Grand celebration planned for Sunday

This is the sportpesa trophy.. Image courtesy of Boniface Osano

Gor Mahia’s final match in the 2015 Kenya Premier League season will be played on Sunday at the Nyayo national stadium. As was the case last season, the match will be against Muhoroni Youth.

The League sponsors, sports online betting firm SportPesa, will on Friday unveil a brand new SportPesa Premier League trophy. It is said to be an impressive piece of art manufactured in Europe by some of the best people in the business.

The Kenyan Premier League however clarifies that Gor Mahia, who have now won the diadem for three straight years, will keep the old trophy for good. An elaborate trophy presentation ceremony has been planned on the day.

Club Organising Secretary David Kilo said several activities have been lined up ahead of the eventual presentation of the trophy. “We want to make it a special moment for our fans and we have lined up several activities before our final match. We have invited several musicians to entertain our fans, among other activities,” he said.

Club officials have prevailed upon fans to maintain decorum unlike the past two seasons when fans invaded the pitch.

Gor Mahia have already won the league but will be aiming to finish the season on a high note and maintain the unbeaten run. Against Western Stima on Wednesday, Gor Mahia were made to fight tooth and nail before finally beating the power-men. But it proved that Gor Mahia are capable of winning under different conditions as descibed by technical bench member Frank Ouna.

“A game is always 90 minutes plus, meaning you can score at any given time be it the first minute, thirty or last second. In the first half the game was open and frankly we could have gotten something from the match. The game was open but in the second half I guess they just could not match us and resorted to defensive play. We camped in their half and they were just good,” said Ouna to

Muhoroni for their part have vowed to spoil Gor Mahia’s party
“Since no one managed to break Gor Mahia’s unbeaten run, then we want to assure them that we will do it come on Sunday. We made some mistakes in the Top 8 match, but have corrected the same.” said Moses Adagala the Muhoroni chairman.

But he will find the going tough against a Gor Mahia side that still appears hungry. A team that even after capturing the league, has scored convincing wins over Sofapaka, Tusker and Western Stima. Michael Olunga is two goals adrift of Jesse Were and is determined to catch him. Ali Abondo and Musa Mohamed are having the best season of their careers.

Meddie Kagere , Musa Mohamed and Khalid Aucho. Image courtesy of Wuod Ambiara

Innocent Wafula has risen from relative obscurity into one of the best players in the country. His nationality has been in doubt but club official Ronald Ngala has averred that Wafula is a Kenya by birth.

“When we signed him, he gave us a copy of his identity card and birth certificate which indicates he was born in Teso District and therefore, is a Kenyan. I think Harambee Stars management should have fast-tracked his effort to get a passport instead of dropping him.” said Ngala to

26 thoughts on “Grand celebration planned for Sunday

  1. mafans mafans 2013 we did not even celebrate the pitch was invaded, 2014 cup given in Kisumu or where ever, 2015 let us let the players to celebrate. behave, pay gate charges

  2. Just organise enough watertight security to prevent pitch invasion…anything short of that and we will see the same ugly scenes of yester years replaying themselves….

  3. Muhoroni fc daydreaming.The only team that can break unbeaten is a clinical Tusker.I wonder why we use a small Nyayo stadium; why not Kasarani?.If stewards are not standing shoulder to shoulder facing fans then the same problem will be repeated.To our heroes, who knows their winning price money?

  4. Fast of all, may I take this opportunity to thank all those made the history achievable. Players, management last but not least, the adoring fans who followed the team whenever they were playing. My humble appeal to the management, please don’t allow the ugly seans which has been witnessed in the last two seasons to be repeated again. Just make the security a priority. Pitch invasion should not reoccur a gain.

  5. The reason why fans invade the pitch is because apart from the trophy being displayed inside the pitch n carried by players. The trophy has never been taken to streets for fans to take selfies with it unless the office has elaborate ways of displaying this trophy from nyayo to ambassadeur then pitch invasion is likely to occur. My question is why is gor office mean with the same trophy n think is their property. The gor office says they have invited musicians to perform but are not saying that they hired low bed trailer prime mover to carry the trophy to city center for fans to take selffies. please gor office trophy is not yours also let fans have a feel of it

    1. Good idea sir, but on sunday let the players celebrate in the field without interference from the fans, then monday or tuesday, let players move around the city with the trophy. Though I remember this was done in 2013, not in an elaborate maner because we had a game to play the following weekend which we lost to AFC, Peter Opiyo scoring the lone goal!

    1. Its always a good feeling. Congrats to the players and fellow fans. Lets maintain the calm and patience and enjoy the historic season.

  6. Ronald Gala, why shouldent gor also assisted Wafula to get a passport? Why must it be Harambee stars? Im telling you there is something fishy surrounding Wafula citizenship

    1. @ingo
      have you been invited to the function tomorrow. …..Please come and see what ingwe might not achieve in our generation. …you might have a story for the grandchildren

      1. Omondi….pole sana. INGWE was the last team to have won the league unbeaten. Please also note that Ingwe won THREE consecutive cecafa trophies. Isitubabishe na hi kikombe. We have been there and done that at an even higher level

        1. Pole Ingo, your memory is failing you terribly. You have not reached the crescendo Gor reached in 87. That’s why you get so erotic with orgasms at the mention of Gor

    1. Blogger that will be very tragic if he leaves. However, he is well advised to complete his studies and still play for GOR or join a club that will allow him to continue with his studies….I do not what happened to Bidvest deal. History has shown that players who rise instant hits locally normally rush to other leagues before they mature up……Peter Dawo and Blackberry are good examples.

  7. rejoinder to ingo.’s the kind of reply to give to people who are idle and never have any meaningful contribution in life…whether it’s soccer or otherwise!
    Meanwhile congrats to the only team that matters…Gor biro!!

    1. Only team that is helped by Oguda….just take a look at the final day matches. Gor vs Muhoroni, AFC Leopards vs Tusker. Oguda thought that the winer would be decided on the last day and that it would either be AFC, Tusker or Gor. So he made sure Gor would play a weaker team in Muhoroni while AFC and Tusker play a tough match against each other….Bure kabisa

      1. “Engineer” hebu use bodmas to solve the following:
        75 – 41 / 3 = ? (AFC LEOPATS/BREWKENGE)
        So sio mambo ya being helped as its only fair that teams of a lower calibre are pitted against each other.
        Then as per the league standing Muho is at position 5 i.e weak, Tusker 6 i.e weaker, and spotted pussy cat at 7 i.e WEAKEST.

  8. Omwami ingo, Churchil Ndambuki is recruiting comedians for the coming season. I didn’t know you are multi talented. Kindly apply. You can make good use of your talent there. As for your hatred toward Gor you can go and hung yourself. Upende usipende kikombe kimeenda. Your team had good sponsorship till mid season and did nothing with it. For two seasons Kogalo has literally scraped through and we ard champs. Tukijaliwa tupate udhamini itakuwaje? You are a disgrace to the beautiful game. Kajinyonge.

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