Gor Mahia win DSTV Super Cup

Gor Mahia bea Tusker 5-4 on post match penalties to lift the 2013 DSTV Super cup. The two teams had settled to a scoreless draw during the 90 minutes and went straight to penalties.

The Brewers has been reduced to 10 men as early as the 2nd minute when goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch handled the ball outside the 18 yard box to stave off what looked like a certain goal.  Gor Mahia had the upper hand in the first half as the Brewers sought to sit back and wait for counter-attacks. Dan Sserunkuma, Edwin Lavatsa and Paul Kiongera gave the Tusker defence nightmares with their marauding runs. However yet again Gor Mahia could not utilize the chances that came their way.

Tusker came back into the game in the second half.  However it was Gor Mahia who still had the upper hand in terms of possession. Dan Sserunkuma came close twice in the 1st 10 minutes of the second half. But each time he was foiled by George Opiyo in the Tusker goal. Neither team could find the back of the net after 90

It was a drama filled penalty shootout. Gor Mahia scored their penalties through Dan Sserunkuma, Edwin Lavatsa, Kevin Omondi, Donald Mosoti, Solomon Nasio. But Tanzanian Ivo Mapunda was the hero of the day once again. He had been brought in as a substitute specifically for the penalty shootout. He did not dissapoint and saved two penalties.  Moses Odhiambo and Israel Emuge saw their efforts saved by George Opiyo.

It was ample revenge for Gor Mahia who had lost to Tusker on penalties during the same fixture last year.


32 thoughts on “Gor Mahia win DSTV Super Cup

  1. Congrats boys. that was good and with that we will lift trophies. The only concern ir the wings. do we have wingers. thats where go wrong amd overwork the fullbacks or make them look weak. where is Innocent Mutiso? I think he is one of the best wingers in TPL. pls try him Mr. Loga and you will nt regret it.

  2. kudos guys for this cup, it is a sign of good things to come. Now our main problem is in the middle field, tusker was really outdoing us in the middle. The middle field was lost most of the time, hence the high balls to strikers, may be coaches should adopt a 4-5-1 formation to control the ball more in the middle hence more open chances and giving better cover to our defense. All in all congrats, O.G.A.T., kpl, Africa Gor biro yawne okombe tee wakawo.

  3. Congra boys for the first trophy in 2013. But our touches are stil not smooth. We also need to adjust on speed and play a more physical game. Logar assured that we will get our full game in some few weeks to come. GOOD LUCK KOGALO!!

  4. Congratulations to Ivo Mapunda and the rest of the team !

    GO GOR !
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  5. One down three to go. Good work boys. Everything was better today. Besigye being groomed in the midfield. Rama being rested. Pablo playing deep into second half. A new look striking line-up. Very good substitutions. K14’s excellent hair style. The handing over between Jagoal and Jatowel and then the Towelman crowned it with the final magic towel save. Simply superb boys. Then the celebration was an East African affair.

    Let me call them Breweries. Yes, they have always been menacing everytime we meet them. From the days of Neville Pudo, Ronald Watsiera, Paul Onyera, Davies Oyiela, Mohammed Nazir, Henry Motego and the no nonsense Joseph Malupi Makuto in the right fullback. In the days when Williams Ngaa, Ruo Kimani Ruo and GMT Otieno plied their trade between 22 men on the pitch…This team has always been menacing but K’Ogalo has always emerged tops. It is your turn boys and congratulations for upholding the Mayienga tradition.

  6. Good …you head to my call of benching Rama salim. …………….now what I want is we bring the players acquired over the transfer period on board. If we don’t, then why did we buy them. We are still recycling the players of last season.


    Kasi na nia na imani zipo na Mwenyezi Mungu anamimina dua njema kwa vijana! SISEMI KITU!


  8. @Barefoot Bandit
    Speaking of nostalgia, Today I was listening to the game on radio jambo. It struck me how the radio announcers of today are below par compared to the announcers of yesteryear like Mambo Mbotela, Salim Manga, Mohammed Juma Njuguna, Ismail Mohammed etc. Those guys could bring fireworks to the radio.

  9. We thank the Almighty God for the victory. Gor played very well and it is now time to win everything at our disposal. May the Almighty God bless our players, fans and officials. Amen.

  10. congrats boys.You’ve made us happy again.Tusker played just like Anse Re-union. Just defending with all players and waiting for counter attack. I did said that we shall know the strength of the team with a game against tusker in Dstv super cup and it came to pass and prevailled and K’ogalo remained unbeaten. For the noise makers Am glad that they have kept quiet.If we would’ve lost to tusker , they would’ve realy made noise to us .the fact remains that we are unbeaten and we shall continue like that.

  11. That’s ma team! Well done to captain and the team for the trophy.it was a well played match though i still have problem with our strikers,mbona uchoyo ?wish they would be thinking of the team ,coz i believe that if we score then we release pressure froth other players and the keeper.we need early goals and after then the team can enjoy passes.this also means we need to up our paces.BRAVO KOGALO!

  12. How can a 10 man breweries team hold Gor basically the entire game? Where are those who were saying that if Reunion couldent beat a Gor team with one man less in 20 minutes of the game, then for sure Gor will win during the return game

    There wont be many more 10 man opponets game. So please brace yourselves for the rude reality to come.

  13. At least I’m very happy we are not conceeding goals or let me put it very easy goals; that means we have a good defense. As for scoring, I do hope we will start scoring easily once we speed up at the mid field and use flanks. If a taem has good mid-fielders then they can score very easily since the moment mid fielders have the ball, guys tend to mark the strikers, in the process the mid-fielder can push on util he reaches near the box and once he relaeses the ball, it is a goal.

    Alternatively, if Wekesa can be well trained then his dribbling and ovelapping skills can really help. Ubaya wake akishafika karibu na box, yeye hurudi huko kwa kona, so you wonder why is he going back? Again at midfield, Anguyo is still a bit sluggish to release the ball but I know overall the team is good and if anyone if thinking opposite then wait and see and especially after the 4th match.

  14. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! That was great performance. Am proud of the standard of football both teams displayed. It shows how Kenyan football has improved a great deal. For ‘THE MIGHTY KOGALLO’,let’s work as a team. Kiongera and Wekesa please learn to share as they say, “umoja ni nguvu”. Good work and let’s keep walking.

  15. Ha ha ha….ingo,disi and the other big mouthed Afc fan with a long useless name,where is your team eh??as you continue with your big mouths,we continue to gather the trophies.Came take a look at our trophy cabinet now..he he he!!!
    What?3 trophies in less than 1 year and unbeaten in regular time…my my,no wonder we are the envy of other teams…especially Afc{our customers}..poleni,LOSERS,continue running your mouths as we scoop trophy after trophy!!!

  16. @Comrade Fred I humbly submit that although your post @18 is full of truth, you could do better not to pick on ‘them’, It is never our style to pick on fans of other teams in the blog and doing so is tantamount to lowering yourself to their level. As K’Ogalo fans, we appreciate Efusi as our worthwhile competitors. We also appreciate Efusi fans who post very mature and sensible comments in this site: the likes of Vitoo, Bill Wabz and the great ‘Omwami’ Omusala.So brother the best strategy is to watch keenly for any useless comment and then respond thoroughly or better still why not simply ignore them and continue commenting constructively as you have always done?

  17. I read elsewhere that Gor Mahia Vice chairman is advising FKF to take stern action against the perpetrators of hooliganism in the Efusi- Chemelil match at Kasarani yesterday. My take is since when did we as Gor Mahia start revelling in another team’s misfortunes? That is exactly what one Alex Ole Magelo is known for and we should not stoop to that level. Let FKF and Efusi sort out their troubles. We have enough in our backyard and fanning more trouble for Efusi does not help us in any way just as much as attempts by Efusi to have punitive measures meted on us have never improved their fortunes. Mr. David Kilo kindly don’t lobby for Efusi to be punished. It is not our style.

  18. barefoot bandit no.19 and 20….i beg to defer with you.as football rivals we must taunt each other every now and then to spice up the rivalry.Its the same practice the world over.The likes of disi and ingo work overtime to taunt us especially when we stumble,so who are we to take it lying down??when we get our chance to do the same especially now that we have gotten 1 over them why not?why are you trying to be modest when its hardly the right occasion for it?
    Secondly,it is not right that the press failed to highlight the acts of hooliganism that was witnessed during the Afc-Chemelil game.Am certain that had Gor been involved it would have been headlines.I urge the press to stop this game of bias and give a more objective and impartial story to all stakeholders and fans alike!!!

  19. I thank God for the trophy we have now. I also wish someone could adice Kiongera to play with the team, as every player normally get recogized for his contribution in the game not necessarily the one that score.

    He may end up winning reputation for being too wasteful and uncompetitive. I beieve though thta the tech bench will do their part as its not possible that amateurs like us can spot this without them noticing.

    I saw a below par performance, really our game is still unattractive, lacking in tact, speed, skills and substance.

    I remain happy though that we have a trophy.

  20. Yes Fred Odhiambo@21 if it was Gor then it would have been screaming headlines, surely why this double standards from the press? This time the shoe is on the other foot, let ingwe fry a bit, its not bad to smile a bit knowingly; by the way Magelo can talk now, suppose Chemelil declares they will not play them again?

    Two new guys I would like to see playing in this Kogalo team – David Otieno and Mutiso, I do not know so much about Abbey Natty Kunrunmi.

  21. Thanx Boyz the motto still remains the same O.G.A.T,about the media lets not talk about it the only thing we need to do this season is to do what we did when we were playing re union ukileta ujunga kwa kiwanja we discipline you,i know most of the time we are provoked but GOD will surely take us thru.

  22. gor mahia looked strong. i thnk there is good potential in this team. substitution might be a problem but i can say there is a very solid first eleven. but the fact that there are other legs to stand on is encouraging. i see gor doing well in this league. my problem with odhis is coming back. that is not the way to take a penalty. wacha utoto nyumbani…and kenyan players wonder why they go for trials and come back home with no contracts.penalty taking can make or brake for gor during the africa stages. if i can mention, abdul barasa, mulamba, masiga, amwayi et (jared ingutia), these were penalty takers per excellence that kenya kud really on without doubt. as much as i support gor but when it came to facing leapards in penalties when these guys played, then u just knew it was over for gor.gor needs to develope such skill. . be a pro thru’ and thru’. i have a sense lavatsa has changed his game for the better… i hope i am not wrong. but kudos to serenkuma, at least ur one player i can call a real pro, same to akumu, owino, the other ugandans et mwapunda. logarusic, pls show us what ur made of this season. 100 minutes to cut a tree, 90 minutes to sharpen the axe… thats how pro’s do it.

  23. tafadhali, tushugulike na Gor, coz every other, except Gor fans, including the media hates Gor coz of our swag and spice. Back to team, one Len Juliens never used to change players but he moulded them into his style and strategy. Luoga should use every player’s strength to the advantage of the team, see Mapunda na penalties. Owino should cover defensive midfield, i see Makelele in him, and waende gym for some muscles kama Nyangi Odembo na Bobby enzi hizo.

  24. Please if you have gagged me on your wall then do not print my name on the same. This is the game you know and by extension, I am sure your JAKUOM will do the same -gagging kenyans from talking freely when he becomes president next week!

  25. Generally the team is GOOD with your prayers we are going to make it beyond 1st round in CAF cup. Let the players put all their energy in the next much and they will emerge victorious. May the almighty God guard K’Ogalo from the evil spirit and disapprove our distractors in Jesus name i pray

  26. To me winning the Cup is a foundation that any Team would have loved to build on or start the season with.By the way this game was very technical. One may argue that Tusker, were playing one man less. Incidentally, it is always a challenge to play a Team one man less. We were not different and it will continue to happen as long as Soccer is still being played.Tusker could have easily beaten Gor only that Gor was able to contain them technically. And to me that is a big improvement. I can only say watch this space. Just a point of concern however, can the cheer squad make songs that really brings out the Heroe in our players as opposed to the kind that are currently being sang that are so restrictive to only a few.The enthusiasm to sing is there but what to sing is the main challenge. Some can remember Apingo Nyawawa….

  27. This is what I call a pack of lies. The truth is that 10 men brewers held Gor Mahia to a draw and the brewers were a better side in the first half. Gor Mahia needs to pull up their socks or at this rate they should prepare for a major disappointment.

  28. After Gor’s performance away, I am sure that One can see what I said about technical fitness. Playing a team one man less is never a guarantee that you always beat them. When this happens I suggest that one takes a keen look at how they play.my insistence that Gor played a technical game eventually was realized at ANSE Re-union.. keep on Kogalo.

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