Gor Mahia’s new constitution adopted

Find the new constitution in the link below


The executive committee shrinks from 11 members to 4 members as follows:

i. The Chairperson
ii. Vice Chairperson
iii. Secretary General
iv. Honorary Treasurer

The secretariat shall have a :

  1. CEO
  2. Finance Officer
  3. Security Officer
  4. Media Liaison


10 thoughts on “Gor Mahia’s new constitution adopted

  1. Great move in the right direction. Apart from reduction of EC or office bearers, we are still left with the old structures that need to evolve into a business enterprise and limited liability company.

    Apart from adopting the constitution, do we have a road map of when the club will be turned into a limited liability company that can do business and borrow money from the banks or financial institutions?

    EC need to provide oversight role under the current constitution and provide accountability.

    We now need to task EC with the following tasks:-
    1. Time frame of when the club will be turned into a limited liability company with different classes of share holdings being established such as a percentage of shares being allocated to supporters trust as well as to other investors.
    2. Time frame of establishment of board of directors as a company to replace the EC.
    3. Roles of EC with the current constitution in the development of the club’s strategic plans of the club. We need to have the vision and missions statement of the club not captured.
    4. Roles of the secretariat in implementation of the board’s strategic plan and with renumeration attached to set deliverables and milestones.
    5. Contracting of players is not very clear with EC.
    6. Board of trustees and EC might clash as EC is elected and board is appointed.
    7. Penalties of breaches is not very clear.
    8. Methodology of the resolution of conflicts is not provided.

  2. The presence of a Board of Rrustees is a good move and will assist the EC to run the club througj checks and balances. I hope

  3. Read the document…

    Alot of It looks good. Smaller no of officials…

    I do not see why e-ticketing should be on the constitution. Yes it’s the preferred method but ‘engraving’ it on the document is abit silly.

    1. Silence on non perfoming EC. What are the yardsticks for performance apart from winning the league.

    2. Members paying arrears is silly. If you are not current in with your payments then you simply stop being a member and cannot vote. Why charge arrears?
    What happens if the then office is corrupt?

    3. Defination of “honorary” member. Is this an MP or Wash wash with loot?
    I think propsals should first be floated, then after members approve only then shall he/she join as honorary.

    4. Membership window should not be closed after March. Instead let it be open but on an election year be closed 3 months before election date.

    Got lost on page 10 no.11
    The JD’s will have to be measured refer to 1 on top.
    AGM should have more teeth… and should be designed to look at performance of office bearers.
    Eg if Gor finishes in position 9 but ends up buying a stadium or getting multi-billion sponsorship…. is this failure or success.
    Who’s report shall tell us that the club did well?
    We don’t need a Chairman or EC member going to the press and making “I have done many things” statements.
    Let the reports vindicate you.

  4. It is in order to say a special thanks to the members who turned up for the SGM and a second special thanks for coming up with a wonderful document .
    Now that is the document we have and anything outside that is time barred and only good for academic discourse , for all practical reasons and for the good of all , it would have been helpful to be present and make a contribution .
    Secondly , a constitution is made up of its letter and its spirit for it is the spirit that informs the background and what the constitution is trying to cure .
    Just to try clarifying on this Honorary membership , the document talks about a DISTINGUISHED member of the society and the definition of distinguished is “a very successful person , authoritative and Commanding great respect ” , the document goes further to say that the proposed honorary member/s shall be forwarded to the AGM (Members) for approval or otherwise @Dinga .

    Secondly , vis a
    vis members , the 3month window is mentioned together with renewal I.e to people who are already members I.e after the end of the calender year of december , inspite of no payment , their membership would still be valid for all intents and purposes , this should not be confused with the ongoing registration of non members which is continous but is conditional to certain caviets that have been specified elsewhere .
    But a lot of work still awaits , moreso with the Transition commitee who are supposed to come up with a Business structure and also breathe life into the constitution by coming up with enabling laws and which will be presented to the AGM.
    Board of Trustees is one very positive thing we unofficially had back in the days , its good that it will now be formally part of the constitutional architecture .
    Finally @Dinga , on ticketing and whether it should be in the document , well it doesnt have to be , but I dont see what harm it causes and from what I know and the near fatal wars this issue has caused , it is just as well that it was put there .
    Going into the elections , the most important elections in the history of Gor Mahia in my opinion , and with no person in mind , it is very very very important that we get our leadership right .
    Otherwise , to the members who turned up and bearing in mind that no constitution is perfect , I once again extend a hand of gratitude for a document I consider appropriate going forward .

  5. A step in the right direction. But a lot more needs to be done for GM to catch up with teams like Simba of Tanzania and St George of Ethiopia

  6. Our constitution is a “Punguza Mzigo” constitution in one way and Ongeza Mzigo “KAZI” on a few people. I hope whoever gets to office will manage.

  7. I have read the document but I do not support it. We need a total paradigm shift from euphoria elections to turning the club into a limited liability company with only board of directors and Excom.

    I sorry to say that this constitution has not changed anything apart from reduction of the office bearers. Board of trustees which are not elected have more power as compared to elected Executive Committee. This will be panacea of problems and will create supremacy wars.

    What the club needs is a change of the club into a financially sustainable enterprise where the focus will be in commercialing club activities or commercial enterprise where the board and management will be focusing in strategies of expanding into the following areas:-
    1. Expanding sponsorship agreements. We can have four different sponsors on the Jersey in front, back, sleeves, shorts etc
    2. Commercial trading by selling branded jerseys, branded merchandise, training and gym gears etc. Developing of sales outlets and franchising sales or distribution outlets all over the country.
    3. Broadcasting where we sign with paying TV stations, Internet and cable companies. Gor Mahia should have a plan for owning proprietary TV channel as GorTV for live broadcasting and recorded matches.
    4. Matchday ticket sales with sealing all loopholes of revenue leakages. Other activities season ticket sales, sale of food and drinks, event parking space etc.

    This proposed constitution does not provide a road map to turning the club into a limited company and it should therefore be radically amended with a main object of turning the club into a commercial enterprise.

    Anything else will not help Gor Mahia to become a commercial enterprise and a financially sustainable model.

    Why can’t the drafters borrow a leaf from Simba, Yanga both of Tanzania and St George’s of Ethiopia.

    We need to be serious with this great club yawn.

  8. By enacting anew constitution proves that the club is a progressive, optimistic, and vibrant. Atleast we are moving up the ladder. And with fresh ideas, opinions and suggestions on stadium, trainning ground, club house, limited company and members involvment in fund raisers, shall be reduced to surmountable or achivable proportions. This are ideas and improvements whose time has come. Our dream of Gor becoming one of the elite clubs in Africa must come to reality.


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