Interview with Manasseh Otieno on Gor Mahia U19

In this video, Manasseh Otieno of the Gor Mahia fans foundation and coach Maurice Onyango Ogutu discuss at length the Gor Mahia U19 team.

In the video, Mr. Otieno explains that the Gor Mahia fans foundation decided to partner with the club when they found out that club was forming a youth team. The goal of the youth team is to develop players for the senior team and possibly for other clubs either at home or abroad.

This is a good initiative that deserves the support of fans. The interview appeared on Lolwe TV.



13 thoughts on “Interview with Manasseh Otieno on Gor Mahia U19

  1. ati lolwe tv? anyway, my question is how many players have we fed the senior team from the junior team and how many have we sold to other teams, i still have issues with the junior team playing in the league, i would rather we have some kind of an academy, a serious one for that matter.

  2. There is Lolwe tv you can tune in on STAR times, they’ll soon be on Zuku. One man Branch, four players have been identified for recruitment at the end of the season, non have been sold to any team. What we’re building is an Academy, the u-19 is just the flagship project, the only challenge is finances but we’re doing fine under the circumstances. We intend to have players up to the u-10 category depending on how soon we get finances. We are playing in the lower league because there are no youth leagues that can keep the players engaged all year round.Once established we’ll enroll them in those. We hope that four of the junior place will be promoted to the senior team and they’ll have an impact in the club

  3. @manasseh, I personally thank and congratulate you for taking the innitiative to have an under 19 team. Do you have any plans of maybe moving to kisumu? I think it can be cheaper to operate here.

  4. Manaseh thumbs up very soon this will b a very big achievement for ur life. Please continue working hard and make this dream for an academy a success. A journey of a thousand miles start somewhere. We will chip in where we can but dont b discouraged.

  5. Manasseh allow me to laud your efforts.
    Kindly clarify to us(me) exactly what are the objectives & structures of the foundation.
    Is it recognized by the EC?
    As regards finances I’m of the opinion that forming a cooperative is the most commercially viable option. The club can raise kshs.120,000,000 from a target membership of 20,000 each making a monthly contribution of 500.

    Members 20,0000
    Monthly Contribution/member kshs500.00
    Total Monthly contribution kshs10,000,000.00
    Yearly contribution kshs120,000,000.00

    Even ifonly 50% membership is achieved then club still stands to raise kshs.60M. Contributions can be paid 1/4ly in advance.
    This does not include substantial income that can be raised from gate collections & merchandizing if properly managed.
    Key challenges are the lack of transparency by the executive, unresolved KRA debacle and generally poor administration/ communication from the club’s excutive (which is bloated).
    Many are willing to support GM go to another level. Personally to me winning the league is a minor achievement for Mightly K’galo as I believe regional and continental glory are achievable with proper management of the club e.g lack of audited accounts by an auditor of repute.
    Does that foundation have the ability and drive to put structures that PUT FOOTBALL/GMFC FIRST as opposed to the current situation that individual manipulate to enrich themselves.
    Bloggers in this site have tirelessly floated numerous practical ideas that can transform our beloved club into a soccer giant regionally if not continentally

  6. Correction: I mean proper management includes simple steps like timely presentation of audited accounts (audited by a reputable auditor) at each AGM.

  7. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. McOsweto we intend to have Gor Mahia youth teams in as many regions as our finances allow. For now we chose to start with Nairobi because of the proximity to the club management and senior team. As we grow we’ll establish other centers in Nyanza, Coast, Rift valley…etc so that we are able to extend our reach to as many youth as possible and to tap the best talents in the country.

    Oduor12 These are our objectives

    1. To complement the Club in:
    • Participating in organisation of sports competitions and events
    • Promoting the practice of sport especially among young people
    • Fostering relations between Club members and third parties, and relations with other institutions; all with the common aim of maintaining and improving the sporting and social significance that the Club enjoys; and
    • Promoting, solidarity, the civic and social dimension of the Club worldwide
    2. To generate revenue for the Club. The Foundation’s fund raising efforts ultimately benefit the Club directly (for example by financially motivating players and making direct donations to the club if need be) or indirectly by other means.
    3. Serve as a fans organisation that may be called upon to give professional advice to the Club on various issues from time to time.
    4. Network with various GMFC branches in executing projects geared towards building the club.
    5. Give accurate information to the members in relation to the Club. In this way, the Foundation acts as the link between its members and the Club.

    In a nutshell we are there to fill resource gap (be it financial or human resource) within the club by mobilizing our members to actively participate in activities that will benefit the club both in the short and long run.

    We are recognized by the EC because our proposal to support the youth team was discussed in an EC meeting and the approval was minuted.

    We have an executive committee of 5 officials comprising:
    2. Vice Chairman
    3. Secretary General
    4. Treasurer
    5. Organizing Secretary

    We are registered as a Community Based Organisation in Nairobi and beyond that we are also registered as a trust. We had a draft constitution that proposed a cooperative society structure but it still awaits debate by the club’s members for adoption. The much we can do in terms of adoption of structures is advocacy, which we’ve done for quite a while now

    We put the club first in everything we do. The youth team for example is supported by our members contributions for which we have audited accounts on a quarterly basis. We also do CSR activities aimed at creating a positive image for the club, without expecting financial benefit from it. I’m sure we are of the same mind, the uptake of our ideas by the EC is a different story altogether because there has to be a lot of deliberations.

    For those willing we can send them a profile of the Foundation. Thanks

  8. I look @ it this way without belabouring the point.
    Even with 5,000 members contributing 250bob monthly the foundation directly (& club indirectly) will still raise kshs.15M annually.

    What the foundation needs is a steady income.Remember the likes of Muramati Sacco now Unitas started with much much smaller members.
    Am sure the sacco will attract more and diverse members if its well run.A sacco also has more legally accountable structures.

    To me it primary objective should be to sponsor the club and am sure it can.
    Beware of big brother (bloated EC) though.Sorry and this is my personal view but I just don’t trust them.

    Also in my view don’t spread yourself to thin by starting centres all over the country. Rather identify talent and bring them to Nairobi (look at paying schools fees etc) so they can be under proper tutelage & qualified coaching. A well run under U19 catering for 14-19 year olds will do in my view.

    Embrace the internet as am sure a good number are willingly to support but may not have the time/resources to be physically present at meeting/functions.
    Most importantly individual members contributions must be recognized. Aim towards maintaining an electronic register (An idea floated by Barefoot Bandit). Should the foundation convert to a sacco then a member should get the benefit of his prior contributions even if only in terms of recognition.

    Finally again kudos but give us the foundation’s contacts.
    For now I will give whatever little I can spare but I can’t wait to join the “GM” Sacco and contribute monthly towards my beloved K’galo.
    You’ve my full support but I don’t want it to be verbal. Contacts please.

  9. Thanks Oduor12 you have raised some very valid points that have been raised in our meetings before. The point on paying school fees for the Academy players is one of our envisaged strategies to ensure our players are assured of a good education even as they play.

    Here are our contacts: You can send us an email or Our telephone number is 0708304895

    We look forward to hearing from you


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