Innocent Wafula has a role to play in Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda appears fed up with Innocent Wafula. This after the utility player went AWOL.

“Wafula is free to join a club of his choice. His contract will end in January and now that he is not available to negotiate for extension, we have no option. We don’t have time to follow a player all the way to Busia. He should be the one keen to extend his stay that as a club we were very willing to negotiate.” said Aduda to

This is not the first time Wafula has dissappeared upcountry only to resurface again mysteriously.

Aduda told that he thinks the club has enough cover at right back.

“He is on a bosman. His association with us ends this December. We have Phillemon Otieno and Wellington Ochieng who can play at right back and even our new acquisition Pascal Ogweno can also slot in there so I think we are well covered,” said Aduda

But when Wafula is at his best, he is peerless at right back. His speed and ability to deliver dangerous crosses on the right flank has resulted in numerous goals particularly during his first season in 2015 when he thrived under Frank Nuttall. He played well enough to be called to the national team that was due to travel to Cape Verde. He was later dropped amid rumours that he was actually a Ugandan.

In 2018, he experienced a career revival under Dylan Kerr and appeared on course to regain his past imperious form.

Wafula has also flatly refused to acquire a passport which rules him out from most international matches. But he is still useful for international matches that are played at home or close to hom such as CECAFA. However at this point it appears he is set to part ways with the club. He will surely be picked up by another top team.

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  1. Innocent Wafula’s departure is one very bad news and it begs the question as to whether this Aduda CEO of ours really means well for Gor Mahia. A quick review of all players Aduda has signed in are nowhere near Innocent Wafula. It is unfortunate that the boy has to be sacrificed yet it is our mediocre coaches who don’t know how to make use of him. The only coach who understood this boy was Frank Nuttal. Let him go and I know Frank Ouna will snap him up for Wazito to prime him and then sell him after a year at a song.

    For Aduda’s recruitment, I am yet to see the impact of all the new signings. They have not brought anything new. Why sign a player only to add to the numbers warming the bench?

  2. History shows these tendencies. My question is, is there a player who is indespencable unfortunately not. So if it is time to let go so be it.

  3. He is no worse than Ousman Dembele who is giving Barcelona lots of stress yet Barcelona has not even loaned him out. In spite of all his off-field mess, Barcelona has seen it wiser to keep him.

  4. I don’t have a problem with his departure if his time is up but a big problem with the communication. CEO by viiryure if his position is the head of PR and must up his communication strategy. Saying the right thing the wrong way makes the message weak if not wrong. Poor communication is always a threat to corporate brand.

  5. Before we demonize Innocent Wafula, it would be prudent to give him a hearing. Perhaps there is something disturbing him that makes him go into hibernation before the beginning of each new season. It could just be something that only needs mending and he gets back on track once and for all.

  6. JUST BREAKING……………After releasing Ade, Onguso, Karim , Wafula and Joachim Oluoch, Kogallo youthful quartet ( Okiro, Asudi, Ogendo and Lokuwam ) are expected to join the youth team effective 1st January 2019.

    More to follow……

  7. Kagere went, we are yet to recover, the wound is still persistent!! They brought in Mustapha!! My question is does Mustapha meet Kagere standard?? Walusimbi went down south, his signing fees still unclear!! This directly made us be bundled out of CAF Confederation Cup group stages, before the duo departure we were clearly poised to qualify to the next stage!! We released Onguso but renewed Wellington’s contract, to me Ongusu was far much of value than Wellington injury factors also put into consideration!! Shockingly, released Karim at the expense of Ssekisambu who to me has not hit the standard!! In our “most” important CAF Championship, Kahata is out with expectations that he’s on his way to Algeria, now as a club do we need to sacrifice our continental value and respect for the sake of favouring a club which is still negotiating with our player yet the player is still in our payroll?? What of if the deal fails and we also be bundled?? It will be a double loss!! On the other end rumors have it that Tuyisenge too is on his way out though this is still just a rumour. Right now, Wafula Innocent is out, another star has fallen!! The release of these top players I foresee if not clearly dealt with will end up causing a desester into the team… It takes time and a lot of sacrifices to build a team, once a team’s performance deteriorates it looses it’s following and lack of potential sponsors.. Remember there was time when Gor was just a ceremonial club till Sianga took the initiative of rebuilding the club by bringing in youthful talents, let’s not scare away the valued talents we have as we brag that we are good to go, know that a player is a brand which you only enjoy while still within your confiance, the players we release today are the very very players who will torment us tomorrow regardless of how much we spent on building them!! Wait and see, Wafula and Karim will still play in KPL you’ll see the vigour they’ll come with against K’Ogalo. I’m ready to be corrected whenever I’ve gone a stray.

  8. Mbaraki Stadium, the venue of our game against Bandari has been closed during the break and is the playing surface is in reasonably good condition. The grass had been left to grow and was trimmed just the other day. Bandari have resumed training there and they are exuding overconfidence. Let us wait for the 90 minutes.

    Gor Mahia should not to come a day earlier. They should travel on Saturday, arrive play and travel back to Nairobi. The heat in Mombasa this week is just unbearable even to the locals. Bandari is quite beatable in Mombasa if people do things right.

  9. Eliud Lokuwam is a far better striker than Francis Mustapha all factors considered. Give him playtime and let him mature in the role within a short span…

  10. This is sad. Wafula was the only utility player (apart from Philemon) that we have in Gor. Unfortunately every year I hear these issues coming up. Together with Aucho and Walusimbi every season start they could report late to work. Not sure why. I hope he goes to Vipers or a local good team e.g. Tusker or Sofaka or even Ingwe

  11. The tactician, who is still on probation, however, hinted that some Gor Mahia players seem to have set their minds on leaving the club, further warning that this may affect the team’s performance if the situation is not addressed. “We have so many good players but some of them they want to go because the team spirit is not there…the team balance is not there.”

      1. Players sweat and bleed for the club/fans only for EC and passengers to reap where they did not sow. Despite good sponsorship, 2018 CCC’s kes.27.5m salaries and bonuses are still routinely delayed & only paid after a go slow.Team quality is headed south!

  12. “The team spirit is not there… the team balance is not there”, if that is the situation then we are in trouble, real trouble. Good players will leave coz of this feeling of emptiness. The club leadership must wake up and rethink of how to reboot the team, reassure the playing unit, the engine, otherwise we will face very bleak future

  13. Problem is GM inept and opaque EC has for a longtime now been pulling in different directions with one arm of Judith Nyangi and Ben Omondi purpoting to fight for players rights while inciting them into go-slows while another arm of AR, Ngala and Aduda being insensitive to players plight and displaying sheer arrogance by reading them the riot act while embezzling club funds like Walusimbi’s transfer fiasco. End product is a house divided shall never stand strong. Solutions;
    1. Nyangi and Ben resign or find a working relationship with other EC members for team harmony
    2. If kazi imeshinda mzee lawyer who is past retirement age he should admit it while aduda stop saying we are done with transfers while team balance is lacking.
    3. We Must sign a creative midfielder and top striker now if we are to continue our dominance.

  14. So sad that we are trailing 1 – 0 at halftime in a match that we have been the better team. Our main undoing is striking. Boniface Oluoch has made two top-drawer saves.

  15. This is happening, not that we didn’t say but because we have been ignored. My request to supporters who may be in the stadium, please keep it calm as we have been over the last five years. Those other behaviours we long left to others.

  16. Coach Zico line-up
    Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Philemon Otieno, Shafik Batambuze, Joash Onyango, Haron Shakava, Ernest Wendo, Samuel Onyango, Francis Kahata, Humphrey Mieno, Ephrem Guikan, Francis Mustafa

    Subs: Fredrick Odhiambo, Pascal Ogweno, Benard Ondiek, Cercidy Okeyo, George Odhiambo, Boniface Omondi, Nicholas Kipkirui

    Hehehehehe……Zico oromowa yawa

  17. Jakoyo and other Zico supporters are you seeing now clearly without let or hindrance that your useless Zico CANNOT handle GM as Head Coach?AR stop wasting our time and name Hassan Oktay as Head Coach. No other coach is coming in as the club has no money to pay any high ranking coach. Just settle on Oktay whom you can afford…GM is quickly sliding into a mid-table outfit not worth mentioning as former champions as almost any KPL team is daring to face us hawaoni kitu ya kuogopa. Losing and more losing will soon be called Kawaida ya Gor…Sign a creative player and top striker

  18. Despite the loss I liked the spirit we hard in the second half. With such a spirit I can see as retaining the SPL trophy. All we need to make sure is that we make use of the numerous chances we get.
    We must also now desist from pointing fingers at so and so. Nobody cares as all we need is for the team to win. We beat the Nigerians here and go for a favourable result away.
    Those saying that the coach bla bla bla For heavens sake the guy has not even coached the team,
    The issues that are currently still affecting the team are the issues we completed the season with. Low morale and I hope we complete them ASAP.

    It’s bitter to lose but we need to know how to react after that

    1. @Dan Original, the spirit you saw does not win titles. Goals and a leak proof defense does.
      Secondly somebody must take responsibility so let us point fingers at will…

      1. The determination I saw if we continue with it will win titles. Why o we think Gor just has to show up in a game and pick the points. Isn’t Bandari our bogey team since the days of Loga, Nutal and even Kerr.

        At Gor we are sore losers and take a single loss out of 34 games as if the title is gone. The only thing we are sure is gone in the unbeaten record. The league is not gone and I can assure you guys that we will win the league and proceed to the CAFCL group stages, though not with ‘some’ sexy football but we will scrap our way through. Since we came from Malawi I don’t think the team has even trained so we should even praise the team for the effort they put in. Blame games won’t take us anywhere. If you don’t have enough flour to make Ugali why not make uji ?
        We need to have the belief. I know the current problem we have is an ineffective front line. As for the defense if you don’t trouble any team upfront then they will come for you. I have the belief that with the likes of Kipkirui we will have extra force upfront.
        Like our Kla Sofaset branch member Kosero says I see nothing to worry about 1 week into the season

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