Injuries a worry ahead of CECAFA

The Gor Mahia technical bench and medical staff will be closely watching defender Karim Nigiziyimana and midfielder Collins Okoth, both of whom picked up injuries during the tense match against Mathare United on Sunday.

Okoth pulled a thigh muscle and had to be substituted with 30 minutes of play remaining. Nzigiyimana limped off minutes later with a swollen knee. Gor Mahia returns to training on Tuesday, focusing their energies on the forth-coming regional competition which starts on Saturday.

Coach Frank Nuttall expressed hope that the duo only suffered slight injuries.

“I hope they only suffered knocks and not serious injuries. Karim  and Collins are very important in the team, they play big roles and it will be a big loss if their injuries are serious,” said Nuttall to

Nizigiyimana has not only been solid defensively but has been a key pillar of the Gor Mahia attack with his inch perfect crosses. He currently leads the team in assists. The relentless Gattusso has been solid for the club, patrolling the defensive midfield area and covering efficiently for overlapping full backs.

Okoth probably just needs some rest since has played in numerous games since last year for both club and national team.

Mulee talks up Gor Mahia’s chances

Former Harambee Stars coach Jacob “Ghost” Mulee is convinced that Gor Mahia will perform much better at this year’s CECAFA cup.

“This time round I am convinced Gor Mahia will play better and perform well than last time out in Kigali, Rwanda, when they left tourney without winning a single match. They have a good side, and their run in the league is not a fluke, it is a quality side which I believe will cause anxiety in the tournament. I think they will go all the way to the semis, and then from there u know it is anyone’s game. They can even bring us the title, because they are equally competitive with full of experience.” said Mulee to

Mulee however expressed concern about Gor Mahia’s defense which of late has appeared porous after going 10 matches without conceding a goal.

“Despite having good strikers, midfielders and defenders, my worry though is in their central defense. It is weak, truth be told. Musa Mohammed and Shakava are good, but at this stage, experience is vital. I hope Dikir Glay will be available for them; they need him in the team. For example, the goal Mathare United scored against them over the weekend, with better central defenders that cannot happen.” he continued.

Whereas Gor Mahia assistant coach Bobby Ogolla has insisted that a strong attack is Gor Mahia’s best defense, Mulee thinks such an attacking formation can be exploited by good teams.

“Their high line is also risky; we saw that against Mathare United having four offensive players against two defenders, they will need to work on that. It will take a single match for the opponents to know your weaknesses and capitalize on them. Nevertheless, I think the team will perform better this time round and I am confident last edition’s incident will not happen again.” continued Mulee.

Even Somalia paid for their representatives

Gor Mahia appears to be the only CECAFA cup side whose federation declined to facilitate air tickets. Sam Nyamweya flatly refused while suggesting that no  agreement was ever reached that made it a requirement for national FAs to facilitate air travel for the representative teams.  Nyamweya claimed his federation was too broke to pay for tickets. However war torn Somalia FA chairman Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar insisted that the agreement was valid and that each FA was indeed required to facilitate air tickets.

“We facilitated everything for the team to ensure their participation of the competition, because Somalia had never missed a single CECAFA competition and we want to keep that record alive, he said according to





19 thoughts on “Injuries a worry ahead of CECAFA

  1. How much did the fundraiser realize? Forgive my pessimism. If at all K’Ogalo does not want to adopt Jakoyo’s suggestion of traveling by road at a total cost of KES 200,000 then for the team to fly to Dar, Gor Mahia faithfuls must now come up and ADOPT-A-PLAYER……and why not. To this end I call upon Tony Anelka, Jakoyo and Okoth Jabilo in liaison with CEO, to mobilize K’Ogalo followers. Even if the collected funds are not used to offset traveling needs, then we can still use it to motivate the team during the CECAFA club campaign.

  2. @Barefoot Bandit & Jakoyo you have brought up a very valid point. Somehow we will have to cut our coat according to our size. If we cannot afford a flight then we may as well consider going by road or cancelling the event altogether.

    Secondly on the defense-line, it is true that Glay’s experience may be necessary at this pointing moment. However, Mathere was as well very lucky. They only got one clear chance throughout the 90 minutes. Our players should therefore remain focused throughout the 90 mins and not keep on thinking of our unbeaten run.

    No team should be underrated. I remember the slogan ‘gini wasekao’ that caused us the league in 2012. Same can cause us our unbeaten record.

    FKF – I think every year FIFA and clubs give a lot of money to FKF. Nyamweya-led tem could have paid for the tickets but then I also blame our Gor Mahia management. The bread should now be everywhere in Nairobi so that all supporters can buy.

    If we wanted the tickets, even approaching Ruto or Uhuru will settle the matter but I don’t think pride and arrogance will allow us to approach those who seem to be willing and ready to help. We are mixing politics and football so we can only hope that one day the club will be run professionally and not politically.

  3. I’m made to understand that the govt gave the team 30 tickets for the trip. that’s good. on injuries this will be a good time for the other players who were complaining to show why they were complaining by taking up those chances and giving the performance that Gor deserves.
    Hope the injuries will not be a big blow to us.
    As we tell the office how to plan we should chip in financially. Get collection undergoes a lot of deductions unlike our direct contributions

  4. Kshs 2.1 million is a very impressive figure to raise given the very short notice for the harambee. The goverment contribution for airtickets is also very commendable. Just like the phoenix, the Gor that was in dire straits has risen above. All that we worry for now is Nizigiyimana who to me is fast rising as the best player in Gor Mahia. This guy is cool, calm and has no hasira mbaya while playing. This is same to Siboumana who is always out ot cool the teammates tempers. Funny enough even Kagere never plays rough football. Anyway as I have always believed it is Gor who will lift Kenyan football, not Harambee Stars. It is pity that FKF chair has decided to get personal with Gor Mahia. But he is really dreaming if he thinks he can stop Gor from conquering Africa. As much as AFC Leopards fans are contributing in badmouthing Gor, pls take note of the record Gor Mahia has achieved in Africa. One simple fact is this…Whenever Africa championships will be mentioned, Gor Mahia’s name will always appear as 1987 Champions. Can AFC or Harambee Stars say the same?

  5. Approximately 1.8m was raised at the fundraise; here is the break down from the contributors;
    JOB NDEGE – 100,000
    HIS FRIENDS -123,000
    NICK MWENDWA – 200,000 (kariobangi sharks chairman)
    CYPRIAN AWITI -100,000
    MP MOSES KURIA – 200,00 ( Mp Kiambu)
    JAKOYO MIDIWO – 20,000
    AMROSE RACHIER -100,000 ( Gor Chairman)
    STEVE OMONDI – 20,000
    TOM ALILA – 20,000
    ENG. NYAMUNGA – 25,000
    PETER KENNETH – 100,000
    GOR EC -110,000
    APIKO OWINO – 25,000
    SAM NYAMWEYA – 50,000 ( FKF President)
    NICHOLAS MUSONYE -50,000 ( CECAFA Secretary General)
    DR OYORE – 20,000
    N/B – president UHURU KENTTA has given K`ogalo 30 return air tickets through the ministry of sports and finally SIMBA from TZ want to sign Boniface oluoch.Tafakari hayo

  6. I thank all who managed to sacrifice their resources and time to support K’ogalo during the fundraising. May God bless you all.
    It’s good to hear that the government will cater for 30 tickets to and from TZ.

    One thing that amazed me is that a whole MCA can heckle Hon Moses Kuria when giving his contribution coz of his party affiliation. That gay is a real hooligan and a good example that human can leave without brain.

    Thanks to those who tried to put some sense to you, the beatings were not enough I wish I was near you. You are a disgrace to K’OGALO and the community.

    1. That Money is huge enough given the fact that CECAFA is going to cater for meals , accommodation and other logistics, i kindly plead with management to ensure that players are now paid all their dues and bonuses, let corruption not find its way here!

    2. MCA is just a title. looks like some are thugs by nature. I hope he was not trying to impress his political godfather. As Gor fans we have learnt to embrace all type of fans and well-wishers. Even the composition of the team shows that

  7. If some people did rough up Hon. Moses Karia, that was in bad taste, how many MPS from Luo Nyanza that didn’t even sent their contributions, there’s a say which says that “a friend in need is a friend in need” So there is no need to abuse somebody who has come for your help. Guys let us style up! Gor Mahia is a Football Club not a Political Party where only member are to attends? Kudos Jamba wa Gatundu South.

    1. Simba FC are only interested in Gor players for free.They usually target players whose contracts have ran out or are about to run out.They usually dont want Gor to benefit financially.Mapunda,Sserenkuma,Mosoti all went for free.They wanted to apply the same tactics on Calabar but retreated when they found that Calabar was still on contract,otherwise they would have snatched Calabar at the earliest opportunity.Thats why they usually even dont give them play time and are disposed off after a few months time,easy come easy go.

  8. I think as bloggers we are not entitled to blackmail even those leaders who did not donate. If i may ask were they invited in the first place. I think gor is being run by a cartel in the name of EC n they are so inept n keep bringing down any good efforts to bring to an end poverty in gor such as sacco n bread concept so as to enrich themselves by continued poverty in gor
    . Gor needs a business minded secretary general to bring on board various sponsor. Aduda did not succeed while at gor though he managed to pull sponsor to fkf such as mp silva n star times this tells there is something wrong at gor Ec this guys knows that some sponsors may require accountability that is why they dont want gor to get sponsors is better they continue eating. Many gor fans hold big positions in various companies but the gor EC has never called meeting to brainstorm on financials debacles. i can tell you here for free that many companies want to sponsor gor but the gor office are not interested coz they run gor in exclusivity n want to eat eat n eat. if they gor EC are good guys they could have under special agm incorporated peter kenneth as interim SC the guy is an experienced football administrator who can bring to an end of financial mess in gor. boniface oluoch should join simba in dec in any case all players in gor have ambitions n targets it will be wrong for one to stay long without getting good return on investmemt. Bloggers lets not blame players who leave gor for free we should blame gor office for not knowing to do businesses on players transfers n i can tell u some officials are benefitting on this free transfers. Bloggers i keep on asking myself when is this gor mess going to end . Bloggers lets peruse,read,understand n get interpretation of gor mahia constitution so as we can initiate process of amending it. This is surety way of getting from financials debacle once for all
    . We can introduce post of CEO,finance and marketing n leave out this blotted EC
    we can have secretary general n two directors in place of EC

    1. John, As much as I agree that we need people with business minds to run the team i.e. the commercial wing I disagree when we say that money is being eaten without giving the source of this money. Currently Gor is operating hand to mouth and I don’t believe there is money to be eaten. For our info with the squad we have gate collections and the occasional donations cannot run the team effectively and this means that we will always have financial issues. I just pray that we get a sponsor with the correct attitude to help us all round and not just providing funds and uniform. Our fans need major education on how to behave when we lose or win


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