of the matches they play.
    Most nowadays I watch my beloved K’galo in a relaxed mode. Watching them string passes, waiting for Olunga, “Luanda Magere” to conjure something out of nothing, Aucho & Co dictating the pace in the middle of the park with Glay and the Burundians/Rwandese ably manning the backline and when the enemy sneaks thorough they find Boni standing tall having an answer to their queries na ukicheza atakuchenga pia.

    Opponents coaches are no longer bragging that they know how to beat K’galo or that Mighty Gor Mahia ni mafans tuu but futa is played on the pitch. Things have changed as @ Dan.O put it better than myself our only opponent this year is the WAGE BILL.

    Bring on Ulinzi.

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      @ODUOR 12 and they have given media a blackout while again responding to their critics with better performance on the pitch. That is the way to go..”TALK LESS AND ACTION SPEAKS”

  • George Ochoro says:

    @Jakoyo, don’t bring rumours here. Am disappointed that a person like you can bring such issues here at this time! What i know is that the playing unit is intact and such allegations can kill morale of the team.

  • Jb says:

    Could those at home , kindly help clarify this is it possible that two home matches pay our entire playing unit?