Investigate and arrest the hit and run driver

Reports now emanating from the fracas that happened at the Nairobi CBD suggest that a hit and run driver was at the root of the fracas.
According to the Standard, an eye witness Joseph Kiragu, told the Standard that the Gor fans were in the middle of the street chanting and celebrating their victory when a City Council truck ran over three of them who were critically injured. Kiragu said that the vehicle then sped off leaving the crowd of Gor fans settling their anger on the two vehicles.

Kiragu said that the vehicle then sped off leaving the crowd of Gor fans settling their anger on the two vehicles. “I was just sitting on these benches waiting to go home and was watching the Gor fans celebrate their weekend victory as they headed to their spot at The Tom Mboya Statue.

Suddenly a City council askari vehicle came and made a U- turn on the road and hit three of the fans before it speeding off,” said Kiragu. The witness said the agitated fans who were celebrating around the Kenya National Archives building descended on the Nairobi City Council’s Nissan Datsan vehicle that was parked along the street, tilted and rolled it before seting it ablaze. “The second one caught fire when fuel from the first car spilled and reached it catching fire almost immediately the other one started burning. The same fire also caught the Toyota belonging to the traffic officer,” said Kiragu to the Standard.
The fact that the vehicle made a U-Turn and aimed at the fans shows an element of maliciousness on his part.

Gor Mahia fans who celebrate at the CBD are mostly harmless and provide an element of entertainment to others in the CBD. Many people derive an element of entertainment from watching them. It is inded true that some of them are unruly.  But most of the time Gor Mahia or indeed AFC fans converge at the CBD fans, there are no incidents.

This driver has an element of bitterness towards Gor Mahia fans and should not get away with this malicious act.

A driver performing a U-Turn and mowing over innocent people would anger any group of people regardless of whether they were football fans. Were he in a western country, he would be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and perhaps even attempted murder.
Yet police spokesman George Kinoti is only obsessed with arresting Gor Mahia fans while completely ignoring the reckless actions of the driver.

“Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Gor Mahia fans torched the council van after turning it on its side. There was another vehicle parked next to it, which accidentally caught fire.

“It was not hawkers. It was Gor Mahia fans and they did that after a fatal accident involving the council van and a few fans,” he said to the Nation.

At the very least, the Police should be talking about arresting the driver for leaving the scene of an accident.

Nairobi County Police Commander, Benson Kibue, told Capital Sport on Thursday morning they were studying the footage with an aim to bring those behind the mayhem to book.
The fear of this columnist is that fans will be arrested but the hit and run driver will get away Scott free. Yet Identifying him should not be that difficult. Not only should he be relieved of his duties, but he should be arrested and charged.

This column does not condone hooliganism. However a key aspect of battling hooliganism is to approach the issue from a fair minded perspective.
And Gor Mahia have already condoned the hooliganism that emanated from the scene.

“Gor Mahia strongly condemns the unfortunate and unacceptable acts of hooliganism witnessed this evening. Gor Mahia FC fully supports the rule of law and in no way condones such behaviour.

“These acts of Vandalism and lawlessness are a far cry from what Gor Mahia FC stands for. Those that engaged in these heinous acts of hooliganism must face the full arm of the law.

“These despicable acts of a minority should never prevail over the values of the majority. We are #GMFCagainstHooliganism,” the club who are eight clear at the top of the SPL table on 52 points with two games in hand over their rivals posted on their verified Twitter account.

It is commendable to see the club condemn hooliganism in the strongest terms. All fans of goodwill want to rid the club of hooligans. However the club should also file  an official complaint with both the Police and the City council.


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  3. Ingo kindly STOP using that name ‘Ingo’ it means alot to some of us, and ur reckless talk is making it look bad.
    I agree with admn about arresting the driver but also 2 wrongs dont make a right n nothing justifies hooliganism, it is sad that someone who calls themselves a Gor fan would go 2 the extent of burning a vehicle, even with Gor strugling 2 get a sponsor, n the same applies 2 Ingwe, but i guess this Ingo guy is one of the hooligans!

  4. Every market must have a mad man.Ingo we don’t mind what comes from football failures like ur club so if you don’t like us please go and grab a live electicity wire or better still ask lightening to strike you.nonsense!

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  6. plz wen players go to cold strike over unpaid dues u fans to excequtive office nd blame them for luck of leadership on raising fund. yet u r the onces installed all their effort by either not involve in those project nd most painful one destroying the Gor PR for purpose of geting abest deal of sponsorship…..Aaah bwana this club needs us on the pitch nd more thn ever off the pitch

  7. I second this article. Police should not disregard the hit and run driver. he attacked other human beings with a vehicle that can kill. That is much worse than burning a government vehicle.


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