Gor Mahia win friendly matches

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Gor Mahia routed Nakuru Combined 4-0 in a pre-season friendly.
Ivorian international Ephrem Guikan scored his third goal in Gor Mahia shirt in a 4-0 win over Nakuru Combined on Saturday.

Guikan, who also netted a hat-trick in K’Ogalo’s win over Egerton University, signed for the reigning Kenyan champions from AS Port Louis of Mauritius.

Rwandan striker Jacques Tuyisenge scored a brace in Gor Mahia’s second pre-season win against a Combined side. Haroun Shakava was the other scorer.

On Thursday, Gor Mahia beat Egerton University in another friendly match. Guikan scoredt twice, Francis Kahata scored another witha brilliant free-kick. Other scorers were defender Wellington Ochieng, Boniface Omondi and Samuel Onyango all contributing a goal each.

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia win friendly matches

  1. “Gor Mahia wins 2018 Mapinduzi Cup”. Actually it’s Azam, but why can’t Musonye and CECAFA simply adopt this tournament as the CECAFA Club championship solving their sponsorship and fixture pile woes. Missing out on club football year in, year out can’t be good for regional clubs. Food for thought otherwise nice scorelines in those preseason matches.

  2. This may be a slight digression: I want to appeal to all Gor Mahia fans to let the Tech. Bench do its job without interference. It is the highest level of brainlessness to threaten the life of Ker simply because we want him to field one GK who happens to be our buddy regardless of the keeper’s current form. Madness.

    We forget so fast where Ker has brought us from. We all saw last season that some keepers were no longer able to keep a clean sheet despite being veterans while the so-called rookies were outstanding. We must allow players to be fielded on merit. We must also accept that form is not permanent. It fluctuates. Look at what is happening to Christiano Ronaldo now. It is up to those players whose form has dipped to work hard and recover it if they want to catch the coach’s eye.

    1. Ni yule GK alisumbua Nutall? That’s why I still suggest TB/Jasego relooks at that position even with Ian Otieno snapped up by s/meow. We need another top GK to keep in check some characters who play a dual role of players cum mercenaries for hire. Secondly membership cum season tickets will enable real fans to put their money where there mouths are! LET NOBODY ROCK THE BOAT.

      1. Well said @BB and @ODU 12 and can only agree more. Why was MATASI preferred during CECAFA ? Only God knows why. And after spending better part of 2nd leg warming the benches at La Liga outfit of Girona one Michael Olunga yesterday got his chance and fired back with a hit a hat trick plus one Superb assist.
        Now that is food for thought for his coach and headache for team selection which is healthy for the players competition NA SIO mambo ya mob justice by the so called idle “goons” camping at camp TOYOYO.”Majambazi Washindwe!!!

        1. The Trailer, God fought for Olunga yesterday. I have been following Girona keenly and I noticed that Olunga was a victim of racism. On the few occasions that he was fielded previously his team mates deliberately starved him of the ball and he ended up running around like a headless chicken. Of course the idea was to make him look bad so that he does not outshine the established strikers like Stuani and Portu….and he really looked bad until I believe even the coach had his doubts.

          Come yesterday, Stuani played in the first half, scored a penalty then Olunga’s God ensured he could not play in the second half. It was inevitable that Olunga had to be fielded. He scored Girona’s socond and ran straight to the coach to thank him for the trust. Note that he fought for the ball by himself in all the 3 goals he scored. None was intended as a pass to him. He actually had a hand in the 3rd goal and an assist in the 5th in which he selflessly .set up Portu to finish. I bet Stuani will continue playing dirty to make sure Olunga stays in the bench.

          1. BB very true on Olunga’s predicament at FC Girona,all his goals were individual efforts & rebounds,no pass was given unto him by teammates.We however pray to Yesu as we know Olunga is as good as they come anywhere aroung the globe and he shall shine and thrive just as he did at Sweden

  3. BFB good comments but I would rather we don’t talk about this, it’s utter stupidity. Seems we are on course to somewhere, let’s not lose focus, this appears to be our year in this continental competition forget that kpl kia ang’owa gini sijui player of the year, jokes.

  4. descent wins as we build up from the 4 week slumber…..however would like to see 2 big friendly matches perhaps with zambian outfits before the league kick off.

  5. on olunga, unfortunately it is the painful truth….the boy is a lone ranger ! I pray to God to give him the mental strength to survive the hostile environment but he should keep his mind open ( look elsewhere) after the spanish harsh experience.

  6. Todsy we played two more friendlies and won against Nkr West 4-0 and Nzoia 2-0. Good progress. Soon we meet the big boys. Kudos

  7. Guikan guikan guikan is one to watch out for…. i think we ‘ve really got the replacement for engineer 4goals in 3 games .meddie tuyisenge now need to up their game or face the cold bench buh overall i feel excited for the team for the tech bench the energy will be high there come 28th jan and feb 9-12 this gives me hope for esperance and group stage …cant wait for jan 28th go team forever mahia

    1. JTG with me a nick name is my last concern here. What matters is: is he scoring goals? Musa was with the team since 2009 yet never had a nick name. Kahata, Shakava, Innocent Wafula, Wendo… the list of players who are doing well minus nick names is long. Nick names just come with time and if his will come then we shall happily adopt it. For now let him continue shaking the net.

    2. Dawo’fundi’

      ama Ocholla

      koso ere nying mamit….
      boyni yoke he reminds me of the 2015 tenure(olunga-kagere-abondo)…..

  8. With a lot of sadness we have to virtually beg Mutua to let us use the stadium, we are at the heist of condemning corruption. Where is Kisumu stadium ? We always fail to carter for oureselves but speak loudest.

    1. I thought you should ask where is K’ogalo stadium. As it is both Kisumu and Machakos stadium are all expenditure areas for us. The truth is that hooliganism has hurt us in the past and should never be condoned in whatever way

  9. We have lots and loads of hooligans causing all sorts of problems to the team and even threatening Dylan Kerr. These thugs need to be taught a bitter lessons that include banishing them from attending any of the matches. My pray is that they should rot in jail. For how long shall we continue to condone such human waste?

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