Govt to rescue Gor Mahia and AFC in CAF ties

The Ministry of sport has committed to providing financial assistance to help Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards purchase tickets for their CAF ties. Both sides were staring at the possibility of missing their CAF ties which would mean a three year ban plus a hefty fine.
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The government has offered financial guarantees that will enable Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards honour their continental assignments in Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar respectively next weekend.

Senior officials of these two teams on Friday confirmed the Ministry of Sports, which has remained tight-lipped on this matter, has undertaken to purchase air-tickets for the two clubs.

“I commend the government for this assistance. The onus now is on our players and technical bench to work hard and ensure we qualify for the next phase of this tournament,” said Leopards treasurer Oliver Napali.

“I have been asked to forward the names of our travelling party and we expect to have the tickets by end of business today,” added K’Ogalo’s chief executive officer Lordvick Aduda.

The two clubs have however been tasked with catering for accommodation and transport upon arrival.

This development comes a day after these two officials told Nation Sport they were unable to marshal enough resources to send their clubs for the respective engagements.
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Gor Mahia hold a dicey 2-0 advantage over Vegetarinos which was attained in Machakos last weekend, ahead of the Caf Champions League preliminary round return leg clash between the two teams in Malabo on Wednesday.

Leopards meanwhile are in a trickier position, having allowed FOSA Juniors to score an away goal and snatch a one-all draw in the opening match of the Caf Confederation Cup preliminaries in Kakamega last Sunday.

Following the government’s intervention, Leopards advance party consisting three officials who are on a spying mission will fly out to Mahajanga in Madagascar on Saturday.

The remaining travelling party consisting 19 players, plus seven members of the technical bench led by coach Robert Matano, and three club officials including chairman Dan Mule who is the head of delegation, leave on Monday.

41 thoughts on “Govt to rescue Gor Mahia and AFC in CAF ties

  1. First batch of travelling contingent comprising mostly officials jetted out early morning.We shall overcome all challenges hitherto because we possess the Mayienga spirit.SportPesa shall be back soon early march hopefully,we are talking.Govt in the meantime shall continue assisting as Caf matches are a source of national pride when Kenya’s flag is hoisted and anthem sung in foreign lands…

  2. How comes our counties always keep quiet when our team struggle. We have like 4 major counties who are attached to our club but when Gor is facing financial challenges, they(governor and
    mca’s) keep quiet as there is no problem. Shame on them. Even His excellency the peoples president who coincidentally is the patron is not doing anything yet he is a trillionaire. Awuoro

  3. Meanwhile president uhuru gives gor mahia 1 Million as a token of appreciation for turning 50 years.Wariti people’s president to surpass that amount in the spirit of Wakitoa Tunatoa…We must put our actions wea our mouths are

      1. Musymo Jakom dak gol gimoro bwana makata nee wamoko the same serikal mokwadwaa emokonyo Gor,en odwaro ni wathoo nee pile lakini shida zetu ndogo ndogo apana tambua?

        1. @jasego, there was a time Kidero held an harambee for Gor and I innocently asked how much Jakom had contributed, i was lynched so nowadays i just wonder without asking!!

    1. @Akira akuna SIASA duni BUT ni ukweli wa mambo. A patron is suppose to be the clubs “S.O.S” especially at times like this.

  4. Gor is apolitical. That’s why we appreciate support from any source. The moment we attach it to a party ywt the same people will not be there when we need support. All tje same we need to explore ways od getting self-sufficient

  5. Why is Baba the patron yet it is Rachier who struggle with the club. And you will hear someone saying that Rachier is doing nothing to lift Gor Mahia. Babani kata wahere, gima okonyowago to ongee. Kidero berber ne ochiwo ot ma coach dakie. Awacho ayueyo tho

  6. Kwani nyinyi hamjui vile jokodinga ni jowuoro,eti peoples President! hakuna faida kabisa. You maybe surprised to hear that the pples prezo wants his share of the 1 million as the club ‘patron’

  7. What are these am seeing posted on this site? Is this from the people they are shown to coming from? Admin please clarify, unless you have been hacked

    1. @Ja Thur GI ji are your comments being moderated? Why?… We must question the unquestionable?…. IIt is high time we ask ourself very hard wuestions like if suppose BROOKSIDE is ready to sponsor K’Ogalo are we still going to RESIST there products?

  8. @michael ogolo, good observation…almighty legendary chairman has struggled with the club to where it is today, it is sad on the day we are celebrating 50 years of existing we are still begging government to honour a football leg whilst the patron is busy elsewhere chanting ‘RESIST, Canaan, RESIST, RESIST, RESIST !!

    1. @ Jakoyo I advised you to speak to our almighty chairman to deal with TUJU and our issue’s will be sorted. Now K’Ogalo@50 fund raiser is a testimony and may we take the route without turning back. If you want to keep on RESISTING then hio ni SHAURI YENU..

    2. Yes, he has really “struggled” using undeclared players’ transfer fees, gate collections, league grants and any income GMFC brand may attract.

  9. Clueless bloggers can blame the patron without knowing how much he has supported the club. I think you bloggers are just posting for the sake of posting. The patron still support the team and he does not need to make it public to please the bloggers in this site.

    The back still stop with you bloggers and you should ask yourself of how much you have done for the club as individual who calls himself Gor Mahia fan or bloggers. Insults, innuendos, insinuations etc should not be posted to character assisinate the patron and more so with Jakom.

    Some of the impostors here as fans or bloggers do not even pay the gate collection. Some of you have even gone further to abuse our chairman by calling him all names. We all need to humble ourselves than seeing the kind of postings of whose source I think need some psychiatric therapists. I am saying this because the posters do not know how much Jakom has done for the club.

    I rest my case and I expect criticisms, insults, abuses etc in equal full measure from the experts.

    1. @ Jamigori the issue at stake is very simple.. “what value do R.A.O offer K’Ogalo as the club patron?”. Let us stick to the issue and be objective with our posting. No body is insulting anyone but we are demanding to know why his position as club patron is RETROGRESSIVE. Can you comprehend if we are going to RESIST brookside products if TUjU can convince UHURU to support our club.

      1. @ogango trailer, go to the archives and books of annals. We are just ordinary bloggers. Can you ask yourself what support have you given to Gor Mahia apart from throwing stones and insults? Now the club was in dire need of financial support, how much have you given to Gor Mahia.

        What I am trying to say that you should never bring the name of patron on this site and you should show some respect to the respected leader.

    2. Alot ka onge JAKOM. Ngato kata mana gweno ema oteme pedho dala, Jakom. Ndara ma wuok Siaya ka dhi bondo onge matatu, JAKOM okel nua matatu. Dhako ka yach chiegni nyuol Jakom ochul nua maternity bil. Tho. Gonyua gonyua sate. If 1,000,0000 Gor Mahia fans contribute even 50/- via Mpesa Kitty per month that is 50 shillings. Guys. Let us think outside the box. Uhero gige nono. Ngato owuok dala gi to obiro Nairobi to kata gima otimo otame en mana ni an gi kuru gonya achandra. Tiche en mana wero Jakom chakre okinyi nyaka chieng podh ema ongeyo bas to ni Gonya. Tho. Wan oganda mar onagi ema ti odok chieng in terms of social development.

  10. Wawe wuondore kaa, just name the things he has done as a patron just like somebody has said that Kidero housed our coach, and our conversation should be restricted to his patronship no politics

  11. Gor Mahia Harambee figures. Gava Airtickets, Uhuru 1M, Raila 500k, Gavana Awiti 500k, Homa Bay Cabinet appox.500k, Tuju 200k. Those were the figures choaxed out of Ngala by Radio Jambo. Nothing from Mugabe,bloated EC, members/ branches? I always thought harambees raise exact amounts from specific sources. THE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY AND OPAQUENESS FROM EC IS AMAZING AND ALARMING JUST LIKE WITH GATE COLLECTIONS EVERYTHING IS UNDERSTATED AND MANIPULATED! Must for a reason!

  12. Patron is a billionaire and if at all he is helping the team then we cannot be calling for a fundraiser that he fails to attend then Rachier becomes the guest of honour on the fundraiser which he’s organised after realising that the politicians are not coming. I propose that Dr Evans Odhiambo kidero be the patron. Jokodinga go jomawuor ma ukia akiaya. Mondi Raila no gima Ida otamre dakotim. It is high time Luos to look at another person who can lead the luo nation.

  13. There’s something not quite right with majority of the postings here, I was questioning this trend of criticism of patron but was blocked. Very unfortunate

    1. Has he ever used his position as patron to help the club financially? If yes kindly tell us…If not then what value does his being patron help the club. Renember I am not criticising Raila politically although I am not his fan but his position as patron!!!

      1. @Musymo, do not be childish. Whether you support Jakom or not it does not matter but the fact is he has huge support no matter where you support. Do not be cheap like judas iscariot. You are such fellows that can sold his brother or sister because of a morsel of twenty cents or a dish of lentils.

  14. Hold your horses, there are still 2 or at least 1 more harambees still coming for you to rate your “leaders” now that its the best way for the finance GMFC after of 50 years existence. Out of the 50 years the last 10 years has been under one Zuma / Mugabe with no structures, systems or accountability just harambees like yesteryears, but unlike yesteryears no regional or continental title.

  15. @ogango trailer, thank you for the guidance but TUJU and the patron don’t get along politically….that’s the painfull truth.

    If we go past the ‘ vegetables’, am sure we will… remember our financial obligations will just grow and grow and grow and grow…the truth is there are some faces at this club that deter potential sponsors!

  16. I have a question. Why are GOR players still wearing jerseys with Sportpesa Logo? Hizo zingine ni normal circus we go through, at 50 we still hold begging bowls!

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