4 Jan 18

Albanian side KF Tirana are trying to scam Gor Mahia into giving Kenneth Muguna away for free.
Story courtesy of the Star
Watching their prized players cross borders for free has become unbearable for Gor Mahia and hence the Kenya Premier Legaue champions have warned Albanian side FK Tirana of using unprofessional means to sign players from the club.

Gor have warned the Albanian outfit of a possible tussle pitting them and world’s football governing body, Fifa for allegedly luring Kenneth Muguna and Musa Mohammed without following the right procedures and raising the required fees.

Tirana, under the tutelage of former Gor Mahia coach Jose Ferreira, are claimed to have acquired the services of 2016 Kenyan Premier League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Kenneth Muguna for a unspecified contract spell. In retaliation, Gor claimed that Muguna had two years left on his contract and his move to Albania had not been approved by the club. K’ogalo accused Tirana of failing to pay the development and transfer fees as well as failing to secure Muguna’s release letter.

K’ogalo’s chief executive officer, Lodvick Aduda, accused the European side of evading the right procedures stipulated by Fifa in acquiring the signatures of players. “I can confirm that Tirana had approached us in regard to signing Muguna but did not raise the development and transfer fees as required by Fifa. As a licensed Fifa player transfer agent, I want to warn Tirana of the impending tussle which will involve the world’s governing body. They have not acquired the release letter from us hence can not claim the player belongs to them,” said Aduda.

On the case of Mohammed who sought permission to attend trials in Albania, Aduda warned the player against signing a contract with a foreign club without the blessings of his boyhood club. Musa, who skippered Kenya in recapturing the Cecafa Senior Challenge last month, was rumoured to have inked a contract with Tirana.

Aduda said the procedures of signing the player, whose contract was due to end in two weeks, were not followed. “Musa sought permission to go for trials and his contract was to expire in two weeks. If they want his services, let them come and try to reach an agreement. The two remain our players until all the professional procedures of signing players are met. I also want to warn Kenyan players to be careful when signing contracts with clubs outside the Kenyan borders.”

South ‘B’ United, a grassroot club which features in the Koth Biro tournament, took to social media platforms to wish Musa the best of luck at his new club. The latter had guided South ‘B’ to the finals of the tournament.

Muguna alongside George Odhiambo, Godfrey Walusimbi and Jacques Tuyisenge had been in Ze Maria’s wish list for long and the omission of Muguna from Gor Mahia’s newly released jersey numbers signaled of a complete move to Tirana.Muguna had his shirt number(10) given to new signing Cercidy Okeyo in the recently released shirt numbers.

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  • Jakoyo says:

    Hehehe ..Aduda, wake up and smell the coffee…as we speak brokers ( names witheld) are having a field day running our transfer activities.infact one broker is still hell bent on luring both jausenge and migi to Indian premier league by 31st January 2018.

    At this rate forget any money to be paid….

  • Odhis Muga says:

    Silence from Rachier is so luod,let him speak on this Muguna transfer saga. By allocating no 10 to Okeyo means Muguna has gone.Two scenarios arise: either Aduda has not pocketed his share of the dirty money or Tirana has failed to pay the requisite fee.The latter can attract Fifa penalties if Gor launches the proper legal and judicial mechanism.

  • Ingo says:

    I think Ingwe and Gor should join forces and start our own betting company called Mashemeji Betting. The profit would then be split 50-50, ama ?

    • Oduor12 says:

      @ Gor Mahia we already have GOMA LOTTO, have sold bread and water, merchandize of all sorts, Gor Mahia Sacco etc. All these projects use GMFC’s brand name to rake in money but our dear Mugabe is now crying the loudest, threatening a CAF pullout citing lack of funds. Are these projects mere white elephants or perhaps enriching individuals. Meanwhile, Masud Juma’s transfee has earned K.Sharks kes. 7M while Muguna has been transfered / not been allocated a jersey number in 2018 yet no “record” transfer has been paid to GMFC. CEO Aduda still insists that Muguna is our player. Musa (best of luck if he leaves) is allocated a 2018 jersey number yet he has not renewed his contract and wants a transfer. Can our chairman & CEO provide an explanation for such confusion or incompetence? Remember CAF deadline for club’s player list is just about 10 days away!

      • Jamigori says:

        @Oduor12, please mind your language and stop referring to Rachier our chair as Mugabe. I think sometimes respect matters a lot and people with brains do not insult but use reasons to prevail. Rachier has done a lot and deserves respect as the chair.

        • Oduor12 says:

          Mugabe is an African independence hero who did a lot for Zimbabwe but then became a dictator who thought the country could exist without him. Worse still, as his sycohants harped on his past heroics, the the country stagnated or regressed during his latter years but he never wanted to leave while he had nothing to offer. He was blinded by tantrums of the likes of Jamigoris, sorry Grace. Managing GMFC is not rocket science, with proper management of gate collections and transfers e.g Muguna’s we would have funds for the CAF preliminaries, thereafter the group stages are funded,CHOKE. As for insults and brains I must admit you are unchallenged in that field,if in doubt peruse the archives.

    • Jasego says:

      Ingo idea iko sawa,inplementation ndio itakuwa ngumu bratge,gaming platform so far hatuna

  • Jasego says:

    Super brokers like George Bwana tried to lure Shakava to Nkana then Walusimbi to Lusaka Dynamos then Nizigiyimana to Zesco all of which i stood firm against his machinations owing to my closeness with tbe said players and with a few office bearers who have the good of Kogalo at heart blocked any attempts to hear of release letter requests.Still he and other cohorts continue lurking around K’ogalo offices brokering player transfers.Why always want to take the best from Mighty Mayienga and bring nothing yet equally good players are so hard to come by…Aduda stay firm am with you on this one

    • Barefoot Bandit says:

      May the devil, Lucifer himself, to be exact forklift these leeches to eternal fire. I am sick and tired of George Bwana’s machinations.

  • Jamriambo says:

    We are our own enemies. we fight corruption in other fronts but back ‘e dala” we are the worst. Others use the corrupt ways to enrich and develop themselves, we use it to finish ourselves. What a pity.Jasego and the rest are fighting tooth and nail to keep things above board, Tumbo man is fighting to finish us. Aibu, aibu.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    What was that”gomalotto” or wasn’t thre something like that?

  • Jamigori says:

    @Jasego, I commend you for having done well. I think it is upon Gor Mahia to reign on these bogus unlicensed crooks in the name of brokers. These crooks should be reported to FIFA and CAF as I do think they are not registered agents. Any office bearer(s) found culpable should be shown the door immediately.

    • Harry Ababa says:

      I thought transfer procedures and guidelines are clearly spelt out in FIFA Regulations. EC simply needs to be more transparent and generous with info about these transfers.

  • Dan Original says:

    I think our EC has done well so far as far as transfers are concerned. Briniging in Momanyi when Musa was not fully in was a master stroke. Likewise bringing in Lawrence/Mieno when Muguna had indicated he wanted to go and also retaining Baptiste when Karim (foreign quota) is injured for quite some time. Where we are not doing better is getting money from the players who are leaving

  • NGESTO says:

    Transparency in Kogalo is like mopping river nyando, oknyalre omera, nothing will come out to the public without thorough demands

  • Jasego says:

    Why is it so hard to sell a player for profit in Kogalo whereas other smaller teams do it so well?Sofapaka sold fiston razak for a record 24 Million KSH,Kariobangi has followed suit with Masoud Juma for upwards of 7 Million Kshs to Cape Town City FC.Come to Mayienga now mara Ooh Aucho to Baroka FC at Turmoil & Undiclosed fee never paid,Abondo to Ajax Cape Town for Turmoil & Undisclosed Fee,lately Muguna & Musa to KF Tirana at Turmoil & Undisclosed Record Fee.Excuse everytine,GM is not in the habit of blocking players luck to move from the club.What about the business profit aspect of football,why release contracted players for free as if we are a talent academy run by racketeers and brokering individuals?Food for thought jokamaa