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  1. interesting times? gor playing naturally well. afc using witchcraft to perfection, i thnk we have an interesting final coming. i thnk my heart still lies with the league and i cannot wait for wednesday. the double is possible but with “witchcraft pap”, this is going to be really hard. the mystery that afc opponents can nolonger see the ball is baffling to everyone. the clubs history of using “koroga mix” is no secret but as one would put it…come baby come. otherwise congrats to kogalo.

  2. I have watched over and over again, and love Eric Ochieng chip, that the ever efficient Sserankuma notched in brilliantly.

    Gor got a midfield solution in Eric Ochieng, he is tough, strategic, hard working. this compensates for his slow pace. he can use two feet, left and right. all the best Eric




  4. Its a good dream Mr administrator to come up with this topic. You failed to give it flesh. Here is my observation of the four Quarter-final Matches.
    I guess FKF have fixed the semi-finals draw with one eye to the FINAL. This being our jubilee year, you don’t have to be a genius to know what kind of A FINAL FKF would have loved the country to have. It cannot get bigger than Gor Mahia/AFC Leopards and it may just turn out to be that. These 2 teams last met in the 1991Moi Golden Cup Finals, venue being Kasarani with Efusi winning 1 nil, thanks to a Francis Oduor lone goal. The riots tht followed overshadowed the tense and spectacular match on display on tht day. While Gor Mahia will prove to be too strong for SONY in the semi-final match, AFC Leopards must prepare for a bruising battle against Sofapaka. I hope there will be no unseen hands (Sir Alex Ferguson style – former EPL referees are coming out to confess of their fear of the now retired coach, including Graham Poll) trying to influence the outcome of the match. All referees stand warned to be fair and may the best teams win.
    1. The standard of football in this Country has greatly improved since the advent of sponsorship in the game. It gladdens the heart to every week watch our football on Super Sport- The World of Champions. Our teams no longer have problems providing the basic requirements to our footballers ie Playing boots, shin guards and even bottled water by the pitch side. FKF needs to pass a law making it a COMPULSORY RULE that teams must done jerseys with the players’ names visibly branded at the back. W. Stima keeps flouting this requirement.

    2. The matches between SONY/ Mathare United and Sofapaka/Finlays went along way in proving the dearth of striking talent in Kenya football. Sofapaka are still depending on journey man, the old war horse John Baraza to bang in the goals. Sony and Mathare strikers could not even buy a goal- like Chelsea strikers. Its a high time football administrators did something before the gap between when Oliech came through and the discovery of the new Oliech grows even bigger. We are tired of the so called strikers who flatters only to deceive.
    3. Enock Agwanda has stagnated and wasted a whole year of growth warming the benches at Sofapaka. If he had remained at SONY he would now be asking the National Team Selectors why he is not in the National Team Setup. He will need to move on to a team where he will command a starting place. He needs to do this for him to grow as a footballer.
    4. Gor Mahia still commands the largest crowd followed by Efusi though the mashemejis won’t admit to being no 2 in terms of pulling the crowd.
    5. Gor Mahia’s growth is multi pronged. The crowds have become more colourful and imaginative. They even have a band with modern instruments and led by one Jaro Soja, the self proclaimed General of KDF -Kogalo Defence Force.
    6. Gor Mahia have made the deliberate move to sign players based on talent and ability not tribe. Of the 18 on duty against W. Stima on Saturday, only 6 were Luos of which only 2 started the match- (Owino and Eric Ochieng). We had 2 Uganda nationals in Emuge and Danny. The Four largest communities in Kenya are represented in Gor Mahia (Kikuyu, Luhyia, Luo, Kamba). Gor Mahia is the club where anyone will have a footballing chance regardless of your background, tribe, race or nationality.
    7. We can be proud to shout:- “Gor Mahia- (Always Uniting Kenyans and entertaining the world) ” no wonder we were never compelled to change our name by former President- D. T. Arap Moi when Abaluhyia United was forced to change their name.
    8. Danny will get even better with the right service from the midfielders. He has the best striker’s instinct in the TPL. He has rediscovered his confidence and Scoring goals will once again be made to look easier.
    9. Timonnah Wanyonyi is a talent that needs to be natured well and I am happy he chose Gor Mahia over every other club. He has chosen stability and reliability by joining GM. He will learn from the best and his footballing career is bound to blossom under the tutelage of JBO and BW.
    10. Mashemejis must come out and dispel the rumours and allegation tht the club uses black magic on their opponents during matches.
    11. Efusi are playing well now but we wait to see them string such performances against credible opponents. Beating Chemelil, KCB, Muhoroni Youth and now Karuturi is impressive but cannot be used as a yard stick to gauge the strength of the team.
    12. Allan Wanga is such a hit and miss striker. He misses the easier chances but converts some of the very difficult ones. Wafula Noah has good potential and only needs experienced coaches to turn that potential into ability.
    13. Were Paul is an exciting player. He needs to control the excitement that betrays his talent. He should learn to play for the team and not the fans.
    14. Efusi under Nandwa has found some stability at the back in Anthony Kimani and Jackson Saleh. Masika will have to earn his place or he is going to have to spend time on the bench. Efusi leads in formulating dance and goal celebration styles. We love your latest style.
    As expected, Nandwa will have to resist being dictated to on who to play regardless of the calibre of the opponents. Only in doing this will he be able to help Efusi progress. By the look of things, there is still A lot of under currents running within the bench of Efusi. They will need to defuse the tension for the bench to function as envisaged.
    JBO and BW look to be well settled in their job and they have developed an enviable work ethic and relationship.

  5. @Le Pastre I like your observations especially where you point the good aspects even at the den. That shows that you are not straight-minded and are open to suggestions. During the SONY-Mathare game I mentioned some positive things about Kasaya and almost got in problems with some fans yet the truth is that some of the things he is doing at SONY he used to do them at Gor. But at that time nobody saw anything wrong since we was one of us.
    On Observation 6 that shows that Gor as a team is now outward looking and is no longer a welfare club for the community. That’s how big teams in the world have reached where they are. An example is TP Mazembe, the Chelseas and ManUs of this world.
    On players performance give me Eric Ochieng anytime than Pinches. Whoever watches GM closely will notice that Eric is omni-present in all the Gor moves. He is also strong on the tackles. Wanyonyi will improve as he still has some ‘rough’ edges to be polished but I like his work rate. I have als noticed that he has been given a ‘free’ ticket to cover the whole filed while the rest of the players stick to their positions. With that energy in him that’s the best thing to do

  6. @3 jakoyo….let us kindly not assume we have won it.Between now and 9th november anything can happen.Like i always say,this is football and anything can happen(refer to what happened last year).Lets stop premature celebrations lest we are forced to eat our very own words come Nov 9th!!!!

  7. Dinga @1 you mean while playing ingwe you dont see the ball….can you remember Wanga’s first goal….i think they are sizzling hot hapo mbele ,speed nayo ai thank God they are meeting safapaka.i’d rather meet sofapaka in the final,or is it that ingwe are meeting small teams?lets wait and see if they will maul safapaka.
    Otherwise Kogalo made me smile over the weekend with an excellent performance.

  8. @Oswozo, do you believe that Kogallo is the best team in Kenya now in terms of play, I guess your answer is YES, Do you believe Kogallo has the best TB in the current KPL, I guess your answer is YES. Having said YES to all the questions, why then do you want to doubt Kogallo’s ability to win this title, this time round. If they fail to win, it will be bad luck, but don’t stop believing in Kogallo’s ability to be crowned champs this season. My believe is influenced by the fact that, Kogallo no longer play Pata potea type of footbal. Giniwakawo.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  9. @Paw Akuche: two coaches complained that when they played afc the players complained that the ball kept disappearing and that the playets were VERY fatigued. “koraga mix” was evidently used and i am sure the karuri coach was too fatigued to remember witchcraft was used on sato too.

  10. Let us forget about witchcraft and concerntrate on football, witchcrafty has no power, otherwise if it has the power as we claim, how come Ingwe is not on top of the league and everything.
    Football and any competitive game is not easy and one can easily be manupulated psychologically to believe in what is not true. Do you remember Mapunda’s famous towel of last year. If you believe that there is magic, you easily get confused and stop concerntrating in what you are supposed to do. By doing that you give your opponent an easier time. Congrats to Kogallo team, keep playing good football because you are good at it.

  11. Its high time we accept GINIMARWA slogan all the strong hold having been exhausted. Why trade cautiously and the log can speak for itself. As bloggers what we should think of is a way to reward our players for the good work they have done this year.

  12. @Le Pastre,
    Emuge and Serunkuma are from the tribe of Baganda from Uganda. The Kingdom of Baganda was formed by a man called Katoo Kimera Kintu Kakilukuku who is famously known as Kabaka Kintu in Uganda. Katoo Kintu Kakilukuku Kimera was the son of Abong’o. Abongo son of Olum was king of luo babito kingdom of which Kenyan luos have a historical connection with. So Emuge Ismael and Dan Serunkuma are blood relatives of Kenyan luos. ‘THE LUO INSIDE’. Does anyone want to know the whole history?

  13. @Le Pastre,
    Emuge and Serunkuma are from the tribe of Baganda from Uganda. The Kingdom of Baganda was formed by a man called Katoo Kimera Kintu Kakilukuku who is famously known as Kabaka Kintu in Uganda. Katoo Kintu Kakilukuku Kimera was the son of Abong’o. Abongo son of Olum was king of luo babito kingdom of which Kenyan luos have a historical connection with. So Emuge Ismael and Dan Serunkuma are blood relatives of Kenyan luos. ‘THE LUO INSIDE’. Does anyone want to know the whole history?.?

  14. Yes if someone does not wish to celebrate now then just be happy even for the smallest reason that GM is on top of the log! Why must we be cagey when even the juju mongers are far much below? Gini marwa! Thank God almighty of heaven and earth.

  15. Gor Mahia’s latest form is confounding and an envy for many. Efusi as usual will stop at nothing to remain relevant. So guys let them enjoy the short term gains of witchcraft before it boomerangs on them. To them it may be a short cut to relevance but soon it will cause an implosion in the den.

  16. This issue of witchcraft is really attracting attention i wish AFC comes out and clarifies or say something about it… At GM it’s excellent training, hard work and God’s blessing that has kept us going. Let those who doesn’t train well blame witchcraft

  17. Thx Le Pastre 4 the analysis & I can only add that TB now nids 1/2 players with individual brilliance 2 augment the efforts of Eric Ochieng(like his attack minded approach) in midfeild. Am thinking no less a player of the late Orieko’s(RIP) calibre & since GM is not restricted 2 recruiting only Kenyans EC & TB should use the Snr CECAFA tourney 2 identify such talents. Wouldn’t mind a Walia Antelope, Malawi & Zambia may also have the talent we nid. This is so as 2 counter the ultra defensive ….

  18. approach by KPL teams againt GM. Mayb also another central defender of “Hulk” Emuge’s composure.
    Great move giving Mosoti the captaincy against W.S he was very calm in that game.
    Cheeky but smart financial move by FKF 2 plan 4 a possible big 2 final, btw mambo ya announcing collections iliisha?
    I concur with @ M.O.O that BW & JBO must be given longer term contracts. Players terms must b improved 2 retain the likes of Dan “Flava”and recruit high calibre players. All this means GM nids money.

  19. Therefore its sad that Tuzo only extended its contract 4 one year, merchandize sales r non existent & gate collections r a sham coz of the tower of babel of an EC.
    Surely y do we nid 3 vice chairs & 5 secretaries (by whatever names) in the EC?
    Y do we have an amorphous,chaotic, instant membership of 100bob 4 election(& later hooliganism) purposes only. Can’t the membership fee b even 50bob/month that’s 600/year.2000 members will raise 1.2M etc
    What abt transparency by publishing audited accounts.

  20. By the way are these matches not too many for the players well-being? 5 matches in a span of 14 days can be too much considering that this is the business end of the league. Anyway since all teams are affected and especially the 4 in GOtv semis then no problem. Whoever has a leaner squad will suffer in case of injuries. Let’s hope we don’t pick injuries in that shamba-field of Thika. While Thika has acknowledged that the field itself is an opponent why was the match moved from Kasa?

  21. Btw I mention 2000 members coz Bwana claims his FB branch has abt 5K ACTIVE members & GM’s official website lists over 80 branches with a min.of 30members each.
    Members/Candidates don’t build castles nay stadiums/hses in the air. Start with simple things:
    1. Improve membership structure hence stability of GM. Easy 4 top wakili like AR.
    2. Reduce elected EC size to 4 & hire fulltime CEO etc on PERFORMANCE CONTRACTS.

  22. Mr admin, I don’t intend to micro manage what you allow to be published, but kindly read this and act accordingly. You must act now to protect those bloggers who put their minds and time to work and post thought provoking, informative, educative and knowledgeable articles on this site. Why don’t you use your powers to synthesise what you publish for our reading. Do you consider factors like (a) relevant content (b) educative content (c) language / communication before publication.
    I have today read articles on “The highlights of the GOtv Quarter-finals. To be honest, more than a half of the postings are totally irrelevant to the topic of discussion. They are all about people musing about their personal feelings and preferences. Why is the administrator allowing this website to be used/misused and abused by idle minds to discuss their idleness. Mr admin, please kindly use your discretion and scrutinise for content, language and relevance every blogger’s postings before you can allow their publications.
    Mr administrator, doing this will save serious, knowledgeable and informed bloggers like Pod Antie, Mwakio, Oduor12, Albert Kosero, Barefoot Bandit, Dinga, Dan original, from having to shift through a lot of “dead” posts which should not have been left to see the light of day in the first place. I look forward to the day when only posts with relevant content will be published here. I know these are our nascent years but we must learn to grow together and to accept criticism and correction where necessary. Thank you.

  23. Le Pastre@24…how about the administrator set up an exclusive site for you and the” magnificent 7″ then the rest of us can continue giving our “dead posts” here??!!!!

  24. @Le Pastre: i thnk u shud have included this guys name in the list. sasa tuta pata matusi pap. @Oswozo why sour grapes? can you u imagine that as much as Le Pastre put my name there i am yet to get the prize money? hehehe
    my intention to write however is to congratulate one allan wanga for the exceptional goal he scored against karuturi. even though the goal was reeking of “koroga mix” i thnk it was one difficult position and it shows how good instincts the player has. my congrats also goes to mosoti who i have often critisized as erratic but i thnk on sato he played well. even though i still thnk he needs alot of improvement on his game.
    whoever is in the know can tell us where we can find final match “suits” yaani new GENUINE gor t-shirt and corresponding “earthwire”. i hope gover is planning for a national holiday.

  25. Ha ha…sour grapes?just over comments on a blog???am not that petty!!!dinga@26.collect your prize money at the end of the season!!!

  26. Le Pastre’s last post should be the first to be deleted.

    Makes no sense at all.

    A blog is a blog and not some secondary school exam where you earn 20 marks based on the topic. Get it! Who appointed you prefect? Where does your pride come from?

    I have read all posts from the so called Magnificent 7, and can state categorically that most of them don’t even refer to the Highlights of the GoTV quarters as Le Patre wants us to believe.

  27. hehehe, @La Pastre: i thnk u sud have also inlcuded @The Villager … i thnk these grapes are just becoming to bitter. guyz, i thnk u sud realise that @La Pastre is also entitled to his own opinion so there is no need of condemning him – and let me add that as a maginificient one, i am also entitled to my own opinion.

  28. Am with you Villager@28 and Oswozo@25….you are both so right.Nobody on this blog is an authority on soccer matters so lose no sleep about being included in the so called “magnificent 7″….it wont add ugali to your plate.Go ahead and write what you wish whether you will be criticized or not and forget about those pretending to be more equal than others!!!

  29. Guys am somehow lost for sure and I can not comprehend the issue at stake as per your arguments for or against @ Le Pastre post above. It is either that we can not accommodate ourselves as a single entity in the K’Ogalo family or else we are competing towards a stretch with an untimely end.

    Please let us appreciate the fact that K’Ogalo makes this website to be our point of socializing and not the opposite. We are all “MAGNIFICENT” irrespective of our blogs.

    Debates in this blog have always been very meaningful when supported by facts as opposed to character assassination and name calling. And the bottom line is that we are faceless creature as we blog in this site and as such it is meaningless to compete over nothing.

  30. Thank you O.T , at least you are the “voice of reasoning” that is worth calling magnificent. By the way is there anyone who knows where my comrades PAREYIO OLE LELRUE and Arumtiddi have disappeared to. I really miss this great octogenarian bloggers of this site.

    And to comrade @ Le Pastre, your comment on post #24 should have been directed to @BLOGGER on post # 15. I have sipped through the entire stuff posted above and it is the only “dead” post trying to belittle your initial arguments as regard nationality of EMUGE and SSEREKUMA by linking the Baganda and LUO. All the same I still find it to be historically educative and informative since from initial post your argument was about GM having multicultural and diversity of ethnicity in there playing unit.

    Lastly Le Pastre, please be informed that GOR MAHIA belongs to people from all walks of life irrespective of there age, financial strength, socio-cultural background, academic standards , management / leadership skills or knowledge in football matters. This are changing times in our society where the social media is taking the lead in bringing the entire world into a single focal point. In this time and age learn how to cope with the emerging digital generation whose languages , test and tune of life is very different and world apart with the analogue generation. There post and language are not dead as such but alive and kicking. If you are on Facebook , twitter or Linkedin then I hope you understand what am talking about. Keep small, cheap and un noticed pride to yourself and let this guys blog. To be precise most them do not even bother reading the long volumes of post you are bragging about. They are used to the present short , precise and on the spot message using some mix of bilingual words.

    If you can not beat them, then join them like the administrator or else ship out and blog elsewhere since GOR MAHIA .NET is not as discriminative as you would want it to be.

    Heheheheheh, Hahahahah, another irrelevant post by the same irrelevant people. In my personal address to the Web Administrator to consider my concerns, I didn’t attack anybody or did I ? Some people will see evil even in the angels’ residence. Are they guilty of posting the said articles!! My simplicity and humility as man continues to egg me on however big the opposition. We need encouragement not vilification especially when the chips are down and we’re at the verge of giving up. I take a lot of pride from what I stand for and wht I do. Honesty and simplicity Are virtues tht I hold close to my heart. RAO once said that: “Its only the fruitful tree that’s hit with stones”. I don’t hate or envy those who feel slighted by my last posting. Though if I were in their category, I would first evaluate my kind of postings before getting hot under the collar and frothy in the mouth. Seething with rage and throwing of barbs and snippets will not entirely convince people that you are right. Its callous and naive to expect congratulations when you deserve non. To post ponderous and at best vague articles and still expects other bloggers to ululate and sing your praises is pushing your luck just too far.
    Names have powers as the holy book (the Bible) tells us. I would like to remind all to re-examine what their names stand for before making a dig at me. I for one, I m not the Villager. The inference of this name is simple: qualified backwardness. Our talk of the world being a global village has been misconstrued and literally yanked out of context. I would never want to be called the villager, not even as a nickname. These unprintable and unpronounceable names contributes to make you just that- irrelevant. I cannot and will not lose my pedigree and respect as a world class analyst because of pointing out the emptiness of some posts on this site. If your conscience has been pricked by my last communique to the Admin, I expected you to come out at me -guns blazing! Mr Dinga, worry not, we cannot hide behind the curtains and closed doors and pretend tht our ears are not tuned to the happenings in the next room. We will take them head on and point out before their own eyes the pointless and hollow postings. Poorly rated postings must not be entertained. Though publicly you may brand us as the Magnificent 7- (thank you) and call us names, privately I know you admire and marvel at our contributions. Every thing is God given my dear friends. We were once empty vessels until he filled us up. I live in awe of some of the of the contributions in my life made by some of the re known world sports commentators. The people I have mentioned may not be perfect, but I am personally happy with their contributions. Their Ability to try and stay focused and within the confines of the topic is worth mentioning. Call it FF4 composition or whatever, but facts never lie, instead they bail you out:- these guys have kept on churning out simple, concise, informative and worthy articles on this site, week in week out. Being steeped in the past and outdated traditions is a mark of being a villager. It has cost some people their future, literally. Thank you.

  32. Hope we will discuss GM welfare and not personal endeavors. Opinion counts.We also need diverse views but this should not bend us to worship some people. Thank GOd u can access this site others have very brilliant information to post but no opportunity.I believe this war is mission-ed for PEACE.

  33. @ ogada oyamo bloggers are not at WAR but they are just brainstorming and arguing over non-issue’s at the moment. If you are still green on this blog , please take note that once Gor performance is above par this guys will always be confused and argue over nothing. Just read from post #1 by dinga upto #33 by Le Pastre and see how confused is the current generation of Gor mahia.net bloggers.

    As matter of fact just as @Le Pastre is wondering with the name of one blogger called “The Villager” likewise I would like to interrogate this other mind-blogging name called “OSWOZO MOZIEK”. Please “OSWOZO MOZIEK” what does your name stand for?

  34. No amount of ‘Pastry’ added to a bad meal will conceal useless Pride, Arrogance and bad cooking of the Chef.

    Get your blog running and post all your ‘articulate’ issues. Better still, apply to coach Gor Mahia when Williamson goes home then we can join you in your imagination that you are the Alpha and Omega of soccer.

    I am one Proud Luo Villager, though born and bred in the city will remain proud of my roots and home and hence the name. Those who would like to act French, Spanish and the likes go ahead. Kogalo is now international and can accommodate us all.

  35. From where I sit I can confidently confirm that the “villager” is non other than our seasoned blogger previously referred to as “Creative Village”. I personally see no sense on why two mature adult like @ La Pastre and @ Villager who are well educated and professionals in their own field should stoop so loo and engage on some stupid arguments that only helps in demeaning there status in this blog. SHAME ON YOU GUYS.. BURE KABISA.!

  36. Hahahaha Mr. Dinga and Mr Ogango Trailer, and all the sober men still standing, may I post this question to you: How did we get to where we are at the moment? How many bloggers daily visit this site? Many. Therefore, it reeks of malice for a select few bloggers like Jabilo and the men of his ilk to hatch a plot to try and injure my reputation by calling me a braggart. By the way jabilo is in the class of- Ajuoga, ndagla, jayath and omulosi in kiluhyia . All associated to witchcraft for those not in the know! Names indeed have power. I consider your posts attacking my personality and branding me as being arrogant and proud as one of the wide and off the mark articles tht you continue to post. P-Square once sang (personally) – I go deal with you personally. Kindly listen to the wording of the song. My specifically addressed post was meant for the attention of the Administrator. Did I solicit for the opinion of the bloggers? Why have they now trained all their guns at me! I’ve always based my posts on issues football related. Talking about the brand called Gor Mahia fills me with lots of pride as I have been there during their rough and tumble seasons in the Kenyan League. I will meet with equal force anyone who tries to malign my name by banding and peddling falsehood against me. I refuse to be balkanised as a proud Luo man and choose to be referred to as one of the 7 wise men. Ethnic chauvinism and bigotry has no place in my mindset. A tree will only fall on those who are near. If one has fallen on you then you must have been near it. I therefore offer my utmost pole. The wise has a saying tht goes-:”You should stop digging when you find yourself in a hole lest you realise the folly of chasing the wind”. I shall never be cowed. Alluta continua.

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